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B.Y.E. at SU, 2021


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Aug 27, 2011
Good day, my fellow Orange fans. Yet again the Fighting BYES were in the Dome. Fun fact of the day: BYE has yet to win in the Dome,and today merely extended the streak.

As usual, there is little hype for this game and limited interest in the game, even by some syracusefann.com members! Anyway, I am here to pass along the highlights.

Once again, CuseLegacy and OrangeXtreme shirked their board duties for this game. I am beginning to think they are either underpaid or really can't get motivated for this game. Probably just as well as , CL likely would have had to lock a few of us from the game thread, more on that later.

At this point, I must call out two of our best members and their close friends who staff the FineMesstailgate. Sorry Texan are and Jeremy use, today's tailgate was the worst ever! Seriously, you had none of the usual good entrees, sides and treats you provide weekly. Don't take this too hard, learn from your mistakes.. You have one more home game to redeem yourselves, make it the best tailgatespread ever!

At least parking was easy...the crowd was a bit light, even for SU complying with NY's COVID-19 restrictions. I was tested earlier in the week so I avoided the lines at the testing tents, if you can call them lines. See previous comment about light attendance.

Thanks to the light attendance, I was able to move from my nosebleed seat to about the 50 yard line. Crowd noise was weak, but we played the "Fighting" BYES. They had in fight in them.

Tucker and Shrader didn't bother suiting up. It didn't matter, the D did not let B.Y.E. score. Jackson didn't drop a ball today. As usual, the TEs weren't utilized as much as most of us prefer. Sometimes couldn't make a kick, I told you, CL would have had to shut a few of us out of the game thread. B.Y.E had no answer to our running game, even without the nation's best RB and The Beard. It was like B.Y.E. wasn't even there. Kinda like Rutgers against Wiscy, today.

It was so lopsided the third down music was changed to "Feelings" to convince the Orange to maybe let B.Y.E. convert a third down. DO NOT suggest "Feelings" in the Intro Music thread. OX may have to ban you for a month, if you do.

It was so bad to watch the non-existent B.Y.E. defense, the real team wasn't allowed on the gridiron in the second half. SU had to get volunteers, and B.Y.E.still could not score.

So many negatives to report when SU pitch a shutout. Sorry, Tomcat. There were ZERO tubas! I could not believe it. The enthusiasm for today's contest was so weak the band took the day off! Even SWC75 failed to provide us with reviews and "Why SU will win" and "Why SU will win", it's the BYES, after all.

A few of our STHs couldn't be bothered to come to the Dome today. Probably raking leaves... OburgOrange, True-blue, STORANGE, PACuse, PACuse WIFE, PACuse Kids, CTO, and several other others. Pretty sad showing. But let's behonest, UNC beating Wake in a shootout was more entertaining.

I felt so bad for B.Y.E, I left early. O.K., it was ugly and I decided I decided to beat the traffic.

Not much more to report, SU "survived" B.Y.E. once again, as expected. I hope our Orange look a bit more lively next week vs. Loouhville and take the Cards more seriously.


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Jun 19, 2017
Has "feelings" been posted in the intro music thread, yet? I'd do it myself, but I need a dome dog and a tissue.

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