Any Future Tewaaraton Award Finalists?

Feb 18, 2018
It's hard to predict, but does anyone think we have a Future Tewaaraton Award Finalist among these recruits? We have some nice talent on our team, but I'm not sure about a Tewaaraton Award Finalist.

Remember that we missed out landing both Lyle Thompson (who really knows why, and this directly resulted in Albany becoming a major competitor in recruiting top notch local and Native American talent) and Ben Reeves (this is still a mystery to me; a local kid that broke nearly every scoring high school record, and he initially committed to Hobart so he must have initially been ok with not going to an Ivy league school), and landing either one of them would have drastically changed SU lacrosse during each one of their 4 years.

Obviously lacrosse is a team game, but remember that Desko has never been to a Final Four without having a Tewaaraton Finalist on his team...
Jul 12, 2014
Silence of board is telling. Believe Cuse has many good young players but difficult to put forth names on projected growth with any great confidence. My stab would be Refhus
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