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Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to D-Day

Beginning in the spring of 1940, in the midst of World War II, Nazi Germany started occupying the northern part of France. They gained complete control of the area in May, when the British evacuated Dunkirk, a coastal city, during the Battle of France. But the Allies always hoped to return. In 1942, the United States and Britain began thinking about an invasion across the English Channel. Hitler, anticipating an invasion somewhere—although he did not know exactly where—put Erwin Rommel in charge of defense of a large swath of coastal areas and in charge of the creation of an Atlantic Wall, which consisted of fortifications of bunkers, landmines, and other beach and water obstacles.

The Allies codenamed their amphibious invasion of Normandy "Operation Overlord," and placed Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower in charge of it in January 1944. The invasion became known as D-Day, and its implementation would prove to be the start of the end of the war. The more obvious choice for the invasion was Pas de Calais, the spot with the shortest distance between Britain and Continental Europe. In fact, a deception campaign prior to D-Day made the Germans think that Pas de Calais—as well as Norway and some other locations—would be areas of invasion. Deception tactics included the use of fake equipment, George S. Patton's phantom army—which was supposedly stationed across from Pas de Calais, fraudulent radio transmissions, and double agents. The beaches of Normandy were chosen instead because they were less heavily defended than Pas de Calais, but were still within air cover.

SU News

Look for Syracuse basketball to ramp up recruitment of these 5-star targets (itlh; Adler)

In mid-June, Syracuse basketball coaches and their peers around the country will be able to start making direct contact with high-school players in the 2024 recruiting cycle.

Once college coaches are allowed to initiate direct communication with prospects in the rising junior class, that could lead to an abundance of scholarship offers getting doled out.

It doesn’t necessarily mean the Orange will open the floodgates in terms of new offers, though. For one, the ‘Cuse is usually pretty selective with the number of offers that it pledges to high-school players.

Secondly, Syracuse basketball coaches have already offered, by my count, a total of eight guys in the 2024 class, according to recruiting services, media reports, comments from national analysts, and players’ social-media accounts.

Additionally, at one time or another, the Orange appears to have shown interest in another half-dozen or so prospects in this cycle.

Once that June 15 deadline comes and goes, we’ll certainly keep a close eye on any new offers made by Syracuse basketball to 2024 players.

And I’ll definitely monitor whether the Orange’s already reported interest in six prospects within this class turns into formal offers.

Syracuse Basketball: KenPom isn’t super high on ACC ahead of 2022-23 (it;h; Adler)

A stanza ago, the Atlantic Coast Conference got five teams into the Big Dance, although Syracuse basketball, with its 16-17 overall record, obviously wasn’t one of them.

The ACC had a terrific showing in the 2022 NCAA Tournament. Of the five squads that made March Madness, three of them – North Carolina, Duke and Miami – reached at least the Elite Eight.

The Blue Devils got to the Final Four, while the Tar Heels, led by first-year head coach Hubert Davis, advanced to the national-championship game, where UNC fell to Kansas in a tight, three-point contest.

Duke and North Carolina are expected to be among the ACC’s royalty in the upcoming 2022-23 campaign, although how deep the conference will prove, as far as NCAA Tournament invites are concerned, remains to be seen.


Jim Boeheim: fishing for the big one (; video; Busler)

HENDERSON, New York (WWNY) - College basketball coaches try to fit in different activities during the off season. For Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, it’s coming up to the Henderson Harbor area for a day on the water.

It was a good time to catch up with the coach.

Colleen’s Cherry Tree on Route 3 in Henderson features a shrine to Syracuse basketball, a good place to interview the Orange coach.

The coach was out on a fishing excursion courtesy of Moby Dick Charters.

Fishing for recruits is impressive for Syracuse with the Orange ranked 14th in the country. Guards Judah Mintz and Justin Taylor along with forward Chris Bunch are leading the way.

With name, image and likeness, and the transfer portal, putting a team together certainly tests a program.

It was a special year as Boeheim had a chance to coach both sons, Buddy and Jimmy.

Jim Boeheim, still looking to catch the big one. In this case, another NCAA championship.



Prince drummer recalls epic 1985 concert: ‘Syracuse is one of those memories I’ll never forget’ (PS; Herbert)

It’s been nearly 40 years, but Prince and The Revolution drummer Bobby Z. still vividly remembers performing at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse.

Prince’s epic 1985 concert on the Syracuse University campus is a big part of his legacy as one of the greatest performers of all time, along with his 2008 performance at Coachella and his unforgettable Super Bowl halftime show in 2007. (Remember when he performed “Purple Rain” in the rain?) His guitar solo on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” during a George Harrison tribute at his 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction alongside titans like Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, and Steve Winwood, also remains legendary.

Yet on March 30, 1985, Prince was still trying to prove he deserved the throne.

That was the day Prince performed in the Carrier Dome (recently renamed the JMA Wireless Dome) in front of 39,875 screaming fans during a show that was broadcast live on TV to more than 12 million viewers in Europe through Eurovision.

“Hello, Syracuse, and the world. My name is Prince and I’ve come to play with you,” he said at the show’s opening.

The concert known as “Prince and The Revolution: Live!” was nominated for a Grammy Award (for best music film) and long circulated among fans as a bootleg in VHS/broadcast quality. Pirated clips on YouTube were frequently taken down until NPG Records and Warner Bros. Records released it on DVD for the first time in 2017 as part of a reissue of the late musician’s 1984 album “Purple Rain.”

Now it’s available on vinyl, CD and Blu-ray in the highest quality yet after the original video source was rescanned, restored and color-corrected. The original multitrack audio master reels from Prince’s Paisley Park studio have been remixed and remastered onto Blu-ray video for the first time with selectable stereo, 5.1 surround and Dolby Atmos sound.

The result is glorious, as Prince’s many costume changes — from the iconic purple jacket to his lacy black, see-through pants — look fantastic. Fans can also see more details of the production, including Prince taking a bath onstage after performing dirty songs like “Do Me, Baby” or grinning next to a pole. A few lucky viewers might even recognize themselves in sharper shots of the sellout crowd.


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Aug 3, 2019

Let’s continue to support our Veterans by making sure they have quality health care and mental health care for their lives and let’s make this law!​


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