CBB fan comments about their respective coaches


Walk On
Mar 21, 2019
OK I will admit, I have never looked at another school's fan board, so I had no idea what they are like. I have always felt the fans on the CUSE boards are too harsh on JB, and thought may be this is just the fans here having unrealistic expectations year after year.

But a few days ago I clicked on an old link that talked about the 2003 game between CUSE and Kansas, and I saw some comments by the Jayhawk fans, specifically what they said about Roy Williams, and I was shocked to read some of those...and they hated GMac hahaha. I was reading their comments, and thought they talked about Warrick the same way we talked about Smart!!! Roy was not well appreciated at Kansas.

"free throws were only part of the problem. Why didn't we guard McNamara better? I don't see this happening to a Bill Self coached Defense. "

"How many did he win at Kansas? In how many years of wasted recruits and disgusting tournament losses? Less tendentiously: Roy is good at many things. He's great at coaching a team that out-talents his opponents. But you can not make the case that he is a good in-game coach. He just isn't, and I bet no Roy-ophile would make that argument on his behalf. When you are in the tournament (and for sure in the championship game), you are going to be playing in against a coach who wants to win so badly he's willing to pull out the stops. How many times did we see Roy get mad at the players and quit because his "brilliant, can't fail" plan didn't work out? I thank God the UNC job opened up so we could scrape him off our shoe."

"in watching that you tube recap, their defense was pathetic. Seriously, Self would be sick if he saw those holes and lack of blocking shots. It's clear now what Self's plan/fate was when he got to Mt. Oread. No disrespect to Roy, but Self is the whole package in my mind."

"I think probably my favorite non-KU NCAA basketball moment was watching McNamara sit on the bench, injured, as A&M knocked Syracuse out of the tourney in the first round for the last game of his college career. "

"His first title at UNC was explainable by the fact that he had great players from another coach and didn't have enough time to make them all head-cases like he is. Last year, he just had one of those perfect storm years. I don't like Hansbrough, but he WAS a great college player, and he had a great supporting cast. Jesse, you could have probably coached last year's UNC team to a championship. This year, we are seeing how average a game/x-and-o's coach Roy really is, especially when the chips are down. His strong suit is that he could recruit (every other year). By contrast, watching Bill Self mould and shape his players psyches and performance is like watching a brilliant painter work. "

"In retrospect, I remember just a couple years before that, while recovering from hernia surgery watching the Hawks lose to Illinois through a haze of pina coladas and painkillers, I thought aloud to my wife- "Why don't we block out like that? Why don't we defend like that? Why don't we high-low? Why aren't we that efficient?"Now we're THAT team. Bill's the man."

"The best comment in here refers to Roy "turning players into head cases". That's absolutely what he does - he recruits good guys who want desperately to please. Then, when it's a big game, the COACH chokes, and it's obvious to the world that he's scared silly and doubting everything and everybody. It was painfully obvious in the 1997 game - a game featuring no less than SIX guys drafted to play in the NBA - one of them as high as # 3 (and it was that same Raef who whiffed a 3 that would have tied it at the end of regulation) - that Roy was playing not to lose. Jacque Vaughn picked up the vibe and played the same way. Too late, Roy finally put in Ryan Robertson who went flat-out and nearly saved the game. Then came the 2003 debacle. And, by the way, 2002 was no bunch of fun, either. Roy simply doesn't come through when the going is hard. He won his first ring with someone else's recruits, and last year the pressure was off. AND he had Psycho T - who listened to his own inner voices, not the choke artist."

"We beat UNC because Self simply recruits better than Roy. Syracuse beat us because Boeheim simply recruited better than Roy. Bottom line is. . . I'm glad Roy is gone."

"Roy Williams has never figured out basketball's matchups. If you look at Cole Aldrich's quote about the 2008 semifinal, he said specifically "we knew Hansbrough had trouble scoring over size, so we just wanted to put bigger people on him." Simple, really. Hansbrough struggled to score over guys bigger than him. He's 6-9. Cole's 6-11. Sasha was 6-10. They guarded him and he was miserable. Yet Roy couldn't make an adjustment to get Hansbrough out of a bad matchup (i.e., have him face up and try to out quick our bigger guys to make us use Shady or Darnell instead of our biggest guys on him). If Roy's players aren't outright better, he can't win, because he doesn't know how to create matchup advantages unless he starts out WITH that advantage. "

"I'm not bitter because Roy left.. I'm bitter because he ever came to KU. I never liked Roy, from Day 1, or even before he came to KU. Roy is only one notch up from Cal on my love list."

Of course, as we now know, why Bill Self recruits that much better LOL!!!

So, is every CBB board talk like this about their coach? If I go to a Kentucky board am I going to see same kinds of comments about PayPalCal?


2nd String
Oct 3, 2017
My guess would be that every CBB board has posters that are hyper-critical of the head coach – whether that coach is a Hall of Famer, or Kevin Stallings. I bet there was a contingent of people ready to see John Wooden run out of town in 1974 after UCLA lost to NC State… I mean, how do you lose that game when you’ve got Bill friggin’ Walton on your team?!?

It’s part of what makes these boards fun – and at times, exhausting.

Zelda Zonk

Hollywood Liberal Elite Globalist
Sep 1, 2011
Right or wrong, the perspectives expressed there (maybe cherrypicked?) seem intelligently formulated.
I've said similar things about JB—regarding him winning when he "out-talents" his opponents. And turning players into "head cases." There probably isn't a remarkable program out there that doesn't have similar comments about it. Except maybe Gonzaga and the old Butler?


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Aug 8, 2012
I think diehard fans often forget that other schools have good players and coaches that are trying really hard to win too. It’s hard to win big, let alone do it consistently. You can always cherry pick things you don’t like as a fan.

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