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Aug 26, 2011
ROUTE 66 9/21/62 “One Tiger to a Hill” *

It had to happen. Tod Stiles and Buz Murdock meet Richard Kimble!!! Not really, but sort of.

Before that, we get a delightful scene where the boys, back together again, are driving along an Oregon beach with the sun shining brightly and the future looking great. They mention that the beach in Oregon is officially a highway and you can almost drive the entire coast of the state on the beach. A wonderful start to the third season.

Like the second ever episode, (Lance of Straw), they wind up working on a fishing boat owned by a female, in this case Signe Hasso who has a gorgeous daughter played by Laura Devon, (she reminds me of Kim Novak). Against her mother’s wishes, she has a relationship with another fishing boat owner named Karno, played by ….dum de da dum…. David Janssen! (This is the year before THE FUGITIVE premiered.)

Unlike Richard Kimble, Karno is not a nice guy. In fact, he hates nice guys. He especially hates Tod because he is a nice guy and a rival for his girl. Tod can’t see what Laura, (the character’s name is “Toika”) sees in Karno but it’s one these “reform the bad boy” things. Karno later reveals the source of his sour attitude: he was a young lieutenant , (and a nice guy), during WWII when he couldn’t bring himself to shoot a captured German officer and the end result was an attack that wiped out his platoon- except for him. Since then, he’s tried to bring everyone down to his level and, hopefully bring them to kill him so his pain will be over and they will never be a nice guy again. Humbug to nice guys!

He’s badly screwed up but a near-death experience unscrews him, (after 17 years of being like this), and Laura comes to him, not Tod, (who doesn’t need her as much), and it’s time for everyone to move on- literally.

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