Favorite TV Episodes: The Fugitive "Masquerade"


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Aug 26, 2011
THE FUGITIVE 3/23/63 “Masquerade”

Kimble picks up a ride as a hitch-hiker from a guy who generally meets his description and who disappears, except for his jacket, from a diner when the cops show up. The cops roust Kimble, who has grabbed the Jacket, which has the guy’s wallet in it. He’s Leonard Hull so Kimble decides to pretend to be Leonard Hull, which proves a mistake because the police want Leonard Hull even more than they’d want Richard Kimble.

Hull was part of a political machine that rules the state. The local sheriff, played by Ed Asner, isn’t part of it and in fact the head of the machine, (unseen in this episode) is being investigated in Washington and he doesn’t like to mess around: a previous witness has been murdered. Hull was one of his henchmen and Asner wants him as a material witness. He now thinks Kimble is Hull and puts him protective custody- very protective custody, the last situation Kimble wants to be in. He’s not only sentenced to death as Richard Kimble, he’s got people who want to murder him as Leonard Hull. Yet he can’t admit he isn’t Hull or he’ll be sent to be executed.

The situation gets more complicated when Kimble is introduced to Hull’s wife, (Norma Crane), who plays along, believing him to be a hit man who is after her. She wants to make a deal with him. Then Hull shows up and is assumed by the police to be a hit man who wants to kill Hull! The writer’s imaginations were really on over-drive at this point, figuring deliciously complicated situations for Kimble to get into. And it’s always interesting when Kimble has to deal with real crooks, emphasizing the difference between them and him, even if the world doesn’t see it.

IMDB: "The Fugitive" Masquerade (TV Episode 1965) - IMDb

You-Tube: (with German subtitles and the sound could be better)


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