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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Asparagus Day!

Asparagus, from the genus family Asparagaceae, is made up of more than 200 species. The most common and economically important is garden asparagus, which is cultivated to be eaten, and is celebrated today! It is usually green with a purple-tinged top, but white asparagus is another common variety and is often grown in Europe. In particular, in France's Argenteuil, asparagus is grown underground so that chlorophyll does not develop. This white asparagus is thick, is smoother than green types, and is known for its tenderness and delicate flavor. There is also a purple variety of asparagus called viola.

Asparagus was a delicacy of the ancient Romans and Greeks, and its name comes from the Greek word "asparagos." The name first appeared in print in English around 1000 CE. Native to the Eastern Hemisphere, it is not known exactly when it came to America; there is record of it growing in New Jersey by at least 1740. It was being grown in California by the 1850s, and 70 percent of the national crop is still grown there.

SU News

Monday Reflections: What Will Syracuse Football's 2023 Recruiting Class Look Like at the End of June? - beingsmart (; Vaseline)

Syracuse Football’s recruiting class currently consists of three players. They are quarterback LaNorris Sellers, tight end David Clement and defenseman Rashard Perry. June will be a busy month for the Orange that will drastically change the look of this class compared to what it is now.

Here is a quick calendar of what will happen in June:

June 4: Dino Babers Football Camp (on campus camp with many recruits from 2023, 2024 and 2025 attending).

June 17: Official Visitation Weekend (Naquil Betrand, Zyian Moultrie-Goddard, David Clement, Jalil Smith)

June 24: Official Visitation Weekend (LaNorris Sellers, Antonio Camon, Eric King, Josh Richards)

My prediction (which is bound to go awry) of what classes will be like after the month of June is as follows:

Syracuse can land Zyian Moultrie-Goddard, Jalil Smith, Eric King and Josh Richards after official visits. I think Naquil Betrand will either stay with Colorado or choose somewhere else. I predict that Antonio Camon will end up somewhere else too.

Here’s a small caveat to that. It’s possible that some of these decisions could roll over into July or August. But Syracuse has a good shot with Moultrie-Goddard, Smith, King and Richards. All four would be really nice for the orange.

On top of that loot, expect some surprises this month. There’s almost always a few prospects who are either looking for an offer or have previously slipped off the radar and shine in camps. Matthew Bergeron is an example of someone who wasn’t even on Syracuse’s radar until he competed at camp. The Orange bid and acted quickly to secure acceptance.

If my predictions come true, the class of 2023 in Syracuse could grow from three to six to ten by the end of June. Here’s a look at what the class could look like at the end of June:

QB LaNorris salesman
TE David Clemens
DL Rashard Perry
LB Zyian Moultrie-Goddard
DL Jalil Smith
OL Eric King
WR Josh Richards
Camper #1
RV #2

It’s sure to be an eventful month, to say the least.

More Syracuse Basketball Transfer Options, Dino babers Win Requirement, Secondary Depth Chart (; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Matt Bonaparte and Brad Klein talk SU Men's basketball transfer portal options, Dino Babers win requirement, and give you an in-depth look at the secondary.

Tucker Dordevic Transfers From Syracuse Lacrosse! Projected Syracuse Football OL Depth Chart (; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Syracuse lacrosse took a big hit after Tucker Dordevic transferred to Georgetown. Matt Bonaparte and Brad Klein discuss what this means for the Orange. Plus, Syracuse basketball and Syracuse football are hunting for a big splash on the recruiting trail in 2023 and 2024. Brad and Bones cap off the show with a continued look around SU football's projected depth chart, putting the offensive line under the microscope this time around.

‎Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician: for Syracuse Orange fans: We didn’t change the podcast name... yet on Apple Podcasts (; podcast; TNIAAM)

The Syracuse Orange athletic season is almost at the end, and well, it was not ideal. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t bright spots, and there are big changes coming to the program next season.

In this week’s edition of the Podcast, the guys talked about...

We start off with Premier League chatter, because we’re procrastinating talking about...

Women’s Lacrosse lost 15-4 to Northwestern in the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament. Ouch.

Speaking of Lacrosse... We talk men’s lacrosse and the player movement including a new #TRADER.

Did you know that we are one year away from incoming high school freshman never seeing Syracuse win a National Title?

Track and Crew... it’s up to you to salvage the season.

HOMEFIELD APPAREL (Use promo code NUNES for 10% off your first order)

You ready for football on the Ernie Davis Legends Field at the JMA Wireless Dome and basketball on the Jim Boeheim Court at the JMA Wireless Dome? We are!

We talk about the Syracuse Fan Survey and just how it missed the targeted mark.

ACC football: CBS Sports ranks all 14 head coaches ahead of 2022 season (; Howe)

Entering the 2022 college football season, the ACC has a few new head coaches looking to make large impacts within their respective programs. Elsewhere across the conference, some coaches enter the 2022 season on the hot seat while others are looking to build on last year's success.

Some ACC programs took massive leaps forward in 2021, with Pitt, NC State, and Wake Forest each having banner years. Perennial powerhouse Clemson had what many would consider a down year despite finishing 10-3. Ahead of the 2022 season, CBS Sports recently released its annual rankings of Power Five conference's (plus Notre Dame) head coaches. Nos. 65 through 26 can be found here, while the top 25 rankings can be found here.

"There are no parameters for how they should be ranked," Tom Fornelli wrote. "One could rank strictly on records or accomplishments. Another could rank on what they think these coaches will accomplish or how they have lived up to expectations. There are no rules, only rankings."


Pitt Drops Six Spots in Updated ESPN SP+ Ranking, Fourth in ACC (; Ludwig)

Has anything happened to Pitt since the last release of Bill Connelly’s SP+ preseason projection on Feb. 9? Well, I guess the reigning Biletnikoff Award winner has left for USC, but otherwise, Pitt is in a good place. And the model reflects that.

Connelley’s most recent SP+ projections (which, loosely described, is a power ranking based on returning production, recent recruiting and recent history) saw Pitt drop from No. 13 in February to No. 19 in May.

Pitt’s projected SP+ sits at 14.8, which is a 1.4-point drop. Of the teams in the SP+ Top 20, Pitt’s six spot drop is the most drastic.

With a 35.8 offensive SP+ rating (good for 20th in the country) and 20.9 defensive SP+ rating (good for 30th), Pitt is still well regarded when compared to the rest of the upper echelon of college football.

With some losses — especially when factoring in Jordan Addison’s losses — on both sides of the ball, Pitt’s returning talent on offense and defense leaves both units well-equipped for continued success.

Clemson remains the top-ranked ACC team, ranked sixth with a 20.3 SP+ rating, and Miami (15.6, 14th) and North Carolina State (14.9, 18th) are also ranked ahead of Pitt. Miami actually made the largest leap, six spots of its own, to bypass Pitt in the rankings.

Florida State (12.4, 28th), Louisville (12.3, 30th), North Carolina (10.7, 34th) and Wake Forest (6.4, 49th) round out the ACC schools in the Top 50.

Virginia (4.7, 55th), Syracuse (4.5, 57th), Virginia Tech (3.9, 61st), Boston College (-0.9, 76th), Georgia Tech (-5.3, 90th) and Duke (-14.3, 119th) round out the ACC’s rankings.

Analysis: 2021 ACC Revenue (RX; HM)

Analysis: 2021 ACC Revenue

UPDATED 7:02 AM 5/24/2022 - HM
You've read by now that the ACC had "record $578 million revenue for 2020-21 fiscal year". What you haven't read is how did it get to that number? Let's break it down.
In fiscal year 2019-20, the ACC distributed $496.7 million. That number jumped to $578.3 million in 2020-21 -- an increase of $81.6 million! Now, while we don't have enough information to calculate everything that went into that $81.6 million, we do have quite a bit.

TV Contract Escalator

Each year of the ACC's TV contract, the payout amount automatically increases by a set percentage. Based on past data, it appears that the current contract escalator is 4.1% per year. We know (thanks to research by David Teel) that the ACC received $332.8 million in TV money for 2019-20, but that includes ACCN revenue, which is not included in the escalator - so we need a way to calculate what it would've been without that money. To do that, we need to go back to a time before the ACCN and carry it forward with the escalator only.
Starting with the reported TV revenue numbers for the 2014-15, 2015-16, and 2016-17 fiscal years, we compute the following "ESPN-only" TV revenues, by year:

Fiscal YrESPN $

From this table, we can infer that approximately $11 million of the $81.6 million increase was simply due to the standard TV contract escalator.

Notre Dame/NBC

During the pandemic season, the Irish played as football members of the ACC, with the agreement that their NBC TV contract revenue would be combined with the regular ABC/ESPN contract monies before being split 15 ways. According to one Notre Dame website, the Irish are getting $22 million/year from NBC. That would show up as an extra $22 million in ACC revenue for 2020-21.

ACC Network

If we know the total TV revenue for each fiscal year, and we have a good estimate for the ESPN portion of that money, then what remains must be ACCN revenue. Without further ado, here's our estimate for ACCN* revenue, by fiscal year:
Fiscal YrACCN* $


Future OOC: Miami 2023-27 (RX; HM)

Future OOC: Miami 2023-27

Saturday Gameday tweeted this about the upcoming Miami Hurricanes non-conference schedules:

The Miami OOC is incredible over the next few years. Some must-watch TV.
— Saturday Gameday (@SaturdayGameday) May 20, 2022
This year's home OOC schedule is pretty lackluster (Bethune Cookman, Southern Miss, at Texas A&M, and Middle Tennessee), and I'm not sure anyone should be bragging about hosting Miami of Ohio or visiting Temple next year, but it does look better starting in 2024...

Marquee Non-Conference Opponents:

2023: Texas A&M
2024: at Florida, at Notre Dame
2025: Florida, Notre Dame
2026: BYU, at South Carolina
2027: South Carolina
That's not bad, but it's just one or two P5 games per year, which is becoming common for ACC teams.

2020-21 P5 Payouts (RX; HM)

2020-21 P5 Payouts

Now that we have the numbers for the 2020-21 fiscal year, let's dive a little deeper...

Total revenue, by conference.


In terms of total dollars, the ACC was the clear #3 conference for fiscal 2021.



The Amazon distribution center in Clay is one of the largest warehouses in the world. (Rick Moriarty |

Weeks after opening, Amazon warehouse in Clay already may have a union controversy (PS; $; Moriarty)

Amazon’s big new warehouse in Clay may have a union dispute just three weeks after its opening.

Two workers at the $350 million distribution center near Liverpool are alleging the company retaliated against them for their union support.

At the center of the dispute is a couple working at their fourth Amazon warehouse since 2020, including a stretch at the company’s Staten Island operation that made national news last month when workers approved the Amazon Labor Union.

In a complaint filed with the National Labor Relation Board, Jason Main said he was suspended and then fired after just a week working as a warehouse associate in Clay, known within Amazon’s vast network as SYR1.

Main said he was suspended a few days after telling two human resources managers and an operations manager that he might try to organize a union at the warehouse.

His partner, Ashley Mercer, alleged in her own complaint to the NLRB that, on the same day Main was suspended, the company ordered her to spend a day in the sun picking up cigarette butts in the parking lot even though she is six months pregnant. She said she was given no water or suntan lotion and suffered sunburn on her face and arms, she said.
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Hokie Mark

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Apr 15, 2013
I clarified the ACCN revenue since that $120M includes NBC money that Notre Dame brought over for one year. My best estimate for ACCN money for 2020-21 is $98M - not bad! That comes out to around $6.5M/school. Keep in mind, that's before Comcast, so expect that number to rise to around $10M/school.


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Aug 27, 2011
I love asparagus with a slow broil in olive oil, tarragon, and salt. I got the recipe from the South Beach Diet book. It's a delicious side dish.

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