Favorite TV Episodes: The Fugitive "The Iron Maiden"


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Aug 26, 2011
THE FUGITIVE 12/15/64 “The Iron Maiden”

Another delicious situation for Kimble to get out of, (arguably his closest call before “The Judgment”), although the credibility factor is pretty low. He’s working for a private contractor building a missile silo for the government, (even though he’s not a government employee, Kimble would be subject to a level of scrutiny he’d wish to avoid). Nan Martin plays a visiting Congress woman who takes a dim view of things because she takes a dim view of everything. She’s had a previous run-in with the company’s owner, (Steven McNally). She demands a tour of the silo, (basically just a hole in the ground, although there are some a joining rooms). A nosey photographer takes a picture of her. The flash startles her and she twists an ankle. The same guy then takes a picture of her ankle being taped- by Richard Kimble! Then after leaving the silo, the photographer causes an accident that produces a fire and a cave-in that traps Kimble, the Congresswoman, McNally and a couple of his other employees in the rooms. The photographer then completes the set-up by publishing the picture with Kimble in it, which brings Gerard, who will be waiting when they clear the mess and pull the people back up.

Richard Anderson, who will return as Kimble’s brother–in-law in “The Judgement”, here plays a no-nonsense military Colonel who jousts with Gerard. An interesting side-story is that of Martin’s apparently loyal assistant, played by Christine White, who immediately sells her story of the cave in to the newspapers. This causes the cynical Congresswoman to realize that her cynicism has caused cynical people to flock to her and maybe she should reassess her view of the world and her behavior in it. Martin has a combination of sunken eyes but a reptilian smile that is perfect for her role. And the metal case they use to lower and raise the people from the silo resembles the medieval torture devise of the title.

IMDB: "The Fugitive" The Iron Maiden (TV Episode 1964) - IMDb

You-Tube: The full episode enlarged slightly and cropped but watchable, for free:


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