Favorite TV Episodes: Route 66 “What a Shinning Young Man was Our Gallant Lieutenant”


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Aug 26, 2011
ROUTE 66 4/26/63 “What a Shinning Young Man was Our Gallant Lieutenant”

This episode is highly regarded by most fans of the show. I find it a little uneven but memorable in a sad way. Linc finds out his old Lieutenant, (Dick York), for whom he had much respect, is living nearby and decides to pay him a visit. He finds him in his lieutenant’s uniform. But something is missing. He doesn’t recognize Linc. It turns out he’s sustained a brain injury that deprived him of all his memory after the age of 8. In fact he thinks that he is age 8 and has the personality of a child, even if he retains some of the skills he learned as an adult.

His dream is to refurbish an old, wheelless car that sits on cement blocks. He has succeeded and he dreams of driving around the country in it. It represents something he can control. When Linc obtains some tires, the lieutenant doesn’t want them to be put on the car. Once someone else had put something on it, it’s no longer his. Todd, again playing the skeptic rather than the dreamer, recognizes this and tries to convince Linc not to be “drawn into his 8 year old world”, even threatening to drive off and leave him there. Eventually they drive off down the road the lieutenant will never see as he sits in his car with his proud, sad family and runs the engine for the car that can’t go anyplace, except in his mind.

It’s another episode you can hardly see any other show presenting.

IMDB: "Route 66" What a Shining Young Man Was Our Gallant Lieutenant (TV Episode 1963) - IMDb (Amazon Prime has it for 99 cents.)

You-Tube: (for $1.99)

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