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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to National Macadamia Nut Day!

Today we celebrate macadamia nuts! Native to Australia, they are named after chemist John Macadam, who promoted their cultivation there. They are also sometimes known as Queensland nuts, taking their name from the second largest Australian state. In about 1890, they were brought to Honolulu from another Australian state—Tasmania. In Hawaii, their trees were first used just for ornamentation, but after about forty years they began being used for culinary purposes. They have since become one of the largest crops of Hawaii.

Macadamia nuts are nutritious and have many health benefits. They can be eaten raw or roasted and salted. They are commonly eaten as a snack and are used in pastries and desserts, salads, and meat and fish preparations. Their oil also has many uses as well, such as being a component in salad dressings and skin care products.

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ACC Top Picks In The NBA Draft (DBR; Jacobs)

No one was surprised when the New Orleans Pelicans chose Zion Williamson first in the 2019 NBA draft. The South Carolinian was the fourth player from Duke to become a top pick, more than any other ACC school. He was also the third Blue Devil in a row who was the top take from the conference.

In all, 11 ACC performers have gone first in the 66 drafts during the league’s existence, although only two in the 21st century. Four top choices over the years were from Duke, two each from Maryland and North Carolina, and one each from NC State, Virginia and Wake Forest.
Several times three ACC players were No. 1 picks over a five-year period. UNC’s James Worthy in 1982, UVa’s Ralph Sampson in 1983, and UNC’s Brad Daugherty in 1986 formed one such trio. Maryland Joe Smith (1995), Wake’s Tim Duncan (1997) and Duke’s Elton Brand (1999) formed another.

The only time the ACC produced consecutive top picks was NC State’s David Thompson in 1975 and Maryland’s John Lucas in 1976.
Seven of the ACC’s 11 No. 1s also were voted the league’s player of the year in the same season they were the NBA’s most coveted draftee. Five left school with eligibility remaining, including four of the five most recent No. 1s. The last two top picks, from Duke, each played a single collegiate season.


ACC Players Taken First in an NBA Draft
(Asterisk Indicates Drafted With NCAA Eligibility Remaining)Player, SchoolACC POYNBA SeasonsNBA Games

Art Heyman, D


(6) 1964-70 (not '67)


David Thompson, NS


(9) 1976-84


John Lucas, M


(14) 1977-90


James Worthy, NC*


(12) 1983-94


Ralph Sampson, V


(9) 1984-92


Brad Daugherty, NC


(8) 1997-94


Joe Smith, M*


(16) 1996-2011


Tim Duncan, WF


(19) 1998-2016


Elton Brand, D*


(17) 2000-15


Kyrie Irving, D*


(8) 2011-


Zion Williamson, D*


Not yet

None yet

Comcast/ATT tell Floridians the ACCN isn't worth $1/month (RX; HM)

Comcast/ATT tell Floridians the ACCN isn't worth $1/month

From Miami Herald: Most of South Florida likely won’t be able to see Hurricanes’ next 2 games. Here’s why - here are a few choice quotes from an otherwise questionable article:

Quote #1:

An executive with one of those two cable companies, who asked not to be quoted because he did not want to inflame the situation, said ESPN is asking for “a significant amount of money” from cable operators to carry the new channel - more than what some cable operators believe is justified.
Hello - if the ACC is going to keep up with the SEC, it has to charge close to the same amount as the SECN charges! TBH, the word on the street is that the ACCN is only asking about $1.00 per sub, as opposed to $1.25 for the SECN - yet I don't hear them complaining about that $1.25.

Quote #2:

That executive said his company asked ESPN to place ACC Network on a sports tier — requiring extra payment from only viewers that want the channel — but ESPN refused.
"only viewers that want the channel?" What if we don't want the SEC Network - you gonna take that off our cable bills? Viewers want the ACCN, dadgum it!

Quote #3:

That executive also pointed out that most of the games on ACC Network were either available on free television last season or through ESPN plus, a video streaming subscription service.


Daniela's Steakhouse is the Champ

Every Italian sausage sandwich at the New York State Fair, ranked (PS; Pucci)

The sausage sandwich is among the quintessential foods of the New York State Fair. But with nearly two dozen vendors offering some version of the pepper-and-onion-topped sandwich, I wanted to find out which sandwich is most worthy of your hard-earned meat link money.

All the vendors were judged on a single, unannounced visit.

21. Suds Factory Courtside Grill
Location: Suds Factory Courtside Grill — Center of Progress Building
Price: $8.50
Review: First, the good things. The peppers and onions were thick cut, cooked nicely and tasted quite good on their own, if a bit greasy.
But no amount of vegetables could salvage the sausage. It was around one inch in diameter, about as long as a large hot dog and comically small compared to the bun it was served in. As for the meat itself, it was bland and dried out at the ends.

20. Butcher Boys
Location: Butcher Boys—Restaurant Row
Price: $9
Review: Butcher Boys is probably better known for its steak sandwiches, but this stand of all things meat serves sausage too. The sausage is grilled, evidenced by the dark color that looked, but didn't taste, charred.
However, the sausage was exceedingly bland--void of both fennel seed and any semblance of spice. The slow-cooked onions and peppers were aplenty, but had a texture closer to sauerkraut and didn't have much flavor on their own.

19. Danny D's
Location: Danny D's—Restaurant Row
Price: $7.50
Review: Danny D's sources its sausage from local meat shop Ascioti's, so I expected a lot from this sandwich. Unfortunately, the sausage was cooked far too long and with much of the fat rendered out, became crumbly. The bun was too small and broke apart while I was eating the sandwich. It wasn't a particularly big sandwich either, so the quantity couldn't offset the quality.

18. Jimmy B's
Location: Jimmy B’s—multiple locations.
Price: $5.50
Review: The least expensive sausage at the fair, this sandwich from Jimmy B’s is ideal for the bargain shopper. The sausage was from Gianelli, but had clearly been cooked earlier and kept warm, as the meat was drier and far less juicy than a freshly-cooked link. The New England-style hot dog bun was too small and fragile to hold the sandwich together. The peppers and onions, which were scant—though I’m not sure how much more the roll would’ve held—tasted good.

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