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Co 2020-21 Iggy Award Winner MPG (special again)
Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Sally Ride Day!

The first American woman in space, Sally Ride, is a role model for young people, particularly for girls and those interested in science and space. At the time of her first flight, Ride also was the youngest astronaut to ever travel in space, being just 32. It is unknown who started Sally Ride Day, which honors Ride and takes place on the anniversary of her birth, but it has been observed at least since 2003, nine years before Ride's death.

Sally Ride was born in Los Angeles on May 26, 1951. She earned a bachelor's degree in English and physics from Stanford University in 1973, and continued her education there, earning a master's in physics in 1975 and a Ph.D. in physics in 1978 following research work on the intersection of X-rays and the interstellar medium. While still at Stanford, she applied for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronaut program and became one of 35 selected out of 8,000 applicants. Her cohort was designated as NASA Astronaut Group 8 and included NASA's first six female astronauts. After completing her training in 1979, Ride worked as a ground-based capsule communicator (CapCom) on Space Shuttle Columbia's second and third flights, in 1981 and 1982, and also worked to develop the shuttle's robotic arm.

SU News


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

(youtube; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Matt Bonaparte and Brad Klein talk about what impact Carlos Del Rio-Wilson brings to the future of Dino Babers' tenure on the hill, as well as recruiting. The guys cap off the show by rounding out the offensive depth chart at the running back spot.

Syracuse football: the quarterback situation just got interesting (TNIAAM; Ostrowski)

The Syracuse Orange have struggled to find consistent quarterback play in the years after Eric Dungey’s departure. Tommy DeVito came and went, and Garrett Shrader did enough last year to stick around, but he has plenty of potential competition behind him.

That list expanded last night when former four-star Carlos Del Rio-Wilson announced that he is transferring to Syracuse from the University of Florida. Rio-Wilson redshirted in 2021 and did not play at all, bringing all four years of eligibility with him to SU. He was part of the notable Elite 11 showcase in 2020, earning best performer on day two of the three-day event and fifth best overall.
So how much does his addition affect the Orange QB room?

There won’t be an immediate impact, or at least we don’t expect there to be. All indications are pointing toward Shrader having to play himself out of the starting role. He got things done on the ground last season but will need to develop as a passer to keep his job long-term.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 13 Syracuse at Louisville

Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Should Shrader fail to do so, Rio-Wilson has the potential to step up quickly. He showed off his arm plenty in high school, compiling 5,529 yards in the air with a 50/22 TD-to-INT ratio. He also added 899 rushing yards and 13 more TDs.

We got a look at some of the other Orange QBs during the Orange-and-Blue spring game. Justin Lamson was airing the ball out throughout the night and seemed to be the clear cut backup after that performance. However, he later suffered a knee-injury during practice which required surgery. There’s no timetable on his return, and it’s not out of the question for him to be out for the season.

Class of 2024 In-State RB Enjoys Syracuse Visit (SI; McAllister)

Class of 2024 Buffalo (NY) Canisius High running back Dyrell Howard-Dolson has had a busy spring. He has visited schools such as West Virginia, Rutgers, Buffalo and others. On Wednesday, Howard-Dolson returned to Syracuse for another visit (he also visited in April).

"Great," Howard-Dolson said of the visit. "By far the most fun I've had on a visit in a while. Tour, photo shoot, and talked to the coaches about Syracuse life. I would say the best part was the intro video and photo shoot simply because of the energy."

Deon Maddox (Director of Player Development/Alumni Relations) and Khalil Ahmad (Director of High School Relations) showed those on the visit around campus and the facilities.

"The messages were SUccess and focus on what you can control," Howard-Dolson said. "Be in the moment, mentally and physically. It was definitely different from other coaches at other places I've been. Overall, they are really great people and have the best interest for their players."

The 6-0, 210 pounder also said he was impressed by Syracuse's facilities and enjoyed learning more about the history of the number 44.

ACC football schedule: 10 must-watch games in 2022 (; Nivision)

In college football, winning your conference games is key because one win here or one loss there can make the difference between playing in the championship game and being on the outside looking in. The ACC has plenty of those big swing games in 2022.

With Clemson still facing some questions after a down season in 2021, the ACC still feels like it might be up for grabs. The Tigers are the favorite to win the conference, but it may not be as much of a lock as it usually is.

Because of that, there are some pivotal games that will have a major impact on the final conference standings, especially in a Coastal Division that looks pretty wide open. Every game will be important for those squads, but some stand out above the rest.

Here are the 10 most important ACC games of the 2022 college football season.


This game has a lot of intrigue because of the two first-year head coaches involved. Lane Stadium isn’t exactly a library, so Mario Cristobal and the Hurricanes have to be prepared for this one. For Virginia Tech, Brent Pry needs some big wins to pick up some momentum for his program, and beating a rejuvenated Miami team would do that. That would also be a bit of a reversal of fortune for Virginia Tech, which has lost four of its last five matchups against Miami. The Hokies have plenty of reasons to come out firing in this contest.



Miami Hurricanes Will Finally Win The ACC In 2022 | CFB (youtube; video)

New hope has been injected into the Miami Hurricanes Football program with the hiring of Mario Cristobal. Miami hasn't been relevant in the College Football Championship picture in two decades, but with Cristobal at the helm could that change? Since joining the ACC the Canes have only appeared in one ACC Championship that being 2017 where they lost to Clemson 38-3. Going into the 2022 College Football season, however, JT Sports feels the Miami Hurricanes have a great shot at winning the ACC this year with a great coaching staff that has Broyles Award winner Josh Gattis as OC and CO-DCs Charlie Strong and Kevin Steele along with having star QB Tyler Van Dyke and a talented roster this could finally be the year the Miami Hurricanes win their first-ever ACC Championship.

Hostile Takeover of College Football (; Clemons)

It’s hard to watch. All you’ve known and loved since you were old enough to discern orange from all the other inferior colors, just fade away and in a sense, dies. That’s where I fear we sit today.

I wrote a completely forgettable article several weeks back about the probable changes ahead for collegiate athletics, ‘Two-Sun Solar System’. It was about the roadmap laid forth for the future of an insignificant conference that had virtually no power to control its destiny. That conference, the late, former great, Atlantic Coast Conference.

Of course, I blathered then and even more so now that the biggest loser in this SEC/Big 10 two-sun solar system is clearly the ACC, especially Clemson. In the SEC power grab, the ACC and Clemson, have been left to try to survive on the cash-strapped remnants of their inferiority. It’s no secret to anyone that Dabo Swinney’s success is a thorn in the side of the SEC and Greg Sankey. It’s by Sankey’s edict that some must be left to die and I fear, Clemson is tops on that death list. Dramatic? Sure, yes. False? Again, no way.

The fourteen full-time member institutions of the ACC might be afraid to admit it but they know they’re ultimately doomed. The one provisional, part-time member Notre Dame, will come out smelling like a rose. The rest will all die trapped in a void from a total lack of oxygen and relevance or more succinct, money and influence.

The saddest thing, the demise of this once-proud conference can be directly tied to the fingerprints of one man, former ACC Commissioner, John Swofford. In his ambivalence and haste to leave behind a network, any network, as his lasting legacy, he gave away the store, the grant of rights from member institutions to the vicious, calculating, godless entity, ESPN. In hindsight, he willingly signed his own conference’s death warrant. Thus delivering us to the point we stand today.

2022 CFB on CBS Sports (RX; HM)

2022 CFB on CBS Sports

CBS has released its TV schedule for College Football (which means the ACC's TV schedule shouldn't be too far behind - maybe tomorrow?). Of course, most of the CBS games feature SEC teams; only one game that we know of - the Sun Bowl - will feature an ACC team. Oh, well.

From CBSSports: 2022 CBS Sports college football schedule

Sat., Sept. 33:30 p.m.Arizona at San Diego State
Sat., Sept. 103:30 p.m.Colorado at Air Force
Sat., Sept. 173:30 p.m.Penn State at Auburn
Sat. Sept. 243:30 p.m.SEC on CBS Game of the Week
Sat., Oct. 112 p.m.Navy at Air Force
Sat., Oct. 13:30 p.m.SEC on CBS Game of the Week
Sat. Oct. 83:30 p.m.SEC on CBS Game TBD
Sat., Oct. 88:00 p.m.SEC on CBS Game of the Week
Sat., Oct. 153:30 p.m.SEC on CBS Game of the Week
Sat., Oct. 223:30 p.m.SEC on CBS Game of the Week
Sat., Oct. 293:30 p.m.Georgia vs. Florida
Sat., Nov. 511:30 a.m.Air Force vs. Army
Sat., Nov. 53:30 p.m.SEC on CBS Game of the Week
Sat., Nov. 1212 p.m.SEC on CBS Game TBD
Sat., Nov. 123:30 p.m.SEC on CBS Game of the Week
Sat., Nov. 193:30 p.m.SEC on CBS Game of the Week
Sat., Nov. 2512:00 p.m.Utah State at Boise State
Fri., Nov. 253:30 p.m.Arkansas at Missouri
Sat., Nov. 263:30 p.m.SEC on CBS Game of the Week
Sat., Dec. 34:00 p.m.SEC Championship Game
Sat., Dec. 103:00 p.m.Army-Navy Game
Fri., Dec. 3012:00 p.m.Tony The Tiger Sun Bowl


Links, News and Rumors 2022 May 26 (RX; HM)

Links, News and Rumors 2022 May 26

News: Neilson reports the following breakdown of television viewers:

By the way, they say this is the first time that streaming has exceeded 30%.
ABC spans all four categories, while ESPN and ACCN can only be viewed with the last 3 (everything except broadcast/antenna). ESPN+ is streaming-only, as is ACCNx.
So any college football game shown on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc. will have nearly a 25% built-in advantage when it comes to TV ratings - simply because that's how many people still watch broadcast TV.
Speaking of streaming...
A few days ago, Matt Brown's "Extra Points" reported on college-specific streaming channels.
Notre Dame has a free channel and is reportedly considering charging subscription fees:
Notre Dame Fighting Irish – Official Athletics Website
Meanwhile, "Clemson+" is only available to IPTAY donors:
The Clemson Original Content Network | Clemson+

New ACCN Show: Balancing Act (RX; HM)

New ACCN Show: Balancing Act

From the official ACC release of May 25, 2022...

“Balancing Act: The ACC Salutes Scholar-Athletes” to Debut on ACC Network

GREENSBORO, N.C. ( – The Atlantic Coast Conference’s 54 postgraduate scholarship award winners will be featured on “Balancing Act: The ACC Salutes Scholar-Athletes,” a one-hour show that debuts on ACC Network at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 31. The show is hosted by former ACC student-athlete and current ACCN personality Roddy Jones.

“Balancing Act” brings together the best and brightest student-athletes from all 15 league institutions and includes interviews highlighting each recipient’s passion for ACC athletics and academics as well as thoughts on Title IX, workload balance, superstitions, adversity, most interesting majors, memorable moments, greatest influences and more.

Great OOC Wins: USC/BC 2014 (RX; HM)

Great OOC Wins: USC/BC 2014

The reputation of ACC football rises and falls with its record against power five non-conference opponents. In the court of public opinion, it doesn't matter how many group of five teams you beat, and even your ACC wins are tarnished if nobody's winning P5 out of conference.

That's what makes us remember certain games -the ones where an ACC team stands up to one of the "big boys" and comes off victorious. One such game happened in 2014 when the 9th-ranked USC Trojans traveled to Massachusetts to take on the Eagles of Boston College for a Prime Time ESPN Saturday Night football game...

ACC Replay: USC vs Boston College

Football Game - September 14, 2014

ACC Replay: USC vs Boston College Football - September 14, 2014

Fans wearing red bandannas stormed the field in a raucous celebration of Boston College's first victory over a top 10 team in a decade.

The Trojans opened up an early 17-6 lead; it looked like an easy win for USC. Then Tyler Murphy came alive for BC. If you don't know the rest, I recommend you watch the video! (and if you do, feel free to savor the victory!)

Patience Paid Off for Kenny Pickett (RX; HM)

Patience Paid Off for Kenny Pickett

I wanted to circle back and discuss something from the 2022 NFL Draft that's been on my mind...

Every year there are underclassmen (and Seniors with another year of eligibility) who declare for the NFL draft when they probably shouldn't. Former Pitt QB should be the living object lesson for all underclassmen who think they need to declare early. Consider these stats:

Kenny Pickett

School: Pitt
Position: QB
6-3, 220lb (190cm, 99kg)
Heisman Voting: 3rd in 2021

Passing Statistics, Kenny Pickett

source: Kenny Pickett College Stats | College Football at
Notice how much Pickett's stats improved in his final year at Pitt. Completion percentage, Yards, and Yards/Attempt all took significant steps forward. As for touchdowns, Pickett literally threw as many in his final season as in all previous seasons combined! Thanks to all of this, his QB rating skyrocketed, from 129.6 to 165.3.

Odds, Win Totals 2022 May 23 (RX; HM)

Odds, Win Totals 2022 May 23

Here are updated ACC football championship odds and win totals.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: These odds are provided strictly for informational purposes. We recognize that many fans appreciate knowing how outsiders view their team's "odds of winning". However, neither Hokie Mark nor ACCFootballRx supports, endorses, or condones gambling. We strongly urge you NOT TO GAMBLE! Use this information as it is intended by us: for informational and entertainment purposes only.

Victory totals and conference odds for Power 5 teams

Over/under win totals are listed below, along with each team's conference title odds.
Victory totals:
Odds are subject to change and current odds can be seen on these pages leading up to the season:
Conference odds:

NC State10-18.5
North Carolina11-16.5
Wake Forest20-18.5
Florida State33-16.5
Boston College40-16.5
Virginia Tech80-16.5
Georgia Tech125-14.5
Notre Dame(n/a)9.5




Claudio Bueti, the owner of Il Limone in Liverpool. (Charlie Miller |

First Look: An NYC pizza maker from Italy just moved into this Liverpool strip mall (video) (PS; $; Miller)

I am hearing some foodies in CNY are very excited about this development...

Whatever comes out of Claudio Bueti’s kitchen, he’ll tell you in his thick Italian accent it’s the best you’ll ever have.

The lasagna? “I don’t make American lasagna. I make Italian lasagna. I use a bolognaise, not your regular sauce. It’s what my grandmother made. It’s the best ever.”

The pizza? “I’ve been making pizza for 40 years. It was the best pizza in New York City. Just you wait.”

The sauce? “Oh my sauce. It’s not like anything you’ve ever had before. I want to cry when I think about my sauce.”

He really did shed a tear last week when talking about his sauce and the recipes he creates at Il Limone, his new restaurant in Glenn Crossing Plaza in Liverpool. The restaurant opened two weeks ago in a storefront located between an Aldi supermarket and a nail spa on Oswego Road.

Claudio, 68, moved to Brooklyn in 1973 from his home in Calabria, a region in southern Italy. That’s when he opened his first restaurant, and he’s been cooking family recipes in kitchens ever since. Over the past 40 years, he’s owned six pizzerias in New York City.

He and his wife Antonella left their friends and restaurants in the city to move here to be near their daughter, an elementary school teacher, and her 3-year-old son. It didn’t take long to decide he needed to keep working, so he moved the brick-lined Attios oven from Enzo & Claudio’s Pizza Italiana Restaurant on 7th Avenue to the strip mall in Liverpool.
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