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Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Chauvin Day!

Chauvin Day honors Nicolas Chauvin, a French soldier who idolized Napoleon, who may or may not have existed—he likely is fictionalized, as there is no historical record of him. (Perhaps this is why there isn't consensus about the spelling of his name either—Nicolaus or Nicholas are also used for it.) According to legend, Chauvin was born in Rochefort, in Southwestern France, around 1780. Some accounts say he was born on July 4, 1776, on American Independence Day.

At age 18, during the French Republic, he enlisted as a soldier of the First Army. Then, during the First Empire, he joined Napoleon's La Grande Armée and fought in the Napoleonic Wars. It is said that he was wounded 17 times and experienced maiming and disfigurement and that because of his military contributions Napoleon presented him with the Sabre of Honor and a pension of 200 francs.

Chauvin refused to acknowledge Napoleon's defeat after the Battle of Waterloo, and kept his devotion to Napoleon despite the loss of favor the leader experienced during Restoration France. Because of his blind loyalty to Napoleon, and to anything French, he was ridiculed, first by some of his fellow soldiers, and then by the French public. He became a symbol of other ridiculed veterans of the Napoleonic Wars who stayed loyal to the fallen leader.

The legacy of Nicolas Chauvin continued. In 1831, a French play created by the Cogniard brothers, La Cocarde Tricolore, was modeled after Chauvin's career and shown in Paris. Although a different story about a different character, it presented a protagonist who started out being overly patriotic and eventually became an unrelenting supporter of any cause. More notably, the word "chauvinism" is derived from Chauvin. At first, it was a word ascribed to those who displayed extreme nationalism and national pride. In around 1870 it entered the English lexicon, and its definition shifted to mean "blind or absurdly intense attachment to any cause"—a type of bigotry or bias. Since around the 1970s, the main cause this has become attached to is that of male superiority, and the word is commonly preceded with "male."

But chauvinism is not what Chauvin Day is about. It is about honoring a French soldier who may or may not have existed. Since Chauvin's birthdate is unknown—if he even had one—the holiday is marked on the birthdate of Napoleon. It is unknown how the holiday got its start or who started it, but there are records of it dating back at least to 1978.

SU News

Thompson, Chestnut ready to take next step for SU football (; MacWilliam)

There’s no substitute for hard work, and linebacker Stefon Thompson wouldn’t want it any other way.

Coming off a career year in 2021 and a season that saw Syracuse finish in the top 20 in total defense, Thompson has lofty expectations for the defense this season.

What You Need To Know

  • After awesome seasons in 2021, Stefon Thompson and Darian Chestnut are ready for more in 2022
  • Both are ready for bigger leadership roles this season
  • The duo believe they can make the Syracuse defense one of the best in the nation

“We want to be the best in the nation," Thompson said. "That’s our goal so we work hard every day to be the best.”

With defensive anchors like Mikel Jones and Garrett Williams back, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. But Syracuse will need guys like Thompson and defensive back Darian "Duce" Chestnut to step up their game. Something that’s already noticeable through the first week of camp

“Stefon is one of our leaders," head coach Dino Babers said. "Him and Duce are leaders on the defense. Stef doesn’t get his credit. Stefon Thompson doesn’t get his credit at all. Duce is going to be one of those guys, we’ve got Garrett [Williams] on the other side. People are going to come after him. Our success is going to depend on when people do go after him.”

The duo are embracing new roles as well, and setting high standards for younger guys to follow.

“We just lead by example," Thompson said. "Showing up to meetings early, leading by example.”

“That’s always been that way my whole life, that leadership role, so it’s nothing really new to me,” Chestnut added.

Thompson and Chestnut have also found ways to grow their budding chemistry off the field as well, getting after each other on the basketball court in the off season.

“We used to go in there and hoop," Thompson said. "He’s from Jersey so he’s got some wiggle to him, he can shoot so we go in there, we just goof off, play around."

“[Thompson is] an energetic guy, you might not see it a lot but he’s definitely and energetic guy on the court, we play the game together,” Chestnut said.

It’s just a microcosm of the close relationships the defense shares.

(; simulation; EA Sports)

One of the most realistic and accurate simulations I have seen...

#4 Syracuse vs. NC State | COLLEGE FOOTBALL REVAMPED | EP. 119

Syracuse Football: RB Sean Tucker gets a grade for EA Sports video game (itlh; Adler)

A national analyst has put out a fun piece where he doles out grades to top Atlantic Coast Conference players, including Syracuse football star running back Sean Tucker, for the upcoming EA Sports college football video game.

EA Sports, which is based in Redwood City, Calif., sent out a tweet in February of 2021 that its popular college football video game would be returning.

For those who never stopped believing…#EASPORTSCollegeFootball
— EA SPORTS (@EASPORTS) February 2, 2021

According to some media reports that I came across, this new video game could be coming back during the summer of 2023. It would be the first college football video game for EA Sports since 2014.

In any event, national recruiting director Adam Gorney has published an article where he lists the 10 ACC players who would score best on the video game. Tucker made the cut here.

Syracuse Football: Fans have big takes on Dino Babers big contract report (itlh; Adler)

Syracuse football fans, understandably, have a lot of spirited opinions about Orange head coach Dino Babers and his contract.

I get it. I really like Babers as a person (and a motivator), but in his tenure on the Hill, he’s put forth one winning season and one bowl game.

There are slivers of optimism heading into the 2022 season, even as the ‘Cuse is projected to face a tough schedule. But even still, a lot of my fellow Orange fans wanted Babers gone after the team dropped three in a row to close out 2021 at 5-7.

One of the best parts (most of the time) about my role as site editor for Inside The Loud House is interacting with other ‘Cuse fans on social media and in chat rooms.

Sure, we disagree plenty of times, and unfortunately sometimes there are folks who personally attack other fans. By and large, though, I come across a ton of fun debates and insightful commentary.

Syracuse football fans chimed in on the report over the Dino Babers contact.

Not too long ago, ESPN senior writer and Syracuse University graduate Pete Thamel published a comprehensive article where he detailed some college football programs and their head coaches.

The nugget of interest here, to ‘Cuse fans, is that SU would owe Dino Babers more than $10 million if the university fired him this year, according to Thamel.

Trill Williams Carted Off Field With Injury in Miami Dolphins Preseason Game (SI; McAllister)

In the fourth quarter of the Miami Dolphins first preseason game on Saturday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers threw a screen pass to a wide receiver. Former Syracuse star and reserve Dolphins defensive back Trill Williams read the play, sprinted into the backfield and made the tackle for a five yard loss. That is when things took a turn for the worse.

Williams immediately grabbed his left leg and was later seen crying on the field before he hobbled off with the help of training staff. He was subsequently carted off the field. The fear is that the injury is serious in nature. Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel stated concern after the game.

"We never try to push a direction," McDaniel said. "We try to have science in our statements in regards to injuries. There was some concern, definitely, for his lower extremity. But we'll find out more tomorrow (Sunday) exactly what it is."

Williams was undrafted last year and signed with the New Orleans Saints as a free agent. The Saints waived him and he was claimed by the Dolphins. During training camp in 2021, Williams performed well enough to make the 53-man roster. He only appeared in one game, but attacked the offseason extremely hard.

Coaches Talk Anonymously About Louisville Football Quarterback Malik Cunningham - Sports Illustrated Louisville Cardinals News, Analysis and More (SI; McGavic)

Heading into a crucial year four under head coach Scott Satterfield, the Louisville football program is facing moderate expectations after experiencing back-to-back losing seasons

One reason that expectations of an eight-plus win season have been so prevalent throughout the Cardinals fanbase is due to the amount of returning talent that Louisville boasts. Most importantly, quarterback Malik Cunningham is returning for one final year in college.

Many opposing coaches and players in the ACC have publicly sung Cunningham's praising over the offseason, but what do they really think of him? As it turns out, these remarks have been far from coach speak.

ESPN recently spoke with more 15 coaches and defensive coordinators in the Power Five and Group of Five to anonymously break down some of the best quarterbacks in college football. Unlike when Athlon Sports anonymously asked ACC coaches to give their true feelings on Louisville as a whole, the coaches that ESPN spoke to had nothing but positive things to say about Cunningham.

Coaches were very bullish on Cunningham, who ranked seventh in the league in passing but fifth in rushing, finishing 14th nationally in total offense.
"I'm sure if you take a poll of all of the ACC and you say, 'Who don't you want to play against?' He's pretty high on the list," a defensive coordinator said of Cunningham.
Added an ACC coach: "He's the most dynamic guy in our league. Super athletic, throws a good deep ball, understands their offense."
At only 6-foot-1 and 190 pounds, Cunningham's NFL outlook isn't as promising as that of several other ACC quarterbacks. But he's a true dual threat who can gash defenses on just about any play.
"He's scary athletically like [former Louisville star Lamar Jackson], but he can't throw it like Lamar," an ACC coach said. "But he's an athlete. He can beat your ass by himself."

ACC football on the upswing and it couldn't come at a better time | D'Angelo (; D'Angelo)

The long-term future of the ACC may not be trending in a positive direction, but the immediate future of football could be a bright spot.

This is not to say that Charlie Ward and Lawrence Taylor have walked through that door, or the ACC is ready to put three teams in the College Football Playoff. But at a time when the league needs an infusion of good news, it could come in the form of the 2022 football season.

The league placed five teams in the USA Today/coaches preseason poll — No. 4 Clemson, No. 13 North Carolina State, No. 16 Pittsburgh, No. 17 Miami and No. 19 Wake Forest — second only to the SEC with six. This is the same SEC that will tell you its only rival is the NFL.

And the ACC is the lone conference with five teams in the top 20.

The Associated Press poll will be released Monday. The league did suffer a setback when it was learned Wake Forest will be without quarterback Sam Hartman for an extended time. The 2021 second-team All-Conference QB had a medical procedure Tuesday.

Still, the strength of the league is in its quarterback class.

Ten of the 14 teams return at least one quarterback with starting experience and two others have brought in a transfer who started at his previous school. Phil Steele ranks six ACC teams — Miami, Louisville, NC State, Wake, Virginia and Boston College — among the top 12 quarterback rooms in the country.

"I have never seen it," NC State coach Dave Doeren said when asked about the depth at the position. "I think you're going to see a slugfest.

"If you are playing a team whose quarterback is not savvy and doesn't have experience and yours is, you have a great advantage. We don't have that in any game as far as playing against a nonstarter."

Introducing the New DEACTOWN Ambassador Program - Wake Forest University Athletics (

Wake Forest Athletics is extremely excited to introduce a new DEACTOWN Ambassador Program for the upcoming 2022 football season.

The new DEACTOWN Ambassador Program calls upon Demon Deacon supporters to welcome new fans to DEACTOWN.

Whether you want to spend more time with family and friends, reward your employees, or donate your tickets to an organization that you support, the DEACTOWN Ambassador program is right for you.

By purchasing 20 or more tickets to select Wake Forest football games inside Truist Field, you can do your part to provide value to University, Winston-Salem, and the Triad Communities. This innovative initiative provides unique opportunities for all to experience ACC football and a world class event.

If you're interested in becoming a DEACTOWN Ambassador, please click here to be contacted about opportunities for the 2022 football season.

The ACC is making more money than ever. So why is the league's future so uncertain? :: (; Murphy)

The Atlantic Coast Conference set records in 2020 in revenue generation and distribution to its member institutions, indicators that are nearly as important as wins and losses in college athletics these days.

But it wasn’t enough to keep the Greensboro-based league from falling further behind two other major college athletic conferences in those key financial metrics—a revenue gap that is likely to grow significantly in coming years and threaten the future of the ACC, a conference as much a part of the fabric of North Carolina as Cheerwine and pulled pork.

The athletic conferences are nonprofit entities and file tax forms with the Internal Revenue Service that spell out their revenues and expenses, including distributions to member institutions. WRAL News analyzed two decades of tax records filed by the top five NCAA conferences, a period of enormous financial growth, movement of schools and increasing budgets, financed in large part due to skyrocketing television rights fees.

The financial and power chasm between the top two conferences and everyone else poses big questions and foretells big changes for college athletes, fans and academic institutions.

“If you think about what these distributions were, five or 10 or 20 years ago, the idea that we need more is mind boggling at this point,” Wake Forest athletic director John Currie told WRAL News.

What is the revenue gap?

Over two decades, the ACC has seen its revenues soar as television rights have increased exponentially, not only directly for the conference-held rights to regular-season games but for postseason games in football and men’s basketball.

The ACC brought in about $84 million in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2001, distributing almost $8 million to each of its then-nine league members. Twenty years later, the league reported making $578.3 million in revenue during the 2020-21 fiscal year and distributed an average of $36.1 million to its 15 members, which included Notre Dame as a full member during the pandemic football season of 2020.

Two of its competitors, however, have grown even quicker.

The Southeastern Conference, with football powerhouses such as Alabama, Georgia and Florida, generated $833.3 million and distributed an average of $54.6 million to its 14 members in the 2020-21 fiscal year, the last year for which financial data is available.

The Big Ten, with football stalwarts Ohio State and Michigan and huge numbers of alumni from large Midwestern state schools, generated $679.8 million and distributed an average of $48.7 million to its 14 members in the 2020-21 fiscal year, even as the conference played an abbreviated football schedule.

The differences in those annual payouts, starting small and growing larger each year, is the revenue gap. About 37% of athletic department revenue across the FBS comes from conference distributions. The ACC is at 36%, but the Big Ten is at 50% and the SEC is at 61%, according to 2021 data from the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics. Donor contributions make up 28% of ACC athletic department revenue.

Story of Miami, Ruiz, and NIL (RX; HM)

Story of Miami, Ruiz, and NIL

What's actually going on at "the U"? Check out this short (7:23) video

ESPN: The Impact of John H. Ruiz

& LifeWallet on NIL

ESPN: The Impact of John H. Ruiz & LifeWallet on NIL

My Take: Miami is one of the few schools where NIL is being done right. The NCAA launched an investigation into the Hurricanes program - no doubt at the request of certain other schools who will go unnamed - but in my opinion it's these "NIL collectives" (like the one at Texas A&M) which need to be scrutinized!

Where do 2022 ACC QBs rank in the FBS? (RX; HM)

Where do 2022 ACC QBs rank in the FBS?

From AthlonSports: College Football Starting QB Rankings for 2022 (Top 131)

Ranking the quarterbacks by conference or nationally is no easy task. To help compile the rankings, there was some projection involved for 2022. This was not a ranking of quarterbacks only based on accomplishments so far or pro potential. All factors - pure talent, supporting cast, having a clear hold on the No. 1 position, previous production/career stats, 2021 projection and scheme changes (just to name a few) - were considered and projected to rank all 131 quarterbacks in the nation for 2022. This list could look a lot different by kickoff, especially once some of the battles are settled across the FBS level.

Here's where the ACC's starting QBs rank in relation to the rest of the FBS for 2022:
119. Riley Leonard, Duke
New coach Mike Elko has a major rebuilding effort in Durham but solving the quarterback battle between Leonard and Jordan Moore could speed up how competitive this team is in ’22. Both players saw reps as true freshmen behind starter Gunnar Holmberg (later transferred to FIU) last season but are still largely inexperienced. Leonard completed 37 of 62 throws for 381 yards and a touchdown, while Moore connected on nine of his 19 attempts for 95 yards and a score. Both quarterbacks showed an ability to churn out yardage on the ground (Moore with 221 yards and Leonard with 173), but neither ended limited playing time with their average passing yards per attempt above 6.2. The Blue Devils return four starters along the offensive line, and receiver Jalon Calhoun (56 catches) is back on the outside. Those two factors will help to ease the new Duke starter into the lineup.
82. Grant Wells, Virginia Tech
Inconsistent quarterback play plagued the Hokies at the end of the Justin Fuente era, and new coach Brent Pry revamped the room with the additions of Wells (Marshall) and Jason Brown (South Carolina) from the portal. A pair of freshmen – Tahj Bullock (redshirt) and Devin Farrell (true) – are also in the mix, but all signs point to Wells holding the inside track for the No. 1 spot. The West Virginia native played in 23 games over the last two years with the Thundering Herd and connected on 64.4 percent of his throws for 5,626 yards and 34 touchdowns to 22 picks. Wells also averaged a solid 7.9 yards per attempt and connected on 28 throws of 40-plus yards from 2020-21. Transitioning to a tougher conference and adapting to a new scheme top the list of challenges for Wells in ’22 under play-caller Tyler Bowen, but he also has to do a better job at limiting mistakes.
[By the way, former Hokie QB Hendon Hooker, now playing for Tennessee, is #9 - Hokie Mark]
81. Garrett Shrader, Syracuse
Shrader spent two years at Mississippi State before transferring to suit up for Dino Babers at Syracuse. The North Carolina native unseated starter Tommy DeVito for the final nine contests and provided a short-term spark, guiding the Orange to a couple of close losses to Florida State, Wake Forest and Clemson before posting wins against Virginia Tech and Boston College. Shrader threw for 1,445 yards and nine touchdowns to four picks, but his real value came on the ground (781 yards and 14 scores). Additionally, he had three efforts of at least 100 rushing yards and posted four games of at least two rushing touchdowns. However, after a fast start, Shrader cooled a bit in November. In Syracuse’s last three games, he completed just 35 of 62 passes for 326 yards. His accuracy (52.6) and quarterback rating (113.7) ranked near the bottom of the ACC. A full offseason to work under Babers and new play-caller Robert Anae is a plus, but Shrader has to be better as a passer for Syracuse to improve offensively in ’22.
80. Jeff Sims, Georgia Tech

2022 Fall Olympic Sports on ACCN (RX; HM)

2022 Fall Olympic Sports on ACCN

From the ESPN Press Release of August 12, 2022 (To share: ACC Network to Present Extensive Field Hockey, Men’s and Women’s Soccer and Volleyball Coverage This Fall)

ACC Network to Present Extensive Field Hockey, Men’s and Women’s Soccer and Volleyball Coverage This Fall

  • Over 70 events slated for ACCN; additional 400-plus events on ACCNX
  • Sunday’s Best features strong schedule of women’s sports
  • Friday nights belong to men’s soccer


BGB's Best 2022 CFB Team by State (RX; HM)

BGB's Best 2022 CFB Team by State

Big Game Boomer really outdid himself this time...

The Best College Football Team In Every State

This Season
— Big Game Boomer (@BigGameBoomer) August 12, 2022
This won't be popular in Indiana, Kentucky, or Virginia! I'm sure Canes, Tigers, Wolfpack, and Eagles fans are fine with this, of course.

2022 ACC Pride: Football and Soccer (RX; HM)

2022 ACC Pride: Football and Soccer

From the official ACC release of August 12, 2022...

ACC "Points of Pride"

No other conference won more NCAA national championships in 2021-22 than the ACC. The league's seven titles matched the conference's record in an academic year, which was set in 2009-10. The ACC brought home NCAA Championships in:

  1. women's cross country (NC State)
  2. women's soccer (Florida State)
  3. men's soccer (Clemson)
  4. women's swimming & diving (Virginia)
  5. fencing (Notre Dame)
  6. men's tennis (Virginia)
  7. women's lacrosse (North Carolina).
Additionally, ACC student-athletes won 20 individual national titles in 2021-22.

ACC College Football Futures: Miami Has A Shot To Win It All (; Troy)

The ACC is one conference that I think could have more drama this year than others. There is one team I like and think it is worth playing, and a few others that might have some intrigue to bring to the table. Let’s break this down and see where we are at. There are two clear top teams for me.

Clemson is probably the class of the ACC conference and I would bet they make it to the Championship game. If they get there, I really doubt that I’ll be able to play them to win the game at -155. So, I am locking in a play on Clemson to win the Championship. Ultimately, futures can be mostly about value, but I do think Clemson could win the conference. So, I think this works both ways. Last year, they were just 6-2 and didn’t make the game. But, I kind of looked at that as a rebuilding year.

Miami is another team that I’m taking a ticket on. At +500, I love the value. I think that Miami has a real shot to return to their glory years and even capture the trophy. I’ve been disappointed in them for a few years now, but this team looks like it has the potential to be ranked and compete with just about anyone. I’m encouraged by Tyler Van Dyke taking the ball for them after a 25 touchdown, 6 interception season last year. Defensively they can be strong as well. I really like this play and think that if we see Miami vs. Clemson in the game, Miami won’t be a +500 dog in the game.

Hokie Heat: Bill Roth’s Best Moments on the Mic (; podcast; Roth)

In the Fall of 1985, as a Junior at Syracuse University with the iconic Mike Tirico by his side, Bill Roth stepped into a Lane Stadium press box for the first time. He was on the call for WAER as the Hokies faced the Orangemen in Blacksburg. Little did he know, three years later he'd call Virginia Tech home. Now, Bill Roth is back as the voice of Hokies football once again. Let's take a trip down memory lane with Bill himself and reflect upon his Top 5 calls in Virginia Tech football history!

Syracuse Recruiting Roundup: Nyair Graham, Tre McLeod, JP Estrella - The Juice Online (the juice; Auger)

When the curtain goes up on Syracuse’s 2022 campaign at home against Louisville on September 3, all eyes will be on the Orange’s aerial attack. Robert Anae takes over as offensive coordinator while Jason Beck is the new quarterbacks coach. There will also be plenty of other eyes on, and at, that game too.

The Syracuse coaching staff continues to send out invitations to the game to prospective recruits.

Marcus Reed

Reed is a Class of 2025 kid from Cicero-North Syracuse. His HUDFL profile lists him as a QB/OLB. He stands 6-foot-2 and is 170 pounds. Neither 247Sports nor Rivals has Reed in their database.

DaMien Littleton, Jr

Originally from Buffalo, Littleton recently announced he is reclassifying to the Class of 2023 and enrolling at Palmetto Prep Academy in South Carolina. Littleton lists himself as a 6-foot-1, 220-pound RB on his Twitter profile. Neither 247Sports nor Rivals has him in their database.

Darien Williams

Williams is local product who plays at Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse. A Class of 2025 recruit, Williams is a 5-foot-11, 150-pound wide receiver.

Jordan Rae

The Class of 2023 recruit is a teammate of Williams at CBA-Syracuse. The quarterback prospect is 6-feet tall and weighs 185 pounds. Neither 247Sports nor Rivals has him in their database.

Daniel Adefolarin

Adefolarin is a 6-foot-4, 225-pound defensive end out of Neumann Goretti in Philadelphia. He is listed but unranked by both 247Sports and Rivals. Temple has offered the Class of 2025 recruit according to 247Sports.

Tre Mcleod

A member of the Class of 2024, McLeod is ranked a 4-star running recruit by both 247Sports and Rivals. Out of Wyncote, PA, he has offers from Syracuse, Boston College, Cincinnati, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Texas A&M, and West Virginia.

Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey: Episode 2 Talking Roster, College Football and Virginia Tech Hokies (; podcast; Fahvaag & Manning)

Concentrating on the 2022 Season Ahead

Face it, we aren’t getting a whole lotta love from the sports media this year. After the last false start, most of the media is sort of quietly writing off the Hokies and their brand spanking new coaching staff. It’s basically everyone’s rookie year at this level and these coaching assignments so the media expectations are set extremely low. Bryan and John (Jay was on the road and out of touch) go over some of the roster issues, talk about some of the coaching changes and what they mean. It’s just a general discussion of the topics at hand for the close of the first week of Fall Practice.

Ignoring the Elephant in the Room, for Now

One note as you listen, you aren’t going to hear much from us on speculation regarding college football realignments, professionalization, or compensation for now. It’s not that they aren’t juicy topics to discuss, it’s just that we are avoiding rank speculation in the absence of hard evidence. So, we are consciously avoiding any premature commentary. Don’t get us wrong, we really want to talk about the issues, but we are on the outside just like nearly everyone else in sports commentary world. Instead of floating guess, spreading rumors, or just yammering on about it, we are going to hold our tongues on the subject until we actually have something more concrete to talk about.

It is mid-August...Who are now the favorites to join the Big Ten in conference expansion? (; Dyer)

College football expansion rumors may have quieted down a bit over the past week or two, but the re-shaping of the college football landscape is going nowhere.

In all likelihood, each Power Five conference will look different and some dramatically different in the next two to three years. The SEC could add two or maybe four more schools. The Big Ten seems destined to continue its westward expansion and maybe try to go south a bit. The ACC? Well, they are likely to get table scraps right now.

A look at what dozen programs could be heading to the Big Ten as the conference looks to not just narrow the gap with the SEC but perhaps sit atop the conference echelon.

12. Utah

Rarely talked about for Big Ten inclusion, Utah brings a strong football program and a rich basketball history. Salt Lake City is no slouch as the No. 30 media market in the nation either (that’s larger than No. 33 Columbus for instance or No. 38 Austin).

11. Syracuse

Could Syracuse make the switch from the ACC? While not an AAU member, Syracuse brings upstate New York and gives the Big Ten another foothold in the New York market. Football is a bit dour lately but men’s basketball as well as tradition-rich programs in lacrosse and soccer are a big plus.

10. Colorado

An AAU institution that would bring some geographical help for Nebraska. Denver is the No. 16 market in the nation and don’t forget about Colorado Springs (No. 82).


Tommy DeVito: A look at the Illinois football quarterback, Syracuse transfer (; photo gallery; Hall)

Here is a look at Illinois Fighting Illini quarterback Tommy DeVito, who is a transfer from Syracuse. DeVito's hometown is Cedar Grove, New Jersey.



Several of the local books available at Parthenon books in Syracuse.

58 local titles you’ll find at Parthenon, Syracuse’s new downtown bookstore (PS; $; Adame)

Just inside the front door at Syracuse’s newest bookstore is a sleek black shelf unlike any other in the store. It’s filled to the brim with titles from local authors.

The shelf is part of what’s solidifying the reputation of Parthenon Books—the first downtown bookstore in 30 years—as a local bookstore for local people.

Eden Majewski, a lead bookseller and social media manager, researches and selects books by local authors for Parthenon. One of the reasons that she chose to work at Parthenon is because she wanted to be a part of a community-oriented bookstore that acts more like a building block.

“Parthenon is huge about being a part of the downtown Syracuse community,” said Majewski. “We love stocking local authors, local artists, all of the murals are done by local artists. All of the art on the walls are local artists. We have a local coffee roaster, local bakery. It’s like a really big part of our identity is having local people and their skills and their talents involved in the store. Probably the biggest part of our identity, outside of books.”

Since opening their doors on June 25, Parthenon has received 40 to 50 book submissions, with half of those being submitted during their first week. At the moment, there are currently 58 books by local authors on the shelves, the latest being Papa, Daddy, and Riley by Seamus Kirst. The latest children’s book of Parthenon’s collection, Papa, Daddy, and Riley is a story that’s main message is that not all families look the same.

“Yep, I work with all the local authors,” said Majewski. “I do the reviewing. I review their submissions, talk to them about what they want to do with the store, kind of decide what we can stock and what kind of relationship we can have going forward – is probably one of the most fun parts.”


All American
Jun 18, 2018

The article lists recruits we are sending invitations to for the first game. The author includes Jordan Rae but doesn't include any info other than his school, CBA. I think we should be paying attention to Jordan because his stats warrant that we do. Another NYS recruit not far away. From his Twitter:

Jordan Rae 2023
>CBA Syracuse ‘23| 4.63 40 time| 6’0 185lbs| 2021 NYS Champion| 2021 1st Team All State, CNY & League QB<| cell number: 315-572-7477| email:

Syracuse, November 2018

Jordan Rae

Dec 7, 2021

>Junior Year Highlights 2405 passing yards 26 TD's 323 rushing yards 7 TD's State Champions<

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