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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to National Teddy Bear Day!

National Teddy Bear Day is dedicated to the stuffed bear that was named after the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. In November 1902, Roosevelt, an avid hunter, went on a hunting excursion organized by Mississippi's governor, Andrew Longino, in Smedes, Mississippi. Roosevelt was accompanied by some aides, other hunters, and reporters, as well as a hunting guide, Holt Collier, and his hunting dogs. After a few days without success, Roosevelt and the hunting dogs were on the trail of a black bear. Having thought that they had lost the bear, Roosevelt went back to camp, but Collier and his dogs kept searching. Collier and his dogs found the 235 pound bear, and the dogs circled it and began biting and attacking it. The bear killed one of the dogs, and Collier clubbed the bear over the head and tied it to a tree. He bugled for Roosevelt, who found the bear mauled from the the dogs, and refused to shoot it. He also forbade anyone else from shooting it, but as the bear was so injured, he had the bear put out of its misery by having it be killed with a hunting knife.

SU News


Top 100 recruit Benny Williams sets official visit date for Syracuse (PS; Waters)

Benny Williams, a Top 100 recruit in the 2021 class, has scheduled an official visit to the Syracuse University campus.

Williams, a 6-foot-8 forward from St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Md., will visit Syracuse on Sept. 13-14. St. Andrew’s coach Kevin Jones confirms Williams’ scheduled visit to Syracuse.

Williams is a fast-rising prospect in the ’21 class. He has grown six inches in the last year and a half. The recruiting website currently ranks him at No. 64 in the ’21 class.

"He can pretty much play each position for us,'' Jones said. "He can get a rebound and push the ball up the floor. He’s a very good passer; a very unselfish player.''

He already has scholarship offers from Syracuse, Florida, Georgetown, Maryland, Seton Hall, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh and Clemson. Syracuse offered Williams a scholarship back in April.

Jones said SU associate head coach Adrian Autry has been the lead recruiter, while SU head coach Jim Boeheim has been communicating with Williams’ family.


Trolleys to debut on SU’s campus in November (DO; Stern)

Syracuse University students will soon offer a new way to travel around campus.

The university is purchasing four trolleys that will each seat 16 to 22 people, SU announced last week. The trolleys are slated to debut in November.

The announcement comes after the university’s contract with Birnie Bus expired. The trolleys are set to take over all of the routes Birnie Bus handles, which includes transportation on the Euclid Shuttle, Warehouse Express, Quad Shuttle and Late Night Orange Express.

“The benefits of the trolleys are substantial, beyond the cost savings,” said Jenn Horvath, communications director for SU’s Division of Business, Finance and Administrative Services, in an email to The Daily Orange. “The trolleys will have more modern accessibility features, including air suspension for kneeling, ramps, and low floors; and Parking and Transit Services will also be able to adjust routes more quickly if needed in response to community feedback.”

SU will have renderings of the new trolleys by October, Horvath said. SU will see significant savings with the trolleys by hiring workers in-house instead of contracting it through an outside company, she said. Horvath did not respond to a follow-up email inquiring about the cost of the four trolleys, or how much money the university will save in total from the switch.

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