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Welcome to Chimborazo Day!

Chimborazo Day celebrates the spot on the Earth that is closest to the moon and farthest from the center of the Earth. Chimborazo is an inactive volcano that is in the Cordillera Occidental range of the Andes Mountains in central Ecuador, and has an elevation of 20,565 feet. Although Chimborazo has a lower elevation than Mt. Everest, because of its spot near the Equator it is the farthest from the Earth's center and closest to the moon. The Earth is not a perfect sphere, but rather it is an oblate spheroid. The Equatorial diameter is larger than the Polar diameter, and Chimborazo lies close to the former. Being that it lies on this Equatorial bulge, it sticks about a mile and a half farther into space than Mt. Everest.

SU News


Duce Chestnut was the best player out of NJ last season...

Which SU Newcomers Will Be Most Impactful? – Orange Fizz – Daily Syracuse Recruiting News & Team Coverage (orangefizz.net; Bainbridge)

Syracuse football has had a rough past couple of seasons, but the youth and new faces within the program has kept things interesting and exciting even when the final results have been disappointing.

For example, 2019’s emergence of wideout transfer Trishton Jackson was electrifying, and freshman Sean Tucker’s takeover of the running back spot in 2020 matched Garrett Williams’ impressive campaign on the defensive side. The 2021 season may likely follow the same pattern. Even if Syracuse finishes with a losing season again, there are reasons for intrigue among the team’s young players.

Who are some new faces to keep an eye on this year?

On the offensive side, the choice seems pretty clear to go with Garrett Shrader, who transferred in from Mississippi State this offseason to compete for the starting quarterback role. Head coach Dino Babers has yet to commit to a starter at quarterback, although returning starter Tommy DeVito will likely at least begin the year under center after missing all but four games last season with a leg injury. Shrader’s dual-threat talent is intriguing, presenting a contrast to the pocket-passing DeVito and shoring up a position that has weak overall depth. If DeVito is ineffective or injured again, the onus then falls on Babers to make a quick decision, and it seems plausible that Shrader likely gets a chance to show the talent he flashed down in Starksville in 2019 (1,170 yards and 8 TD passing, 587 yards 6 TD rushing).

Dwight Freeney, Marvin Harrison on 2022 CFB Hall of Fame Ballot (SI; McAllister)

Two Syracuse legends are on the 2022 College Football Hall of Fame Ballot. Former Syracuse defensive end Dwight Freeney and wide receiver Marvin Harrison were among 78 former FBS college football players on the ballot. Both were included on the 2021 ballot, while this is Harrison’s fourth straight year on the ballot. Both are more than deserving and should make it eventually. Syracuse currently has 18 players in the College Football Hall of Fame, which is second in the ACC.

Freeney still holds the NCAA record for career sacks per game with 1.61. He was a unanimous First Team All-American during his senior season (2001) and was named Big East Co-Defensive Player of the Year that year as well after a 17.5 sack campaign. He remains Syracuse’s all-time leader in tackles for loss with 50.5.

After his career at Syracuse, Freeney was selected with the 11th pick in the 2002 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts. He was a seven time pro bowler over his 16 year career, won Super Bowl XLI and was the first defensive player inducted into the Colts Ring of Honor. He is 18th in NFL history with 125.5 sacks.


"We’re gonna win an ACC championship in football": Recap of Patrick Kraft on ACC Network (bcinterruption.com; SB News)

Boston College Athletic Director Patrick Kraft appeared on the ACC Network’s “Packer and Durham” program on Wednesday morning, and was bullish on all things Eagles in the wake of BC’s national championship in women’s lacrosse, Jeff Hafley’s first year in charge of the football team, and new facility news.

Saying that Acacia Walker-Weinstein and the women’s lacrosse team “showed us... what we can do here,” Kraft said he’s “not here to mess around” and is focused on bringing additional hardware to Chestnut Hill.

When asked about Jeff Hafley and the football program, Kraft gushed about Hafley’s ability to recruit and teach, saying the culture being built is “why we’re gonna win an ACC championship in football.”

A quick recap of topics covered:

On returning to normalcy after COVID disrupted college sports:

Kraft reaffirmed that BC is looking forward to welcoming fans back to a full stadium this fall, and added that he has not yet been able to enjoy a game day with fans on BC’s campus, so he’s looking forward to the buzz and excitement returning.

On the women’s lacrosse championship:

Kraft had the opportunity to revel in BC’s national lacrosse title, praising the full BC athletics staff for their role in making the title happen, and saying “I came here knowing we could [win national championships]” and he’s focused on winning the next one

Every ACC team's most dangerous game in 2021 (247sports.com; Gates)

When it comes to crowning a champion in the conference, the ACC has not seen much in terms of parity in recent years. The Clemson Tigers have won the last six conference championships and even before that dominant stretch, there wasn’t much for parity, as Florida State won three straight championships. Only those two schools have won ACC titles in the last 10 years.

But there’s always a chance that the next year is the year things start to change in the league. Perhaps the 2021 season, a year where Clemson is making a major change at the quarterback position, is one where someone can knock off the Tigers. But that won’t come without some major upsets along the way. At least one team, if not multiple, will need to knock off Clemson in a bit of a surprise game in order to have a changing of the guard in the ACC.

The Tigers are good, but they are not immune to having bad weeks on the field. Whether Clemson just doesn’t have it one day, or someone catches Dabo Swinney’s team off-guard, one game could go a long way towards changing the layout.

So, what are some of those games on the 2021 ACC schedule that could make a major change? Here is a look at the most dangerous game on the 2021 schedule for every team in the ACC.

Ranking ACC CGs, 2005-20 (RX; HM)

Ranking ACC CGs, 2005-20

Everyone is ranking things this offseason, so I figured I'd get into the act as well. Here's a very ACC-specific ranking to start things off: ACC Championship Games.

Here are my "scientific" ACC CG rankings. Why "scientific"? Because I ranked them according to combined AP rankings* of the participants (the "hype" factor, if you will):

RankYearACC ChampRunner-upMVP
120203 Clemson
342 Notre Dame
Fighting Irish
10Trevor Lawrence,
220171 Clemson
387 Miami
3Kelly Bryant,
320151 Clemson
458 N Carolina
Tar Heels
37Deshaun Watson,
420142 Florida State
3712 Ga Tech
Yellow Jackets
35Dalvin Cook,
Florida State
520076 Virginia Tech
3012 Boston College
16Sean Glennon,
Virginia Tech


Links, news and rumors - 2021 June 2nd (RX; HM)

Links, news and rumors - 2021 June 2nd

All Sports Discussion gives us "Five Areas where the @accnetwork needs to improve."
Although I personally don't have a problem with covering the history-making season of Notre Dame football in the ACC, I get the feeling Jeff really didn't like it - at all. I totally agree on the lack of ACC baseball tournament coverage on the ACC Network, though (and even though he didn't specifically mention it, the memory of poor NFL draft coverage still lingers, too).

From the "How did I miss this before" department...
Sports Media Rights: Current TV Deals and What’s on the Horizon was originally posted back in February by John Casillo, best known around these parts for his work at TNIAAM (Syracuse SBNation blog), but before that he ran Atlantic Coast Convos (and even wrote a piece and did a couple of interviews for this blog). It's already starting to get a little dated, but still packs plenty of good information - worth a read.



Company is hiring 100 tech workers for big e-retailer in Syracuse area. Hmmm, who could that be? (PS; $; Moriarty)

A global company is looking to fill 100 jobs installing equipment at a large e-commerce operation believed to be the giant Amazon distribution facility under construction in Clay.

NPSG Global will hold what it is calling a “hiring event” from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, June 4, at the Holiday Inn Express at 5860 Carmenica Drive in Cicero. Walk-ins are welcome. No appointment is necessary.

Sandra Foster, vice president of global human resources for the Kennesaw, Georgia, based company, said the NPSG has about 100 installation technician jobs to fill at a large e-commerce facility under construction in the Syracuse area.

Foster said she could not disclose the name of the customer. However, the only large e-commerce facility under construction locally is the $350 million Amazon distribution center going up on Morgan Road in Clay. It is scheduled to open this fall and employ 1,000 people.

The NPSG jobs will pay $18 to $25 an hour and involve installing conveyors, interior fencing and mobile shelving units, and the installation and testing of robotic equipment, Foster said.

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Mt. Chimborazo, eh? Now I can truly say that I learned something new at Syracuse[fan].

I was not even remotely aware of this.

And I have some experience climbing and have read many mountaineering books.

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