Favorite TV Episodes: The Fugitive "World's End"


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Aug 26, 2011
THE FUGITIVE 9/22/64 “World’s End”

Suzanne Pleshette, one of my favorite actresses, plays Ellie Burnett, a native of Stafford, Indiana, who attended every session of Richard Kimble’s trial and fell in love with him, (as some women are reported doing with defendants and prisoners: empathy turns to an imagined love). She’s hired a private detective to find the one-armed man and he’s tracked him down to Kansas City. Ellie puts an ad in several papers asking “R.K.” to meet her there and he does. But this one armed man has burned to death in a fire. But was he the right one-armed man? Ellie realizes that if it is, Richard will give up his quest to prove his innocence and they can go off together to a country with no extradition treaty, (she picks Brazil as did Bethel Leslie’s Marcie King in the first season’s “Storm’s Center”). The private eye determines that the deceased man was not Kimble’s one-armed man- he was in prison when Helen Kimble was murdered. But Ellie selfishly withholds that information, hoping for a romantic future with Kimble. Another dubious ally- and disappointed love interest- for our hero.

IMDB: "The Fugitive" World's End (TV Episode 1964) - IMDb

You-Tube: (the entire episode for free)


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