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Aug 15, 2011
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SU News

How NCAA's NIL Crackdown Impacts Syracuse (SI; McAllister)

The NCAA has taken another step in cracking down on NIL (name, image and likeness) collectives on Monday. What is an NIL collective? A group that collects money to sign athletes to NIL deals. Often as part of a recruiting process.

The NCAA is looking to prohibit collectives from helping a school recruit. To offer NIL related deals to entice a prospective athlete to join a specific school. This is commonly referred to as pay for play but is currently being done under the guise of NIL deals. In fact, the NCAA is even discussing the potential to retroactively punish schools that benefited from such situations.

Here are more specifics from Ross Dellenger:

The Division I Board of Directors approved new NIL guidelines Monday, clarifying existing bylaws that prohibit boosters from being involved in recruiting. The group of school presidents rubber-stamped the guidance that college leaders hope will jump-start the NCAA enforcement staff to investigate potential rules violations, both past and future, as reported by Sports Illustrated last week.

Despite the clarity coming 10 months into the NIL era, the guidelines are meant to be retroactive. According to the guidelines, the NCAA enforcement staff is given the freedom to investigate those who egregiously violated bylaws in the past.

The guidance’s primary purpose is eliminating a booster’s involvement in recruiting, members of an NCAA NIL working group said last week. Officials say boosters and booster-led collectives are using NIL-disguised transactions to induce prospects to sign with their school or convince current players to remain on their school’s roster, something SI detailed last Monday.

Jaylin Johnson 'Excited and Surprise' by Syracuse Offer (SI; McAllister)

Class of 2023 two way lineman Jaylin Johnson plays for Dunnellon High in Florida. The 6-4, 265 pounder plays offensive and defensive line in high school. His coaches have been sending out his film to various college coaches across the country and the first offer finally came. Syracuse extended a scholarship offer on Saturday.

"Coach Kaz (Robert Kazmier) recommended me to coach (Tony) White," Johnson said. "They said my film was great and they offered me. I was very excited and surprised."

The first offer is always a special moment for any recruit. Johnson was not an exception to that rule.

"It meant a lot," Johnson said. "That years of hard work and effort are starting to pay off. But I got to keep my foot on the pedal and don't slow down now."

Syracuse Football: Losing Justin Lamson to injury a huge blow to QB depth (itlh; Adler)

On Monday, I was all set to publish a piece discussing how some Syracuse football fans and national pundits were debating the distinct possibility that redshirt freshman Justin Lamson might prove the Orange’s starting quarterback at the commencement of the 2022 season.

At a minimum, some fans and experts have opined lately, the 6-foot-3, 215-pound Lamson would be a significant contender for the No. 1 back-up role at quarterback for the ‘Cuse, behind Garrett Shrader, who started the bulk of the squad’s games in 2021.

Then, sadly, word broke on Monday that Lamson is “sidelined indefinitely after undergoing surgery for a knee injury,” per a story by Stephen Bailey of 247Sports.

Nate Mink of first reported this news, although his article is a subscriber-exclusive, so we’re sharing this development via Bailey’s report.

Bailey, citing a source, said that the injury suffered by Lamson transpired in a “non-contact situation,” and it’s unclear at this time how long Lamson will be unavailable. More than anything else, my heart breaks for Justin Lamson, who was terrific for the Orange during the team’s spring game at the beginning of April.

Orange Watch: Syracuse football maintains tough future out of conference schedule - The Juice Online (the juice; Bierman)

Item: Last week’s announcement that Syracuse and Penn State have renewed their football series for the first time since 2008-2009 with games scheduled at State College in 2027 and in the Dome in 2028, continues the trend of the program facing Power 5 conference teams virtually every season in non-ACC games. The problem is, this century SU has not won a lot of those matchups.

With the current in-flux state of college football where the Big Ten ($57M) and SEC ($54M) rule financially with annual media rights payments to its members (over $25M more than the ACC), it behooves a program like Syracuse to face Power 5 teams each season.

Home and home contracts versus P5’s help monetarily, and victories are an added bonus to qualifying for a bowl game sprinkled in with the yearly eight ACC games and supposed built-in wins against lower tier FBS and FCS opponents.

This coming season is a prime example. There’s two P5 games against Purdue (September 17) and Notre Dame (October 29), a game at Independent FBS opponent Connecticut (September 10), and the FCS meeting with Wagner (October 1).

With off-season optimism but a tough conference opener September 3 in the Dome against Louisville (the ‘Cuse is 1-7 against the Cards in eight ACC matchups), at least the P5 games are at home to potentially draw respectable loud crowds and perhaps even an upset along the way to a hoped-for 2022 bowl season.

For helpful recruiting exposure, besides playing Penn State later this decade, Notre Dame is on the future schedule six more times through 2037, there’s the return home game at Purdue next season, and the 2025 Kickoff Classic game at Atlanta versus Tennessee already booked.

The flip side of playing P5 teams is the Orange’s record dating back to the 2000 season. In 43 regular season games (Notre Dame was an ACC opponent in 2020) SU is an astonishingly bad 8-35 (19%).

The highlight victories were stunning the Fighting Irish in South Bend in Greg Robinson’s penultimate game in 2008, shocking Missouri on the road in 2012 under Doug Marrone and beating North Carolina in triple OT in 2003, and Auburn in the Dome in 2001 guided by Paul Pasqualoni.

Interestingly, Syracuse has exceeded expectations in bowl games against P5 opponents going 5-1 (83%) since 2000, and each SU head coach with the exception of Robinson, has been victorious:

CoachBowl GameOpponent
Paul Pasqualoni2001 BowlKansas State
Doug Marrone2010 Pinstripe BowlKansas State
Doug Marrone2012 Pinstripe BowlWest Virginia
Scott Shafer2013 Texas BowlMinnesota
Dino Babers2018 Camping World BowlWest Virginia

‎Locked On Syracuse - Daily Podcast On Syracuse Orange Football & Basketball: Syracuse Football Addresses their Most Pressing Need and Boeheim's Army Will Tip-Off Soon on Apple Podcasts (; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Syracuse football's wide receiver room is shallow after Taj Harris' transfer. Dino Babers just brought in former Florida Atlantic Wide Receiver D'Marcus Adams. The only question is, will Adams be enough to patch the receiver hole. Plus, Boeheim's Army is a fan's league. Brad Klein tells you who he wants to see lace up in The Basketball Tournament this summer. The show caps off with another Class of 2022 superlative. With graduation just around the corner, who is most likely to get their diploma from the 'Cuse and fight off the NBA and the transfer portal?

ACC considering football schedule changes (

There could be a shakeup to how the ACC determines its champion.

According to Pete Thamel of ESPN, discussions at ACC Spring Meetings will include making changes to intraconference scheduling — of which could be eliminating divisions completely “as early as 2023.”

Let’s break it down.

What’s the thought behind it?

The ACC’s football brand, to put it nicely, has become stagnant. While Clemson has basically carried the torch as the conference’s big name since 2017, its falloff in 2021 exposed the rot in the floorboards. The conference went 2-6 in bowl games, had only 4 teams win more than 7 games, and was 6-16 against in non-conference matchups.

Shaking up the structure of the conference has been a discussion we’ve been having for a while: here’s what we wrote in 2020:

Eight years ago the ACC expanded and split its teams into two equal divisions with the goal of having Miami against Florida State play in the ACC Championship Game for an annual ratings boon. A year or two later it was becoming increasingly clear that would not happen. Miami has continued to flounder, winning their division just once in the seven attempts and Florida State has been up and down, both winning a national title and looking like they did not practice just a few short years later. While it’s possible that Miami finds success under Manny Diaz and begins to dominate their division it does not seem likely*. Also, the Atlantic is clearly the stronger division as Clemson, Florida State and Louisville have shown to be the strongest football programs in the conference.

The ACC Should Follow-Through and Eliminate Football Divisions (; Flannery)

It was reported this week that eliminating divisions in football is being discussed at ACC meetings this year.

Sources: Under discussion this week at ACC meetings will be the future of scheduling, including the potential to eliminate divisions as early as 2023. This was discussed last week on calls to set up the meetings.
— Pete Thamel (@PeteThamel) May 9, 2022

This is great news for Boston College fans for a number of reasons.

It gets them out of competing directly with Clemson and FSU every year for a spot in the championship game. As it stands right now, it takes a lot of luck for Boston College to find themselves vying for an ACC championship in football. Not only does the team have to be at a high level, but their success also needs to come at a lucky time when CFB powerhouses like Clemson and FSU aren’t firing on all cylinders. Clemson and FSU both being down has only happened once since 2008, and it was last year when the Eagles’ starting QB went down and their promising season fell into the gutter. A division-less ACC means there will be less roadblocks on the schedule every year for an upstart BC squad to make some noise.

It opens up the schedule to the rest of the ACC. A pet peeve of many ACC fanbases has been that they rarely get to see match-ups with some teams in the opposite division. For example, Boston College and Pitt have each been in the ACC since 2005 & 2013, respectively, and should make for natural northeast rivals for which fans can travel. But because they’re in separate divisions, each home team’s fans have only seen the schools play each other once at each stadium (COVID-year scheduling excluded). The elimination of divisions and a move to a “permanent rival” set-up means that BC fans will get to see the likes of Pitt, Miami, and more in Chestnut Hill at least every 4-5 years.

It preserves important rivalries. The division format was actually somewhat restrictive when it came to rivalries. Overall the ACC did a good job keeping together schools that want to play each other every year, but it wasn’t a perfect system. Syracuse is an important team to be playing regularly, and possibly even Clemson, but there are other schools like Pitt and Miami that BC fans may want to play every year, too. Instead we’re stuck playing schools like Louisville annually, with whom we have very little history. A new system with 3 permanent rivals allows teams to keep important match-ups without needing to finagle perfect divisions for everyone.

2022 Preseason Disrespect (RX; HM)

2022 Preseason Disrespect

From College Football News' 2022 Spring Rankings: What To Know About All 131 Teams, here's what they had to say about the 15 ACC schools' football prospects; warning: it's very disrespectful!

Not Good Enough for the Power Five

There are 65 teams in the P5, but CFN thinks these ACC teams aren't among the 65 best teams.

78 Duke Blue Devils

Final Rankings: 2021: 107 2020: 92 2019: 88
Week 1: Temple (Sept. 2)
New head coach Mike Elko knows defense – he’s what the program needed. The David Cutcliffe offense was almost always interesting, but the defensive side has been – to be nice – lacking. It’s still going to take the rest of the offseason, though, to find the right parts for the O.

71 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Final Rankings: 2021: 82 2020: 82 2019: 122
Week 1: Clemson (Sept. 5)
It might not exactly be do-or-die time for Geoff Collins, but he needs to finally get this thing going after a few rough years. The offense has to be more explosive, and the secondary has to come together helped by a good front seven.

P5, but not Top 50

These teams were ranked 51st-65th by CFN:

63 Boston College Eagles

Final Rankings: 2021: 63 2020: 48 2019: 84
Week 1: Rutgers
This isn’t giving enough credit to a team with a good offense led by a great quarterback in Phil Jurkovec, but there are just enough missing pieces to make it a wee bit of a question mark. It might be the proverbial can-beat-anyone-or-lose-to-anyone team.

60 Syracuse Orange

Final Rankings: 2021: 62 2020: 94 2019: 79
Week 1: Louisville
Now that the running game knows what it’s doing with QB Garrett Shrader and RB Sean Tucker, look out. If the defense can do anything on a consistent basis, and if the line can be decent, this should be a dangerous team in the ACC.

Where did 2022 NFL draftees come from? (RX; HM)

Where did 2022 NFL draftees come from?

Which states produced the most NFL players in 2022? Which produced the fewest? Here's your answer:
262 players drafted. From 247 different high schools.

MORE: 247 high schools have players selected in 2022 NFL Draft
— NFL (@NFL) May 5, 2022
Here are the ACC footprint states, ranked:

GA 29
FL 22
NC 10
SC 6
VA 6
IN 5
PA 5
KY 2
NY 1
MA 1

ACCCG with the top 2 teams (no divisions) (RX; HM)

ACCCG with the top 2 teams (no divisions)

Talk of divisionless scheduling has caused the "Conference Championship Worriers" to come out of hiding again to tell us how messed-up the tie-breakers will be without divisions. That's simply not true, of course, but I feel like I have to prove it, so here we go.

Below is a table of the teams each year since 2013 with a winning record in ACC play. I've also marked the two teams which actually played in the ACC Championship Game under "CG". Take a look, then meet me at the bottom for a brief discussion...

13 Pittsburgh7-1*
15 Wake Forest7-1*
14 Clemson6-2
20 N C State6-2
Florida State4-4
Virginia Tech4-4

Belief or talent gap, under pressure, Ira at ACC Meetings: Wake Up Warchant (5/10/22) (; video)

Belief or talent gap, under pressure, Ira at ACC Meetings: Wake Up Warchant (5/10/22)



The Holy Smokers Burger from Ale 'n Angus won this year's New York Beef Council best burger contest. (Charlie Miller |

Syracuse pub named best burger joint in NY for the 6th time (PS; Miller)

Since a fastfood chain has already claimed the name Burger King, perhaps Syracuse’s Ale ‘n Angus should be known as the Burger Emperor.

Ale ‘n Angus, a restaurant located across the street from the War Memorial in downtown Syracuse, won the best burger in New York competition by the state Beef Council on Monday afternoon. This is the sixth time the father-and-son team of Randy and Matt Beach have won this award. They were the reigning champs heading into Monday’s final four cookoff, and they had won three of the past four years.

They narrowly defeated Ben’s Fresh burger restaurant in Port Jervis, Illusive Restaurant and Bar in Rensselaer and newcomer Brewer Union Cafe in Brewerton.

Ale ‘n Angus features a different “Burger of the Week” in its restaurant. When it came time create the burger for this year’s contest, Matt Beach turned to his staff and asked which one they would eat and which one got the best reaction from customers. His winning entry — The Holy Smokers Burger — turned out to be one of his best sellers over the past year.

“This is a win for the whole staff. We take this very seriously,” Matt Beach said. “To even be in the top four is an honor, and after seeing the competition, it makes it mean even more.”

The Holy Smokers Burger will be on the menu starting on Tuesday and will eventually be on the full menu for the next several months.

Hokie Mark

2nd String
Apr 15, 2013
I think Tomahawk Nation nails the reason for eliminating ACC FB divisions in one sentence: "The ACC’s football brand, to put it nicely, has become stagnant."

Interesting games are too rare; boring games are too common. Fix it, ACC!

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