Anyone catch HBO's Real Sports yesterday? |

Anyone catch HBO's Real Sports yesterday?


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Aug 17, 2011
I bring this up because they did a story on Bob Hewitt, a former professional tennis player from South Africa.

He has been accused of molesting/raping several girls that he coached from the 1970's into the 90's.

The story broke when a woman from Boston came forward and went public (giving a newspaper interview) stating she was molested and repeatedly raped by Hewitt when she was coached by him around the age of 14.

There were 3 other girls that came forward with similar claims, sparked by this one girl coming forward.

Here's the thing: These women never knew each other, and they were coached by Hewitt during different decades, and even in different countries (USA and South Africa).

The women that were interviewed had vivid recall of the events, especially the first assault by Hewitt. During their interviews they were all very calm, collected, and gave candid responses to how they felt during and after the repeated assaults. These interviews were very different from the Davis and Lang interviews, which were very generalized and non-specific.

Also, there were several people in and around the tennis scene that suspected Hewitt of this type of behavior. One guy being interviewed said they would often comment "There goes Hewitt to one of his coaching lessons of a young girl. He never brings any tennis equipment, only a jar of vasoline."

Nobody seems to be running to Hewitt's defense. This seems to be the polar opposite from the Bernie Fine story. Countless people are coming out of the woodwork to support Fine. That's not happening with Hewitt.

Also, the interviewer stated there were other victims that she spoke to that were not ready to publicly come forward. Hewitt was a coach for over 20 years, so she suspected there were several victims.

That hasn't been the case with Fine either.

The Hewitt case definitely had parallels to Sandusky, but didn't seem to have the same parallels to Fine.

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