3 days in London in January


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Aug 28, 2011
My wife and I are going to spend a Thursday to Sunday in London in January. I know, I know, why are we going in January? It's the only time my parents could watch the kids for 4 days.

We welcome any and all suggestions. I think I want to stay at the Marriott London County Hall which is right across the river from Big Ben. How would you prioritize the major tourist attractions? Which are can't-miss and which are overrated? Any can't miss restaurants? Is a walking food tour recommended?

Thank you.


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Aug 20, 2011
I went to London in January and loved it. Not very busy, weather in the 40s. Just be ready for a rain shower at any moment, even if skies are blue.

Imperial War Museum is unbelievably cool if you're a history nerd. Also, the Churchhill War Rooms are amazing. British Museum is obviously incredible, but kind of overwhelming. Changing of the Guard is... okay. All of the museums are free, so don't worry about leaving if you're not enjoying yourself.

Just find a pub and hang out. Pub culture is super cool.


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Sep 15, 2011
Lived in London for three years. Great questions. Restaurants are hit and miss. If you like pub food, that might be the way to go for a couple of meals since you will only be there a few days. The Indian food is great in London. If you stay where you mention in your post, all sorts of great walking around there. The London Eye is NOT overrated. Tower of London takes a really long time. Some people like it, but I always felt like it wasn't worth the wait. The British Museum is excellent and walking around Covent Garden is great during the day. You should definitely see Buckingham Palace. If you want a more village, old school feel, head up on the Tube on the Northern Line to the Hampstead stop. It's beautiful there...winding side streets and the like.
As mentioned by LeMoyneCuse, have small umbrellas with you at all times, as it could rain on the sunniest of days. It is usually more of a drizzle or mist though.

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