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Jul 13, 2014
lots of young folks playing, the upside is that this season is a dead issue--good experience for them. downside is there is no leadership for them. no team leadership for anyone. my fear is that we lose recruits as this was embarrassing.
mr. harris needs to take seat for a game suspension. i understand the frustration, and i expect him to apologize to the team and university for his immaturity.i this is a important and teachable moment for dino, to demonstrate to the younger players what leadership and maturity is .
i like queeley(sp). and the te's
dino, is likable guy. i have a total bias for dual threat qb. i have never liked the "fast offense" . for many reasons. i won't get into recruiting., although the next class (if they don't defect) looks pretty good.
he appears in over his head. he is very stubborn, and inflexible. he and we need to weather this storm, and dino needs two more years.
i hope dino changes his mindset and tries a dual threat qb .
dino knows what he wants, but it imho does it not fit at su.
i want him to have success , for selfish reasons --saw my first game in 1960, been hooked ever since.
good luck to us and hope the team and all of us stay healthy
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Oct 30, 2011
Agree with everything in the above. Really hoping Babers can turn this around as another start over 5 year rebuild would be devastating and 4 more years on a contract is far too hefty to buy out. Babers will receive at least 3 more seasons. I would like the remainder of this season to be used to install and implement concepts and fundamentals for the future and get the players feet wet (without getting them killed as they are undersized kids) - like an extended fall camp with games.

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