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Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to World Tofu Day!

World Tofu Day was created by the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) Canada to offer an opportunity for people to celebrate plant-based diets and to encourage them to bring animal-friendly foods onto their menus. It celebrates the many alternatives to animal products "and the many advantages of living a cruelty-free lifestyle." It's also a day to get people to try tofu and to view it in a new way, "as a tasty, versatile food that can easily replace many animal-derived products to avoid encouraging the horrible farming industry." The first World Tofu Day was marked in 2014. In Montreal, at least 12,000 people attended a vegan barbecue on the inaugural celebration.

Tofu is made from soybeans that are curdled and then pressed into blocks. It is high in protein, relatively low in calories, and low in carbohydrates. It is low in saturated fat but higher in heart-healthy fats. Tofu contains iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and calcium, and is sometimes fortified with other minerals and vitamins. Tofu is versatile. It takes on the flavor of what it is cooked with, it can be used to make anything from the main dish to a dessert, and just like meat, it can be fried, grilled, steamed, baked, or pan-cooked. There are tofu curds, pressed tofu sheets, frozen tofu, and burgers and sausages made from tofu.

SU News

Syracuse Basketball: 5-star big man target dishes on teams standing out (itlh; Adler)

In a couple of recent interviews with national recruiting analysts, Syracuse basketball five-star target Yves Missi has discussed some of the teams that presently stick out to him and are recruiting him the hardest.

Now, the fast-rising 6-foot-11 center likely has a way to go in his recruiting process, as he is a rising junior within the 2024 class.

Plus, the contact period for college coaches to be able to directly reach out to 2024 players only opened up in mid-June, so Missi will likely see many more suitors arrive for him sooner rather than later.

Missi, who attends the West Nottingham Academy in Colora, Md., has proven a star in grassroots basketball this spring and summer for the Bronx, N.Y.-based PSA Cardinals in Nike’s EYBL league.

Syracuse basketball got involved early on with 2024 five-star big man Yves Missi.

The Orange offered a scholarship to Missi last December, while he was still in his sophomore season at the West Nottingham Academy and before college coaches could directly communicate with him.

In early May, we noted that PSA Cardinals executive director Munch Williams had told SyracuseOnSI publisher Mike McAllister that ‘Cuse coaches would like to get Missi to the Hill for a visit at some point in the future.

While I remain hopeful that will transpire, the competition in Missi’s recruitment is intense, which is no surprise given that he recently vaulted into the top-15 across the country in updated 2024 national rankings from On3 and .

I’ve come across recent media reports suggesting that blue-bloods Kentucky and North Carolina are showing interest in Missi. To date, he has received offers from teams including Kansas, Baylor, LSU, Stanford, Georgia Tech, Georgetown, UConn, Ohio State, Michigan, Indiana, Virginia Tech, Harvard, UCLA, St. John’s, Rutgers, DePaul, Norfolk State and USC Upstate.

Fast-Rising Class of ’23 PG “Absolutely” Wants To Visit SU – Orange Fizz – Daily Syracuse Recruiting News & Team Coverage (; Bainbridge)

The summer recruiting season has all but come and gone, and Syracuse men’s hoops’ recruiting haul is conspicuous by its absence. A year after assembling a nationally ranked Top 25 class, the Orange have been quiet this year.

We’ve talked before about how a quality-over-quantity Class of ‘23 would benefit both newcomers and the soon-arriving Class of ‘22 by not chopping up playing time for all parties, but Syracuse looks like it may make a move or two soon in its upcoming class. We’ve seen small recruiting crops before (namely the Class of ‘21 that featured Benny Williams and no one else), and this group may not be too different. So far only two players – JP Estrella and Reid Ducharme – have trekked up for an official visit, but that may soon change.

3-star point guard Elijah Gertrude is rising quickly on recruiting boards and recently discussed his commitment cycle. The 6’3”, 180-pound Jersey City native has played for the Albany City Rocks this summer in Nike’s Peach Jam tournament, and attracted quite a crowd last Thursday. Virginia, Kansas, Iona (now under Rick Pitino’s tutelage) and Syracuse were all present to watch Gertrude put up 13 points and five assists in a victory. SU’s viewing entourage that night is of particular note – Jim Boeheim, Gerry McNamara, and Adrian Autry were all in attendance.

Syracuse’s presence hasn’t been lost on Gertrude, whose stock is rising and predicted by some to soon be ranked as a 4-star prospect. SU’s buy-low strategy worked with Peter Carey last year and has helped it remain in the mix for 4-star combo guard Elmarko Jackson this year. After Gertrude’s team spent Thursday’s Peach Jam game playing zone defense, he commented to that he “absolutely” plans to visit Syracuse and had more to say on SU’s 2-3 defense.

(youtube; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Matt Bonaparte and Brad Klein discuss the recent Boeheim's Army loss and discuss who they think might return to the team next time around.

‎ESPN Syracuse: On The Block On Demand 7-25 on Apple Podcasts (; radio; Axe)

Brent honors the 20 year anniversary of the first time On The Block hit the airwaves and shares some of his highlights from the past two decades. Later, Brent discusses some of ACC commissioner Jim Phillips' press conference from Wednesday.

‎ESPN Syracuse: 30 Minutes In Orange Nation 7-25 on Apple Podcasts (; podcast; Orange Nation)

Steve and Paulie open the show with a recap of Boeheim's Army's loss in the second round of TBT this past weekend. Then, Jordan joins the guys to discuss the rumors surrounding a Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant trade. Finally, John Whitaker, better known on social media as Big Game Boomer, hops on Orange Nation to give his predictions for the upcoming ACC football season and his thoughts on Syracuse Football.

Axe: Harsh lesson for Boeheim’s Army; ACC commish drops ball on media day (PS; $; Axe)

Some quick takes on Boeheim’s Army taking a quick exit from TBT and ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips shaking his hand at a cloud as soon as we celebrate the return of football training camp tweets into our lives.

Boeheim’s Army Bummer

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim looks up to the scoreboard. Boeheim's Army take on The Nerd Team in The Basketball Tournament at the SRC Arena on the OCC Campus. Dennis Nett |

Syracuse basketball fans are still grumbling about Boeheim’s Army’s 81-74 loss to The Nerd Team on Saturday, resulting in an eye-opening exit from TBT for the top seed and defending champion.

In “Revenge of the Nerds,” Lamba Lamba Lamba knew it had outwit the Alpha Betas with their minds and not their muscles to win the Greek Games.

These Nerds used a combination of both brains and brawn to send Boeheim’s Army packing on Saturday.



Provided by David Kirby

After vandals trash iconic Orange basketball, a Syracuse community rebounds (PS; O'Toole)

In late June, vandals tore down a pole that held a large Syracuse University basketball that welcomed all to the Meadowbrook neighborhood.

The huge Instagram-ready fiberglass ball stood 10 feet tall and with the pole weighed up to 300 pounds. That was no match for the vandals.

They dragged the pole and basketball down Meadowbrook Drive, up Scottholm Terrace and over to Houston Avenue. A neighbor on Houston Avenue heard the commotion and yelled out a window to the group: “What’s all that noise?”

The vandals ran, leaving behind the mess for neighbors.

David Kirby, who coordinates the Meadowbrook Gardens, said a reward was initially offered, but no arrests were made.

“I’m sure it was just a prank,” Kirby said. “It happens.”

The Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association, which has more than 100 volunteers who maintain the university-area neighborhood’s 28 gardens that stretch some two miles, spent $800 to repair the pole and basketball, Kirby said. The group relies on volunteers and donations to keep the neighborhood looking nice.

The Syracuse Water Department also lets volunteers hook up their hoses to fire hydrants, so they can water all the gardens, Kirby said. Volunteers in the neighborhood also mulch the Meadowbrook Detention Basin, a 1.2-mile path around Barry Park, he said.

For the past month, neighbors have been working to repair the SU basketball and pole.

An autobody worker repainted the fiberglass ball. Michael Greene, a Syracuse councilor, and Fire Chief Michael J. Monds also were instrumental in getting the basketball back up, he said.

On Saturday, a team of city firefighters from Station 10 arrived Saturday on a ladder to help put the ball back where it belongs.

“This is a work of love,” said neighbor Chris Finkle, who lives across the street from the landmark. “I’m glad it got fixed.”

Kirby said neighbors needed the help of the fire department to get the SU basketball back up because of its weight. Monds, Greene and neighbors were also there this past weekend to see the basketball return.


Graphics Wizard
Aug 3, 2019

Otto Celebrates the return of The Syracuse Basketball to Meadowbrook!​


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