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Guest chat rules:

Do not ask questions or make comments without permission. If you want to ask a question, simply type a ?. That will place you in the question queue and the chat moderator will let you know when it is your turn to ask your question.

If you get in the question queue, it is a good idea to type your question up in advance. When you are told it is your turn to ask a question, you can then respond quickly. This allows the guest to answer more questions and makes for a more lively and interesting chat.

When you ask a question, please strive to ask it using capital letters. This will make the questions and answers stand out from each other, which makes it easier for everyone to read.

Lastly, don't make comments. It makes it hard to follow the chat. You can stay after the guest has left and discuss things, have a private conversation or ask followup questions to the guest instead.

Thank you,

The Management

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