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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Comic Sans Day!

What do you think about Comic Sans? Love it or hate it, this sans-serif font has caused quite a stir, so much so that two Dutch radio DJs, Coen Swijnenberg and Sander Lantinga, created Comic Sans Day in 2009. It is not very often that a font engenders strong enough feelings for it to have its own holiday, especially only fifteen years after it came into existence.

Comic Sans was designed by Vincent Connare in 1994 and released by Microsoft the same year. Connare originally intended for it to be used in a computer user guide called Microsoft Bob. He saw that Times New Roman was being used in the beta version of the program, in word balloons of cartoon characters, and thought that was too formal of a font for the circumstances. He created the font by adapting it from the font of two comics that were in his office at the time, The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen. It wasn't finished in time to be used in Microsoft Bob, but it was included in Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, and then began being included in Windows 95. Today it is included on over 99% of Windows computers and over 90% of Mac computers.

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The 15 most important assistant coaching hires of the 2018 season - No. 10: Clark Lea, Notre Dame - FootballScoop (; Barnett)

This is the latest in a series examining the 15 most important assistant coaching hires of the 2018 season. Previous installments:

No. 15: Rod Smith, Illinois
No. 14: Matt Canada, Maryland
No. 13: Harlon Barnett, Florida State
No. 12: Jerry Azzinaro, UCLA
No. 11: Bob Shoop, Mississippi State

Who: Clark Lea, Notre Dame
Title: Defensive coordinator
Previous stop: Notre Dame linebackers coach (2017)

Why he’s important: Okay, so we’re breaking our own rule a little bit here, but with good reason. After losing Mike Elko to Texas A&M, Brian Kelly had his pick of the litter among prospective defensive coordinators and chose to promote Lea from linebackers coach to run his defense.

This means that Lea has gone from Wake Forest’s linebackers coach to Notre Dame’s defensive coordinator in the span of two years.

Yes, ball is ball, but in order of magnitude, the Notre Dame defensive coordinator gig is a lot bigger job than being Wake’s linebackers coach — especially when you consider this will be Lea’s first coordinating job at any level.

That’s not to say Lea isn’t ready for the spotlight, though. Far from it.

“He immediately commands the respect of those around him, whether that be in a meeting room, on a practice field or in a prospective student-athlete’s living room,” Kelly said upon Lea’s promotion. “Clark has demonstrated an ability to motivate, lead, teach and mentor through a positive teaching environment, while also developing the necessary traits of excellence in our players. Clark has an incredible football knowledge, a keen understanding of personnel and a fierce work ethic, which leaves no doubt in my mind that we’ll maintain the defensive standard necessary to win at the highest level.”


North Carolina will be looking to bounce back in a big way after last season's 3-9 campaign. Linebacker Malik Carney, defensive tackle Aaron Crawford and running back Michael Carter will be among the Tar Heels looking to make a name for themselves in 2018 and get UNC back on the winning track.

Twitter Mailbag: ACC football and 'Grease,' taco toppings and more :: (wralsportsfan,com; Brownlow)

'Nata Edwards@NataTheScribe

If the ACC Football teams were characters from Grease, what team would be each character?
1:11 PM - Jul 3, 2018
Danny = Miami. Supposed to be the main character, but isn't all that interesting. Like Miami was supposed to be building a Coastal dynasty, and still might, but it took them like a decade to doi it. I'm stretching this analogy.Patty Simcox = Duke. The lovable nerd.

Kenickie = NC State. You're supposed to root for Danny. He's the main character. But Kenickie is way more layered and interesting. He's flawed. But Danny is boring. NC State is never boring.

Sandy = Clemson. WE GET IT. YOU CAN BE GOOD. YOU CAN BE BAD. YOU ALWAYS GET THE GUY. STOP RUBBING EVERYONE'S FACE IN IT. (I struggled with this one, because Sandy is low-key the worst, but she's the protagonist and gets the guy, so.)

Rizzo = Georgia Tech. This is almost entirely because of Paul Johnson, who is Rizzo.

Jan = UNC. Everyone keeps calling Jan fat. Like, the whole movie. And she eats a lot. But I'm like...where is the fat? This is like when people call UNC a sleeping giant. And you keep waiting for her something. Except she doesn't. All the other girls get to shine and she really doesn't.

Marty = Florida State. Marty knows what she wants, and she goes after it unapologetically. She gets what she wants more often than not, even if it takes some time (or a few down years). Florida State is that way now. They'll be back. And Marty was going to become a princess in some random European country.

Frenchie = Syracuse. A little kooky and bumbling, but charming.

Doody = Boston College. Pretty nondescript. They really don't develop the male T-birds beyond Kenickie at all.

Roger = Pitt. See above.


Three Eagles Named Phil Steele 2018 Preseason All-Americans - Boston College (

Boston College senior defensive end Zach Allen, senior defensive back Will Harris and sophomore running back AJ Dillon have been named to Phil Steele's Preseason All-America teams.

Harris collected Phil Steele Preseason All-America first-team honors as the standout senior safety has started all 26 games he has played in over the previous two seasons. Harris led the nation with four fumble recoveries in 2017 to go along with 83 tackles (third on the team). For the year, Harris totaled 5.5 TFLs, one interception, one sack and two pass breakups as a key part of one of the nation's top pass defenses.

Allen captured Phil Steele Preseason All-America second-team accolades after one of the most dominating seasons by a defensive lineman a year ago. The New Canaan, Conn., native was just one of two defensive linemen nationally with 100 or more tackles in 2017. He finished the year with 100 tackles and led BC with six sacks and tied for 10th in BC single-season history with 15.5 TFLs. Allen was the recipient of the 79th annual George "Bulger" Lowe Award, "New England's Heisman Trophy" and one of America's oldest college football accolades last season.

Dillon was named to Phil Steele's Preseason All-America third-team after his breakout debut as a freshman in 2017. The 2017 ACC Rookie of the Year and ACC Offensive Rookie of the Year, Dillon was the first BC player to win either award. He finished the season with 1,589 rushing yards, seventh nationally and second among all freshmen nationally. A FWAA Freshman All-American, he was the first Eagle to be named to the FWAA team since Luke Kuechly in 2009. Dillon's 1,589 rushing yards were the most by any freshman in BC history and second in ACC history. He rushed for 1,256 rushing yards over the last seven games, the most of any player in the country.

BC opens the 2018 season at Alumni Stadium versus in-state foe UMass on Saturday, Sept. 1 at 1 p.m. Season tickets are now on sale for the 2018 campaign that features home games against Clemson, Miami and ACC foes Louisville and Syracuse. To purchase tickets, visit or call 617-552-GoBC.

TOP 10 PLAYS: No. 7 Ryan Finley's 1-Hander vs. Syracuse (

July is here, which means football is right around the corner!

This week we started a month-long feature at Inside Pack Sports where we look back at NC State's top offensive and defensive plays from the 2017 season.

The plays are selected on a variety of factors, ranging from level of difficulty, overall impact, importance to the game/season, etc...

James, Steve, and Bryant reviewed the best plays and submitted their top ten plays on each side of the ball. We put together a composite list, and we will be releasing each play daily, so enjoy!

NOTE: To view each play click the video above, which includes voice-over thoughts fromJames Henderson.

Our first three plays in this series were catches made by NC State's returning wide receivers, and No. 7 is another catch, this time by Wolfpack signal-caller Ryan Finley.

Kyle Gauss on Twitter

22 New Things That I Want To Try Now That I'm 22 (; Spitzer)

1. The community feel

The school itself has a walking aroma of orange and blue and pride. Regardless if a crazy basketball or football game is in action, there is never a moment you won't see someone somewhere not wearing a CUSE jersey or sweatshirt, or repping the colors of our school. We continuously are bleeding orange, as many would say, and do it all throughout the year.

Coming home to a small town with not much spirit or attitude is extremely different than the type of atmosphere that Syracuse has.

2. The people

Finding friends and people from all over the country and even some close to me (New Jersey) is something that made me open my eyes to our world a little more. Meeting different types of people with different personalities because of where they grew up is something that many people aren't exposed to in life.

Syracuse is a very diverse school with thousands of different students with millions of cultures and hometowns. There is never someone you will meet that will be exactly like yourself.

3. The location

Syracuse might be located in the the upstate area of New York, which might seem far away from any sort of ocean or big city, however, there is endless options of things to do all around the city. Being a freshman, I looked for anything to do outside of campus always.

Downtown in Armory Square, about 10 minutes off campus, were many different popular stores, famous restaurants, hotels for families to stay and bars for nights out. On campus, you could find a few Syracuse Fan stores, Starbucks, Chipotle and local clothing stores and food shops.



Best day in Cazenovia: 5 spots you must visit (video) (PS; video; Pucci)

From its picturesque lake where boaters, swimmers and anglers play all summer, to its numerous historical buildings and other sights that make a walk down Albany Street feel like a step back in time, Cazenovia is a worthy day or weekend trip destination.

We spent the day in and around Cazenovia to show you why this scenic Madison County town of just over 7,000 people is worthy of thetitle of one of America's coolest small towns.

We sipped on beer and went behind the scenes at Empire Farm Brewery (map), where we discovered that Empire's beer stays cold from the moment it's brewed to the moment it's poured.

We visited the goats and horses at Critz Farms (map), where we also tried some of the farm's hard cider and beer.

For lunch, we walked down the same stone steps that John D. Rockefeller and Grover Cleveland may have walked centuries ago at the Lincklaen House (map), an Albany Street fixture since 1835.

The Stone Quarry Hill Art Park (map) offered both exceptional craftsmanship and some of the best vistas in the area.
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