2020 Cali Award Predictions Update


Cali Award Magistrate
Apr 16, 2013
Greetings 2020 Kings and Queens,

Because there are a number of unknowns (to put it mildly) even at this point heading towards our opener september 12th at UNC, the Predictions Thread will be tentatively scheduled for Wednesday September 9th. The thread will remain open for submissions and editing all the way up until kickoff.

The Predictions this year will be broken up into through 5 games, and through 10 games. This is because it’s uncertain whether SU/the ACC will make it through the whole season, let alone half. Categories will be similar to the last two years.

Areas to keep an eye on before game week approaches:

-Bleich’s eligibility

-Who’s opting in and who’s opting out?

- Camp injuries

- Potential for schedule changes

There’s more unknowns right now than certainties imo. Keep your ears and focus on these player interviews.

We will try to make this happen so long as there’s a ACC college football season.

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