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Aug 26, 2011
THE FUGITIVE 12/1/64 “Cry Uncle”

Another strong dilemma for Richard Kimble. He escapes from the police in the back of a station wagon, only to find himself at an orphanage, where he’s discovered by a group of three kids: a troubled teen, a young girl who loves him and a younger friend, (the latter played by Ronnie Howard, taking time out from playing Opie on the Andy Griffith Show). The troubled teen, (Donald Losby, who had played Vera Miles’ son in “Fear in a Desert City”), wants Kimble to pretend to be his long-lost Uncle, who abandoned him when his parents died. The staff has nothing but contempt for this Uncle who never shows up, especially when Kimble announces he’s going to have to leave again. The kid then runs away, the last straw in a series of transgressions that could result in his being sent to a mental institution, (per Ed Robertson’s book on the series, the writer originally had in mind a reform school, which makes more sense). Kimble risks his own freedom by going after him and bringing him back.

The beginning is a little weak, (the police are not after Kimble- they are after some robbers at a nearby store: why does Kimble decide to run?), and the ending a little too pat, (the staff suddenly likes “Uncle Pat” when he brings back the kid, even though they’ve figured out that’s not who he is), but it’s a strong episode anyway because of Kimble’s relationship with the kid and his desire to prove that people care about him.

IMDB: "The Fugitive" Cry Uncle (TV Episode 1964) - IMDb

You-Tube: Full episode free, again with German sub-titles.


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