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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Hostess Cupcake Day!

On Hostess CupCake Day, we celebrate the iconic snack food. The cupcakes were first "introduced" on May 10, 1919, possibly being first sold the following day, on May 11, the date on which we celebrate the holiday. They have always been made of devil's cake and were originally hand-covered with vanilla or chocolate icing. Originally known as "Chocolate Cup Cakes," they were created by the Taggart Bakery and made at their Indianapolis bakery. They were purchased by the Continental Baking Company in 1925 and were renamed Hostess Cup Cakes (today CupCakes). Some see them as being the first commercially produced cupcake, although this has been disputed by Tastykake, which was founded in 1914.

SU News

ACC Football Rx: Will ACCN be too late? (; HM)

I normally like to be upbeat - for which I've been accused of "pumping sunshine" - but sometimes there is a problem which needs to be addressed. This is one...
Ever hear of "a day late and a dollar short"?

Try 1,825 days late and about $630 million short!From All Things FSU: Multi year 'study' of ACC Network development likely a mistake
"Interpret what you want out of declining cable/sat numbers for sports nets. I’m just here to point out the environment in which the ACC will launch their network." - Joe Ovies, WRAL Sports

May cable coverage estimates show big drops for ESPN, FS1, NBCSN, and league networks
...traditional cable-plus homes were estimated to fall from 94,070,000 to 93,367,000 over that span, a drop of 703,000, and the total multichannel homes (Nielsen’s estimate that includes those who subscribe to streaming bundles alone) fell from 96,803,000 to 96,272,000, a drop of 531,000.

But, with that said, some sports networks suffered greater losses than others. In particular, this was a bad month for NFL Network, down 842,000 homes. That’s likely related to Comcast moving the network to a less popular tier, but it’s certainly notable. MLB Network (down 664,000 homes), Big Ten Network (down 614,000, also probably partly thanks to a fight with Comcast), Golf Channel (down 505,000), The Tennis Channel (down 476,000), and NBA TV (down 330,000) were hit hard too. It’s not a great time out there for league or sport-specific networks.
Big Ten Network (down 614,000... partly thanks to a fight with Comcast)


Syracuse Football: Marvin Harrison Jr could continue legacy at Syracuse (; Esden Jr)

There could soon be another Marvin Harrison on the Syracuse football campus. ITLH breaks down the possibilities and the future of the position.
Things have been going really well for the Syracuse football program, despite not reaching a bowl since 2013.

Dwight Freeney just retired and will walk into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in five years. But speaking of the Hall of Fame, we already have a guy in there (we actually have eight), but I’m talking about Marvin Harrison.

Harrison is one of the greatest receivers in NFL History and someone who thrilled fans in the Carrier Dome throughout the 1990’s. Many fans look back at that time as the ‘golden era’, Freeney was probably the end of an era in many respects. The Syracuse football program hasn’t been the same since.

But could we be getting a throwback in the near future? Well that’s what SU is hoping for after offering a scholarship to Marvin Harrison’s son, Marvin Jr.

I am blessed and thankful to have received an offer from Syracuse University. #goorange

— Marvin Harrison Jr. (@MarvHarrisonJr) May 10, 2018

WHATEVER IT TAKES: This NEW Clemson Hype Video Will Send Chills Down Your Spine (chatsports,com; Rauf)

The Clemson Tigers fell short in the College Football Playoff this past season, but with plenty of returning starters, this group is poised to compete for another national championship in the fall.

Clemson proved they're not a one-year wonder but they want to return to the top of the sport, cementing them as the premier program in the country.

This new hype video, from YouTube user ClemsoNation, will get you fired up for the awesomeness to come!

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Noles News: Can anyone challenge Clemson’s ACC superiority in 2018? (; Krypton)

The road to the ACC championship currently runs through Clemson but has anyone upgraded enough to knock them from the throne?

The 2019 NFL Draft will be heavy with defensive lineman going in the first round & Brian Burns is currently among those being projected in the top 32.

Cam Akers is moving serious weight this off-season:


— Cam akers (@thereal_cam3) May 10, 2018
Florida signee Justin Watkins is in a little bit of trouble with the law.

Former 5-star QB Blake Barnett is now transferring to his third schoo, USF.

Where do Bobby Bowden and Mike Martin rank among all-time coaching duos?

Miami WR Ahmmon Richards' Explosive Ability | ACC Football Spring Spotlight - Video Dailymotion (; video)

Ahmmon Richards is one of the most explosive athletes in the ACC. The Miami Hurricanes wide receiver is averaging more than 18 yards-per-catch entering his junior year. Richards missed some time last year with an injury, but don't sleep on the talented receiver who set Miami's freshman receiving yards record in 2016.


Behind the scenes of Syracuse University commencement | The NewsHouse (; Sugiyama)
Alex Snow flipped through a nearly 2-inch thick stack of papers in a small office on the first floor of Women’s Building in early April. The spreadsheets covered scores of timelines, logistics and to-do-list items — more than year’s worth of work for Snow and three colleagues — necessary to pull off one of Syracuse University’s biggest and proudest annual events.

This was the official SU Commencement master plan.

“When you are talking about when does the planning process start for commencement, it starts 13-14 months before commencement begins,” Snow said.

Oftentimes many graduates don’t recognize a laborious procedure that takes place to stage the Carrier Dome event. But a team of event coordinators like Snow, who works at the university’s Office of Special Events, began working on this year’s May 13 commencement in Spring 2017 — and already has begun laying out a blueprint for the next year’s graduating class.

The core team orchestrating commencement planning is composed of merely four SU staff: Snow; Jean Brooks, director of operations and special events for the chancellor’s house; Ellen King, executive director of special events; and Lynsey Riffle, event coordinator.

As a campuswide event that brings between 15,000 and 18,000 people to the Hill, Commencement involves multiple campus entities such as the Food Services for catering and the Parking and Transit Service for navigating on campus.

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