Chaos is a ladder to CFP



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Aug 17, 2011
We have a long shot at making the CFP. We have to root for chaos to get there. Chaos is a ladder.

What if?:
BC beats Clemson today putting them in the lead for ACC Championship Game
Notre Dame beats FSU, moving up to 2 in CFP
A couple of teams ahead of us lose today (Wazzou, OU, OSU, UK)
We move up to 9 or 10
BC moves up to similar range

Next Week, what if?:
We beat #2 ND
Clemson loses to Duke (I know, super long shot) to be 6-2 in ACC
BC beats FSU
A loss or two by CFP top 10 teams (Cincinnati over UCF, WVU loses to Okie St)
We move up to 5

Following week, what if?:
We beat BC to finish in 3 way tie for ACC Atlantic (what’s the secondary tie breaker because all 3 teams will be 1-1 head to head?)
We win the tie breaker and get to the ACCCG
We move up to 4

ACCCG, what if?
We get in and win
Clemson gets in and loses?

Chaos. I’m rooting for chaos.
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