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Basketball Maven
Aug 28, 2011
There is so much happening with this move to the ACC that I want to get my own thoughts straight on what this move will mean. So dont be afraid to point out if I am completely missing the boat on something.

1.There are going to be 4 super-confrences that get most of the money and have most of the power. They may even separate from the NCAA, which I would like. The NCAA is too big, and its members are too diverse. There is no way to reconcile the needs of a school like Ohio St. (who has an enrollment of 60,000 and an athletic budget in the millions) with a school like Siena (who has an enrollment of 3,000 and an athletic budget in the thousands). Its time for the 64 or so biggest schools to separate and govern themselves. Imagine a world with no midmajors or cupcakes? Fun.

2. College sports has become a high stakes game of musical chairs. On a conference level the Big 12 and Big East just lost their seats. On a team level, Syracuse just landed on a cushy one. Major teams like UConn, Louisville, Kansas, etc. still have to worry. There are still more chairs to be had before its all over but some teams are going to be left out, maybe some rather big name teams.

3. Georgetown, St. John's, Villanova, etc. just became mid-majors. It wont happen overnight, but the transformation is set in stone now.

4. It seems likely that two teams will leave the ACC for the SEC (Florida St. and Clemson?). That means the ACC needs to pick up 4 new teams. Who who will those four be? Candidates include, Kansas, UConn, West Virginia, Louisville, Missouri, Kansas St., Rutgers. Imagine a basketball conference that is the current ACC with Kansas, UConn, SU, Pitt, Louisville included? It very well may happen.

5. There are going to be 2 eight team conferences in the ACC. Most likely a north and a south division. Here is a guess at what the north division may shape up to be. Syraucse, Pitt, Maryland, UConn, West Virginia, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Boston College. Not such a drastic change from what we are used to after all.

6. Just for clarification, my guess on the south will be Duke, UNC, Wake, NC St., Georgia Tech, Miami, Kansas, Louisville.

7. How soon we move to the ACC is a major issue, because I dont think Boeheim will coach a single ACC game. This may be his last year, and probably next year will be. Very sad.

8. Hopkins better be an amazing coach. I have a lot of faith in him, but he is going to have to deal with being a first year coach, being in a new conference, new officiating, scouting new teams. Its possible more will be asked of him expectation and difficulty wise than has ever been asked of a first year college coach. Its going to be scary to say the least.

9. How will the play be in the new ACC? Currently its all but unwatchable. There is NO defense, there is only falling to the floor and hoping the refs give you a charging call. Of course, Duke and UNC get all the calls so they win all the games. It hardly counts as basketball. On the other hand, the Big East was way too physical and it cost all our members when the tournament came around. I hope for a mix of the two, which would be perfect, but I expect the likes of Syracuse, Pitt and whoever else joins from the Big East to have to conform to how the ACC plays. The good side of this is we have always done well in that kind of game, and we usually beat ACC teams when we play them.

10. The biggest downside of this whole move (even bigger than losing Boeheim a little early) is the demise of the Big East tournament. It was, in my opinion the greatest American sporting event. The teams all knew each other and always went all out. An absolute spectacle. And if you were lucky enough to be there in person (and drunk in my case) I cant imagine having a bad time. The ACC tournament is a joke and often played before crowds in the hundreds instead of thousands or tens of thousands. And the venue options certainly cant compare to MSG. While losing the Big East tournament sucks, I still expect Syracuse to play at least 1 game a year in NYC.


Living Legend
Aug 27, 2011
The ACC upped their buy out to 20mill. This was done before adding Pitt and SU. Seems they may lose no one and add UConn and Rutgers most likely.


2019-20 Iggy Co-Winner Reg Season Rcd
Aug 26, 2011
I don't agree that JB will never coach in the ACC. Aside from Hop being named coach in waiting have we really seen any other real signs that JB is ready to retire. As long as you talk about retirement in the "couple of years from now" context it's all just talk in my book. I'm beginning to think he may go the way of JoPa. There are lots signs that would point to retirement, but I don't that he has come to the point where he is ready to pull the trigger. (Just my relatively uniformed view.)

The move to the ACC is a huge change and could very well serve as a jumping off point for him. It could just as easily represent a new challenge that reinvigorates him and drives him to continue. Might be fun to coach in a league with K and Roy with trips to new locales.

One big advantage of going to the ACC is the style change. I have always preferred the uptempo style our teams played in the late 80s and at other times during the JB tenure. I would much rather see us move to a more offensive, more wide open style of play than the clutch and grab style that Pitt has brought to the Big East. I don't want them to play a game where no defense is played, but I really hate 50-49 games and multiple possessions in a row where neither team scores.


All American
Aug 20, 2011
A number of people keep saying Jim is ready to retire. He has always had a burning desire to compete, having a new challenge in the ACC will hopefully keep him aroun longer. Jim would probably like nothing better than to win an ACC championship and National title before retiring.


Walk On
Sep 16, 2011
I look forward to the new rivals versus UNC, and Duke. The main ones Ill miss are UConn, Vill and of course GTown. I hate to see the move but at least the ACC is a great BBALL conference. The BEast was getting to big and there were too many irrelevant games (Depaul, Providence, Rutgers)

This will be GREAT for recruiting!! We have good roots in the Md area and now that can spread south into the carolinas!

Does anyone know WHEN this move is happening?

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