2019 commit

  1. Whitey23

    Class of 2019 WR Kevin Mital (CN) COMMITTED TO SYRACUSE (8/9/19)

    https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2019/08/08/kevin-mital-evoluera-pour-lorange-de-syracuse Google translate works well with the article.
  2. crales44

    Class of 2019 DT Jason Munoz (FL) SIGNED NLI TO SYRACUSE 2/6/19

    This staff is super stealth. Signed with Miami. Was able to get out of it due to coaching change.
  3. djorange1989

    Class of 2019 OT Matthew Bergeron (QC) SIGNED NLI TO SYRACUSE 12/19/18

    didn't see a thread for the kid, apologize if there already is one. Apparently this kid, from Canada, just committed. the under the radar parade continues I guess. he's class of 2019, it came up as 2017 when I started this thread. please fix it, site masters!
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