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Aug 15, 2011

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SU News

ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2022 (

It's not easy getting college football coaches to honestly comment on another coach, player or team. Most coaches don't want to give opposing teams bulletin board material, which is why there is a lot of coach speak or overused cliches used during the year.

In order to get an accurate assessment of teams heading into 2021, Athlon asked coaches in the ACC to talk anonymously about their opponents.

Note: These scouting reports come directly from coaching staffs and do not necessarily reflect the views of Athlon's editorial staff.

ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2022

Atlantic Division

Boston College

"The quarterback [Phil Jurkovec] coming back is obviously huge, but don't sleep on the defense. He's [Jeff Hafley] finally got some guys that look like they can play with the top half of the league."

"What they're doing developmentally is what Georgia Tech should've done: a former DC who recruits guys based on relationships; don't worry about outside attention or rankings, and be selective in the portal, and then develop them quietly."

"This defense will be good. The more time they get and the more they can cycle their guys in, they're going to be better than they've been. Year 3, you'll see more looks, more creative stuff. Watch out."

"The quarterback going out so early changed their entire season. He could be really, really special if he stays healthy this season, but he's got the tag now as a health concern. If he plays through a whole season, he could look like Kenny Pickett."

"I'd worry more about the turnover on the line than the new OC. He's got another former NFL guy in John McNulty, so I'm betting you're gonna see another two-tight end, pro-style attack. They turned over the entire offensive staff almost, but I don't think it's gonna change what Jeff wants to do at all. So they're gonna go focus on good tight ends like the kid [George Takacs] they just got from Notre Dame. Keep your linemen deep, hope you land on a good quarterback now and then and support your defense. His plan is easy to see, but it's the right one."


"I think losing Brent [Venables] is going to be really interesting. He was such a force there; it's more than losing a coordinator. He drove the whole thing on defense. The good thing for them is they have really good players on defense right now, and I think Wes [Goodwin] did a good job in the bowl game running the same scheme. He's really smart, but there are huge shoes to fill."

"The three defensive linemen are back, the linebacker, and the freshman safety is tremendous. There's a core there where they can keep it going and it'll look about the same this year."

"I don't think the QB is a great player. They thought he was when Trevor [Lawrence] was out against Notre Dame, and maybe that fooled them? It's not out of the question that they change guys. They're also not as good around him. They haven't evaluated as well at OL like other positions."

"The receivers have fallen off; when they were really rolling and winning nattys, that position flat-out scared you. Now they're league average, same as at running back."

"They're not recruiting like they have. There's also a giant difference between NIL in the ACC and the Big Ten and SEC. Are they beating Alabama and those guys from here on out? They're still the best program in this league, but they've never had as many questions moving forward. This is the start of the next era for them, and it's possible they're not a national title winner anymore."

Florida State

"It's possible that Mike [Norvell] might have this thing turned around a little bit, but not to the level that fans are going to want right now. They've relied so much on transfers, especially on defense; you never really know what they've got out there, and I don't mean that as a compliment to their strategy. Some of those guys have hit, but you can't maintain that at Florida State. At some point you stop using band-aids."

"[Jordan] Travis is athletic and makes a bunch of plays, but he also seems hurt all the time. Can he function more as a primary thrower and dial down the runs? You have to think the coaches want that too. I don't think he moved around that much by design."

"The O-line looks like it will be better than these last few years — that's one place where they've been using the portal pretty well — and they always have talent at running back, so if they can match that on defense, they're going to be better overall for the first time in a long time. The UCF linebacker [Tatum Bethune] is going to help them out."

"They have almost all of those receivers back, but none of them really blow you away. They don't have a go-to guy in that unit."

"Is 7–5 enough? It should be. They could put pieces together this year that create a huge '23 season, and they're not in a place where they can really show off their high school recruiting. And yeah, we've all heard the talk about Deion [Sanders], so is 7–5 really enough?"


"It's win-now time. Other than Georgia Tech, this is the job that people think is going to come open in the league. You watch the coaching and player turnover stack up, and it seems like they've drifted from what made [Scott Satterfield] successful at Appalachian State."

"Offensively, he's still going to be calling plays, so I'm skeptical how different things are going to look with Lance [Taylor] as OC. They don't seem settled on what they want to do with Malik [Cunningham]. It's hard to figure out their identity, but it's also hard to see what they want it to be."

"Defensively, they're very average at best. They don't pressure much; they don't have anyone up front who bothers you."

"Probably the thing that jumps out most is how much they've worked the portal in both directions and how different that is from what Scott came from at App. Even as a G5, they had a system of developing guys, building a very specific culture, and the last few years it seems like they're always scrambling to rebuild that roster and define themselves."

"I think the school and the head coach figured out they're not a great fit for each other a while ago, and there hasn't been a way to create a break yet. He's tried to get out and it didn't work, and there have been issues at the school that have probably bought him some time up until now. Unless they surprise a lot of people, this feels like the end."

NC State

"Last year might've been the proof of concept the staff has been trying to deliver since they got there. A lot of things clicked for them, and the Clemson win was bigger than the moment. They can take that out to the Carolinas and recruit with it. It's proof of concept for Dave [Doeren]."

"The quarterback [Devin Leary] is legit. He was a different guy when he was playing injured, but you got a much better idea of his talent last year. The one outside receiver [Emeka Emezie] was really good. They need to find that production with the other guys they have, but I don't think they're that caliber.

"The tackle [Ikem Ekwonu] is going to the league as a first-rounder; they need to replace him, but otherwise the line is pretty good. If they can swap in some new running backs, I expect them to keep on pace."

"Gibby [DC Tony Gibson] has really found himself at NC State. He runs a really effective system there, and I think his guys are totally bought in. They really played well, and they kept losing guys. I think if they're at full strength, it might be enough to swing a possession in that Wake game."

"Overall, they're a more talented team and a deeper one than probably any other time in their history with Doeren. The issue now is expectations. This program seems cursed when everyone pays attention. They're going to have eyes on them immediately. Leary could take them to a division title if he's healthy."


"So they've changed over the offensive staff again. Three years ago they're Texas Air Raid, throwing it 50 times a game, which is a radical thing to see up there, and they can't sustain it because of the talent gap and because the defenses adapted. Then it's the former Mississippi State QB, and they're running it and it's almost option-ish, and they were maybe a little bit better because of the defense helping out. Now those guys are out and he has the Virginia offensive staff. Now it's like a version of the West Coast offense. How is the personnel going to respond? You can't maintain this kind of scheme change without hitting bust."

"Defensively, they're really well coached, give them credit too, because they're going out and finding guys that get overlooked and they develop them into some mean dudes. They're replacing some guys up front, but I think if [Tony] White was at another school, he would've been noticed right now. He's done a really good job running that 3-3."

"If they could find a long-term solution on offense, I think Dino Babers would probably get more credit than he does, because they've come a long way from what he was known for schematically when he took the job. He was smart enough to move on when the personnel didn't match, and they've found some solid kids in a hard place to recruit to."

Florida transfer QB Carlos Del Rio-Wilson getting opportunities from Day 1 in Syracuse football camp (videos) (; Bailey)

Syracuse football opened preseason camp on Wednesday morning and jumped right into the competition with a goal-line period. Returning starting quarterback Garrett Shrader handled the first batch of reps, working with the first-team offense, but Florida transfer Carlos Del Rio-Wilson was next in line.

The redshirt freshman is being evaluated early this August after enrolling over the summer. Head coach Dino Babers said on Tuesday that Del Rio-Wilson will be competing with backups JaCobian Morgan and Dan Villari for the No. 2 job.

"We're still getting to know him," Babers said of Del Rio-Wilson. "He didn't go through the spring with us. So all we've been able to do is hear talks and whispers from guys about some of the stuff he's been doing in the summertime. And it'll be fun to see what he can do."

In a limited sample size, the Atlanta native flashed his potential. After two snaps that didn't lead to a pass, Del Rio-Wilson connected with freshman running back LeQuint Allen for a touchdown over the middle. Then he hit Michigan State wide receiver transfer C.J. Hayes on a slant for another score before coming back to Allen on an angle route.

Shrader, too, found the end zone multiple times. Following a Garrett Williams PBU to open the session, Shrader went back to Oronde Gadsden II for a scoring strike that was enabled by him extending the play. Then Isaiah Jones made a quick-hands catch on a back-shoulder ball over Duce Chestnut before All-American running back Sean Tucker beat All-ACC linebacker Mikel Jones on an angle route for another score.

SU football training camp blog 2022: Beginnings of a more pass-centric offense (DO; Alandt)

Syracuse football training camp opened Wednesday, Aug. 3. The Daily Orange beat writer Anthony Alandt will keep a running tab of updates from each practice this summer before SU’s first game against Louisville on Sept. 3. Follow along here and on Twitter @DOsports.

Aug. 3

Syracuse’s plan is that offensive coordinator Robert Anae installs a more balanced offense, one that relies more heavily on passing rather than last season’s rushing attack centered around Sean Tucker. Tucker’s excited, and so is the rest of the team, for the opportunities it will create. Head coach Dino Babers said he didn’t need to change that much since he and the new offensive coordinator agree on close to everything with SU’s new scheme.

The Orange are trying to improve on their passing offense, one that finished with the fewest passing yards in the Atlantic Coast Conference by a large margin last season. They brought in Anae from Virginia and shuffled position coaches to do it. On the first day of training camp, Syracuse displayed a number of goal line plays — all passes — immediately after opening stretches.

“Ultimately, the goal is to have less carries and the same amount of yards,” quarterback Garrett Shrader said. “We’ve got a lot of play makers though … that I’m happy running around with.”

Syracuse hasn’t incorporated pads into practice yet, but they ran about a dozen goal line plays before splitting off into position workouts. The first, second and third teams shuffled on and off between plays, which tended to include the running back sprinting into the endzone on a delay before pivoting around for a pass option.

Quarterbacks also looked for wideouts, throwing fade routes up for players like Isaiah Jones to leap over his defender for the touchdown in the corner of the end zone. Each quarterback worked in a separate drill with running backs progressing through the same five-yard delayed out route. Wide receivers ran five and seven-yard cross routes on the same play.

Shrader has the starting quarterback job, a certainty that has allowed the rest of the offense to throw their confidence and familiarity behind him. For backups, Babers said Tuesday that everyone is on even footing. He’s just trying to find “somebody that’s going to move the chains, somebody who is going to be consistent, somebody that we can depend on.”

Florida transfer Carlos del Rio-Wilson debuted for Syracuse. Notably, he was intercepted by cornerback Jeremiah Wilson during 1-on-1s, and Michigan transfer Dan Villari saw the bulk of his reps come with the second strings. But both of them saw fast-paced opportunities on goal line pass plays.

Despite a larger emphasis on passing, Syracuse’s young defensive line found itself in the backfield more often than not Wednesday morning. Bergeron said the offensive line did a good job last season in the rush game, but they need to work more on pass protection. He’s taken Enrique Cruz Jr., a redshirt freshman whom Bergeron believes can be a dominant tackle one day, under his wing to ensure that Cruz focuses on pass protection as well.

ESPN's Adelson predicts six wins for Syracuse in 2022 - The Juice Online (the juice; Cheng)

ESPN’s Andrea Adelson predicts Syracuse will win six games and make it to a bowl game, she said on the latest Juice on the Cuse Podcast, presented by

“In my opinion, this is a more complete team than what we’ve seen in both 2020 and 2021,” Adelson said. “I’m going to say (Syracuse will finish) 6-6, (and be a) bowl team.”

Adelson points to several coaching changes in the offseason as a reason for SU’s improved outlook this fall. In the offseason, Syracuse hired offensive coordinator Robert Anae, who previously coached one of the most high-powered offenses in the country at Virginia.

SU also returns several key players from last year’s team, including All-American Sean Tucker, who Syracuse is pushing in a Heisman campaign.

“I am high on Syracuse this year,” Adelson said. “I think Robert Anae is going to be able to do some great things with both Garrett Shrader and Sean Tucker.”

The six wins would be the most since 2018, when the Orange won 10 games, but the path to those six wins won’t be easy. Aside from a stacked Atlantic Division, SU has a non-conference schedule that includes Purdue and Notre Dame.

As a result, the Orange was picked to finish last in the Atlantic in the Preseason ACC Poll released in July.

“A lot of that is a function of how strong the Atlantic is going to be from top to bottom,” Adelson said. “This truly is the best Atlantic in terms of strength top to bottom since I started covering the league in 2011.”

‎Locked On Syracuse - Daily Podcast On Syracuse Orange Football & Basketball: What's More Likely? Syracuse Football Edition Part 2 on Apple Podcasts (; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Matt Bonaparte and Owen Valentine talk what's more likely in the realm of Syracuse football. Does Sean Tucker top scrimmage 1800 yards? Does Syracuse go positive in ACC pay? Find out on your Wednesday episode.

Syracuse football begins 2022 season 12th in ACC Power Rankings - The Juice Online (the juice; Vescovi)

We are less than a month from the start of the college football season, so here are our ACC Power Rankings heading into week 1:

1. NC State
The Wolfpack will be a force to reckoned with in the ACC this year. The team returns a lot on both sides of the ball, albeit with some big shoes to fill on the offensive line. They may be the strongest of all teams in the conference at the one position that matters, quarterback. I am a big fan of Devin Leary. He has found his groove with OC Tim Beck and runs that offense perfectly. He doesn’t turn the ball over and gives his teammates opportunities to make plays.

North Carolina State runs an offense that can do a wide variety of things and it takes a special player to make that happen. No matter who they play, they will get their guys in winnable matchups for 4 straight quarters giving them every opportunity to make plays. On the defensive side of the ball they return some elite playmakers that will make moving the ball on them difficult. With an offense that can control the clock, end drives with touchdowns, and a defense that can stop anyone, the Wolfpack have the opportunity to have a special season.

Road trips to Clemson, North Carolina, Syracuse and Louisville could trip up the Wolfpack. But the rest of the schedule is at home and could provide the opportunity for sensational victories that might springboard the program to something they have never won before: An ACC Championship.

2. Clemson

Everyone knows that Clemson has the best roster in the league with stars on both sides of the ball. They land in the second spot in these power rankings because of the lack of playmaking ability at the quarterback position. DJ Uiagalelei is a solid player but is coming off an uninspiring season. It’s hard to bet against the Tigers with this roster, but it’s also hard to believe Uiagalelei will take the necessary steps forward to be an elite quarterback that is needed to contend for the ACC championship.

The floor for this Clemson team is 10 wins and the ceiling might be 14 or 15 wins with a National Title. But until I see more out of the QB spot, I will be skeptical. I debated having them at No. 3 in these rankings but they did beat the No. 3 team last year so the tie goes to the victors.

3. Wake Forest

Sam Hartman is back. A.T. Perry is back. The long mesh is back. Any conversation about Wake Forest will surely include those three topics. The Demon Deacons return one of the most successful combinations in all of college football on offense with a slew of other playmakers that make the long mesh extremely difficult to stop. The running game doesn’t have a bellcow and will be a committee, but that won’t stop the Deacs from putting up lots of point and winning lots of games.

What will hold Wake Forest back will be their defense. The unit gave up 42 points or more five times last year. They will face some strong offensive attacks from Louisville, NCST, Clemson, UNC, and Boston College, but have more than enough firepower to win those games. Look for the Deacs to be a contender for the Atlantic.

4. Miami

It took until the No. 4 spot to find a team in the Coastal on these Power Rankings, which is no slight to that side of conference, but more of a statement about the depth of the league. The Hurricanes have everything on their current roster to contend not only for an ACC title but a National Title aside from one thing: Experience in those circumstances.

The team has a Heisman candidate at QB in Tyler Van Dyke, weapons at every skill position, and talent all over the defense. They have a new head coach who is encouraging the team to take a more business like approach that should pay dividends for this team. For the better part of two decades, Miami could not get out of their own way.

The administration decided a new direction was needed and it could pay dividends in year one. I think this team is a little green when it comes to experience in big moments and that might hold them back from realizing their full potential. For that reason, I am slotting them in at fourth in the conference despite all of the talent on the team.

5. Pittsburgh

The defending ACC Champs come in at No. 5 not because they aren’t worthy of a higher ranking, but because out of the top 5, they saw the most change at key positions. QB Kenny Pickett is off to the NFL. Offensive Coordinator Mark Whipple is now at the same position at Nebraska. Jordan Addison now plays at Southern California, leaving this team looking much different than the one that won the ACC championship in decisive fashion.

Replacing Pickett will be top-transfer Kedon Slovis who will now work with former BC offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti who runs a much more balanced, QB friendly pro-style offense. Pitt has an experienced offensive line and a deep WR room, although one that doesn’t have a bonafide star. The defense will still be one of the top performers in the conference and will keep the Panthers in the title hunt. The Coastal division may be determined on the last Saturday of the regular season at Hard Rock stadium between Pitt and Miami.

6. Louisville

I am expecting a big step forward for the Cardinals this year. It’s put up or shut up time for Scott Satterfield who vowed to take more deep shots with this offense this year. Malik Cunningham is a terrific quarterback who can make plays with his arm and feet. The team is going to score a lot of points and the defense should be better in 2022. The Atlantic is stacked and it really is anyone’s division to lose. Louisville is a dark horse candidate for the division.

7. Boston College
Boston College scored a big offseason win when QB Phil Jukovec announced he would be returning. The Eagles were 6-2 with him at the helm and if they can get him to suit up for all 12 games, eight wins is the floor for this team. I could see this team sneaking in to the top 5 with the right breaks.

Their schedule is difficult as they play four of the top six in these Power Rankings plus Notre Dame, but they get this Irish late in the season and can pull off the upset. The Eagles are a tough out every night which lands them in the top half of the league.

8. North Carolina

Mack Brown has recruited well for UNC over the last few years, but outside of the 2020 COVID season they have had little to show for it. Gene Chizik returns to Chapel Hill where he looks to reconstruct a flailing defense. The hope is that he can return the unit to the 2015 version he deployed that helped lead the team to 11 straight wins.

The quarterback situation is a toss up between Drake Maye and Jacoby Criswell. The running back room is loaded but the offensive line, a unit that struggled mightily to keep Sam Howell upright, must replace three starters. UNC lands in the No. 8 spot solely due to the recruiting prowess. They’ll be competitive and should become bowl eligible, but it won’t be pretty.

9. Virginia

The Cavaliers have one of the best quarterbacks in the nation in Brennan Armstrong and an incredible corps of receivers, but major questions about who will block for them. Head coach Tony Elliott takes over for Bronco Mendhenhall after a disappointing 2021 campaign that saw many players transfer elsewhere. This is year one of a rebuild but don’t count the Cavaliers out with Armstrong slinging the rock and Ellitott crafting the offense.

10. Florida State

Florida State is Florida State. This almost feels wrong ranking them so low, but I just have not seen enough change in the roster to convince me that they are better than anyone above them in the rankings. They did land several P5 transfers to help bolster the receiving corps and offensive line in order to help Jordan Travis this year.

One positive note is the team performs very well inside the red zone as they score touchdowns 73 percent of the time they get there. The problem will be getting enough trips in to the red zone to win enough games. The schedule is unkind the Seminoles as well with an early season trip to Louisville, followed by consecutive games against BC, WF, NC State, and Clemson. I can see the Seminoles starting the season 1-6 with their lone win against FCS Duquesne. But this team has the ability to surprise anyone, so we shall see.

11. Virginia Tech

Head coach Justin Fuente is gone and Brent Pry is now in charge. He takes over a program that is down on its luck after several years of sinking into mediocrity. The quarterback situation is bleak, but the defense has enough juice to keep them in games.

Pry hired Joe Rudolph away from Wisconsin to run a more balanced offense that fits the personnel of the Hokies. However, after years of mediocrity under Fuente, the locker room is light on offensive talent. QB transfers Grant Wells and Jason Brown will look to lead the offense to new heights but neither was overly impressive at their previous spots.

The offensive line remains a problem which will affect the run game in addition to the passing game. The same problem is true for the defense that is sorely lacking in talent upfront. The linebacker unit has some playmakers, but the scheme under Pry is much different than what the previous staff deployed.

Look for the Hokies to have an up and down season in the first year of the Pry regime.

12. Syracuse

Syracuse enters a pivotal year for the program under Dino Babers, and he knows it. He has hired two excellent offensive coaches in offensive coordinator Robert Anae and quarterbacks coach Jason Beck with hopes that they balance out the rushing attack led by potential All-American Sean Tucker. Will it be enough to save his job? Maybe, but that will require the team to be bowl eligible at season’s end.

The defense will be looking to replace five players on the defensive line while the back eight stays mainly intact. The team has the components to win six games, but the schedule to end the season is extremely difficult. A mild upset of Purdue coupled with wins against UVA, Wagner, UConn, FSU, and BC would get the job done.

But the Orange won’t be a favorite in any of those games except for Wagner and UConn. If the offense can be more effective through the air, anything can happen. I’ll be rooting for SU all year but it might be difficult for them to elevate past the 12th spot in these rankings all year.

The Orange have Sean Tucker, but the offense is (; Richardson)

When opposing defenses begin to game plan for the Syracuse offense, the first name that comes to mind is Sean Tucker. Rightfully so, considering the offense last season revolved primarily around the young running back.

This year, however, the Orange are hoping to be more than just a one-headed monster on offense. New offensive coordinator Robert Anae brings a much more pass-oriented attack to the team, which could alleviate pressure off the legs of Tucker and starting quarterback Garrett Shrader.

Last season, Shrader rushed the ball 173 times for a total of 781 yards. When he's not handing it off to Tucker, Shrader hopes he can let it fly more in 2022.

"Ultimately the goal is to have less carries and [the] same if not more yards," said Shrader. "We got a lot of playmakers so I'd rather give it to them than have me run around with it."

Some of those playmakers include leading receiver from last season, Courtney Jackson, who emerged as the Orange's number one pass-catcher during ACC play. The Orange receiving corps also includes the uberly athletic Damien Alford. Fans may remember the Canadian's game-winning touchdown last year with 19 seconds remaining to topple Virginia Tech on the road.

Shrader did not single out any player in particular, instead harping on the talent of the entire wide receiver room.

"Every single one of them is making plays," said Shrader. "You can throw almost anyone in there with the ones, and they're going to go out and have a catch."


Dakota Davis walks to the practice field Dennis Nett |

SU football fall camp Day 1: WRs adjust to new offense; transfer QB sees goal-line reps (PS; Leiker)

There’s been a spotlight this preseason on how Syracuse football’s quarterbacks and running back Sean Tucker are adjusting to Robert Anae’s pass-heavy offensive scheme.

But there’s another equally important group having to learn the new playbook, too — the wide receivers.

“I think they’re still learning,” SU head coach Dino Babers said on Day 1 of fall camp. “They’re really giving good effort. They looked good today in practice. We had a lot of things go on. ... As a group, those guys are doing really, really well.”

Redshirt senior receiver Devaughn Cooper said the biggest transition has been learning the new terminology and signals employed by Anae and quarterbacks coach Jason Beck. The staff opted to implement the new scheme in phases so it was easier for players to adjust to.

“The coaches came in and worked with us slowly. Eased everything in,” Cooper said. “I think the receivers are getting a hang of everything, and I think they’re getting adjusted pretty good.”

While 2022 will only be Cooper’s second year at Syracuse, he’s a seventh-year college football player. Cooper chose Arizona over Syracuse out of high school, making his way into the receiving rotation as a freshman before an injury forced him to redshirt.

Sean Tucker, Garrett Williams Discuss Start of Training Camp (SI, video; Crawford)

Syracuse star running back Sean Tucker and defensive back Garrett Williams discussed the start of training camp with the media recently. You can hear their comments in the video above or read their quotes below.

Q: What kind of dynamic does it create with a quarterback like Garrett Shrader?

Tucker: "He brings a lot to the table with me and him in the backfield. He can pass, he can run. I can run, I can catch. Definitely keeps the defense on their toes more."

Q: What are you focused on fine tuning in pass protection?

Tucker: "Everything, honestly. I would say, personally, I wasn't the best at it the first two years. Coming in this offseason and fall camp, it's definitely going to be a point of emphasis for me."

Q: How are you stepping up as a leader?

Tucker: "I try to let my performance do the talking for the guys on the team. They see what I do in practice, off the field. I try to lead with my actions more than talking."

Q: What are the expectations Sean Tucker has for Sean Tucker and for Syracuse?

Tucker: "For the team, we want to get to a bowl game this season. Want to go with a positive record. For me personally, be an All American again, go deep in the Heisman race, go deep in the Doak Walker race. Definitely try to beat my all-time record this season."

It’s a Make or Break Year for Dino Babers – Orange Fizz – Daily Syracuse Recruiting News & Team Coverage (; Frank)

No matter what John Wildhack says about Dino Babers’ job status entering this season, if Syracuse does not reach a bowl game, and misses out in a similar fashion to last season, 2022 should be Babers’ final year at the helm of SU football. It is plain and simple. Actions speak louder than words, and in this case, the numbers jump off the page.

Hired before the 2016 season, Babers was able to take a 4-8 team that year and improve them enough that even though the Orange went 4-8 in 2017, there was hope. Then there was 10-3 in 2018, a Camping World Bowl win, multiple draft picks, and it felt like maybe, just maybe SU could compete in the ACC.

In the three years since Syracuse has won 11 games, which is absolutely unacceptable. Last year, Babers wasted the greeted rushing performance in the history of the program and considering what other running backs have worn the SU uniform, that is saying something, with poor clock management, and terrible special teams decision making.

Offense takes center stage as SU opens football camp (; MacWilliam)

College football is back. The Syracuse Orange opened up fall camp on Wednesday morning at the Ensley Athletic Center.

The Orange have high expectations for themselves, even if outsiders do not. On day one of practice, all eyes were on the offense.

Head coach Dino Babers brought in new offensive coordinator Robert Anae this offseason with the hopes of getting more of a balance between the running and passing games.

Players have had time to learn the system, but admitted they're still learning the ropes. They're excited about the potential they can show.

What You Need To Know

  • College football is officially back in Syracuse as the Orange opened fall camp on Wednesday morning
  • With a new offensive coordinator, all eyes are on the offense this season
  • Players said they're still learning, but feel they're all on the same page

"He gives everybody an opportunity to make plays, whether it's running backs or receivers," quarterback Garrett Shrader said of Anae's offense. "And he plays to our strengths too. It makes it a lot easier. They don't put us out of position to do things we may not be good at, so we're growing and getting a lot better. It was a fun first day though. There's a lot of hope for this season."

"Coach Anae is really good at what he does," Babers added. "Our conversations are very short. I'm asking, he fills in the blanks and we move on. We don't think differently. I don't think we think that differently."

As much as fans want to see more of a passing attack, the offense will continue to run through the legs of Sean Tucker after a record-breaking season in 2021.

"Everything we're going to do is based around what he can do, and everything else will build from there," Shrader said. "He's doing a lot more. He's catching the ball a lot, but we're trying to expand our game as much as we can. We're seeing what we're capable of."

"I don't know what his next step is. I think it's just get better," wide receiver Courtney Jackson said. "Everybody is looking to get better. He means so much to this offense, to have an All-American running back like that. It helps me. It takes a lot of attention away from me. He's a big focal point on offense."

Offensive lineman Matthew Bergeron said he thinks the next step for Tucker is the 2,000 rushing yards mark. And while that is so hard to attain, anything is possible.

We'll next get a chance to see the Orange on Friday morning, and to speak with defensive players and specialists.

Five Syracuse Orange players make PFF’s Top 25 position rankings (TNIAAM; Wall)

As the Syracuse Orange football squad begins the 2022 season with their first practice we continue to hear about pre-season honors. Yesterday Pro Football Focus released their Pre-Season All-America teams and top 25 position rankings.

While no one from Syracuse was listed on the three pre-season All-America teams, five Orange players made the positional rankings. Sean Tucker was ranked 11th at running back (and tops among ACC backs) while Mikel Jones and Stefon Thompson were 11th and 21st respectively among off-ball linebackers. The Orange duo were one of four sets of teammates on the linebacker list (LSU, Cincinnati and Iowa were the others).

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 13 Syracuse at Louisville

Stefon Thompson Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Matthew Bergeron was 19th among offensive tackles but PFF tabbed him as a sleeper heading into the season.


Axe: Shrader is the starter, but history says we’ll get to know SU's backup QB (PS; $; Axe)

The backup quarterback will have to step in and call signals.

It’s been the safest bet for the Syracuse University football team in the last decade.

Recent history tells us that by injury or coach’s choice, the No. 2 quarterback at SU needs to be at the ready.

That’s why of all the things that Syracuse head coach Dino Babers said on Tuesday in his first media availability of fall camp, the news that there is a true competition for the No. 2 quarterback spot was the most significant.

The last quarterback to go wire-to-wire at Syracuse was Ryan Nassib in 2012.

Nassib threw for 3,749 yards and 26 touchdowns that season, culminating with a Pinstripe Bowl victory over West Virginia.

Backup Charley Loeb, God bless him, was 1-for-1 for 8 yards that year.

On The Block On Demand 8-3 (ESPN; radio; Axe)

Brent discusses the first day of training camp and shares his expectations for the team a month out from the opener. Later, Brent shares some clips from Coach Babers and Garrett Shrader from after today’s practice.

Get to Know Your Orange Man: #6, QB Garrett Shrader (TNIAAM; De Guzman)

Garrett Shrader
Position: Quarterback
Year: Junior
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 228 lbs
Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.

High School: Charlotte Christian School (Mississippi State)

2021 stats: After playing as the backup through the first three games of the season, Dino Babers shocked many by naming Shrader the starting quarterback for the Liberty game. He’d start the rest of the season, throwing 1,444 yards for nine TDs and rushing for 781 yards and 14 TDs

2022 projections: The Syracuse Orange offense, and perhaps the season, lives and dies by Shrader’s arm. If it’s improved drastically in the offseason, Syracuse’s bowl hopes look increasingly more likely. If it hasn’t, well buckle up.

How’d he get here?: Shrader transferred to Syracuse from Mississippi Stater after two seasons.

What’d recruiting sites say?: Four stars from ESPN and Rivals, three stars from 247sports.

We each give our ACC Atlantic schedule predictions. Let us know what you think!

How can the Miami Hurricanes win the ACC but miss the college football playoff? Grayson analyzes some BOLD predictions for Miami, the ACC, and CFB in 2022. How realistic are these bold predictions? That's a whole nother question.

From names like Mario Williams and Julius Peppers to Aaron Donald and Christian Wilkins, the ACC is known for churning out dominant defensive linemen in the NFL. We shouldn't see a change during the 2022 season, as some elite talent will be displayed on football fields around the ACC. Wake Forest's Rondell Bothroyd is as disruptive as they come, and Clemson has a slew of formidable threats that include Bryan Bresee and Myles Murphy. As usual, the Pitt Panthers will be causing headaches for opposing offensive coordinators as Calijah Kancey and Habakkuk Baldonado look to build on their impressive 2021 campaigns. Check out our list for the top 5 returning defensive linemen in the ACC right here.

Top 5 Returning Offensive Linemen | ACC Football 2022

The true big men on campus are ready to roll this season. The ACC houses some of the nation's finest on the offensive line. These men help their respective offenses shine in addition to helping their skilled offensive teammates become superstars. Clemson's Jordan McFadden is as good as there is at the tackle position. Miami's tandem of DJ Scaife Jr. and Zion Nelson strike fear into opposing defensive lines. Who is our top offensive linemen this season? Find out right here!

UNC Featured On ACC Football Road Trip - University of North Carolina Athletics (

The ACC Network will be in Chapel Hill on Thursday for their ACC Football Road Trip show that will feature the Tar Heel football program on the network beginning that evening at 7 p.m. ET.

Head coach Mack Brown, Assistant head coach for defense Gene Chizik, Preseason All-ACC wide receiver Josh Downs and junior wide receiver Tylee Craft, who is currently being treated for cancer, are all expected to be featured on the program.

The one-hour show will debut on ACC Network Thursday at 7 p.m. and re-air on the network four more times that night and on numerous occasions throughout the remainder of August.

For up-to-date information on Carolina football, visit and follow us on Twitter (@UNCFootball), Instagram (@uncfootball) and Facebook (

The wait is over: Fall camp begins for NC State football :: (; video)

The wait is over. Following an offseason filled with plenty of anticipation, NC State officially kicked off fall camp Wednesday morning.

What could a restructured ESPN ACC rights deal look like? (; JFann)

An actual story continues to simmer under the surface of realignment twitter land. ESPN and the ACC may be looking at a restructured media rights deal.

The UNC Chancellor hinted at this in early July.

“I’m optimistic we’re gonna get a better contract,” he said. “I think ESPN recognizes the importance of a strong ACC, which it really is. It’s an incredibly strong conference.

The Louisville AD also talked about this a couple of weeks ago.

“I think that they understand that the ACC has to be extremely healthy for college athletics to be successful,” Heird said of ESPN. “And so I think they do feel an obligation to make sure that transpires.

ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips also talked about this at the ACC Media Days.

Everything is on the table,” Phillips said. “We’re looking at our TV contract. We’re in engagement almost daily with our partners at ESPN. We’ve come together to have some discussions about what would be the next iteration for the ACC.

Now, Phillips, had this say in a recent NewsOberserver article. It’s behind a paywall, but here is an interesting quote from that article.

Phillips said there’s a willingness in Bristol to meet the ACC halfway, and as much as ESPN has put its chips on the SEC, it’s also an equal financial partner in the ACC Network — invested not only in its success but the long-term health of the league.”

This is from ESPN Reporter David Hale.

I’m not in a spot to say what ESPN might do financially but it is heavily invested in the ACC & it makes financial sense to keep the league together if at all possible. They’re 50% stakeholders in the network with 14 years left on a deal. They don’t want to lose that.
— (@ADavidHaleJoint) July 22, 2022

I’m not really how sure much more can be said to indicate something is potentially in the works between the ACC and ESPN. Don’t think ESPN doesn’t have reasons to work with the ACC for a minute either.

What we don’t know is how this could look, and what are some options.

1. Expansion

The prevailing thought is that very few programs would add value to the ACC’s current media rights deal. Well if the Big 10 can go West, why can’t the ACC? Oregon and Washington are still out there and add Stanford and Cal. I have no problem with that. What about West Virginia, and Cincinnati If the ACC’s base media deal is so bad, how can one of these moves not add value?

2. TV Merger

The Pac 12 and ACC TV Merger was thrown out there about a month ago. This included utilizing the ACC Network for West Coast games – gaining additional subscribers, along with scheduling agreements between the two conferences.

3. Conference Mergers

Could ESPN orchestrate the actual merger of the ACC to the Pac 12, or the Big 12, or both creating an over 30-team conference? I think this idea could be a stretch, as logistically it could be a nightmare but there are crazier ideas out there.

Battle of the Conferences: ACC vs. Big 12 (; Oliver)

Alright, this is a competition to see which conference is better. Not toughest during conference play, but how they play against other conferences. The participating members in the first round are: ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten, Mountain West(you gotta give em love, or else they'll to it to Congress) and the PAC-10. The SEC gets a first round bye, it plays against PAC-10/MWC winner. REMEMBER IT'S YOU THE READERS THAT DECIDE SO PLEASE VOTE!!!AFTER YOU READ!The first match-up is the ACC vs. Big 12.

ACC's Case

  • The ACC is 5-1 against the Big 12.
  • 9 out of 12 teams had winning records, compared to 7/12 in the Big 12.
  • In the 2009 NFL Draft 32 ACC players, got drafted, 28 in the Big 12.
  • The ACC has 90 total wins, the Big 12 has 87.
  • ACC has 10 bowl eligible teams, Big 12 has only 7.
Big 12's Case
  • Big 12 has six 9+ win teams, ACC has 4.
  • Big 12 has 18 National Championships, ACC has 13.
  • Big 12 has 3 11+ win teams, ACC has none.
  • Big 12 has 5 -Top 25- teams, ACC has 2.
Final Statements

OK, so there isn't much feud between these conferences, but remember the Big 12 has big name teams(Oklahoma,Texas,Texas Tech, OK State, Mizzou), but as a whole conference they have bad teams to match those good teams.(Baylor, Iowa State(?), Kansas State(?). If you look at it it's an average conference.

2022 ACC FB Reputation Games (RX; HM)

IMHO, Purdue is a much better program than Illinois. Gotta have Purdue at Syracuse on this list.

2022 ACC FB Reputation Games

Non-conference games don't just affect one team - they affect the reputation of the entire conference. Not only could these games determine the difference between 9 or 10 wins for some, 5 or 6 wins for others, but they usually have a big impact on national rankings. Will Virginia Tech and Pitt both be ranked when they meet each other on October 8th? That depends, in part, on whether they both beat West Virginia. Clemson will probably be ranked, but what about NC State? They likely will be if the Wolfpack hold serve at home against Texas Tech.

Here are the top 10 "most pivotal" non-conference games of 2022 according to All Sports Discussion:

All Sports Discussion's "Most Pivotal" OOC games:

1. November 5th, 2022 – Clemson at Notre Dame
2. September 4, 2022 – Florida State vs LSU
3. September 1, 2022 – West Virginia at Pittsburgh
4. September 10, 2022 – Tennessee at Pittsburgh
5. September 17, 2022 – Miami at Texas A&M
Most Pivotal OOC Games, 1-5
6. November 25, 2022 – Florida at Florida State
7. September 22, 2022 – West Virginia at Virginia Tech
8. September 17, 2022 – Texas Tech at NC State
9. September 9, 2022 – Louisville at UCF
10. September 10, 2022 – Virginia at Illinois

2022 Best/Worst FBS Team in each state (RX; HM)

2022 Best/Worst FBS Team in each state

Which are the BEST teams in each state?

Best team in each state heading into 2022 season
— Saturday Gameday (@SaturdayGameday) August 2, 2022
The ACC can boast the best team in 6/7 ACC footprint states: Miami/FL, Clemson/SC, NC State/NC, UVA/VA, Syracuse/NY, Boston College/MA, and honorable mention Notre Dame/IN.
Which are the WORST teams in each state?

Worst College Football Teams by State heading into 2022 (FBS Only)
— Saturday Gameday (@SaturdayGameday) August 3, 2022

Future Non-Conference Games, Part 4 (RX; HM)

Future Non-Conference Games, Part 4

We've looked at future games against Notre Dame, the SEC, and the Big Ten. Today we'll finish up future P5 OOC schedules (through 2027 at least) by looking at the ACC/Big XII non-conference games on the schedule...

Existing ACC vs. Big XII games:

2022: 6 games

  • WVU @ Pitt
  • Louisville @ UCF*
  • Texas Tech @ NC State
  • WVU @ VT
  • Duke @ Kansas
  • GT @ UCF*

Winless Seasons since 2010 (RX; HM)

Winless Seasons since 2010

Every conference has bottom dwellers, but some are lower than others...

Is this bad?
— Saturday Gameday (@SaturdayGameday) August 2, 2022
Since 2010, three P5 teams (and one soon to be) have laid a goose egg for an entire season:

  • 2020 Vanderbilt
  • 2020 Arizona
  • 2020, 2015 Kansas
  • 2015 UCF
True, most of these occurred during the pandemic-modified 2020 season (when there were few or no non-conference games for these teams to win), but two of them happened in 2015, so no excuses there.


I've read many posts on twitter, CSNBBS, and other places to the effect that the ACC should add either Vanderbilt, Arizona, or Kansas. Bad football moves! UCF is a bit of a special case insofar as their 2015 season was clearly an anomaly (they went 12-1 in 2013, 13-0 in 2017, but apparently had some roster management issues around the time that George O'Leary resigned/retired). Those other teams haven't been bowl-eligible in a few years now (and Kansas hasn't won more than 3 games the whole decade!)

Teel on CFP Expansion (RX; HM)

Teel on CFP Expansion

Where is CFP expansion these days?

How many teams will an expanded College Football Playoff include? Do I hear 8? How 'bout 12 or even 16? And what of AQs? The maneuvering has commenced. Teel: Posturing on College Football Playoff's next model in full force at media days
— David Teel (@ByDavidTeel) July 28, 2022

From Teel: Posturing on College Football Playoff's next model in full force at media days

How best to construct future College Football Playoffs?

According to David Teel,
The CFP Management Committee, comprised of the 10 Bowl Subdivision conference commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick... is scheduled to reconvene in September...
“The 12-team model, featuring the six highest-ranked conference champions and the six highest-ranked at-large teams ... remains our preference... We have supported this model from the start of the process and continue to push for its adoption.”

Big 12 Football Mailbag: Adding ACC Teams, Joey McGuire Hype (; Duke)

Welcome to the HCS Big 12 mailbag. This mailbag is for all you football junkies out there who root for a Big 12 school who not only have questions about your team, but other teams in the conference as well. So, join me, grab a cold brew or your favorite drink and relax as I answer all your Big 12 questions in my mailbag.

I want to thank each one of you who submitted a question this week and for tonight’s drink of choice? It’s an ice-cold Dome Faux’m beer from 8th Wonder Brewery in Houston. Cheers!


Duke: Well @fraserii, thank you for kicking off the mailbag for the 2022 season. As for the Jayhawks, you’re right, they are definitely improving. When I look at the Big 12 schedules for this season, Kansas had the second toughest schedule in the Big 12 in my opinion. Take a look at their road games here. They have to go to West Virginia, Oklahoma, Baylor, Texas Tech, and Kansas State. I don’t see them knocking off Baylor, Oklahoma, or Kansas State on the road. That leaves just West Virginia and Texas Tech. Maybe they can pull an upset in one of those games, but I don’t see them winning both. I am going to take the under here.


Duke: Not to be rude here, but why wouldn’t a Texas Tech fan be excited about Joey McGuire? The man has brought energy to that program that I haven’t seen since I started covering this conference. Money is flowing into the program which is great, and he is a great recruiter with tons of ties in Texas because he was a former high school football coach. He’s a winner everywhere he has been and if the school commits to him and gives him some time, I think Texas Tech has a bright future ahead. I will say, I was never a fan of the Matt Wells hire a few years back, but I feel a lot better about Joey McGuire than I did with Matt Wells. Just give him some time to get his guys in.


Duke: Honestly, there are a few schools in the ACC that could add some value to the conference. Miami, Florida State, Clemson, and Virginia Tech are four teams I would love to have in the Big 12. They rake in a good amount of money and are national brands. It’s all about money these days and if it can help the other Big 12 schools make more money, I am all for it.



Buried Acorn Brewing Co. co-owner Crystal Shore shows off a freshly made Chicago-style Italian Beef sandwich at the brewery's new taproom and kitchen at 900 E. Fayette St. in Syracuse. (Don Cazentre |

Syracuse’s newest brewery tasting room taps into the hottest sandwich on TV (PS; Cazentre)

You don’t need to travel to Chicago, or feed your vicarious craving on TV, to get a taste of the famous Windy City creation, Italian Beef.

A big, messy and spicy Chicago-style Italian Beef sandwich is a featured regular item on the menu at Buried Acorn Taproom and Eats, which opened July 30 at 900 E. Fayette St. in Syracuse.

This taproom is a spinoff of Buried Acorn Brewing, which opened its brewhouse and taproom at 881 Van Rensselaer St. in Syracuse’s Inner Harbor in 2018. (Buried Acorn last fall also added a taproom on a farm in Newfield, near Ithaca.)

The new Syracuse taproom is meant primarily as a showcase for the beers, many sour and/or barrel aged, produced by brewer/owner Tim Shore and his assistant, Sean Place. It’s also got its own kitchen, run by Shore’s wife Crystal, offering flatbreads, paninis, charcuterie and more.

But it’s the Italian Beef that’s capturing a moment. The sandwich is at the heart of the hit Hulu series “The Bear,” set in (and mostly filmed at) a Chicago sandwich ship that specializes in Italian Beef. The show has won accolades for its accurate depiction of restaurant culture.

But don’t accuse Crystal Shore of simply jumping on a hot trend. She grew up in the Chicago area and is a big fan of the iconic sandwich, although she and Tim had not yet watched the TV show before the taproom opened.


Living Legend
Aug 26, 2011
I agree - a Syracuse win over Purdue would be a bigger deal than a UVA win over Illinois. I'm 100% for it! It's time for Dino Babers to step up - or step out.
SU much better chance to beat a team that throws and runs very little than one that just powers over our Dline.. Purdue and SU had about the same stats last year on offense for pts. They lost their best player and we did not.. Lets hope that means something

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