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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to The Stars and Stripes Forever Day!

It's "Stars and Stripes Forever" Day! Celebrate Some Sousa!

“The Stars and Stripes Forever” was first performed at Willow Grove Park in southeastern Pennsylvania on May 14, 1897. It’s interesting how some things are borne of the most unlikely combinations of circumstances. John Philip Sousa–in his autobiography, Marching Along–recounts the tale of how “The Stars and Stripes Forever” came to be. It seems that it was Christmas Day when he and his wife were on an ocean liner returning home from a vacation in Europe. He had just learned that the manager of his band, David Blakely had passed away.

A Most Curious Conception
Obviously not much taken in with any notion of making the Yuletide gay, Sousa began to think. As most great composers’ thoughts often do, his turned to a march–a new march that kept playing in his head until arriving back in the United States. Upon arriving home, he committed what was in his head to paper. The rest, as they say, is history.

SU News

Syracuse Football Virtual Venue™ by IOMEDIA (

3D Interactive Seat Views for Syracuse Football at Carrier Dome interactive seat map using Virtual Venue™ by IOMEDIA.

Hokies mailbag: Charles Steger's sports contributions, what-ifs on conference expansion and more (; BitteR)

Since we're knee deep in the off-season doldrums, I have a theoretical question for you: Would VT actually be in better shape had Syracuse (and not they) been admitted into the ACC during the first major round conference realignment? It seems unthinkable, but consider that the then-jilted Syracuse has gotten into the ACC anyway. At that time, thirst for even mediocre names like Maryland, Rutgers, and Missouri thrust those schools into the enviable position of being courted by the country's top two conferences and landed them incredible financial windfalls (making more per year than Tech does). There was even rumor and innuendo of the SEC trying to go north and making a play for the Hokies, despite Jim Weaver's then public commitment to the ACC. I am sure the Big 10 would have liked to expand south to a large, land grant university with a rabid fan base and good football tradition. it possible all the celebrations of the VT fans and alums, while inexorably and justifiably jubilant at the time, ended up costing them something in the final analysis?

-- James M. Borden

It's an interesting what-if. To go back to Pat's question, Virginia Tech certainly would have joined some conference other than the Big East at some point along the way. When you're geographically plausible and in a state with a big enough TV audience for expansion-hungry leagues like the Big Ten, SEC and ACC, someone would have gobbled Tech up along the way, certainly with the kind of success the Hokies would prove to have in the mid-2000s. It's hard to believe, but after the ACC's 2004 and '05 additions, there wasn't a major realignment move made until 2011, when Nebraska jumped to the Big Ten and the Pac-10 added Colorado and Utah to become the Pac-12. (The Big Ten, never one to be factual with numbers, stuck with its old name, despite having 12 members.) That sparked the big run of expansion, with the SEC taking on Texas A&M and Missouri in 2012 and West Virginia and TCU going to the Big 12, followed by Syracuse and Pitt coming into the ACC in 2013. In 2014, the Big Ten added Maryland and Rutgers and the ACC supplemented the Terrapins loss by adding Louisville.


Will NC State be a top-five ACC football team in 2018? (; Muma)

If State’s offense can improve to offset a bit of a defensive decline, then there is a lot of reason to be optimistic. I’m not sure I’m there quite yet, but I have a feeling I’ll get there by, oh, June or thereabouts

Sure, NC State’s defensive front seven was gutted by graduation, and the Wolfpack will have some important offensive linemen to replace, but that doesn’t mean the Pack can’t have another strong year. Uh, right? Right. But how strong of a year, exactly is the question. The ACC Digital Network folks are optimistic, at least:

Top 5 Teams Post Spring | ACC Football 2018
How you feel about next season probably has a lot to do with how you feel about the re-made defense, which still had some significant issues despite so much talent up front. No doubt the offense is in good hands with Ryan Finley returning, though, and State’s passing game should be as good as it’s been since Philip Rivers’ senior season.

The 10 Most Hated College Football Programs (; Holleran)

The 10 Most-Hated College Football Programs In 2018
10. Clemson

Dabo Swinney is a lot of fun and the Tigers have had some really easy players to root for (who doesn’t love Deshaun Watson?) but Clemson has had too much elite success to not be on this list.

9. Oregon

Oregon, with its crazy uniforms, is always going to be on “most-hated” lists because of how the “traditional” college football fan views the sport. They don’t want a program like Oregon having serious success.

8. Penn State

Penn State’s inclusion here is no mystery. The Sandusky scandal rocked the Nittany Lion fan base, and while the program has bounced back in a big way as of late, winning the Big Ten and making multiple big bowls, there hasn’t been a huge shift in the way the program is viewed by the casual fan.


The spear that was found at Sleeping Beauty Mountain. (Via Imgur user Luxomnis)

Secret 'Destiny 2' video game puzzle leads to real hidden treasure in Upstate NY (PS; Burrows)

One lucky fan of the Destiny 2 video game was treated to more than in-game loot when they found some real hidden treasure in Upstate NY.

After days of work and help from dozens within the community, one Redditor solved a hidden puzzle within the game and was left with a set of coordinates that led to Sleeping Beauty Mountain in the Capital Region.

Redditor I_love_science quickly made the hike and wasn't disappointed.

Inside the hidden cache was a spear based on the Valkyrie, a weapon players get to use in the game, and gold coins for travelers to take.

The spear was left for the first finder to take while each traveler after was encouraged to leave their name in a journal while taking a single gold coin with them.

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