2014-2015 QBs and where they ended up...



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Jan 5, 2015
2 takeaways.
1- Of the 76 QBS, 56 of them either transferred, quit, were dismissed, or changed positions.
2- Clemsons Kelly Bryant was graded at an 80, near the bottom of this list. You don't need the blue chipper. You need the right guy in the right system.
Oct 26, 2012
what an interesting list. If I was Syracuse, or a similarly situated school, I'd show it to every high level QB recruit I could.

So much of making it opportunity. These guys who keep going to factories where they are in a QB room with 4 other 4* or 5* recruits - those guys end up having to transfer to seek opportunities elsewhere. Everyone assumes they are good enough to win the competition, but the reality is that only one player will, and there might be very, very little separating the first and third guys.

I know it is absurd putting oneself in the shoes of a hotshot QB recruit, but looking at that list, if it were my son my priorities would be:
1) coaching/program stability
2) defined QB friendly system
3) getting a leg up by having the best pedigree in the QB room
4) No Penn State, under any circumstances

Pedigree only gets you so far. Some guys just don't translate to college, or peak early, or are just plain overrated. But opportunity and the chance to grow through mistakes is just so important. I'd rather be at a place where they desperately want you to succeed and will give you lots of rope than a place like Alabama where you get yanked at halftime for a true freshman. Alabama might have two of the top five QB's in the country, and one of them will sit. If a high 4* or 5* kid ever came to Syracuse, he'd have to be clearly and substantially passed by another QB before they'd pull the plug.
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