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Welcome to World Crocodile Day!

World Croc Day is "a global awareness campaign to highlight the plight of endangered crocodiles and alligators around the world." Crocodiles and alligators are celebrated and there is hope the day will encourage people to get involved in helping them. World Croc Day was organized by the Crocodile Research Coalition in conjunction with the Belize Zoo. During past celebrations, events have been held at the zoo and the day has been marked around the world.

While the holiday takes on the name of crocodiles, it is for alligators as well. This makes sense, as the animals are similar in a number of ways. They both are large reptiles from the order Crocodilia that have short legs, powerful tails, long snouts, and bony-plated backs. But they have differences, too, and there are ways to tell them apart. One of the most notable differences is their snouts: alligators have broad and rounded U-shaped ones, while those of crocodiles are narrow and pointed like a V. When alligators have their mouths shut, their bottom teeth can't be seen. But when crocodiles close their mouths, some of their bottom teeth are visible. There tends to be a color difference between the two reptiles. Alligators are gray or black, while crocodiles tend to look more olive, gray-green, or tan. Crocodiles usually live near saltwater, while alligators make their homes near freshwater. Lastly, crocodiles are more aggressive than alligators—and more likely to attack humans. Alligators usually don't attack humans unless they feel threatened.

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When Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim does retire, how will he make his exit? (Mike’s Mailbox) (PS; $; Waters)

It’s Retirement Week here at Mike’s Mailbox.

With the recent retirement announcements from North Carolina’s Roy Williams and Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, the future of Jim Boeheim and the future of Syracuse basketball has been on the minds of Syracuse fans.

Let’s get right to those questions.

Q: When Jim Boeheim decides to hang up the whistle, do you expect him to do it like Coach K and essentially give a year’s notice, or like Roy Williams and just make a retirement announcement out of the blue? I doubt JB wants a retirement tour.
Vince B.

When I first read this question, I thought it should have said “When or if Jim Boeheim decides to hang up the whistle...’'

But let’s go ahead and assume that one of these years, Jim Boeheim does decide to retire. How will he handle the announcement?

I like the way Roy Williams did it. No muss. No fuss. A press conference and head on out the door and onto the golf course.

But I also see the positive aspects of the way Mike Krzyzewski has decided to end his career. He didn’t want to recruit players knowing that he would never coach them. So he’s allowing his successor, Jon Scheyer, to step in now in terms of recruiting players in the ’22 class.

Coach K’s decision does mean that the 2021-22 season will be a retirement tour of sorts. That’s the trade off.


Syracuse Basketball: Massive weekend with 4-star Donovan Clingan visit (itlh; Adler)

Syracuse basketball was the first school to offer 2022 four-star big man Donovan Clingan, with that scholarship offer coming nearly two years ago.

The Orange high-priority target has spoken highly of the ‘Cuse program on many occasions, and he’s noted the importance of Syracuse basketball coaches believing in him early on.

Will that help catapult the Orange toward picking up a commitment from the 7-foot-1 center? That remains to be seen. As we’ve noted more than once of late, the buzz among some analysts is that Michigan and Connecticut are the teams to beat in this recruiting battle, although Clingan keeps things pretty close to the vest.

A lot of ‘Cuse fanatics that I interact with on social media and in chat rooms are pretty convinced that Clingan isn’t coming to the Hill, but you never know how the recruitments of high-school prospects will pan out.

What I do know is that Clingan is scheduled to take an official visit to Central New York on June 19-20, and I’m hopeful that Orange coaches and players will give Clingan a trip to remember.

Syracuse basketball will soon welcome four-star prospect Donovan Clingan to the Hill.

Clingan is a junior at Bristol Central High School in Bristol, Conn., and he runs on the AAU circuit with the Boston-based Team Spartans. He had an exceptional junior term with his high school, earning multiple state and national honors.

Syracuse Basketball: Here’s why 4-star Chance Westry visit is big-time (itlh; Adler)

Syracuse basketball high-priority 2022 target Chance Westry is scheduled to make a trip to the Hill beginning this Thursday, according to multiple reports, and that’s a really encouraging sign for the Orange’s chances.

The 6-foot-5 Westry, a four-star combo guard and consensus top-55 prospect in his class, is slated to be on the ‘Cuse campus starting on June 17 and going through the weekend, per an article by Mike McAllister, the publisher of SyracuseOnSI. Pro Insight director of scouting Andrew Slater first reported the Westry development via Twitter.

We discussed in a recent column whether Westry, who received a scholarship offer from the Orange nearly two years ago, would end up traveling to Central New York.

Chance Westry’22 @chancewestry1 of @NYRhoops & @tps_hsbb will take a visit to #Syracuse University this weekend
— ℯ ℯ (@Andrew__Slater) June 16, 2021

He’s already made official visits to Southeastern Conference member Auburn and Big Ten Conference participant Nebraska. The NCAA allows five official visits per recruiting cycle.

Syracuse basketball is welcoming four-star Chance Westry to the Hill.

Not only has the ‘Cuse been recruiting Westry for a while now, but there appeared to be some buzz between the team and this elite 2022 player last year.

Syracuse basketball targets JJ Starling, Chance Westry reportedly schedule official visits (; Bailey)

Two Syracuse basketball targets in the Class of 2022 have reportedly scheduled official visits for this month. Four-star combo guard Chance Westry will be on campus this weekend, according to Andrew Slater of Pro Insight, while four-star point guard JJ Starling will return home to Central New York for OV the following weekend, per Mike Curtis of

Both players have long been linked to the Orange and join four other targets on the summer visit slate. Westry will tour SU at the same time as four-star center Donovan Clingan while Starling will be joined by four-star swingman Chris Bunch at the end of the month. Syracuse has already hosted four-star forwards Kyle Filipowski and Justin Taylor. The former previously broke down his trip at length with 247Sports.


30 Minutes In Orange Nation 6-16 (ESPN; radio; Steve & Paulie)

Steve and Paulie react to John Wildhack’s press conference yesterday, including comments on Jim Boeheim’s future replacement, Women’s Basketball transfers and more before they lock in their U.S. Open picks.

Listen to Locked On Syracuse - Daily Podcast On Syracuse Orange Football & Basketball on TuneIn (; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

It's the final installment of Syracuse Basketball Newbies on Campus! The guys dive into Marquette transfer Symir Torrence's game with his strengths and weaknesses. Plus, why did things go wrong with the Golden Eagles and could SU be the breath of fresh air that Torrence needs? Also, does Torrence have the widest spectrum of how his role could play out? Tyler Aki and Tim Leonard discuss it all and more on the Wednesday edition of the Locked on Syracuse Podcast. Follow the show on Twitter...

Duration: 00:29:20



Life is back to normal at Steve's on Tipperary Hill. Tom Beebe is still behind the bar with owner Mike Wojenski (right) and friends Jim Havey (center) and Mark Scanlon. Charlie Miller |

Bar Rules Lifted: ‘We were alive. We nearly died. Now we’re back!’ (PS; $; Miller)

The scene at Steve’s bar on Tipperary Hill was the same at 1:30 p.m. yesterday as it was March 16 a year ago: Six graying men tossing back domestic beer while watching reruns of “Match Game” from 1975 on the Game Show Network.

“Weren’t we just here yesterday doing the same thing? Or was it last year?” Mark Scanlon, a Steve’s regular, asked as he pulled his stool closer to the bar to debate the others over whether “Match Game” host Gene Rayburn would succeed on a television game show in 2021.

It did seem like a “Twilight Zone” episode. Imagine, if you will, Rod Serling walking through the front door of Steve’s and suggesting that the past 456 days never happened.

“It’s like it was all a bad dream ... a nightmare,” said Mike Wojenski, the third-generation owner of the bar that’s stood at the corner of Milton Avenue and Hamilton Street since 1937. “But today it’s like we just woke up and all is right again. We can be normal again. Right?”

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