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No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Sewing Machine Day!

Sewing machines, which are celebrated today, are used to stitch material like cloth or leather. They are usually powered by electricity, but many are still powered by a treadle, just as many early machines were. Their basic design has remained over the years, consisting of a needle, and a shuttle to carry thread. First being used in factories, they were a symbol of the industrial revolution, marking the shift from handmade to automated production. They also became important for home use. Women once spent much time sewing by hand, and the invention of the sewing machine helped free up a lot of this time.

Thomas Saint of England took out the first patent for a complete sewing machine. He was given patent #1764 in 1790. Some sources say that he received his patent on June 13, explaining why Sewing Machine Day takes when it does. The machine was to have an awl that punched a hole, and then a needle that would go through the hole. It is unknown if Saint created a prototype of his sewing machine, and only the drawings of it survive.

SU News

Syracuse Football: 3 Upperclassmen who need to step up in 2022 (; Pryor)

Syracuse football needs these three upperclassmen to step up in 2022.

The Syracuse Orange finished last season 5-7 but could have looked very different. Syracuse football lost three games by three points. The Orange did allow 41 points in two of their last three games; that was injuries and a lack of depth catching up with them. Head coach Dino Babers had the Orange giving maximum effort most of the season.

Coach Babers and offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert completely changed the Orange’s offensive philosophy last season. Syracuse football could not block and had so many injuries to their offensive line. They shifted from a spread up-tempo offense to an option-read power spread offense behind quarterback Garrett Schrader and running back Sean Tucker.

The change in philosophy hid many of Syracuse’s issues with pass blocking and allowed them to possess the ball, keeping it away from some of the more high-powered offenses in the conference. The good news for Syracuse is the critical members of their offense returns this fall.

Syracuse was able to keep Tucker in upstate New York alongside Schrader. Is there a path for the Orange to go to a bowl game for the first time since 2018? Yes. These three upperclassmen need to step up and play well for it to happen.


The Calm Before the Storm (SI; McAllister)

This weekend is relatively quiet on the recruiting front for Syracuse football. No visitors, the only significant news is an official visit being scheduled. However, the next two weekends will be drastically different. The Orange is set to host several of its 2023 priority targets in the next two weekends. The official visit scheduled, as currently known, is as follows:

Weekend of June 17th

Player: Zyian Moultrie-Goddard
Position: Linebacker
Height/Weight: 6-2, 240
School: Iona Prep (NY)
Other Notable Offers: Arizona State, Rutgers, Tennessee, West Virginia.

Player: David Clement
Position: Tight End
Height/Weight: 6-7, 265
School: Christian Brothers Academy (NY)
Status: Committed to Syracuse

Player: Jalil Smith
Position: Defensive Line
Height/Weight: 6-5, 230
School: Lincoln High (NY)
Other Notable Offers: Bowling Green, Temple

Player: Deandre Duffus
Position: Offensive Line
Height/Weight: 6-4, 330
School: Chaminade-Madonna Prep (FL)
Other Notable Offers: Colorado, Florida, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Louisville, Maryland, Miami, Michigan State, NC State, Ole Miss, Oregon, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Texas A&M, West Virginia

Weekend of June 24th

Player: LaNorris Sellers
Position: Quarterback
Height/Weight: 6-3, 215
School: South Florence (SC)
Status: Committed to Syracuse

Player: Eric King
Position: Offensive Line
Height/Weight: St. Peter's Prep (NJ)
Other Notable Offers: Rutgers

Syracuse football in top 4 for talented JUCO defensive back, decision soon (itlh; Adler)

Cornerback Myles Norwood, a junior-college player who plans to announce his new future home in the coming days, has included Syracuse football in his top four, he announced on Twitter.

Also making the cut for the 6-foot-3, 180-pound Norwood, along with the Orange, are Indiana, Iowa State and Kentucky. He said via a tweet that he plans to reveal his next collegiate destination on June 15.

Norwood most recently has been attending Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, Iowa. As a member of the 2021 recruiting cycle, Norwood suited up for Trinity Catholic High School in St. Louis.

According to his Twitter page, Norwood picked up an offer from the ‘Cuse coaching staff on May 27. Throughout his current recruiting process, he has landed other offers from Indiana, Iowa State, Kansas, Vanderbilt and Kentucky, per his bios on the 247Sports Web site and https://n./content/prospects/2022/myles-norwood-291322.

Syracuse football is one of four finalists for defensive back Myles Norwood.

Two years ago, during his recruitment while in high school, Norwood held a bunch of offers from teams such as Fordham, Lehigh, Holy Cross, Air Force, Eastern Michigan, Army, Navy, Northern Iowa, Youngstown State, Eastern Illinois, Brown and Bucknell.


Syracuse Football: Sean Tucker out-rushed those ahead of him in rankings (itlh; Adler)

A couple of days ago, 247Sports put out a list of the 25 best running backs nationwide prior to the 2022 season commencing, and obviously, Syracuse football All-American RB Sean Tucker was included in this feature.

The top-25 rankings, published by Brad Crawford of 247Sports, were made by factoring in numerous criteria, including statistics from the 2021 stanza, NFL Draft chatter, what this media outlet is “hearing from insiders after spring practice,” and projected production in 2022.

Tucker, who broke the Orange’s single-season rushing record in 2021, checks in at No. 5 on this list. Personally, I think he should be higher, but this placement seems reasonable.

Now, the ‘Cuse dropped its final three games a term ago to finish up at 5-7 overall in 2021, failing to qualify for a post-season bowl battle.

I’m excited about the team’s prospects this fall, but at the same time, I also feel like Tucker’s outlook among experts does get sometimes diminished by the fact that the Orange isn’t a super strong program, at least as compared to many of its Power Five conference peers.

Get to Know Your Orange Man: #81, LB Derek McDonald (TNIAAM; Ostrowski)

Up next in our Syracuse Orange roster preview, we have a fellow member of the Newhouse Mafia...

Name: Derek McDonald

Position: Linebacker

Year: Redshirt Freshman

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 229

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

High School: Marist School

2021 stats: McDonald appeared in 2 games and did not record any statistics.

2022 projections: With the starting LBs set in stone and many other underclassmen on the roster, McDonald will have to fight for consistent playing time. He could rotate in as needed but this is still probably a development year.

How’d he get here?: Despite five Ivy League offers (Yale, Penn, Harvard, Dartmouth, and Princeton), McDonald chose the Orange in May 2020.

What’d recruiting sites say?: Consensus 3-star prospect

Twitter: @derekmcd21


Purdue Boilermakers vs Syracuse Orange - NCAA Football 23 - 2022 Season Week 3 (youttube; simulation Purdue vs Syracuse)

Appears to have no basis in reality. SU has a lefty QB and their best player is probably their TE. Purdue has a scrambling QB. Neither team can play defense.

CFB Jokes (RX; HM)

CFB Jokes

The joke you just told wasn't funny one bit.
It was pointless and dull, wholely lacking in wit.
It was so old and stale it's beginning to smell.
Besides, it's the one I was going to tell!

Now that I have your attention, here are some college football jokes to keep you going this off-season. Remember, we are an equal opportunity offender:

What do football centers wear on their feet?… Hiking shoes.
Why did the defensive end go to the bank?… to get a quarter back.
GrandPa: Bet I can tell you the score of the football game before it starts!
Grandson: No Way!
GrandPa: Sure, it's 0-0.
Why do college coaches like punters?… Because they always put their best foot forward.
Why is it hotter in a college school football stadium after the game?
Because all the fans have left!
Why did the Clemson Quarterback cross the road?… Because it was easier than crossing the goal line.
What’s the difference between a Justin Fuente-coached football team and a dollar?… You can get four quarters out of a dollar.
What did the football coach say to the placekicker?… “I get a kick out of you.”
Why do Georgia Bulldogsfootball players go to movies in groups of 18 or more?… they heard 17 and under would not be admitted.

How is losing money in a payphone like a college football game?… If you don’t get the quarter back, you hit the receiver!
How do you keep a Rutgers football player out of your yard?… Put up a goalpost.
Two Tennessee Vols football players were walking in the woods. One of them said, “Look, a dead bird.” The other looked up in the sky and said, “Where?”

2022 Top CFB Brands according to recruits (RX; HM)

2022 Top CFB Brands according to recruits

From SI: Ranking college football's top brands, according to high school recruits
College football rankings: CFB's top 10 brands, according to recruits

10. Miami Hurricanes

However "down" the Hurricanes may be from their glory days of the 1980s through the early 2000s, this is still a destination for recruits, especially those from south Florida. The atmosphere around Miami is hard to beat, and now the program is looking at a potentially brighter future under first-year coach Mario Cristobal, a Miami native and alum who steps into what looks like a more open ACC.

9. Oregon Ducks
8. Texas Longhorns
7. Texas A&M Aggies
6. LSU Tigers
5. Clemson Tigers

One of the two first dynasties of the College Football Playoff era, the perennial ACC favorites won two CFP national titles and played for two more under Dabo Swinney, who has built a recruiting machine at Clemson rivaled only by Alabama. Before 2021, the Tigers finished in the Top 10 for six straight years. Clemson is one of the few real powerhouses outside the SEC in the modern game.

4. Oklahoma Sooners
3. Georgia Bulldogs
2. Ohio State Buckeyes
1. Alabama Crimson Tide


What about the other 13 ACC schools? Here they are ranked and with a few other schools included for context:

Still Top 20:

11. Florida
12. Notre Dame
13. Penn State
14. UNC
15. Ole Miss
16. Michigan
17. Florida State
18. Tennessee
19. USC (Trojans)
Notre Dame, UNC, and Florida State are all doing just fine. The next brand might surprise you:

32. Georgia Tech
33. WVU

Not only is Georgia Tech the 6th biggest brand in the ACC (5th among football members), but it's just in front of another team - WVU - that I think the ACC needs to add to boost its TV contract.

Here are the rest of the ACC teams, in context:

38. Nebraska
39. Wake Forest
40. Baylor
41. Rutgers
42. Louisville
43t. NC State
43t. Virginia Tech
45. Indiana
46. Pitt
47. Minnesota
48t. Arizona State
48t. Utah
50. Duke
51. Iowa St
52. Oregon St.
53. UVa
54t. Arizona
54t. Syracuse
56. Northwestern

Links, News, and Rumors 2022 June 10th (RX; HM)

Links, News, and Rumors 2022 June 10th

Oh, boy - as if they weren't tough enough already!

From CBS Sports: Notre Dame football recruiting: Five-star QB CJ Carr, grandson of Lloyd Carr, commits to Irish over Michigan

Notre Dame landed a commitment from a five-star quarterback in the 2024 class on Thursday when CJ Carr announced his college choice live on CBS Sports HQ. Carr chose the Fighting Irish over Michigan, Michigan State and others as first-year Notre Dame coach Marcus Freeman continues an impressive run of early success on the recruiting trail.
Carr's commitment to Notre Dame is notable, as he is the grandson of former Michigan coach Lloyd Carr, who coached the Wolverines to the 1997 title...
According to AllSportsDiscussion, the Virginia Cavaliers should have a potent offense once again.
The include Brandon Armstrong as one of the top returning ACC quarterbacks.

A favor from ESPN? (RX; HM)

A favor from ESPN?

Tell me if this story sounds familiar: There was this college football conference which was struggling but had major potential. It expanded to 12 teams, added a conference championship game, and signed a shiny new TV contract which looked pretty good at the time. Then, as the years went by, other leagues signed much higher-paying media deals as the market value of those rights skyrocketed - but this conference still had many years left on its now not-so-good contract. So it added some more teams, renegotiated where it could, and eventually got into bed with ESPN for a conference TV network. That paid good money, but still not enough to catch up to the leading conferences in terms of revenue. So they waited until their T1 contract expired and cashed in...

Except for that last part, the conference I just described could be the ACC, right? Except it isn't - it's the SEC.
Consider these quotes from CSNBBS user 'quo vadis' [LINK]...

ESPN has actually played just about as much hardball with the SEC as it has the ACC, the SEC just was lucky... that they had that CBS side-deal expiring in 2023...

IMO, the SEC likely dodged a bullet in 2012, when after adding TAMU and Mizzou, it wanted CBS to up that 2008 deal. Had CBS agreed, it probably would have done so at a much lower rate than what the SEC will get in 2023, and likely would have asked for 10 more years tacked on to it, like ESPN did to create the SECN. And then the SEC would have been stuck... for 20 more years, instead of getting the big cash in that we will get in 2023. We owe CBS a "thanks" for refusing to change that 2008 deal a decade ago, IMO.
Really, without that CBS side-deal expiring and being converted in to far more money, there would IMO be massive grumbling within the SEC about how badly that 2008 deal with ESPN has left them behind the B1G. That alone is what will keep the SEC in the same range as the B1G once the B1G signs its new 2023 deals.

Hindsight is 20/20. The SEC didn't plan for the CBS T1 contract to work out the way it did - in fact, they signed up with CBS first, then with ESPN later. If not for that, it's conceivable that the SEC could've been locked in with a lower payout than the ACC.

2022 Most-Improved CFB Teams? (RX; HM)

2022 Most-Improved CFB Teams?

Which college football teams figure to be a lot better in 2022 than they were last year? Here's BGB's take:

Top 10 Most Improved Teams For This Season
— Big Game Boomer (@BigGameBoomer) May 31, 2022
In case you're not sure who all those logos represent:

1. USC
2. Miami
3. Texas
4. S. Carolina
5. Arizona
6. Boston College
7. Colorado State
8. Kansas
9. Purdue
10. Louisville

Miami? Yes, just by virtue of having an experienced head coach.


Virginia Tech football: Layth Ghannam commits to the Hokies (; Manning)

The Virginia Tech Hokies had a good day Saturday. The baseball team defeated Oklahoma to inch one game closer to the school’s first-ever appearance in the College World Series. And the football team added a commitment from one of its top targets.

Early Saturday morning, offensive lineman Layth Ghannam took to Twitter to announce his commitment to Virginia Tech. A 6-foot-5, 280-pound offensive lineman from George Washington High School in Charleston, West Virginia, Ghannam picked the Hokies over West Virginia, N.C. State, North Carolina and others.

Ultimately, it came down to the Hokies and Mountaineers for Ghannam, who lived in Bluefield, Virginia, before his family moved to Charleston. Ghannam has a prior relationship with a pair of 2022 Virginia Tech commits from Bluefield in Brody Meadows and Xayvion Bradshaw.

This Is Home @HokiesFB
— Layth Ghannam (@LaythGhannam1) June 11, 2022
Ghannam recently took official visits to North Carolina and WVU. His official visit to Blacksburg is scheduled for later this month.

Ghannam is the fourth commitment for Virginia Tech’s offensive line in the 2023 class, joining Lance Williams, Hannes Hammer and Gabriel Arena. Hokie fans should be excited about this class as new offensive line coach Joe Rudolph is one of the best in the business. Tech could look to add more offensive lineman to the 2023 class.

He spoke to Evan Watkins of 247Sports about his decision.

ACC football transfers: Pitt eyes Kenny Pickett's replacement while FSU, Miami add defensive stars (; Patterson)

The deadline to enter the transfer portal and be eligible for the 2022 college football season passed last month, and most of the remaining uncommitted players have solidified their fall plans in recent weeks. We don't have a formal transfer window in the sport (yet), but the start of June does marks a turning point in finalizing the rosters for the upcoming season.

So how did the ACC fare in the transfer portal during the 2022 cycle? Modern transfer rules have allowed players to not only move with less restriction, but have immediate eligibility to make an instant impact. In the ACC, that's been a boost for the schools that have undergone coaching changes, as Duke, Miami, Virginia and Virginia Tech all saw some roster fluctuation in the offseason.

Elsewhere in the ACC, the transfer portal has allowed coaches get experienced contributors who don't need years of development to have an impact. When you're going into a high-pressure season -- like Florida State, Georgia Tech, Louisville and Syracuse -- coaches want to know the depth chart isn't loaded with players who are a year away.

As a conference, the ACC wasn't the most active in the portal, but even the programs bringing in just a couple of transfers have a name or two of note who could have a major role in their team's success during the 2022 season. Below we've highlighted four players expected to be impact transfers across the ACC, plus one player to know for each of the remaining 10 teams in the conference

Miami football has five of ACC 2022 top 10 must-watch games (; Rubenstein)

Five of the top 10 games in the ACC in 2022 include the Miami football program in a list recently compiled by 247 Sports. The “ACC football schedule: 10 must-watch games in 2022” was named by Austin Nivison by 247 Sports. Miami hiring Mario Cristobal as their new head coach will create a lot of buzz for the Hurricanes in 2022.

Miami football games versus Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Florida State, Pittsburgh and Clemson are ranked in the top 10 of the must-watch games in the ACC in 2022. The game against Pittsburgh could decide the ACC Coastal Division title in the final game of the season. Miami needs to prove it can be competitive versus Clemson.

Virginia Tech hired their own new coach in former Penn State defensive coordinator Brent Pry. North Carolina, Florida State Pittsburgh and Clemson have all had their own attrition in the 2022 offseason. North Carolina and Pittsburgh both have to replace quarterbacks who were selected in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Kenny Pickett who was the ACC Player of the Year leading Pittsburgh to the conference championship was the only QB selected in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Sam Howell who is the all-time leading passer in North Carolina history was a 2022 fifth-round pick by the Washington Commanders.

Buy your season tickets today: University of Miami Hurricanes
— Canes Football (@CanesFootball) February 1, 2022

Florida State's Schedule is Boom or Bust in 2022 | The ACC (youtube; video)

Florida State's schedule offers no breaks for Mike Norvell as he attempts to get the Seminoles over the hump and into a bowl in 2022. The ACC slate, in particular, provides a variety of obviously and not-so-obvious matchups that could stand in the way. Will Florida State improve enough to move forward, or will the schedule stand in its way? Ty and Dan from The Solid Verbal College Football Podcast take a quick look at what the Noles' schedule looks like this fall.

https://floridastate./news/schoffel...-meetings-and-a-hope-for-the-future/printable (; Schoffel)

If anyone came to this week's Atlantic Coast Conference spring meetings seeking greater clarity about the future of college athletics and additional confidence in the ACC's ability to keep up financially with other leagues, they likely left wanting more.

Much more.

From the "Wild, Wild West" that is the NIL landscape to concerns about tampering and the transfer portal to doubts about the long-term viability of the ACC, there were far more questions than answers this week at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island.

Then as second-year ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips spoke with the media late Wednesday afternoon to recap the week's events, he dropped this little nugget of uncertainty on reporters:

"I think it's time for us to look at alternative models for football," he said. "If we're ever going to do something -- and I hear about the future of football and taking care of the sport of football -- this is the time to do it. This is the time to do it, when you're reorganizing a structure like the NCAA.

"What are you doing with the sport of football? Does it need to be managed separately? Do you need to have a governance structure? Those are questions we should be asking ourselves."

Well, OK then.

So what exactly does that mean?

Well, Phillips is now the second high-level college sports official floating that concept publicly in the last few days. Ohio State athletics director Gene Smith made a similar comment last week, suggesting that perhaps the College Football Playoff should have oversight of football while the NCAA keeps an eye on everything else.



Nancy Needham has owned the house at 109 Academy Street in Fayetteville where Grover Cleveland grew up for 27 years. Courtesy of Patricia Humpleby Courtesy of Patricia Humpleby

The boyhood home of Grover Cleveland in Fayetteville is on the market (PS; $; Croyle)

In 1995, Nancy Needham was living and working in Washington D.C.

Recently retired, the Syracuse native was looking for a return to the area where she grew up to be with her elderly mother.

First, she had to find a house to live in, something she had not had to that point in her life.

A real estate advertisement in the April 23, 1995 Herald American looked intriguing.

The boyhood home of Grover Cleveland, famous for being the only President to serve two non-sequential terms in office, and the only Democrat elected to the presidency from 1860 to 1912, at 109 Academy St. in Fayetteville, was for sale for the first time.

Grover Cleveland

An undated portrait of Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th president of the United States.AP Photo/NYPL Picture Collection

Hokie Mark

2nd String
Apr 15, 2013
So, how's the hope level in the Upstate this year compared to past years? Are you expecting a good football season... or a new head coach?


No recent Cali or Iggy awards; Mr Irrelevant
Aug 15, 2011
So, how's the hope level in the Upstate this year compared to past years? Are you expecting a good football season... or a new head coach?
We will be a lot better football team this year. But the schedule is very tough. The ACC Atlantic is strong. Getting six wins would be a really good achievement given how many solid teams we are facing.

If we were in the Coastal division, we would be looking at 8-4 and a nice bowl bid no problem.

Thank God the awful ACC scheduling model is finally going to be improved. Hope like hell it happens next season.

Great news for ACC Atlantic programs. Not so great news for ACC Coastal programs but long term this will be beneficial for all ACC programs.


Hall of Fame
Aug 26, 2011
Our board's staff assessment of the game w/SU.
I agree with the assessment. Only thing wrong is Josh Hough. He was not moved to be the answer to a inexperienced D line. That was already in store for him. Most schools recruited him for DL. He also volunteered to make the move there.

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