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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Corn on the Cob Day!

There are six different kinds of maize, or corn, and one of them is sweet corn, the kind that is most often celebrated on Corn on the Cob Day. Corn was first domesticated by Indigenous peoples in southern Mexico thousands of years ago, and more corn is now produced around the world than wheat or rice, although not all of it is used for human consumption. Sweet corn is picked when the kernels are still soft, and it is cooked in many different ways. Most commonly it is boiled or steamed on a stove, roasted or grilled on a grill or in an oven, or microwaved. Many times skewers are put on both ends of the cob after the husk is removed so it can can more easily be held, and butter, salt, and pepper are common seasonings used on the corn. It can be a pretty healthy snack if it is not overloaded with butter and salt, as an ear of corn usually isn’t much more than 100 calories, and is high in fiber.

SU News

Syracuse Orange: What to expect offensively | isportsweb (; Lauck)

Last season the Syracuse Orange head coach, Dino Babers, created a new, speedy offense that was referred to as “Orange is the new fast”. This offense consisted of quick, no huddle play calls and quarterback Eric Dungey running the ball out of the pocket. Throughout his career, Dungey has been known as a mobile quarterback, but has not been able to complete a season in the last three years due to concussions.

That offense proved to be successful against #2 Clemson, where the Orange won 27-24. The most notable play was a 66-yard touchdown to Ervin Phillips. Syracuse used a no huddle offense the play before, Clemson did not have enough time to set their defense correctly, and Phillips went up the middle of the field untouched for the score. Even though the Orange defeated the reigning champions, the Orange had a losing season going 4-8 and 2-6 in the ACC.

As Syracuse prepares for the upcoming season, it appears they will be reliant on the same type of offense. Their top two receivers from last season, Steven Ishmael and Ervin Phillips, the Orange will have to deal with unexperienced receivers trying to prove themselves at the college level. Having said that, Syracuse will likely look to the run game and a fast-paced offense again this season.


ACC Football Rx: OT: C-USA on ESPN+ (; HM)

Have you wondered which college sports ESPN intends to show on ESPN+? Rest easy, ACC fans... the Worldwide Leader in Sports appears to be putting high-ratings sports (e.g. ACC football and basketball) on the main channels (e.g. ABC, ESPN, ESPN2), while steering the lower-ratings stuff which used to be available for free on ESPN3 over to the now-paid model of ESPN+.

From ESPN Media Zone: C-USA Football on ESPN+
Conference USA Football Games Now among the More than 100 Exclusive Games on ESPN+
This season, 45 Conference USA football games will be available on ESPN’s digital platforms, with 32 streaming on ESPN+. Among the games carried on the subscription service are the home openers of UAB, Charlotte, Marshall, Middle Tennessee, Rice, Southern Miss, Western Kentucky, and Louisiana Tech and eight conference games in the season’s final three weeks. The addition of C-USA games adds to the more than 100 exclusive games available on ESPN+ this season.

DateTime (ET) Game Network
Sat, Aug. 257 PM Prairie View A&M at Rice ESPN+
Thu, Aug. 308 PM Savannah State at UAB ESPN+
Sat, Sept. 16 PM Fordham at Charlotte ESPN+

ACC Football Rx: Preseason 2018 Power Ratings (; HM)

Rank Team PR
1 Alabama 0.921
2 Clemson 0.878
3 Ohio State0.871
4 Wisconsin 0.837
5 Oklahoma 0.817
6 Georgia 0.795
7 Penn State 0.782
8 Auburn 0.763
9 Washington 0.759
10 Southern California 0.757
11 Stanford 0.749
12 Oklahoma State 0.731
13 Michigan 0.731
14 Notre Dame 0.729
15 Louisiana State 0.729
16 Florida State 0.729
17 Miami (FL) 0.726
18 Boise State 0.718
19 Texas Christian 0.717
20 Iowa 0.708
21 Virginia Tech 0.702
22 Michigan State 0.702
23 Louisville 0.693
24 Northwestern 0.692
25 Mississippi State 0.684
26 NC State 0.667
88 Syracuse 0.493
89 Utah State 0.479
90 Southern Methodist 0.477
91 North Texas 0.467
92 Virginia 0.463
93 Akron0.452 94 Tulsa 0.449
95 Cincinnati 0.44
96 Old Dominion 0.428
97 Florida International 0.426
98 Rutgers 0.417
OBSERVATIONS: 11 of the 14 ACC teams are in the top 65. You'd like to see all of them in this group, but every power conference has from one to three teams in the bottom 65 as well.

Things shape up well for another Clemson title run as the ACC boasts 5 other teams in the top 26, but only the Tigers are in the top 15 (actually #2). Plenty of good competition, but no one likely to beat them in the regular season or the ACC Championship.

... (; Fann)

In the past several years several ACC schools have serious financial commitments to athletics. One school conspicuously absent from this list has been Georgia Tech. It was wellknown by Georgia Tech and ACC fans the school simply wasn’t investing heavily in athletics. In part that’s why baseball and basketball have been in perpetual decline or rebuilding mode for several years. Football has had highlights, but has struggled to remain in the upper echelon of ACC football. In 2 of the last 3 years it’s been closer to the bottom. While not all of the issues can be tied to money and facilities, the lack of certainly hasn’t helped.
The tenure of former of AD Mike Bobinksi was described as dysfunctional by AJC.
Finally, though under new AD Todd Stansbury, Georgia Tech is ready to get make that serious financial commitment to athletics.

We’re excited to launch Athletics Initiative 2020, which aims to raise $125 million to build a strong foundation for our future success #TogetherWeSwarm
Details: Georgia Tech
— Georgia Tech Sports (@GTAthletics) June 7, 2018

From the website, here are the upgrades planned for Georgia Tech – including upgrades to the Athletic Department Head Quarters, the baseball stadium, and the basketball and football locker rooms.
The football locker room improvements are already ongoing.
For Georgia Tech fans, and I count myself among them – this has been long over due and is welcome news.

Virginia football coach Bronco Mendenhall: Only 27 of our players are ACC-caliber (; Blum)

Virginia football coach Bronco Mendenhall believes that only about one-third of the players on the Cavaliers’ current roster are ACC-caliber football players.

“I believe we have 27 ACC-caliber football players on our roster today,” Mendenhall said.

As the roster stands, there are 81 active players on Virginia’s football roster, meaning Mendenhall feels that two-thirds of the players on the roster, as presently constructed, are not ACC-caliber.

Mendenhall made the frank comment, and many more, during an unscheduled UVa Board of Visitors speech on Friday morning. He dubbed it a “State of the Program” address, noting that he preferred to relay his philosophy directly as opposed to going through, in his words, an unreliable press.


Virginia football coach Bronco Mendenhall: 'I want to play the worst power-5 team that we can play' (; Blum)

Virginia football coach Bronco Mendenhall’s future scheduling philosophy is very simple, and he laid it out plainly during an unscheduled appearance at a UVa Board of Visitors meeting on Friday.

“I want to play the worst power-five team that we can play,” Mendenhall said, emphasizing the word ‘worst’ as he said it. “That’s what the ACC requires, you have to play one other power-five [team in nonconference play].

“I want to find the worst one we can play, so we can get another win.”

Mendenhall opted to make an appearance at the UVa Board of Visitors meeting because he wanted to give a direct “State of the Program” address without, in his words, an unreliable press serving as an intermediary.

As it stands now, Virginia has several difficult nonconference games on its future schedule. The Cavaliers will finish a series with Indiana this season, and will play at Notre Dame in 2019, face Georgia in 2020 in Atlanta, and have games against BYU and Illinois the year after.



West Genesee lacrosse legend Mike Messere bids salty farewell to players: 'They quit a long time ago' (; Kramer)

As the final seconds ticked down on the career of West Genesee lacrosse coach Mike Messere in shockingly quick fashion on Saturday afternoon, it turns out that they didn't drain out nearly as fast as he would have liked.
Ward Melville sent Messere into retirement in rude fashion, thrashing the Wildcats 15-2 in the state Class A title game at St. John Fisher College in Rochester.
The stronger and faster Patriots grabbed a 14-2 lead with 3:35 left in the third quarter, and the 12-goal lead triggered a running clock. Ward Melville mostly played stall ball to run out time after that, an ending that was a 180-degree turn from the storybook ending that would have been fitting for Messere.
But Messere, who won 841 games and 15 state titles in his 43-year career running the team, planted a flag in the ground when he announced his pending retirement a year ago and he hasn't wavered since. He's been frustrated with today's generation of players and said it was time for him to go because he couldn't get through to them. While he's accepted his share of fault for that issue, the clear inference has always been that the problem landed heavier on the shoulders of his players than on his own.
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