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Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to X-Ray Day!

In 1895 there was an incredible discovery made, one that would utterly change the way we looked at the human body, both literally and figuratively. On the back of this discovery, a million new technologies would be developed in the areas of medicine, security, and much more. The man who discovered all this? Wilhelm Röntgen, and as a result, he may just be one of the most important men in medical history. X-Ray Day celebrates his discovery and everything that’s come from it.

History of X-Ray Day

The X-Ray was discovered by accident, as part of an experiment where Wilhelm was attempting to ascertain whether or cathode rays could pass through glass. Nearby there was a chemically coated screen, and from it was emanating an odd glow, and dubbed the rays causing that glow X-Rays. Why you ask? Because he didn’t know what they were, so the ubiquitous ‘X for unknown’ was utilized. They’ve been called X-Rays ever since.

SU News

TAKING CONTROL: Basketball Guide 2021 (DO; Staff)

Features on the Boeheim brothers, Benny Williams, Cole Swider, Teisha Hyman, Jayla Thornton and Chrislyn Carr


SU basketball preview: Everything you need to prepare for 2021-22 season (PS; Ditota)

Hello! Welcome to the Syracuse basketball season, circa 2021-22. I’ll be your concierge, helping to locate for you any and all information about the Orange men’s and women’s basketball teams.

The Syracuse men open their season Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Carrier Dome when they welcome Lafayette. The Syracuse women play Monmouth Wednesday at 7; that game will also be played in the Dome.

First, the basics. We’ve got men’s and women’s player biographies. Simply click on the blue hyperlink to read as we meander through the content here.

Read about the positional perspectives on the men’s team. The guards, courtesy of Mike Waters. The forwards, courtesy of Mike Curtis. And the centers, by ... me.

How about some newsy analysis? We’ve got you covered. Read why Syracuse has been mediocre since joining the ACC. See what the Orange needs to do to make the NCAA Tournament. Understand how veteran this Syracuse team is. Remind yourself that SU’s early-season schedule will be pretty formidable. (Don’t panic.) You can read, too, about expectations for the SU women’s team.

We’ve got in-depth, profile-type stuff, too. Mike Waters wrote a fun cover story about the Boeheims. I wrote a lengthy piece about transfer Cole Swider and his deep faith. There’s a quicker Q and A with freshman Benny Williams.

And everybody loves a good preseason slate of predictions, right? If only to look back upon and laugh when all is said and done next spring. (I picked the national champion last year! It might be my only accurate prediction of all time!) Other “experts” weigh in on the Orange, too.

Could you use some information about the ACC? Our resident column person Brent Axe has a few things to say, too. He’s curious about 22 things in particular. And he weighs in about the women’s team.

That about wraps things up here on our tour of SU basketball. Thanks for stopping by!

Syracuse Basketball 2021-22 Season Preview (SI; McAllister)

Syracuse basketball is set to embark on a new season with the 2021-22 campaign set to begin. Jim Boeheim will be at the helm for his 46th year leading the Orange, none of which have resulted in a losing season. has put together an extensive and in-depth preview to get you prepared. Simply click on the links below for the related topic/article.





Takeaways From Exhibition Win Over Pace
Takeaways From Exhibition Win Over LeMoyne
Breakout Candidates
Impact of New Faces
Five Most Difficult Games on 21-22 Schedule
Three Biggest Questions Facing the Orange


Syracuse Basketball Season Predictions



Syracuse Basketball Predictions (SI; McAllister)

Syracuse basketball is set to embark on what should be an entertaining 2021-22 season. How will things play out? Here are some predictions for the Orange this year.


22-9. With Syracuse's ability to score the ball and improved length along the back line of the zone, that should be enough to make the Orange an NCAA Tournament team that does not have to worry about bubble scenarios each game.

Note: This prediction is regular season record only.

Breakout Candidates

Syracuse Basketball 2021-22 Season Preview


Buddy Boeheim. I briefly considered Cole Swider here, but Buddy is the obvious choice. He was the leading scorer last season, really came on at the end of the year, and is poised for a big year.


Jesse Edwards. Edwards, Jimmy Boeheim or even Benny Williams would be reasonable selections. However, I'm taking a flyer on Edwards. With his size and improvement from last year, he should be in for a strong season.


Joe Girard. Girard had nine dimes against LeMoyne and six against Pace. He has averaged 3.5 assists per game in his first two years, and has the potential to push that much higher this year. With shooters all around him, expect Girard to rack up assist numbers this season.


Joe Girard. Girard had a solid season last year in terms of steal numbers, and without Kadary Richmond stealing minutes, should do so again. He has averaged at least 1.4 steals per game the last two seasons. Can he get closer to two this year?

A hoop dream come true: Fans are back for Syracuse basketball (Editorial Board Opinion) (PS; Editorial Board)

The last time fans gathered in Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome for a regular-season men’s basketball game was when North Carolina came to town on Feb. 29, 2020.

Let that date sink in for a minute and think back on the many lifetimes we’ve lived since, thanks to Covid-19. Then look ahead to a Tuesday like no Tuesday we have seen in 21 depressing months.

This Tuesday, fans will be back in the Dome for the Orange’s regular-season home opener against Lafayette.

It’s been a long time coming — 619 days, to be exact — and it can’t come soon enough. We’re beyond ready to get back to the rhythms of life before the pandemic, even though the pandemic isn’t done with us by a longshot.

We’re ready to see the newly renovated Dome set up for basketball. We’re ready for the noise and the crowds and the spectacle and the student section and the cheerleaders and the vendors and the season-ticket holders. We’re ready to watch the players in three dimensions instead of as flat-screen apparitions. We’re ready to hear the band and the boos instead of the lonely squeak of sneakers on hardwood.

After Covid canceled the end of the 2019-20 season, we were happy to at least have some games back for the 2020-21 season. But having no fans in the stands made it a weird, sterile experience for both players and fans.

For 2021-22, college basketball is back in full, albeit with precautions. The university will require ticket-holders aged 12 and over to present proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test. Masks are required, as much as that can be enforced, and judging by football, that’s not much. But most people make the effort.

Orange Watch: 2021-22 Syracuse basketball game-by-game predictions - The Juice Online (the juice; Bierman)

Item: The two preseason games allowed Jim Boeheim to showcase his base eight-man rotation, shuffle a few players around at different positions to observe various looks at both ends of the floor, and provided a confirmation of the permanent casual attire the coaches in the ACC (and most leagues) will adorn on the sidelines following the impact of COVID-19 to the dress code last season.

As the regular season gets underway Tuesday night against Patriot League foe Lafayette (7:00 p.m. ET/Regional Sports Networks), we’ll take our annual crack at prognosticating how the 31 games followed by the ACC Tournament turn out (W/L), listing each game in chronological order.

  • Nov. 9 Lafayette – Bill Smith’s school-mark 47 points vs. Lafayette goes back 50 years. (W)
  • Nov. 15 Drexel – Cole Swider scores 31 in his second game in orange. Not bad. (W)
  • Nov. 20 Colgate – What a job coach Matt Langel has done, now a decade in Hamilton. (W)
  • Nov. 24 Virginia Commonwealth – Envious not to be in “Paradise” over the holiday. (W)
  • Nov. 25 Baylor – Make sure you don’t fall asleep from all of that Thanksgiving food. (L)
  • Nov. 26 Michigan State – Jim Boeheim is 5-1 all-time against HOF-mate Tom Izzo. (W)
  • Nov. 30 Indiana – After 1987, SU is never allowed to lose to the Hoosiers again (5-0 since). (W)
  • Dec. 4 at Florida State – Playing first true road game a tough way to open up in ACC play. (L)
  • Dec. 7 Villanova – This date marks the sixth anniversary of the introduction of Dino Babers. (L)
  • Dec. 11 at Georgetown – Best. Decision. Ever. Keeping the all-time Big East rivalry alive. (W)
  • Dec. 18 Lehigh – Mountain Hawks are pre-season 8th of 10 teams in the Patriot League. (W)
  • Dec. 21 Cornell – Like Swider to ‘Nova’s Jay Wright, Jimmy Boeheim to Big Red’s Brian Earl. (W)
  • Dec. 29 Georgia Tech – It’s snowing threes which ‘Wrecks’ Tech in the ACC Dome opener. (W)
  • Jan. 1 Virginia – Happy New Year! Whoops. As Tim Brando says, “the iron is not kind” to SU. (L)
  • Jan. 5 at Miami – Jim Boeheim always loves a quick Florida winter break, even midweek. (W)
  • Jan. 8 at Wake Forest – Watch UK import, guard Cameron Hlidreth, help immensely. (W)
  • Jan. 11 Pittsburgh – A repeat of last year’s collapse in the Dome? No way says Benny W. (W)
  • Jan. 15 Florida State – We can’t go this far into the season without mentioning Buddy. (W)
  • Jan. 18 Clemson – We can’t go this far into the season without mentioning JGIII. (W)
  • Jan. 22 at Duke – Frosh phenom Paolo Banchero plays all five positions on the floor fluidly. (L)
  • Jan. 25 at Pittsburgh – A little adversity doesn’t hurt, there’s hiccups in a 31-game stretch. (L)
  • Jan. 29 Wake Forest – The Deacs lead late but are done in by Orange foul shooting! (W)
  • Feb. 2 at North Carolina State – Don’t you just hate those 9:00 (ET) tipoffs on a Wed. night? (L)
  • Feb. 5 Louisville – Jesse Edwards and Frank Anselem battle against veteran Malik Williams. (W)
  • Feb. 8 at Boston College – Speedy Symir Torrance causes chill at chilly Conte Forum. (W)

How will Syracuse do in the 2021-22 season? - The Juice Online (the juice; Stechschulte)

The 2021-22 Syracuse basketball team is a veteran squad, with only Jesse Edwards and Benny Williams looking like significant rotational players without extensive playing experience when everyone is healthy. Both Buddy Boeheim and Joe Girard III are two-year starters in orange and Bourama Sidibe has significant experience, as well. Jimmy Boeheim started half the games in his three seasons at Cornell and Cole Swider logged close to 20 minutes a game in his last two seasons at Villanova.

The brothers Boeheim, Girard, and Swider will provide four shooters in the starting lineup who must be respected. While filling in for Sidibe, Edwards will have plenty of space to operate inside if the Orange choose to get him involved. Williams likely fits as a jolt of energy and athleticism off the bench at either forward slot while he gets his feet wet in the college game.

The key player for this team, with all its expected offensive firepower, is the likely starter who will undoubtedly score the least. Jesse Edwards is the player who can most dramatically raise the ceiling of the team based on what he can accomplish at the other end of the floor. And that might be a good thing. Removing any pressure of having him be a major piece on offense to allow him to focus on the other end of the floor could accelerate his growth on defense.

Edwards’ combination of height, length, and athleticism can make the team’s 2-3 zone drastically better. If he can provide a deterrent at the rim, help clean the glass, and provide a general threat in the paint up to the foul line, he will allow the players around him to guard out farther, to be aggressive knowing he is behind them to clean up mistakes, and to be ready to leak out for transition offense. If Edwards can take a couple significant steps forward, the expectations of this team can go up accordingly.

Syracuse Basketball: Analyst assesses SU’s chances with 5-star targets (itlh; Adler)

Syracuse basketball recently offered scholarships to a pair of elite high-school prospects who hail from Baltimore and currently suit up for the country’s premier prep-school squad.

Now, while it’s exciting to see Orange coaches get into the recruiting fray for 2023 five-star forward Kwame Evans Jr. and 2024 five-star power forward Derik Queen, it’s going to prove an uphill battle for the ‘Cuse to ultimately land either of them.

Both the 6-foot-9 Evans and the 6-foot-8 Queen are part of the loaded line-up at the powerhouse Montverde Academy in Montverde, Fla., which has proven the nation’s best prep-school team in recent years and should enter the 2021-22 campaign as likely the No. 1 or No. 2 group in pre-season polls.

A stanza ago, Queen was brilliant as a freshman for the Saint Frances Academy in Baltimore, and Evans previously played for the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. Each prospect is expected to significantly contribute to the Montverde Academy in the upcoming term.
Syracuse basketball faces heated competition for five-stars Kwame Evans Jr. and Derik Queen.

Via Twitter, I recently asked 247Sports national basketball director Eric Bossi about the Orange’s chances with Evans and Queen. Bossi, by the way, is one of the preeminent national recruiting analysts in the business.

Here is Bossi’s response. “Queen is only a sophomore so awfully early to tell, Evans has EVERYBODY after him and could be some work to do in order to catch up on him already.”
Hi Eric. Syracuse recently offered two five-star prospects from Baltimore who suit up for the Montverde Academy, Kwame Evans Jr. and Derik Queen. Does the Orange have any kind of realistic shot with either of them? Thanks and be well!
— Neil Adler (@DAMNTWIN) October 26, 2021

Syracuse Basketball: 6-foot-8 guard makes huge entrance in new rankings (itlh; Adler)

In recently updated national rankings from recruiting service 247Sports, Syracuse basketball 2023 prospect Spencer Mahoney has made an impressive leap into this cycle’s top-80 overall.

Prior to this refresh, I didn’t previously see this 6-foot-8 shooting guard from New York City within the 247Sports national ratings. He is now No. 80 across the country and the No. 1 player in New York within the 2023 class, according to 247Sports.

Depending on the recruiting service, I’ve seen Mahoney listed as either a shooting guard or a small forward. At the time of this writing, the industry-generated 247Sports Composite ranked him at No. 76 overall, No. 14 at small forward and No. 1 in New York.

Both the 247Sports Composite and 247Sports say that Mahoney is a four-star prospect. His stock is clearly rising on a national scale in the 2023 recruiting cycle.

Syracuse basketball recently began courting 2023 four-star Spencer Mahoney.

As we noted in a column not too long ago, when updated its national rankings for 2023, Mahoney checked in as three stars and No. 122 overall.

I’m not a recruiting analyst, but when all is said and done, I would anticipate Mahoney being universally deemed a four-star, top-100 player in this class.

Orange coaches offered a scholarship to him in mid-August. Mahoney is a junior at Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, N.Y., and he runs on the AAU circuit with the Bronx, N.Y.-based PSA Cardinals, which is one of the best programs in all of grassroots basketball.

According to his bio on recruiting Web sites, as well as Mahoney’s own Twitter page, besides the ‘Cuse, he holds other offers at this juncture from teams such as St. John’s, Texas A&M, DePaul, Harvard, Siena and Robert Morris.

I’m glad that Syracuse basketball has gotten involved with Mahoney relatively early on in his recruiting process, because I would imagine that many more high-major arrives will arrive for him in the near future.

In a couple of interviews since the Orange offered him, Mahoney has spoken positively about the ‘Cuse program, and the team’s proximity to his home could hopefully prove an advantage for Syracuse basketball in Mahoney’s recruitment.

Some comments that I’ve come across from analysts suggest that Mahoney boasts positional versatility, as he can play both shooting guard and small forward.

College men’s basketball: Boeheim brothers team up for dad and Syracuse this season (; St Croix)

Jimmy Boeheim isn’t always quick to agree with his dad, but he has instantly learned to fall in line when it comes to his new head coach.

The graduate senior has carved out a starting role for the Syracuse University men’s basketball team after transferring in to play the upcoming season under his father and Hall of Fame coach, Jim Boeheim, and alongside his brother, Buddy Boeheim.

Jimmy Boeheim will make his regular-season debut for the Orange in the nonconference opener against the Lafayette Leopards at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Carrier Dome.

The 6-foot-8 and 225-pound forward previously played at Cornell but sat out last year when the Ivy League opted not to conduct a season due to COVID-19 concerns. He announced plans to join SU via the transfer portal in April.

“It’s been awesome, it’s definitely a little bit of an adjustment, but it’s been great,” Jimmy Boeheim said of playing for the first time under his dad, who is entering his 46th season as SU head coach.

“He’s been coaching me in a less official role obviously my whole life, but to have him there on the sideline now is great,” he added. “Any time he talks to me or yells at me or whatever it is, I’m eager to listen and eager to learn. He’s been giving me little things that have helped me a lot already and I’m sure that will continue into the season.”

Those closest to the duo — including Buddy and their mom, Juli — have described Jim and Jimmy Boeheim as having similar personalities, frequently leading to debates on a multitude of topics at home, basketball often at the forefront.

Buddy Boeheim said that he is always entertained by the good-natured arguments between his dad and brother but doesn’t anticipate them leaking onto the SU court.

'Cuse Militia Podcast - Armchair Media Network armchairmedianetwork; podcast; Cuse Militia)

Episode 331- Syracuse Basketball: Preseason Preview & B/S/H's W/ @JamesSzuba



SU alumnus, wife donate $30 million to Institute for Veterans and Military Families (DO; Tang)

Daniel and Gayle D’Aniello announced on Tuesday that they will provide a $30 million gift to support SU’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families.

The couple announced the donation during the events celebrating and dedicating SU’s National Veterans Resource Center. Chancellor Kent Syverud expressed gratitude in his remarks during the formal dedication ceremony on Wednesday.

The donation will create an endowment to provide operational support for the IVMF every year and continue its support to the U.S. veterans and military families, according to an SU news release.

“Our nation’s veterans and their families contribute to their communities and serve their country in new and profound ways,” D’Aniello said in the release. “Gayle and I are honored to support this work that is taking place at the university that means so much to us.”

The D’Aniellos previously donated $20 million in support of the construction and endowed the Daniel and Gayle D’Aniello Building and the NVRC. It covered about one-third of the building’s $62.5 million’s total cost and was one of the largest single donations in the university’s history.

Daniel graduated from SU’s now-Martin J. Whitman School of Management in 1968 and served in the U.S. Navy for three years, according to the release. He is a cofounder and chair emeritus of The Carlyle Group, a global investment firm that has offices worldwide and reported $246 billion in assets under management in its 2020 annual report.

SU awarded Daniel an honorary doctor of humane letters degree in September during the delayed Class of 2020 commencement.

“Thanks to the D’Aniellos, Syracuse University’s commitment to veterans will continue to grow, to aspire to new and better programs, and to make a tangible difference to those who have served our nation,” Syverud said in the release.

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