Favorite TV Episodes: The Fugitive "The End is But the Beginning"


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Aug 26, 2011
THE FUGITIVE 1/12/65 “The End is But the Beginning”

Richard Kimble encounters another lonely, love-starved woman who immediately senses his innocence and tries to help him. This time she’s played by Barbara Barrie, who works in the office of a firm Kimble works for that delivers flammable materials. She falls for him but Andrew Duggan, who runs the office, has fallen for her. Kimble picks up a hitch=hiker on a run- a rootless orphan just out of the service who’s decided to see the country before settling down. There’s an accident and Kimble leaps from the truck. The hitch-hiker, frozen with fear, goes over the cliff with the truck, which explodes into flames. Kimble now has a chance to be presumed dead, (as was the case, briefly in the similar Season One finale, “The End Game”). People will think it is he that died in the flames. But he was hurt in the fall and needs patching up. He goes back to his apartment and collapses where Barrie finds him and Duggan finds out about him. Meanwhile, Gerard comes to “tie up any loose ends”.

The most interesting thing is when Kimble wakes up in bed at Barrie’s house. She announces that she’s sure of his innocence- but Kimble wonders if she should be. He seems worried about her naïveté and the resulting vulnerability. But he’s also wondering about something else. Did he do enough to save the hitch-hiker: or did he really want the guy to die so he could fake his own death? Is Richard Kimble guilty after all?

IMDB: "The Fugitive" The End Is But the Beginning (TV Episode 1965) - IMDb

You-Tube: Barry Morse introduces this one:

Unfortunately, that’s all I could find of the episode.

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