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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Dinosaur Day!

Today we celebrate those large, extinct reptiles: dinosaurs. Scientists believe they first appeared about 245 million years ago, at the beginning of the Middle Triassic Epoch, and existed for about 180 million years, going extinct about 66 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous Period. The period when they lived is called the Mesozoic Era. During this time they went through many changes, and various species of dinosaurs replaced other species. Some dinosaurs were bipedal, meaning they walked on two legs, and some were quadrupedal, meaning they walked on all fours. Some switched back and forth. Some were covered with feathers, while others had what was almost like body armor. Some ran fast, and others were slow; most were herbivores, but some were carnivores. There were at least 700 species of dinosaurs, and possibly more than 1,000.

There were big biotic changes at the end of the Cretaceous Period, and many other animals and plants died at that time as well. There are many theories as to why dinosaurs died out, including disease, heat waves, cold spells, changing sea levels, a large amount of volcanic activity, the emergence of egg-eating mammals, or from X-rays from an exploding supernova. One other common theory is that an asteroid smashed to earth, spread ash widely, and shifted the earth's climate. However, it is not believed that all dinosaurs died out at the same time. Rather, it is believed they had been declining during the last part of the Cretaceous Period. Scientists also believe that some dinosaurs may have evolved into birds.

SU News

1975 NCAA tournament: Bracket, scores, stats, records (

UCLA won its 10th NCAA national championship in 1975, beating Kentucky 92-85 in the title game. Richard Washington was named Most Outstanding Player after scoring 28 points against the Wildcats and playing 83 minutes in the national semifinal and championship games.

The Bruins' win was also the final game of coach John Wooden's career.

Syracuse's Jim Lee led the tournament in scoring with 119 points, guiding the Orange to a fourth place finish at their first Final Four while Louisville finished in third.

The 1975 NCAA tournament was the last postseason to include regional third-place games and the first year of the bracket's expansion to 32 teams, allowing conferences to have more than one representative in the tournament.


Orange Watch: The biggest name who's performed inside Syracuse's Carrier Dome - The Juice Online (the juice; Bierman)

Item: The recently concluded ESPN documentary series on Michael Jordan and the great Chicago Bulls teams that won six NBA championships, got us thinking about Jordan’s four performances inside the Dome, and who’s the biggest name of all that’s entertained inside the most well-known building on the Syracuse campus.

The Dome has showcased athletics, artistry, and just about everything else that has made sense to take advantage of with its size and roof in central New York. From Syracuse football, basketball, and lacrosse and NCAA Tournament play, to major A-List performing artists, an NFL preseason game, AHL hockey, and numerous other non-athletic events, it’s an impressive and diverse list.

Here’s our “Mount Rushmore” of the top four performers in the building’s 40–year history (start the arguments):

4. Mick Jagger – Look who’s among the artists not on the list; Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Prince, David Bowie, Taylor Swift, and Neil Diamond. The Rolling Stones and Jagger, dressed in a pink leotard, dazzled the Dome in November 1981. It was the band’s first trip to town in 16 years. and a far different atmosphere than their first two Syracuse appearances at the downtown War Memorial in the turbulent 1960s.

3. Michael Jordan – After helping North Carolina to the NCAA title in 1982, the all-time great Jordan’s second of his two NCAA Tournament games played in the Dome the following spring ended with a disappointing dud. Favored North Carolina was upset by Georgia 82-77 in the 1983 East Regional Final. The following December, Jordan and the Tar Heels easily beat frosh Pearl Washington and SU 87-64. Jordan was the game’s high– scorer with 19-points. Jordan drew an NBA preseason record crowd of 28,602 to the Dome in Oct. 1992 as the Bulls beat N.J. 99-94.

2. Paul McCartney – One of the four members of The Beatles, plus Knighthood, says it all. McCartney, at age 75, was fire-hot on stage literally and figuratively leading his band through a three-hour set in September 2017. It included McCartney setting small flames ablaze as part of the performance, as he dazzled the packed building with 60 years’ worth of stories, memories and emotion.

1. Frank Sinatra – He embraced the nickname given to him in the 1950s when he owned, founded and ran Reprise Records, and indeed, Sinatra was “Chairman of The Board.” By the time Sinatra played the Dome, along with legendary Las Vegas impresario Wayne Newton in Oct. 1980, he had been out of his first retirement for seven years and had just released his famous homage to the Big Apple “New York, New York.” Sinatra and Newton appeared as a favor to Nancy Reagan, who joined the duo on stage that evening to support her husband’s eventual presidential election victory less than two weeks later.

Live Q&A: Matthew Gutierrez answers your Syracuse questions (; $?; Gutierrez)

Syracuse is still in the market for another big man (should one become available), but otherwise 2020-21 season preparations are underway — including Joe Girard’s plans to become an All-ACC player as a sophomore.

So what do you think of the Orange right now and the prospects for next season? Do you have a question for our beat writer Matthew Gutierrez? Good, because he’s joining us for a live Q&A on Tuesday. Leave your questions in the comments starting at noon (ET), and he’ll answer them then.

(; podcast; Phifer)

Taking a cue from episode 4, the guys discuss why Syracuse basketball has been winning less the last few years. Is it the sanctions? The coaching? The ACC? The new system in college basketball? And with a Final Four in recent years, is this even a discussion worth having? Plus, Brett is mad about something.

Former Fizz: Damon Amendolara (SU 1997-2001) – Orange Fizz – Free Syracuse Recruiting News (; podcast; May)

Former Fizz is a new interview series where we talk with previous Orange Fizz staff writers about Syracuse sports from when they were on campus. Topics include specific players and games, special memories and of course Jim Boeheim throughout the years. You can listen to all of the episodes on the Orange Fizz SoundCloud or

On the first episode, Damon Amendolara is the special guest. Damon is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Orange Fizz and was a student at Syracuse University from 1997-2001. He remembers how special Donovan McNabb and Dwight Freeney were on the gridiron, as well as Big East days on the hardwood. The interview is below, followed by an abbreviated Q&A from the discussion. We hope you enjoy!

ACC Basketball: 5 biggest storylines of 2020 offseason (; Rauf)

ACC basketball had a down season in 2019-20, but things should return to normal 2020-21. Here are the biggest storylines to watch this offseason.

ACC basketball is traditionally one of the best – if not the best – conference in the country on an annual basis. Last year was an exception as many teams within the ACC unexpectedly struggled.

Duke, Louisville, and North Carolina all began the year ranked in the top 10 and neither of them finished there. In fact, none of the three finished in the top two in the conference as both the Blue Devils and Cardinals fell victim to a number of upsets and UNC…well, yeah.

Florida State’s success and Virginia’s late-season surge ensured the conference was going to earn four NCAA Tournament bids if it had been held, but that was all the ACC was going to get.

Watching if the conference as a whole is able to recover – or not recover – from such a down year will remain an overarching storyline all season long, as will the annual tradition (for now) of seeing how top freshmen perform. Duke and North Carolina reeled in the No. 2 and No. 3 recruiting classes in the country, respectfully, but four others (Virginia, Pitt, NC State, and Virginia Tech) are bringing in top 25 classes as well.

However, those storylines are pretty standard for any conference. What are the most specific and pressing storylines this offseason pertaining to schools in the ACC? Here are the top five, starting with the Tar Heels getting back on track.

Georgia Tech Basketball: Older roster will be prime for Yellow Jackets - College Hoops Watch (; Cross)

Georgia Tech basketball coach Josh Pastner continues to join many of his colleague in subscribing to the “get old and stay old theory.”

As we start to switch over to the 2020-21, Pastner is going to have depth, but with the type of experience that gets a team places in the ACC and eventually the ACC Tournament and subsequently the NCAA Tournament.

“We are an older team and we do have a lot of guys back,” Pastner told the “Marching to Madness” college basketball podcast. “The good thing about that is when we are able to start our season our guys will have an understanding of what our system is and what our offensive and defensive philosophies and or our systems are.”

The experience was a key down the stretch as Georgia Tech won six out of it’s last seven games and then it’s last seven home games.

Jose Alvarado, Bubba Parham, and Michael Devoe look like three interchangeable players who could have a really strong upcoming season.

Alvarado just needs to stay healthy. He is a scorer as well as an assist man and his 2.37 steal per game notes his defensive acumen.

Possible Virginia ACC/Big Ten matchups, ranked (; Darney)

As we get closer to June, we get closer to the matchups of the 2020-21 ACC/Big Ten Challenge being announced. There’s still a lot of uncertainty around the upcoming season as a result of the ongoing pandemic, but today we’re ranking potential matchups for this year’s challenge.

Virginia has faced one team — Minnesota — four times and never played five of the Big Ten teams since the event was created in 1999. Overall, the Hoos have carried their weight in the ACC, going 13-7 in the challenge. The Hoos are one of four ACC teams to have participated in every iteration of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, never having sat out of any of the 21 years (they did have one game suspended due to an unplayable surface in 2001 vs. MSU). Duke, North Carolina, and Florida State are the other ACC schools to compete in all 21 events, and Maryland has participated in all of them across the ACC and Big Ten.

Teams were ranked based on how interesting the matchups would be, factoring in things like if the two teams have played recently and if the game would bolster Virginia’s resume.

Let’s get to it!

14. Purdue

Let’s be honest, there will never be a better game between the Boilermakers and Wahoos than the one played in the 2019 Elite Eight. Virginia let them get a smidge of revenge last season in the challenge, so let’s call it good.

Anyway, here’s THE PLAY because why not.

13. Northwestern

This matchup wouldn’t really get fans super excited, if we’re being honest. The Wildcats finished at 3-17 in the Big Ten last season and No. 132 on KenPom. These two teams have met three times already in the challenge, let’s not make it four.


The Wild Animal Park to open this week with new drive-thru safari (PS; Hernandez)

After having to delay opening this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango has innovated a new way to see its animals — a drive-thru safari.

The Wild announced on Facebook that it would be opening up its adjacent farm at 9 a.m. Thursday to the public for a drive-thru experience.

“It’s going to be a one of a kind experience, in which you see animals roaming in large enclosures,” the post said.

After the drive-thru safari opens on Thursday, it will be open seven days a week, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. The cost will be $12 for adults, $10 for kids, and 2 and under are free. For now, individuals are able to use their season passes and any pre-purchased day passes as well.

The safari will be a little over a mile drive and you can expect to see a wide variety of animals, including some of The Wild’s newest residents, African Watusi.

Some of our newest residents that will be ready to greet you very soon...
Posted by The Wild Animal Park on Monday, May 18, 2020

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