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Co 2020-21 Iggy Award Winner MPG (special again)
Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Casimir Pulaski Day!

Casimir Pulaski was a military leader and cavalryman from Poland, who was exiled to Paris, France, after trying to oust the Polish king, Stanislaw II, a ruler who was seen as a puppet of Russia. While in Paris, Pulaski met Marquis De Lafayette and Benjamin Franklin, and Franklin recruited him to come to America. There he served informally during the Revolutionary War, and fought in the battles of Brandywine and Germantown. George Washington then made him a Brigadier General and the first commander of the American Cavalry. The Continental Congress created the Pulaski Legion, made up of colonists and volunteers from France, Germany, and Poland. Pulaski died in 1779, after being mortally wounded at the Siege of Savannah. He came to be seen as a Revolutionary War hero, and towns and counties were named in his memory.

But how did he end up getting his own day? Polish immigrants began arriving in Chicago in the 1860s, and in the following decades the city came to have one of the largest Polish populations in the country. Pulaski had been seen as a hero in his homeland, and immigrants brought their pride for Pulaski with them to America. Polish immigrants faced discrimination in the early twentieth century. They were not Protestant, their names could not be easily pronounced by some, and some did not see them as "real" Americans. They held up Pulaski as an example of someone who was a Polish-American patriot and hero. He also was someone who had been part of America from the very beginning, illustrating how Poles had long been part of the American fabric. Americans of Polish descent began pushing for Pulaski Day as early as the 1930s. In 1933, they won a battle when Crawford Road was named Pulaski Road. In 1977, Casimir Pulaski Day became a commemorative holiday in Illinois, after lobbying was done by the Polish American Congress. It began being held on the first Monday in March, close to Pulaski's March 6 birthday. As it was a commemorative holiday, schools and institutions stayed open. But, in 1985 it became a full public holiday, and at the governor's discretion, schools were closed for the day, along with some banks and government

SU News

ACC tournament bracket, schedule: Syracuse gets started Wednesday (PS; Staff)

The 2022 ACC basketball tournament bracket has been finalized.

No. 9 seed Syracuse will face No. 8 Florida in a second-round game at noon Wednesday. The game will be televised on ESPN. The winner of that game will take on top-seeded Duke at noon Thursday.

The tournament begins with a trio of first-round games on Tuesday.

The full bracket and schedule are listed below.

Tuesday, March 8

First round

Game 1: No. 12 Pittsburgh vs. No. 13 Boston College, 2 p.m. (ACC Network)
Game 2: No. 10 Clemson vs. No. 15 N.C. State, 4:30 p.m. (ACC Network)
Game 3: No. 11 Louisville vs. No. 14 Georgia Tech, 7 p.m. (ACC Network)

Wednesday, March 9

Second round

Game 4: No. 8 Florida State vs. No. 9 Syracuse, noon (ESPN)
Game 5: No. 5 Wake Forest vs. Pittsburgh/Boston College winner, 2 p.m. (ESPN)
Game 6: No. 7 Virginia Tech vs. Clemson/N.C. State winner, 7 p.m. (ESPN2/ESPNU)
Game 7: No. 6 Virginia vs. Louisville/Georgia Tech winner, 9:30 p.m. (ESPN2)

Five Takeaways: Miami 75 Syracuse 72 (SI; McAllister)

Syracuse fell 75-72 to Miami on senior day after collapsing in the final minute despite controlling nearly the entire game. Here are five takeaways from the loss.

1. The Worst of the Bunch

Syracuse has had several close calls this season. The losses at Wake Forest, at Miami, to Virginia, to Florida State, at Notre Dame, at North Carolina. This, however, was the most gut wrenching of them all. In each of those other games, it was close, but largely back and forth. Syracuse did not lead/control the entire game. This time, on senior day, the Orange did. After Miami started off with the first five points of the game, Syracuse went on an 11-0 run and led the rest of the way until the final 20 seconds. Syracuse was the better team for 95% of that game. Syracuse outplayed Miami in nearly every facet until the final minute. The reality of Jim Boeheim's first losing season is there after this one. The seven close calls will come back to bite the Orange, and that does not even include double digit leads against Colgate, Georgetown and Pittsburgh. If even four of those seven goes Syracuse's way, the Orange is 20-11 and there is bubble talk. But you are what your record says you are, and Syracuse is a team that just cannot execute down the stretch of games.

2. Rebounding Haunts Syracuse Once Again

Even with everything that went wrong with the turnovers and inability to get the ball up court, it was still a rebounding issue that did Syracuse in. Charlie Moore missed the front end of a one and one with 13 seconds left. Syracuse failed to box out, Jordan Miller, who torched the Orange all game, grabs the rebound and has an easy put back for what would be the game winner. A rebound there likely secures a win or at least gives the chance for Syracuse to extend its lead and play perimeter defense to seal the deal. Instead, it continued the Orange's unraveling.

3. Injuries

There is no question in my mind that the last four games, despite being the toughest stretch of the season, looks a lot different if Syracuse has its complete roster. Not having Jesse Edwards cost Syracuse games against Notre Dame, North Carolina and Miami. The lack of Symir Torrence in the last two also hurt. Injuries are part of the game and other teams do not care if you are missing key players, but this season does not end up as a losing one if they are all there. Especially Jesse.

Syracuse Basketball: A totally fun, non-serious list of coaching candidates (itlh; Adler)

We’ve engaged in extensive conversations with our sources, and now we’re going to share with you perhaps the most amazing list ever of possible replacements for Syracuse basketball head coach Jim Boeheim.

Boeheim, recently speaking with Brent Axe on ESPN Radio Syracuse, says that he knows when he will retire in the future, and also that there is a succession plan in place for when he wraps up his Hall of Fame tenure in Central New York.

With a succession plan already in place, one would assume that the next head coach of the Orange program will come from one of the current ‘Cuse assistants, who are Adrian Autry (my first choice), Gerry McNamara and Allen Griffin.

And let’s not forget about former long-time assistant and the current head coach of Washington, Mike Hopkins.

Syracuse basketball could also choose from these amazing potential candidates.

While picking Autry or another present Orange assistant to be the next ‘Cuse head coach is the safe choice, we’ve got some other ideas in mind. And you’re welcome, of course.

Adam Sandler
I mean, he graduated from the Syracuse University law school in his hit comedy, “Big Daddy.” I thought Sandler rocked his ‘Cuse t-shirt featuring Otto quite well in that flick.

Tom Brady
The dude has captured seven world championships in his sport and been to his sport’s title contest for 10 games. He’s got more time on his hands these days, I hear. The GOAT of quarterbacks in the NFL has visited the Carrier Dome for a game in the past, and I think his implementation of a strict avocado ice cream diet for ‘Cuse players would do wonders.

Pete Davidson
The actor and comedian recently caught a Syracuse basketball game on the Hill, and he’s apparently cleared the air with the Orange fan base. If he was the new ‘Cuse head coach, I’m hopeful that Kim Kardashian would be in attendance at the Dome in the future (insert sarcasm here).

Joe Biden
I know he’s got another job that keeps him extremely busy, but the current president of the United State of America is an alumnus of the SU law school. Imagine how intimidated other teams would be if they rolled up to Central New York to play the Orange, and a former president was roaming the ‘Cuse sidelines?

Gene Hackman
The acclaimed actor was amazing as head coach Norman Dale in “Hoosiers,” leading underdog Hickory to an Indiana state high-school championship back in the day. Dale’s decision to only play four guys in one game because he had benched a fifth player for not following his instruction was legendary stuff.

The Rock
We highlighted how mega-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gave a shout-out to Syracuse football defensive lineman Joshua Black in June of 2020. I imagine if The Rock led the Orange, his players would never, ever disobey him.

Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has been to the Hill for a game and has had some serious fun with ‘Cuse fans in recent years.

Mike Tirico
One of the world’s most famous sportscasters, Tirico is a tad busy these days given all of his broadcasting assignments for NBC, but Mike bleeds Orange like it’s nobody’s business. I’m a big-time fan of Tirico.

Carmelo Anthony
The Syracuse basketball icon has played pretty well in the 2021-22 stanza, his first with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the Lakers stink, and we think that Melo should retire from the NBA and become the next head coach of the ‘Cuse. I assume he would crush things on the recruiting trail.

Jimmy Boeheim
If Jimmy doesn’t play pro ball somewhere after his SU career is over, maybe he could come back and be the head coach. Keep it in the family. Literally.

Mike Krzyzewski
Just stop it, Neil. Seriously.

(; podcast; Cuse Militia)

Episode 363- Syracuse basketball: Miami Post-game/Florida State Preview!

Buddy Boeheim hopes to foster community in Syracuse with NIL sponsorships (DO; Cohen)

Buddy Boeheim didn’t know what to expect when he began working with Roc Nation Sports management on his brand deals instead of with his mother.

At the end of the summer, Buddy met Jack Overdyk, a Syracuse University alumnus and sports representative at Roc Nation, who is now Buddy’s manager. Overdyk helped Buddy organize contracts with brands that either have ties to the Syracuse community or strong backgrounds with athletes.

“My mom was already really stressed with trying to manage brands to work with, and my dad didn’t want to deal with it — he just wanted to coach,” Buddy said. “When Jack came up to Syracuse and explained that he would help me with deals and negotiating, it was a no-brainer.”

Buddy said it’s important for him to work with brands that have ties to the Syracuse community, are knowledgeable about athletes and have a product he believes in. Name, image and likeness legislation passed over the summer, allowing collegiate athletes to enter partnerships and profit from the use of their name and brand. In addition to Roc Nation, Buddy has worked with Three Wishes Cereal, Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards, and his most recent deal is with Athletic Brewing Company.

Buddy started working with Three Wishes in the middle of June, and Beak and Skiff, an apple orchard and distillery, contacted him to shoot a video in late August.

“Beak and Skiff was really my first local thing. I grew up going to that orchard so it was a good connection, and I had a lot of fun shooting the video,” Buddy said. “When I was shooting the video they just said, ‘Be goofy, be yourself, have fun with it,’ which made it really easy.”

Sarah Ditterline, the social media and brand development coordinator at Beak and Skiff, focused on finding influencers and athletes to collaborate with who are recognizable to college students and the wider central New York area.

Buddy was a natural fit for collaborating with Beak and Skiff because of his popularity in the Syracuse area and his excitement to be working with a company he has grown up supporting, Ditterline said.



Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse men’s basketball is approaching a fork in the road (TNIAAM; Wall)

The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team limps into Brooklyn on a four-game losing streak. If the Orange can’t defeat the Florida State Seminoles on Wednesday then the run of .500 or better records ends at 53. After going 24-8 in their first season in the ACC in 2013-14, Syracuse has had double-digit losses in every season. Now this is where you can give me your “What about the Sweet Sixteen run?” and sure that was exciting but success in the regular and post-season does not have to be an either or situation.

Coaches and fans have both pointed to the Class of 2022 as the turning point for Syracuse’s return to elite status. Up until November 10, 2020 the thought was Dior Johnson was going to help the Orange land a Duke or Kentucky class of NBA prospects. Syracuse was out of NCAA sanctions and the roster turnover meant the Orange had a full complement of scholarships to hand out.

NCAA Basketball: Miami-Florida at Syracuse
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Then Dior de-committed and because the Orange had focused on players he wanted to play with they lost ground on recruits like JJ Starling or Chance Westry. Kamari Lands was the next elite recruit that Syracuse was going to build around...until he also de-committed. Syracuse lost battles for other players but when the dust settled they had signed a class that Jim Boeheim labeled “his best ever”.



Wegmans to expand into another state with new 2-story store (PS; Doran)

Wegmans Food Markets Inc. has announced plans to build its first store in Connecticut.

The store would be in Norwalk, a city on the Long Island Sound between New York City and New Haven, Connecticut.

The two-level store will be about 95,000 square feet, and will also have a multi-level parking garage, Wegmans officials said in a news release. For comparison, the Wegmans in DeWitt is about 152,200 square feet.

“Each year we receive hundreds of requests from residents for a store in Connecticut, so we’re excited to bring Wegmans to Norwalk and to get to know our new neighbors,” said Colleen Wegman, president and CEO of Wegmans Food Markets.

The store will be built on 11 acres off Connecticut Avenue, adjacent to I-95, Wegmans officials said. An office complex owned by MBI Inc., which is currently located on the land, plans to move to new office space

Wegmans is seeking approvals from the city of Norwalk, officials said. No date has been set yet on when construction will start or the store will open, they said.

Wegmans operates 106 stores throughout New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts and North Carolina. The Rochester-based chain started in 1916.

Wegmans has been named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For’ by Fortune magazine for 24 consecutive years, ranking fourth in 2021.


The Mayor of Dewitt
Aug 15, 2011
This looks like an old video, but it does have a Chaz Owens highlight...


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