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    There was one interesting offshoot of my visit to St. Benedict's to do the story of Sidibe's commitment. As I was about to leave, the St. Benedict's coach, Mark Taylor, pulled a huge player toward me and said, "meet this young man. He's the next great big man out of here." (Or something along those lines). The young man introduced himself with a big smile and showed me his school name tag so I got his name right. He's a sophomore, listed at 6'10" 225 and looked every bit of that.

    There is no info on this kid anywhere, so maybe he came over from Africa or somewhere else recently. I reached out to Francis as well and he has not heard of him. Maybe one to watch for, or maybe not but I doubt the coach would've done that if he's not someone with some upside. The Gray Bees have a new player from France, sophomore forward Andre Toure, who is considered to have some huge promise, so it's interesting that Taylor pointed out Diarra to me.
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