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    An undervalued position is fullback and the team got the better player in signing Lawrence Vickers from the Houston Texans. There was much praise for Tony Fiammetta's work in 2011. But a hamstring and later an inner ear infection cost him games. The Cowboys want players who play, not players who sit in the trainers' room.

    Vickers is a physical presence who the team will use 10-to-14 snaps a game. If DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones loved how Fiammetta blocked, wait until they see Vickers.

    This is the dream signing no one expected. We all recall how much impact Tony Fiammetta had on our running game. Would it surprise you to hear that Fiammetta received an overall grade of -7.6 and, more importantly, a -5.3 in run blocking from PFF? Believe it or not, fullback was a position that Dallas could upgrade considerably in free agency. And upgrade they did. Although PFF only gave him a rating of -0.7 on the season, Vickers was the highest rated UFA under age 30 (while Fiammetta was last overall).

    Of course, we can't rely on PFF for everything, so after the break we'll consider other aspects of his game.

    In this fickle world we live in this goes to show you that no matter how much praise you get, in a nano second you can be forgotten & ridiculed.