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Co 2020-21 Iggy Award Winner MPG (special again)
Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to National Spaghetti Day!

Spaghetti, a long, cylindrical, and thin pasta made of milled wheat and water, is celebrated today. Its name comes from an Italian word meaning "thin string" or "twine." The first written record of pasta is in the Talmud, which dates to the fifth century CE. It mentions dried pasta that could be cooked by being boiled. A popular theory claims that spaghetti was invented in China and Marco Polo brought it to Venice, but it is more likely that spaghetti was originally created in Sicily more than 500 years before his time. Arabs occupied Sicily in the seventh century CE, and brought a meal called itriyya, which was described as a "dry pasta". This is likely where spaghetti came from. In a geographical survey of Sicily and surrounding regions called the Book of Roger, commissioned by Sicily's monarch King Roger II and published by Muhammad al-Idrisi in 1154, a long strand hard wheat pasta is mentioned. It was manufactured in large quantities in the Sicilian town of Trabia and exported to other regions. This is the first definitive historical record of spaghetti production.

SU News

Dino Babers: 'We're Hitting the Portal Hard' (SI; McAllister)

Syracuse head coach Dino Babers appeared on ESPN Radio's Orange Nation on Monday and discussed a variety of topics. One of those topics was the transfer portal. Babers indicated Syracuse is being very active with transfer options and outlines positions the Orange will target.

"We're hitting the portal hard," Babers said. "We've got some vacant scholarships that we can give to certain individuals that we think that can help us win...We're still looking for a tight end or two. We're still looking for wide receivers or two to come in here. We already have a commitment out of a running back but once again, he still has to show up to say that he's going to be here. We'd like to say that's going to happen but we have to see if the proof is in the pudding.

"And if we find a quarterback that we think can fit into our room, then we'll bring one of those guys in. On the back end, I think the linebackers are really solid. But I think secondary wise, we could still bring some people in the secondary to help us. So many people are in four and five wide receiver sets that you need to have depth back there."

While Syracuse is lookin to add talent to the 2022 roster through the portal, it also is returning three key stars in running back Sean Tucker, linebacker Mikel Jones and cornerback Garrett Williams. Jones and Williams were considering turning pro, but beach announced they will be back with the Orange next season.

Zaire Franklin on NFL playoffs, MVP race and NIL/transfer era (PS; $; Carlson)

Former Syracuse linebacker Zaire Franklin is one of the Orange’s most memorable football figures of the past decade, one of just two three-time football captains in school history, a proud voice of the program and an individual who expressed passion for both the campus and off-campus communities during four years in Central New York.

Now in his fourth year in the NFL, Franklin is in his second year as a captain of the Indianapolis Colts, who can clinch a playoff spot with a win on Sunday against Jacksonville.

With a win, the Colts would be one of 10 NFL teams to have made the NFL playoffs three times in the past four years but the only franchise to do it with three different starting quarterbacks during that span.

Franklin has played a nice role in that, enjoying the most productive season of his career with a career-high 37 tackles and his first NFL interception and punt block.

Franklin spoke with | The Post-Standard about a number of topics last week before a 23-20 loss to the Raiders, covering what makes the Colts unique, who he believes should be win the NFL MVP Award this season and whether changes in college football will mean Syracuse will see fewer Zaire Franklins in the future.

The questions and answers have been edited lightly, with some re-ordering to make for easier reading.

Q: This could be the third time in the playoffs in four years for you guys. Of the teams that have done it, the Colts would be the only team to do it with three different starting quarterbacks. That’s usually the key to consistency in the NFL. What do you think is unique about this team and this run?

Franklin: I think it’s just the culmination of four years with the same coach, the same culture. It’s guys buying in and trusting in the system, trusting in each other. As a team we bond together and get stronger through adversity. I think you can see that by the tough times we faced early this year (an 0-3 start) and how we were able to rebound and bounce back.

Syracuse Football: 5 New Year’s resolutions for the Orange (itlh; Abramo)

With the arrival of a new calendar year comes the opportunity for a new start for us all, and for Syracuse football, the same is true.

As such, here are five New Year’s resolutions that Syracuse football needs to embrace as we enter 2022.

1- Pound the Portal

This one is pretty obvious given some of the roster defections and a relatively small recruiting class, but Syracuse football must resolve in this New Year to absolutely pound the portal, and soon, in search for talent.

The team has needs on all parts of the roster, but in particular, the team needs to focus on restocking the shelves when it comes to offensive firepower. The Orange need to be going after at least one if not multiple WR options who can help us stretch the field in the passing game, a pass-catching (and yes, that means throwing him the ball) TE to replace the recently departed Luke Benson, and potentially even a QB who can compete with Garrett Shrader (looking at you Taisun Phommachanh), or at the very least a lower-level QB for depth.

2- Embrace Change

Syracuse just made two of the most exciting offensive coaching hires in decades with the arrival of Robert Anae and Jason Beck from Virginia. It’s important that Syracuse football resolves in 2022 to allow their exciting coaching styles to change our offense, rather than force these coaches to change their coaching style to fit the box that Syracuse has played in for years.

This box I am referring to is the super-conservative offensive box that has historically flown in the face of the offenses typically seen by teams that play in climate-controlled Dome settings. Sure, this need not be the old-school Rams’ “Greatest Show on Turf”. But let’s let these coaches, who are coming from an explosive and high-scoring offense last season with the Cavaliers, evolve the Syracuse offense beyond its runs and short passes at or behind the line of scrimmage. Imagine a world where the majority of our passing plays actually involve the ball traveling more than 5 yards downfield? Let’s bring the intermediate pass back to Syracuse football. Let’s make opposing defenses have to game plan around more than which player will run the ball.

Syracuse head coach Dino Babers announces staff changes for 2022 season (DO; Smith)

During a spot on ESPN Radio Syracuse on Monday, head coach Dino Babers announced that his staff going into the 2022 season is nearly complete, and multiple assistant coaches will be changing roles.

Babers said running backs coach Mike Lynch will return for his seventh year as an assistant, and linebackers coach Chris Achuff will move to defensive line, replacing Vince Reynolds, who wasn’t retained following the 2021 season. Defensive coordinator Tony White will coach the linebackers unit, Babers said.

An SU Athletics spokesperson later confirmed to 247Sports’ Stephen Bailey that defensive backs coaches Nick Monroe and Chip West will return next fall. Monroe has been listed as Syracuse’s best recruiter each year since arriving in 2016, according to 247Sports.

Syracuse still needs to fill its wide receivers coach opening, which was vacant after Terrence Samuel left to become an assistant at Kansas in December, Babers said. Other vacancies, including offensive coordinator and special teams coordinator, were filled by Robert Anae and Bob Ligashesky, respectively. SU also hired Jason Beck as quarterbacks coach after Sterlin Gilbert — who was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach from 2020-21 — departed from the program along with Reynolds and tight ends coach Reno Ferri.


Orange Watch: Coaching additions make for bright Syracuse football future - The Juice Online (the juice; Bierman)

Item: Last week’s official announcements that former BYU and Virginia coaches Robert Anae (Ah-NIGH) and Jason Beck have agreed to come to Syracuse and take over molding Dino Babers offense as the Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach, respectively, is the biggest news so far of the football off-season. Simply put, under the circumstances of the dizzyingly number of college football coaching transactions each winter, getting commitments from these two experienced and efficacious ACC peer coaches makes for Grand Slam hires in the Syracuse football program.

In early December, we wrote a column about the ACC coaching class of 2016 which featured four new coaches, all of whom had been head coaches elsewhere before joining the conference. Of the four coaches in that group, only Babers remains in his job, with Mark Richt (Miami), Justin Fuente (Virginia Tech), and Bronco Mendenhall (Virginia) either having retired or been fired.

Mendenhall’s surprising, but intimately personal family decision to step away from the Cavaliers job (announced December 2) after 17 consecutive years as a head coach at BYU and Virginia to spend more time with his wife and grown children, has turned out to be Syracuse’s gain. New UVA coach Tony Elliott is a Dabo Swinney disciple, and is assembling his own staff.

It’s highly unlikely Babers, and athletic director John Wildhack, would have been able to find two coaches possessing such strong resumes and backgrounds as Anae and Beck if not for Mendenhall’s career decision. Both seem perfectly suited to install an offense that will finally start to resemble what Babers described in his 2015 introductory press conference: “You have an offense that will not huddle. And you have a game that’s faster than you’ve ever seen on turf.”

The Dome’s weather-controlled climate begs for a big-time passing offense to compliment the football constant of establishing the run, and Anae figures to deliver. His offenses gobble up yardage in the air and on the ground, in fact this past season Virginia averaged 518 yards per game, one of only five FBS teams to average over 500 ypg. In comparison, SU averaged 366 ypg last season, the high mark 623 yards against FCS foe Albany.

Cavaliers starting quarterback Brennan Armstrong threw for 4,449 yards and 31 touchdown passes in 2021 to set school single-season records, while during two stints at BYU running the offenses, Anae’s helped produce the Cougars three all-time rushing leaders. That’s balance.

Chris Achuff Moving to Defensive Line, Tony White to Coach Linebackers (SI; McAllister)

Syracuse head coach Dino Babers appeared on Orange Nation on ESPN Radio Monday afternoon. One of the topics he discussed was the coaching staff and he dropped some changes coming to the defense. Syracuse's new defensive line coach is someone who was already on staff.

"On the defensive side of the ball, we'll be moving Chris Achuff to defensive line and Tony White will be moving in to coach the linebackers as the defensive coordinator," Babers said.

Coach Achuff coached the linebackers the last two season and will now slide to coach the defensive line. Achuff has 15 years of experience as a defensive line coach both at the collegiate and NFL levels.

In addition, coach Babers spoke about the hirings of the three new Orange assistants in Bob Ligashesky (special teams coordinator), Robert Anae (offensive coordinator) and Jason Beck (quarterbacks coach).

"We're excited about all of our new hires," Babers said. "We also have a new special teams coordinator Bob Ligashesky that came over from Bowling Green by way of Illinois with some pro stops as well. We feel all three of these additions are going to help us to get to our goal. All fine coaches. All fantastic family men.

https://floridastate./news/clark-here-s-a-new-year-s-resolution-for-the-acc-make-refs-accountable (floridastate; Clark)

Here's a column idea we can all get behind.

Florida State fans might disagree on the starting quarterback or the defensive coordinator or some fourth-down decisions by the head coach. Opinions vary wildly on those types of matters.

But almost every single FSU fan in the country, probably every college football fan for that matter, is fed up at the officiating at this level. Particularly, in our case, in the ACC.

So, with that in mind, as sort of a launch into 2022 and beyond, I thought it might be a good idea to remind you of some of the most egregious missed calls of the 2021 season, and argue that college football does itself a serious disservice by not ever, ever, ever addressing those missed calls after the games have concluded.

Let's start at the end.

Florida was leading Florida State 17-7 early in the fourth quarter of the regular-season finale. After a penalty wiped away a Gator touchdown and was set to move the ball back to the 20-yard line, Jammie Robinson was called for a personal foul. So that half-the-distanced the ball back to the 10 and gave UF an automatic first down.

Two plays later, Florida had the ball at around the 5. It was third down. But the head official didn't notice -- or care -- that the first-down marker on the sideline had never been pulled off the field. It was still at the 3. From the previous set of downs ... before the penalties.
So, Florida gets 2 1/2 yards on the third-down play, which should have set up a pivotal fourth-down call at the FSU 2. An interim Gators coach was going to have to decide if he was going to go for it in that spot or kick a field goal to go up 20-7. Pretty big moment in the game.

Instead, the confused referee signaled first down. Because the ball had gotten past the yard marker on the sideline.

Florida ran it in easily -- much easier than I imagine it would have been if the FSU defense thought it was fourth down (which it was) -- on the next play to go up 24-7 on its way to an eventual 24-21 win.

Now, do I think this officiating blunder cost FSU the game? No. I don't. But my question is this: Does the head official even know he made a mistake?

Virginia Tech Hokies Athletics, Changes are Coming Because - Football is King (; Fahvaag)

Where does Virginia Tech Athletics and Football in Particular, go?

Ah yes! It is 2022, finally. A new year brings some major changes to the athletic department, and some massive changes to the football program. The first tranche of the big multi-tens of millions of dollars for the monetary campaign is about to be delivered to Whit Babcock. Undoubtedly a large percentage of that will be headed to the football program, though a major renovation of Cassell Coliseum is supposed to start soon, as well. We won’t talk much of the aesthetics of the proposed changes to Cassell. Well, not any more than to gripe that the urban high-rise class look is hardly classic, and though not Brutalist concrete ‘box-ish’ hardly does any really appealing update to, now ancient Cassell Coliseum.

The monetary changes coming to the football program are being counted on to push the capital investment in the program out of the ACC basement. Nobody is fooling anybody at this point. When your football program is financed in the lower half of a basketball conference you have some serious deficits to make up if you want to be more than a mid-major program with high levels of artificial self-confidence. Whit Babcock looks like he’s working to fix that, but with everyone else doing the same thing, the scale changes are unlikely to demonstrate much difference. Systems are dynamic, not static, and any program in the ACC wanting to be ‘football relevant’ are going to be pushing more money into those organizations.

Probable Administrative Changes

By sheer weight of monetary influence, the head football coach is often the muscle behind the loose organization of coaches in the department. There is never much said about the reality that there is competition between sports for scarce dollars for facilities, coaching staff, and scholarship support. Athletic Directors pick and choose who gets what and how much; but there is undoubtedly some serious competition for those funds within the entire athletic department. The active competition for the increased funding is undoubtedly fierce.

Virginia Tech does not fully compete in the ACC, we have no hockey team, no field hockey team, no men’s lacrosse team, and no gymnastics. Football and Men’s basketball dominate the revenue and donation flow. Though the current configuration of the department won’t change much, there will certainly be major changes to the administration and balance between programs. The COVID seasons have adversely affected the bottom line, and support staff was cut beyond the level of pain. Look to see Whit try to recover some of that but understand that the funds will still be relatively slim due to the coaching change in the football program.

RPI rankings as of 2021-01-02 (RX; HM)

RPI rankings as of 2021-01-02

Bowl season certainly gave us some interesting results (who expected the SEC to lose so many games?), so we shouldn't be shocked if RPI gives similar results...

First, here's the top 20 as the computer sees it:

6Oklahoma St.XII12-244.6
7Notre DameIndep11-244.39
8Ohio St.B1G11-244.37
10Michigan St.B1G11-242.67
17Wake ForestACC11-337.86
18N.C. StateACC9-337.59

ACC Underclassmen Declaring for the 2022 NFL Draft (RX; HM)

ACC Underclassmen Declaring for the 2022 NFL Draft

From CBS Sports: College Football Underclassmen Who Have Declared for the 2022 NFL Draft
Here are the ACC-related players who have declared so far:

Boston CollegeBrandon SebastianDB
ClemsonJustyn RossWR
DukeMataeo DurantRB
Florida StateJermaine Johnson IIEDGE
Jashaun CorbinRB
Jordan WilsonTE
Georgia TechJordan MasonRB
Juanyeh ThomasS
MiamiCam'Ron HarrisRB
Charleston RamboWR
NC StateIkem EkwonuOL
Ricky Person Jr.RB
North CarolinaSam HowellQB
Notre DameKyren WilliamsRB
Kyle HamiltonS
PittKenny PickettQB
VirginiaJelani WoodsTE
Virginia TechBrock HoffmanC
Jermaine WallerCB
Jordan WilliamsDL
Amare BarnoEDGE
Luke TenutaOT
James MitchellTE
Changa HodgeWR
Tre TurnerWR


There's no denying the elephant in this room - why are 8 players declaring early from a Virginia Tech team that finished the season 6-7? There could be a number of reasons: for instance, maybe these guys don't think they'll get any playing time under new Head Coach Brent Pry (although considering how the Hokies roster has been decimated, I don't see how they could reach that conclusion!).


Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud has Covid-19 (PS; Mulder)

Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud tested positive for Covid-19 over the weekend.

Syverud disclosed his test result during today’s announcement that SU will offer free Covid testing to the general public starting Tuesday in the Carrier Dome.

“I have been vaccinated and received a booster shot, and am fortunate that my symptoms are mild,” Syverud said in a prepared statement.

Syverud said SU will provide public testing over the next two weeks.

“We are taking this action because Covid continues to spread rapidly across the country and right here in Central New York,” Syverud said. “The science tells us that although omicron appears to be a milder variant, it is highly transmissible. Like millions of Americans, I know this firsthand as I tested positive for COVID over the weekend.”


Living Legend
Aug 26, 2011
the clarity on penalty enforcement is always an interesting one.. each team should be reviewing the calls, the refs should be keeping track. just like every sport the teams need to stay on top of it. in the one above its not like the stick was turned wrong and then it happened it was left wrong for several plays and no one noticed. FSU had ample time to fix that mistake and call for an adjustment.. the story neglects to mention did they not notice or complain either and is this all an after game thing?


Hall of Fame
Aug 14, 2011
They’re not complying about the blatant hold that cost SU the game against them!


Living Legend
Aug 26, 2011
They’re not complying about the blatant hold that cost SU the game against them!
yup not complaining about bad reffing, just bad administrative mistakes their own team didnt even notice.


Scout Team
Aug 29, 2011
They’re not complying about the blatant hold that cost SU the game against them!
Actually, the author does mention that call later in the article. The link is broken deliberately, but you can do a search using florida state, clark, accountable refs to reach the article and solve the puzzle of the broken link.

"There were plenty of bad calls that went in FSU's favor this year as well (a "running into the kicker" call in the Notre Dame game and a missed holding call on the final drive against Syracuse come immediately to mind)."

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