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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Sewing Machine Day!

Sewing machines, which are celebrated today, are used to stitch material like cloth or leather. They are usually powered by electricity, but many are still powered by a treadle, just as many early machines were. Their basic design has remained over the years, consisting of a needle, and a shuttle to carry thread. First being used in factories, they were a symbol of the industrial revolution, marking the shift from handmade to automated production. They also became important for home use. Women once spent much time sewing by hand, and the invention of the sewing machine helped free up a lot of this time.

SU News

The UK’s Royal Wedding has almost reached its one month anniversary. Now, the basketball world is set to have a Royal Wedding of its own. Jasmine Jordan, daughter of Michael, and former SU star Rakeem Christmas got engaged over the weekend.

Happily Engaged | @R_Xmas25

— Jasmine M. Jordan (@MickiJae) June 10, 2018

The engagement brings up some interesting potential for Syracuse. Could the school take the step up from Nike to its daughter company Jordan?

A lot of history suggests this partnership is a long time coming.

For starters, we’ve seen Jordan expand its brand towards colleges a lot in recent years. Michigan started the domino effect in 2016 when it left Adidas for Jumpman. Since then, Oklahoma and Florida have both upgraded from the standard Nike sportswear to Jordan Brand. All three schools are using Jordan for both its basketball and football apparel.

By my count, there are currently nine schools sporting Jordan on the court. While that number seems small (which it is), the running number of schools wearing Jordan has spiked 50 percent over the past two years.


Behind the numbers: Is there another gear for Kyle Guy and UVA basketball on offense? - (; Geisinger)

When it comes to offensive talent, few players in the ACC are better than Kyle Guy. It’s something we’ve talked about in this space many times: Guy is an outstanding shooter, utilizer of screens and gravity-bender on offense. Within the confines of the league right now, he’s unparalleled as an off-ball force.

However, is there a chance if Guy reoriented parts of his offensive game, that it would make Virginia a more dynamic team and postseason contender?

First, let’s start with the good; the numbers more than reflect Guy’s off-ball efficiency. As a sophomore, Guy shot 44.8 percent (56.1 eFG%) and scored 1.08 points per possession coming off of screens, per Synergy Sports. The 194 points he scored an off-screen possessions ranked fourth nationally, according to Synergy.

In terms of catch-and-shoot attempts in the half-court, Guy was prolific: 92-of-227 (40.5 FG%), 1.14 points per possession (56.8 eFG%). He recorded more catch-and-shoot field goal attempts (227) and points (258) than anyone in the ACC last season.



'We're all in this together': City makes case for an I-81 grid for suburbs and region (PS; Lohmann)

The many groups with strong opinions about what should come of Interstate 81 in the center of Syracuse packed into city hall on Tuesday evening, each with their own vision for what they agree is one of the important decisions facing the city for generations.

The Common Council's transportation committee and city officials aimed to reduce tensions about the issue. Sharon Owens, deputy mayor, said the issue of the deteriorating viaduct has pitted neighbors against each other unnecessarily.

"We need to reject the temptation to claim that this is a city issue or a city vs. suburbs issue. We're all in this together," Owens said.

Councilors held the so-called "listening session" as the council considers whether to issue another resolution recommending one option above all others for how to deal with the highway.

In a unanimous vote in 2015, the council urged state lawmakers to tear down the highway and build a street-level boulevard. There has been substantial turnover on the council since then, and Councilor Joseph Driscoll said it was worth having another series of forums on the topic as the council considers whether to issue a second resolution.

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