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A fantastic day...


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Aug 14, 2011
Just wanted to indicate that SU, the team and the Dome Staff should be very proud about the event they put on today. My son participated in the pre-game football clinic and had a ton of fun. Each kid was ushered through stations with drills led by James Mungro, Dan Conley, Arthur Jones. The kids were given a “combine card” tracking their time in the 40, distance of punt, etc. He had a blast and the former players were engaging and terrific.

By the time we got out of the football clinic, it was time for my daughter to hit the field for the cheer and dance team clinic. Tremendously well organized and a ton of fun. While that started, I took my son outside of the Dome and we jumped in line for The SU Legends. The line was huge and, unfortunately, after waiting for over an hour, we did not get to meet the SU Legends. However, we knew that they would be alternating with Eric Dungey, James Mungro and Dan Conley who could not be nicer or more accommodating. Eric has been my kids favorite player since, at the latest, when they met him at the Spring game right before his sophomore season.

The weather was beautiful and we had the chance to partake of the barbecue truck they pulled onto the Quad, a couple of top-notch balloon animal makers, pictures with the Camping World Trophy, etc. There were a ton of things to do for families that were set up outside...cornhole, bounce houses, ice cream truck, etc. The area between The Dome and the Earth Science Building is approximately where they had the broadcast of the alum’s Q&A.

Once inside, the scrimmage was crisp and a lot of fun. This is the type of team that looks to be able to beat you in a number of ways. Cliche but if they keep DeVito upright and he plays to his potential (and the team stays healthy) it could be a very special season. True and redshirt freshman class looked terrific. One quick note on J. Jordan. Sometimes you watch high school highlights and you try to gauge how fast somebody is when a player can run right by others who have the angle. His tapes were remarkable. However, to see him do it in a game like today was flat out awesome. So many players on this squad to get the ball to in space...

On a personal note, my son was one of 5 kids chosen to run a forty yard dash race at halftime. Each of the kids was given an authentic jersey to wear for the race. He showed the speed his Dad could only dream of. After the race, to his surprise, they let all the kids keep the jerseys and considering we was wearing the white #2 jersey, to say he was and still is over the moon would be an understatement.

After the race, my daughter took the field with the other girls who learned a quick routine at the morning clinic. The girls took the field to lead everyone in a Let’s Go Orange chant. Well organized by SU, great organization getting the kids where they needed to be and she had a lot of fun.

After the game, the offense and defense we split up and giving autographs. They set up the selfie station with The Legends who were only taking pictures. Only problem is they were only hanging around until 3 I was told. That was about 20 minutes or less by the time our side of the stadium was allowed on the field so there was virtually no chance as the line was already about 150 deep or so.

That was the only glitch in a wonderful day and was no big deal. Great job and high fives all around. So many people were in a good mood and we were part of that group. Can not wait for the season...



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Oct 19, 2015
Your kid was the one I was super jealous of (jersey-wise). I was geeking out that he got to wear, and keep it, so good for him that’s awesome!!

My daughter, along with my friend’s daughter did the cheer clinic and I was really impressed with the way it ran. The girls did a great job and being able to say they cheered at halftime at the dome is so cool.

The friend I keep mentioning: it was her first visit to the dome (and freshly converted fans last season). Excellent first impression with this event! Her next visit with us will be the Clemson game in row ceiling, so I’m really happy her family got a more intimate experience their first time up.


Tailgate Guru
Aug 15, 2011
Thanks for these reports for us lightweights who couldn't make the day.

Compared to some previous years the event seemed like a home run. I'm glad SU is putting forth a great effort to make new fans (both young and old).

Orange till I Die.


Co 2020 Cali Award Winner, Record Thru 5 Games
Aug 27, 2011
Obviously I'm biased but while previous administrations seemed to treat the spring game as something they had to do, the present administration really seems to actively look for opportunities to engage with the fan base (particularly families) and focus on the experience.

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