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Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to National Poutine Day!

Though it's likely just over 50 years old, poutine has already become a food of Canadian legend. One tale has it that the combination of cheese curds, fries and gravy originated in Quebec's Le Lutin Qui Rit restaurant in the 1950s, when a customer requested curds atop their fries. The restaurant's owner replied, "Ca va faire une maudite poutine," which loosely translates to, "That's going to make a dreadful mess." Messy or no, poutine has been absorbed into the Canadian lifestyle, and Americans love it, too.

SU News

Syracuse’s Trishton Jackson: It was right decision to focus on football, not basketball (PS; Bailey)

Trishton Jackson sat down inside West Bloomfield (Mich.) High School between football and basketball season of his junior year.

Alongside him were the head coaches of the respective sports and, together, they wrote out a T-chart, listing the pros and cons of Jackson pursuing each sport at the next level.

“I kind of had to make a decision on which one I wanted to play,” Jackson said.

Ultimately, football won out. One key factor was the flurry of Power-Five attention he received after totaling nearly 3,000 combined yards and 34 touchdowns as a quarterback that fall. Another was his height as a 6-foot-2 guard.

Four-and-a-half years later, Jackson remains focused on football and believes he made the correct decision. He developed from a four-star recruit to a full-time receiver at Michigan State, starting four games in 2017 before electing to transfer to Central New York. Now a redshirt junior, Jackson is projected to be a key contributor for the Orange in 2019. He caught a touchdown pass in his debut at the Camping World Bowl, and has already built a close relationship with redshirt sophomore quarterback Tommy DeVi

Syracuse turns to experienced coach to retool change over on offensive line (DO; Schafer)

Syracuse offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh isn’t as tall his players. His bald head doesn’t reach far above the chests of many of his 6-foot-4 or five-inch blockers. So when Cavanaugh wants to be heard, he touches stomachs.

“Ev,’ we got get better,” guard Evan Adams recalled in a raspy rendition of Cavanaugh’s voice back in November. “(If) this is where we want to be, we got keep doing this man.”

Adams, now a redshirt senior, admits he doesn’t love his coach in those moments. Cavanaugh, like many offensive line coaches, is a fundamentals guy. The harping on hand placement, footwork and the tedious repetition of drills “can make you crazy,” Adams said.

“You come to love and appreciate him,” said Adams in late March, though. “You know it’s a slow start. He’s going to chew you out because everything that you do is not fine-tuned and made right, but as you get better and better you’re going to start liking him more and more.”

In that moment, Cavanaugh was what he describes as “Miserable Mike,” the side of his personality that’s never satisfied. While Syracuse is months away from its first game, the new offensive linemen have a lot to learn. In the brief practice moments open to the media this spring, Cavanaugh’s demanded proper posture on blocks and impeccable footwork, and he’s asked to see it again and again.


After losing more than 200 tackles, Syracuse is relying on its unproven linebackers for 2019 (DO; Alvarez)

When Syracuse coaches told Tyrell Richards he was reverting to linebacker from defensive end, there wasn’t an immediate change for the redshirt-sophomore. One of the first things Richards adjusted to was walking into a different meeting room for positional work in Manley Field House this past winter.

Richards was surrounded by veteran linebackers — like Andrew Armstrong and Lakiem Williams — and learned the position he was originally recruited for. Richards said Armstrong and Williams led question-and-answer sessions, reviewed film with underclassmen and provided veteran guidance.

Absent from the room was Ryan Guthrie and Kielan Whitner, two graduated starters on last year’s squad that won 10 games. Throughout the 2019 spring season, no clear starting linebackers have emerged other than Armstrong, whom SU head coach Dino Babers said has done “the best job” so far. The senior Armstrong represents one of the answers on the roster that features question marks at linebacker.

Babers billed Saturday’s spring scrimmage as a chance for rotational players like Richards, Williams, and freshmen Mikel Jones and Lee Kpogba earn a more-significant role. As a whole, the unit will need to replace 207 tackles, four-and-a-half sacks and two interceptions from 2018. The group of veterans and rookies can carry over last year’s success into one of the most anticipated seasons in recent-program history.

A year after nearly quitting football, Kendall Coleman has ascended to new heights (DO; Graham)

When Kendall Coleman texted his parents, Nikki and Kevin, that he thought he didn’t want to play football anymore, they knew he was serious.

Coleman’s always been deliberate, Nikki said. If her son says something, he means it. So, days after tearing his left labrum against Louisville in November 2017 — his second major injury that season — Coleman reached out to his parents. Kevin, as Nikki remembered, felt Coleman should stay at Syracuse.

“I’m not going to make you stay but I want you think about this,” she recalled Kevin telling Coleman on the phone. “Life is hard. We can’t give you anything. You have to earn everything. And yes, you have had unfortunate injuries, but you know, that’s some of the trials and tribulations. So we want you to think about that because this was your dream.”

A day later, Coleman called them back. His mind was made up. He’d stay at SU.


ACC Football Rx: How far are you willing to go to attend games? (RX; HM)

How far do ACC fans travel to attend their team's games?

You'd be surprised - I know I was when I took a survey (only 8 respondents, but I may do this again):

Fan Of Team: Lives In/Near: #Games Mins

Syracuse Somewhere in FL 7 720
Ga Tech Upstate SC 1 360
Florida State Atlanta, GA 2 270
Va Tech Charlotte NC 7 170
Syracuse Rochester, NY 7 90
N Carolina Greensboro, NC 7 70
Clemson Upstate SC 3 30
Duke Raleigh, NC 7 30

Yes, one Orange fan travels about 1,000 miles one way just to attend Syracuse home games!

However, the thing that jumps out is going into/out-of Atlanta. Whether it's FSU fans living in Atlanta and driving to Tallahassee, or GT fans trying to get into the city to watch the Yellow Jackets... that's some nasty driving!

Bad news for Hokie fans living in the Queen City: the state of North Carolina is going to start requiring tolls between Charlotte and the Virginia border.

ACC Football Rx: Collapse of the Big XII TV revenue model (RX; HM)

Collapse of the Big XII TV revenue model

Fox Sport + ESPN

When conference realignment was at a fever pitch, one conference lost the most by far: the Big XII. After saying goodbye to Nebraska (Big Ten), Colorado (Pac-12), Texas A&M (SEC) and, finally, Missouri (also SEC), the remaining Big XII teams "circled the wagons", invited TCU and West Virginia to join them, then came up with a unique media rights plan designed to save the league. It had some unusual features, such as:

Rather than selling T1 to one and T2 to the other, the T1+T2 rights were essentially combined and then "drafted" by ESPN and FOX.

The Big XII conference championship game alternated between ESPN and FOX.

Each school retained the rights to one T3 football game to do with as they pleased.

It was thought to be a great deal, "license to hunt" ACC teams, etc., etc.

Now, fast forward to 2019. The T1 and T2 rights are unchanged - in fact, the Big Ten is doing the same thing. However, FOX is out of the Big XII CCG - it's all ABC/ESPN now. Also, while Texas and Oklahoma still have rights to one game (which Texas has sold to the LHN and OU has sold to Fox Sports), the remaining Big XII teams have all agreed to sell their T3 rights to ESPN+

From MattSarzSports:

Starting in 2019, all schools except for Texas and Oklahoma will air their institutionally held games on ESPN+ as part of a new agreement. Baylor, Kansas, Kansas St. and Oklahoma St. will have those games air on ESPN+ in 2019 and Iowa St., TCU, Texas Tech and West Virginia will move this game to ESPN+ in 2020. Oklahoma's member retained game will remain with FOX Sports through 2022.


On the hunt for CNY's best chicken riggies: The Cider Mill (PS; Miller)

We're hitting the road to find Central New York's best chicken riggies. We tallied all the nominations and named our four finalists. We made our second stop of the search on Tuesday at The Cider Mill Restaurant.

Judging the Best of CNY chicken riggies: Charlie Miller and Sunny Hernandez from and Chef Mary Kiernan, associate teaching professor at Syracuse University, an American Culinary Federation-certified chef de cuisine and certified professional chef. As we visit each finalist, the public can vote on which restaurant the readers' choice award.

Here's a look at our trip so far with a few details of our meals. Full reviews will come when we announce the winners on Monday, April 22.



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