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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Daniel Boone Day!

Today is Daniel Boone Day! Daniel Boone was a famous US frontiersman and the first American to discover present day Kentucky. He also created a path to open up the frontier for future American settlers.

In 1769, Boone led an expedition through the Cumberland Gap, which he later transformed into the Wilderness Road, to provide others access to the western frontier. In 1773, Boone moved his family to this newly found settlement in present day Kentucky. He faced great opposition from Native Americans and British Soldiers in his newly-founded settlement. The Shawnee, a Native American tribe, captured Boone in 1778, but he escaped to protect his settlement. In the end, Boone moved further west (present day Missouri) and spent the rest of his life peacefully living off of the land until he died at age 85.

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ACC Football Rx: TV Contract Timelines - 6/6/18 (; HM)

AllThingsFSU has compiled quite a bit of information about TV contract timelines and projections, and put them all in one big long post called ACC & other conference TV Deal Timelines. I've added a few dates and other details (mostly the Orange Bowl contract) and put them into this table. Hopefully this helps put things into perspective...

Month Amount Description
Jul 2010 $12.9M ACC signs w/ ESPN for $1.86B for 12 teams over 12 yrs per team; includes provision to sub-license games to Raycom
May 2011 $20.8M Pac-12 splits contract between ESPN/Fox
Sep 2011 ACC invites Pitt, Syracuse, triggers renegotiation clause
May 2012 $17.1M ACC extends ESPN for $3.6B for 14 teams over 15 yrs
Jul 2012
$4.0M Big XII signs Sugar Bowl deal for $40M/game for 12 years
$2.9M SEC signs Sugar Bowl deal for $40M/game for 12 years
$3.3M Pac-12 signs Rose Bowl deal for $40M/game for 12 years
$2.9M Big Ten signs Rose Bowl deal for $40M/game for 12 years
Jul 2012 $2.0M ACC signs Orange Bowl deal for $27.5M/game for 12 years
Sep 2012 Notre Dame joins ACC except football with 5-game scheduling agreement; increases exit fee from $20M to $52M
Nov 2012 Maryland announces it's leaving the ACC; ACC votes to add Louisville
Apr 2013 ACC teams sign Grant of Rights
May 2013 ESPN says no ACC Network until Raycom rights repurchased.
Nov 2013 ESPN and SEC agree to launch SEC Network
Aug 2014 SEC Network launches
Jun 2016 $31.4M B1G splits tv rights between ESPN/Fox/CBS for $440M/yr, 6 yrs
Jul 2016 ACC + ESPN announce ACC Network will launch in 2019; ACC extends ESPN through 2036-37 ($$$ not disclosed)
May 2017 Conference Network estimated payouts for 2017:
$11.0M SEC Network $11M / school
$8.0M B1G Network $8M / school
$2.5M Pac-12 Network $2.5M / school
$3.0M ACC reportedly to receive $3M / school penalty for no network
Aug 2019 ACC Network scheduled to launch
Aug 2021 ACC/ESPN "look-in"
Aug 2024 Orange Bowl contract expires
Aug 2026 ACC/ESPN "look-in"

BOTTOM LINE: The best things the ACC can do in the near future to increase conference payouts are (1) rally the alumni to demand the ACC Network, and (2) renegotiate the Orange Bowl contract to be more favorable.

For tons of notes on this subject I recommend checking out AllThingsFSU - unless you are easily depressed, that is.

Chansky's Notebook: Are We Off The Charts? - (; Chansky)

Man, I hope Athlon is way off about Carolina football.

Want to get depressed? Pick up a copy of Athlon’s preseason ACC football guide. If you are a Tar Heel fan with a weak heart, don’t bother. Let me give you the overview.

The Tar Heels have dropped from those 19 wins in 2015 and ’16 almost off the charts, according to Athlon. Much has to do with last season’s 3-9 record and not a lot of high-profile visible changes for the 2018 campaign.

The real eye-opener for me was that Larry Fedora has gone from one of the hottest college coaches in the country to the coach on the hottest seat in the ACC, according to three out of the four Athlon experts. The one who did not pick the Fed said Pitt’s Pat Narduzzi had better get some asbestos underwear. But the Panthers are also picked as a sleeper in the Coastal division.

In Athlon’s so-called unit rankings, the NC logo does not show up once in all of the categories – from Best Running Backs, to Best Wide Receivers, to O-line, D-line, Linebackers and D-backs. Not a single interlocking NC anywhere. Even Duke has a mention for having the third-best LBs in the ACC, according to one of the Athlon experts. And Virginia is in there once for defensive backs, even though the Cavaliers are predicted to finish last in the Coastal, right behind the Heels.


Former Arkansas TE Will Gragg transferring to ACC program (; Spencer)

The Arkansas Razorbacks lost a talented tight end this offseason when Will Gragg announced his intentions to pursue graduate transfer options.

Now, he’s made a decision on his future, as the Pitt Panthers announced on Wednesday that Gragg would be joining their program.

In a statement released by the school, coach Pat Narduzzi said he can’t wait to have Gragg’s veteran presence in the Panthers’ locker room:

“Our tight end room just got an immediate infusion of veteran talent with the addition of Will Gragg,” Narduzzi said. “He is a tremendously smart and tough competitor who will help us in the run and pass games. Will had a number of options following his graduation from Arkansas and we’re thrilled he picked Pitt to continue his academic and athletic careers.”

Gragg will have two years of eligibility remaining, and as a graduate transfer, he’ll be eligible to compete right away.


See what happens when you mix rainbows with Chinese Lanterns in Syracuse (video) (PS; video; Trible)

The New York State Chinese Lantern Festival returned to Syracuse to kick a bright start to summer. Over 20 artists from Tianyu Arts & Culture designed the display held again at the New York State Fairgrounds.

Dinosaurs, jellyfish, polar bears and jaguars have joined the dragons and pandas seen last year. Over 1000 lanterns make up the display, with the event pouring indoors this year where acrobatic and face changing performances will occur.

The event is sponsored by by Advance Media New York, the parent company of | The Post-Standard.

Tickets are less if you purchase them ahead of time online: kids (5-16) $12.50; seniors (60 and older) $14, adults (17 and older) $15.50. Parking is free. The parking lot opens at 5:30 and the gates open at 6 p.m. The festival is through Gate 2 at the fairgrounds.

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