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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Bugs Bunny Day!

On April 30, 1938, a cartoon character known as "Happy Rabbit" made his debut in a short Warner Bros. cartoon titled "Porky's Hare Hunt." He was the prototype for Bugs Bunny, having a similar personality, but looking a bit different. It is on the anniversary of the release of this short film that we celebrate Bugs Bunny Day.

Bugs Bunny is an anthropomorphic gray hare with a relaxed and passive personality—but he is also a trickster. He became a cultural icon and is best known for starring in Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, short films that were made by Warner Bros. from the 1930s through the 1960s.

SU News

Syracuse Football: NFL teams are going to regret passing on Eric Dungey (itlh; Esden Jr)

Former Syracuse football quarterback Eric Dungey wasn’t drafted and hasn’t been signed. Here’s why NFL teams will regret that decision.

Eric Dungey has been doubted all of his life. This past weekend was no different. The 2019 NFL Draft was in Nashville and was spread across three days, through seven rounds, and the immediate dash of priority free agent signing post-draft.

Now that the dust has settled, NFL teams have made a tragic mistake by not drafting or signing Dungey yet.

Dungey was a good college quarterback, here are some highlights from

Played four years for the Orange from 2015-19, starting 38 games over that stretch.
As a passer, was 786-of-1,279 (.615) for 9,340 yards with 58 touchdowns and 30 interceptions.
As a runner, racked up 1,993 yards and 35 touchdowns on 543 carries (3.7 avg.).
Finished his career as one of five ACC quarterbacks all-time with 11,000+ yards of total offense and 90+ touchdowns responsible for, joining Philip Rivers (NC State), Lamar Jackson (Louisville), Tajh Boyd (Clemson) and Deshaun Watson (Clemson).

But NFL teams don’t just draft you because of your past, they draft you for what you can do. Beyond the football field, Dungey is a leader of men. Any NFL team would be lucky to have one Dungey on the team and many NFL teams would want 53 of him.

Too many NFL teams sign or draft guys that have character issues. You have to wonder where those players are when they aren’t at the facilities. There’s no such worry with a guy like Dungey. He always says the right things, he’s a team-first guy, and even if you bring him in as the backup quarterback he’ll still work his butt off.

According to Gil Brandt of, Dungey was the eighth best available quarterback post-NFL Draft. Six of the top-10 have already signed with NFL teams. In other words, he’s the fourth best quarterback available per those rankings.

So why isn’t he signed?
We’ll mix some speculation, Dungey’s comments during the offseason, and what NFL teams are saying:

NFL teams are concerned with Dungey’s durability and concussion history. Eric missed 11 games during his career due to a wide variety of injuries. He only started and finished every game in a season once and that was his senior season. If he can’t hold up in college, can he hold up against professional athletes?



Liberty football early 2019 opponent preview: Syracuse Orange (; Manson)

The calendar is soon to turn to May and classes will be over in just a matter of days. How will you get through the summer doldrums other than that week you will spend at the beach? Our opponent previews! We start today with a look at the first ever P5 opponent to visit Williams Stadium and Liberty’s first game of the 2019 season.

Recommended Blog: Nunes Magician (SB Nation)/CuseNation (247Sports)

Conference: ACC

Coach: Dino Babers is entering his 4th season as head coach at Syracuse, where he has compiled an 18-19 record. Overall, he is 55-35 in 7 seasons as head coach, first at FCS Eastern Illinois and then Bowling Green. Prior to his time as a head coach, he bounced around numerous stops as an assistant from Hawaii in 1984 to Baylor in 2011.

2018 Record: 10-3, 6-2, W Camping World Bowl

Last Season: Syracuse is coming off its best season in recent memory, finishing 15th in both major polls, the first time the program has concluded a season in the top 25 since 2001. The Orange also went to its first bowl game since 2013, as they won the Camping World Bowl to cap a 10-3 season. They were picked to finish last in the 7-member Atlantic Division of the ACC, but surprised everyone with a 6-2 mark to finish in 2nd place, only trailing eventual National Champs Clemson.


This is a video I made for the Syracuse Athletics during my internship with them. This was for the Spring Football game 2019

Who's to blame for the ACC's lackluster draft results? (SI; Staples)

The alarm bells started ringing in the Big 12 two years ago when the combine invites got mailed. Then, when the NFL draft results started pouring in, the ringing only got louder. When the 2017 draft ended, the league had only 14 players selected—an average of 1.4 per team. That was at the bottom of the Power 5, and it was a glaring indictment of the product on the field.

The good news for the Big 12 is the athletic directors and coaches paid attention. In each of the past two years, the number of players drafted has risen. The top pick in the draft has come from the league in both years. The trend looks to stay positive for the foreseeable future.

The draft is a great indicator of the health of a league because the job security of the NFL executives who select players is tied to the quality of the players they choose. We may question some individual decisions, but in the aggregate, NFL execs don’t pick sentimentally or based on fandom or any other bias. They just try to pick the best players. So you can complain about media bias toward the SEC all you want, but the fact that the league has the most players drafted year after year means it has the deepest talent pool. Meanwhile, when the draft issues a warning—as it did to the Big 12 two years ago—a league would be wise to heed it.

A look into the future of the ACC, including which teams will challenge Clemson and which teams could be added to the ACC.

Best at Developing Talent (RX; HM)

Kudos to AllThingsFSU for finding this article...

Which programs best develop elite prospects? Recruiting is CRITICAL if you want to succeed in college football, but once the players get on campus... what does the program do to help them develop? 247Sports analyzed five years' worth of data, comparing recruits to NFL draft picks - and they came up with a system to rate the best teams (for details, click here). Here are the top 10...

Rank Team #Top247 %Draft Rating
1 Florida 37 54.10% 1.08
2 Alabama 60 53.30% 1.07
3 Clemson 18 61.10% 1.06
4 Ohio State 42 52.40% 1.05
5 Miami 22 59.00% 0.91
6 LSU 44 50.00% 0.89
7 Ole Miss 18 44.40% 0.89
8 Florida St 36 50.00% 0.89
9 Texas AM 20 35.00% 0.85
10 Notre Dame 31 45.20% 0.84

The ACC is well-represented with 3 football teams - Clemson, Miami and Florida State - along with non-football member and scheduling partner Notre Dame. Only the SEC, with five teams in the top 10, has more.


ACC Football Trivia Game #1 (RX; HM)

Instructions: The computer will ask you 10 True/False questions.


0 answers correct so far.

Question #1 of 10:

Florida State won both the first and last BCS championship games.




Feeling a draft - 4/30/19 (RX; HM)

Feeling a draft - 4/30/19

Three ACC teams - Georgia Tech, Louisville and Virginia Tech - had zero players drafted this year. Here we'll discuss what it means and, hopefully, offer a prescription for fixing the problems.

Georgia Tech - the Yellow Jackets have been struggling to send players to the NFL for some time now. GT didn't have any players drafted in 2018 either, and only one player in 2017 and two in 2016. Ask anybody and they'll tell you - the main problem was the triple option offense, which didn't really recruit NFL-type players. Couple that with academic requirements that have made it difficult to recruit players on defense as well, and you can see why new head coach Geoff Collins and his energetic approach to recruiting are such a breath of fresh air in Atlanta. In fact, as of this writing 247Sports has Georgia Tech listed 11th in its 2020 team rankings!
Rx: Recruiting is obviously going well - and GT needs to keep that going - but that will only go so far if the wins don't come with it. The opener against Clemson might be too much to ask, but a sweep of USF, The Citadel, Temple, UNC and Duke would have the Jackets sitting at 5-1 when they travel to Miami to take on the Hurricanes. If Collins can get the Jackets to a bowl game - preferably with a winning record - he'll have momentum to close on those early commitments.

Louisville - there's no other way to put it: the Cardinals roster was mismanaged by Bobby Petrino and company. I read somewhere that incoming head coach Scott Satterfield was shocked by how imbalanced the roster was (e.g. 15 WRs and only 8 OLs - things like that). Satterfield is a good hire, but fixing this mess could take time. However, let’s not forget that following the Cardinals’ first season in the ACC, they sent a school-record 10 players to the 2015 draft, and they aren't far-removed from having a Heisman Trophy winner... but in general the stock of NFL players Petrino enjoyed coaching was courtesy of Charlie Strong's recruiting.
Rx: Satterfield has already begun repairing ties to local area high-schools (which have recently begun pumping out blue-chip players), and he needs to keep doing that while also recruiting some outside the Louisville area (I've always thought that Cincinnati is just right up the river...)


Links, news and rumors - 4/29/19 (RX; HM)

From CBS Sports: Clemson basketball assistant mentioned the football program in hoops corruption trial

A video wiretap from July 2017 of Clemson basketball assistant coach Steve Smith that was primarily focused on the recruitment of former Duke hoops star Zion Williamson took a turn and mentioned the Clemson football program. According to CBS Sports' Matt Norlander, Smith mentioned Clemson's recruiting methods to defendant Christian Dawkins and an undercover FBI agent.

Basically, Smith insinuated that the football program must be dirty (although to be fair, no specific allegations were made).

This comes just three days after Blazer, a cooperating witness, made a claim that he paid several college football players from 2000-14, including players at North Carolina, Alabama, Penn State, Notre Dame, Michigan Pitt and Northwestern.

Blazer provided details on two instances of these payments:

He claimed that he paid the father of a Penn State player who was drafted 11th overall in the 2009 draft (Aaron Maybin). He also testified that he paid a former first round pick of the New York Giants in the 2009 draft out of North Carolina (Hakeem Nicks).

So once again UNC may be in trouble, along with Penn State... but it sounds like Clemson is basically in the same boat as Alabama: the target of insinuations, but nothing more (yet). Stay tuned!



Beer and baseball: How the Syracuse Mets are crafting interest in new brews (PS; Cazentre)

It’s $1 Thursday at NBT Bank Stadium. And some people are shelling out $10 or $12 for a can of beer.

Welcome to the second year of a dedicated craft beer destination tucked away at the home of the Triple A Syracuse Mets baseball team in Syracuse. This year, the beer stand (actually a room of its own), is branded as The Hops Spot, affiliated with the downtown Syracuse beer, burger and poutine bar of the same name.

It’s seems to be going about as well as the ballclub hoped. Even on a day when lots of beer was available for a buck, a steady stream of customers popped in for a full-price IPA, Imperial Stout, Saison or other style made by a noted local or national craft brewer.

“We’re getting a whole new demographic of people coming to the games -- the craft beer enthusiasts,” said Clint “Tonka” Cure, the Mets’ assistant general manager. “And then we’re also getting the craft curious -- the people who aren’t sure they’re going to like it but think this is a good time and place to give it a shot.”

This emphasis on craft beer started in 2018, when the Mets were still called the Chiefs and the beer concession was called Now & Later, affiliated with another of Syracuse’s better beer emporiums, a tap room and bottle shop on Tipperary Hill.

It was a bit of an experiment last year, Syracuse Mets general manager Jason Smorol said, not just for Syracuse but for baseball in general.


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