2nd String
Jul 12, 2014
Summertime. Youtubing lax and came across playoff game vs Cornell and watched. A few comments about that loss.

1) VERY ENCOURAGED BY WHAT I SAW FOR 2019 . Thought Cuse played well on both ends and easily could have won. Up 6-3 and we miss at doorstep on man up, think that could have been game. We were buzzing in 1h , not as crisp in 2nd H with certain to's and penalties, some might claim O petered out in 2nd half but that Cornell goalie came on strong making some great stops helped by several pipes and a few missed opps at crease by us. D also played well, tip hat to Cornell capitalizing on every crack with vision on skip passes, their goal with 2 secs left in 3rd was simply a top individual play and it stung heading into fourth. We all know how it ended but encouraged despite knowing that all starters return with fortifications with the exception of Madonna and BBomberry which leads me to ...

2) Brendan Bomberry was taken for granted by me . Touched by his emotion seen after loss by him and Simmons. Wearing Orange obviously meant something to them. Hope Simmons sticks around and helps coach and wish Brendan success in NLL. Not a dodger but always moving to spots and a inside/outside threat. Sense he will not be easily replaced . Think Voight capable , hopeful on Seebold emergence and believe Jeremy's take on Cook's talents but attack coordination and similar production might take some time - like to read a viewpoint on this especially from JC , .... Madonna had knack for making some brilliant saves when needed most despite a lower save percentage, stats can be misleading and hard to quantify the net of stoppages but knowing good replacements are already in place is comforting

3) Thank Gawd Cornell did not get Ierlan ( they do bring in a top frosh fogo and Raminowitz returns) That team loses a few talents like Dowiak and Pulver but talent still abundant. Gonna be right up there.

4) Finally, Varello looked good in his finale. Know it was against a pole but he was quick on draw and decisive with the ball under pressure. He was heavily critiqued over the course of the season but never got praise in return for his good games and there were some. Must have been a tough off season with Ierlan transfer overhanging. Expecting incremental improvement from position but perhaps a bigger jump in store
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