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Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to National Beach Day!

National Beach Day was created to celebrate the beach, and to encourage the cleaning up of beaches worldwide, in order to save the lives of ocean mammals and sea birds. Every day, animals are killed by fishing line, plastic, cans, oil spills, and other trash. The day was created in 2014 by Colleen Paige, creator of other days such as National Dog Day.

How to Observe National Beach Day

Celebrate the day by going to the beach! It doesn't matter if it is a beach at an ocean or at a lake. Go out for a swim or simply lay on a beach towel in the sand. Have a party or picnic, or take photographs of the wildlife, sand, and water. Besides relaxing at the beach, the day is best spent by cleaning up garbage and debris, so that the beach looks cleaner and animals are safer. If you are looking for a soundtrack to the day, the Beach Boys should suffice.

SU News

BOZICH | Nobody has owned Syracuse football more than Satterfield, Louisville (wdrb; Bozich)

Drew Carter, Tim Hasselbeck and Kelsey Riggs have the call for the University of Louisville's season-opening football game at Syracuse Saturday at 8 p.m. on the ACC Network.

I'm here to help with their pre-game research. When I checked the Syracuse numbers the last two seasons, I found something that would make Marv Albert, Bob Costas, Mike Tirico, Jason Benetti or any other member of the Syracuse media Hall of Fame howl.

Guess which program punished the Orange with their worst loss in 2020 and again in 2021?

Two mediocre Louisville football teams, that's who.

Syracuse coach Dino Babers drove Bobby Petrino into the unemployment line in 2018 but Babers has been helpless and clueless in two games against Louisville teams coached by coach Scott Satterfield.

In 2020, when the Orange won once in 11 games, the Cardinals delivered a punishing 30-0 victory. Syracuse did not lose that badly to the four ranked teams that defeated them that season, including Clemson and Notre Dame, squads that made the national playoff.

Hey, it happens. Small sample size. Statistical anomaly. Find something else to build a column on, right?

I would have. Until I also noticed this: Syracuse finished 5-7 last season but the Orange were this close to winning two or three more games. They have Sean Tucker, the best back in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

They lost a home game to Rutgers by 10. They lost back-to-back-to-back games to Florida State, Wake Forest and Clemson by 3. They were beaten by ACC champion Pittsburgh, 31-14.

Nobody overwhelmed Syracuse the way that Louisville overwhelmed Syracuse. The score was 41-3.

The Cardinals defeated Syracuse by 38. For the Orange, the average margin of defeat in their six other losses was 10 points.

Louisville rolled last season with a good but hardly exceptional game from quarterback Malik Cunningham. Yes, he threw four touchdown passes without an interception, completing 13 of 18 throws for 209 yards.

But Cunningham only ran 7 times for 19 yards, his lowest output of the season.

The Cards did not need Cunningham to make sensational plays. They limited the Orange 184 yards. Syracuse posted season lows in total yards, first downs, passing yards and points.

Remember the crack that Syracuse linebacker Mikel Jones made at the ACC kickoff event in Charlotte, North Carolina last month?

The one that made you wonder if Jones failed concussion protocol.

Asked about the challenge of facing Cunningham at home in Week One, Jones said, “I don't see it as much of a challenge.”

The Orange have been performing cleanup on Aisle 7 for weeks. As he begins his seventh year with one winning season, Babers consistently appears on those pesky preseason Coaching Hot Seat lists.

Syracuse football Week 1 depth chart (Louisville): Backup quarterback revealed, key defensive lineman omitted (; Bailey)

Syracuse football released its Week 1 depth chart on Monday, five days before the team is set to host Louisville in the JMA Wireless Dome. The Orange will kick off Year 7 of the Dino Babers era on Saturday at 8 p.m.

SU's two-deep listing didn't include any major surprises. Florida quarterback transfer Carlos Del Rio-Wilson has secured the backup job after working in regularly behind returning starter Garrett Shrader during preseason camp. True freshman running back LeQuint Allen also earned a spot on the No. 2 line, beating out New Mexico State transfer Juwaun Price.

Continuing through the offense, versatile big-bodied pass-catcher Oronde Gadsden II is officially listed as a tight end after working since the spring in a unique and versatile role. The sophomore previously described it as a flex wide receiver spot, having lined up out wide, in the slot, in line, on the wing and in the backfield in front of media throughout camp. Damien Alford, Isaiah Jones, Courtney Jackson, Devaughn Cooper and Trebor Pena are all listed as co-starters at the official receiver spots.

And up front, Syracuse will trot out the same starting group that it leaned on during the back half of camp (left to right): Matthew Bergeron, Kalan Ellis, Carlos Vettorello, Chris Bleich, Dakota Davis.

Switching to the defense, veteran end Steve Linton was not included in the listing. He was in and out of the lineup during the preseason due to an apparent lower-body injury, though head coach Dino Babers said on Monday that "he's overcome that and should be close to full speed" for the opener.

Redshirt freshman Jatius Geer is listed on the No. 1 line with Terry Lockett and Caleb Okechukwu while Kevon Darton, Chase Simmons and true freshman Denis Jaquez Jr. compose the second unit.

The linebacker unit saw redshirt freshman Austin Roon earn a spot on the second team after a strong camp. And on the back end, Rutgers transfer Alijah Clark has earned a starting spot at field safety. He's expected to line up alongside Ja'Had Carter and Justin Barron, though Babers described his backups as "1.5s" in Rob Hanna, Jason Simmons Jr. and Louisville transfer Bralyn Oliver.

Louisville releases depth chart for week 1 vs. Syracuse (; Rutherford)

Ahead of Saturday night’s game at Syracuse, Louisville football has released its first official depth chart of the 2022 season. It’s not without a few surprises.

Here’s what we’re rolling with against the Orange:



—It was going to take a pretty dominant fall camp effort for one of the running backs to earn the starting spot without an “OR” next to his name, and it looks like we got that from Tiyon Evans. He’s winning the Heisman.

—With all the buzz around his name I suppose it shouldn’t be a huge shock to see that Tyler Hudson is the only WR who really separated himself from the others at his position.

—Being able to rotate liberally on the defensive line has been a theme from the coaches during fall camp, so I suppose starters don’t matter there quite as much as they have in recent years. That said, it’s still a bit surprising to see Jermayne Lole listed as a backup for week one. I’m still expecting a monster season from the Arizona State transfer.

—Kei’Trel Clark, the player many believe to be Louisville’s best on either side of the ball, is still battling for a starting spot. The other CB spot is still up for grabs as well.

—Josh Minkins beating out Temple transfer MJ Griffin for the strong safety spot would have been a mild surprise heading into the summer.

—The placekicker job still being up in the air is ... maybe a little bit concerning? You would have hoped one of those guys would have separated themselves by this point. But who knows? Maybe they have and this is just to keep up appearances.

—Jawhar Jordan taking one to the house on the opening kickoff against his old team would be the most ideal start to a season ever.

(; radio; Orange Nation)

Steve and Paulie start the show reacting to Dino Babers' Louisville week press conference and playing notable comments from Coach. Then, a couple of familiar callers join the show to discuss the Syracuse football opener. Later,'s Mike McAllister joins the show to preview the SU football season and react to the newly released depth chart.

Orange Watch: The most difficult opener in recent Syracuse football history - The Juice Online (the juice; Bierman)

For only the second time since joining the ACC in 2013, Syracuse opens up the regular season with a conference game but it comes with an asterisk. The 2020 season’s initial contest against North Carolina materialized because of the COVID-19 pandemic playing havoc with the original schedule.

This time around the ACC decided SU-UL was to be the opening conference game on the ACC Network’s Saturday night primetime schedule, so with no choice in the matter all Babers can do is make sure his team is ready to play at the highest-level right off the bat.

“This will be a rare opportunity for us starting with a conference game,” Babers said Monday at his first in-season press conference. “It’s unusual and we’re excited about that. We’re also excited to be back at home after last year opening up on the road.”

In fact, it’s the first home opener since 2017, and hopefully a large crowd (35,000?) turns out to see what all the pre-season positive talk is about, while doing its part to be loud and disruptive towards a potent Louisville team that’s outscored Syracuse 127-37 the last three years.

“Go down 0-1 in conference, that’s heavier weight than just losing a football game,” Babers added. “So that’s the big difference. A conference game. Thank you, ACC, we can’t wait.”

On the depth chart released Monday, there will be four players who have never started a game in their SU careers (it could end up being five depending on the punter), and a whopping 13 players listed as second string at their position who are either true or redshirt freshmen.

“The issue of having a conference game first,” Babers analyzed, “is you normally get to sift through those things (getting new starters and backups comfortable in their roles) in games two, three, and four.”

This year the staff doesn’t have that luxury.

Historically, in 22 season-opening games this century under five Syracuse head coaches, the overall record is an even 11-11 despite being skewed by playing more Power Five conference teams (13) than Mid-American Conference (plus Liberty) and FCS opponents (9).

Syracuse football: 2022 season predictions from the TNIAAM staff (TNIAAM; Staff)

Ok Syracuse Orange fans. No more hypotheticals here. Today we get down to our actual predictions. Will we be #Orangeoptimists or #DisloyalIdiots? We put our reputations on the line as we tell you what we think the 2022 Syracuse football season will look like. Let’s get to it:

Steve: 6-6, 3-5 Fenway Bowl

You saw it last week that I did the 6-6 dance as I usually do in our planned exercise. This time I’m all for that outcome and think it’s reasonable. I’m high on the new staff straightening some things around with Shrader’s arm and riding the legs of the best running back we’ve seen in a long time around here. The biggest thing keeping me from higher on the team is the inexperience of the defensive line. Overall, the team has talent and I think will put in enough to get to a bowl in a baseball stadium because we seem to like those.

Christian: 4-8, 2-6, No Bowl

I swear we aren’t just copying our “Why Syracuse will finish ____ in 2022” scenarios.

This really boils down to one person for me: Garrett Shrader. He needs to show that he’s made the jump with his arm to at least be respected as an aerial threat. Otherwise, one of Carlos Del-Rio Wilson or Justin Lamson (if healthy) better be ready to step in mid-season. While he may have improved a bit, the lone improvements Syracuse fans and media members have seen have been against air or in one-on-one drills. If Shrader’s arm is better, Syracuse can get to a bowl. I just don’t think it’s happening however.

Now able to see the future, amateur psychic predicts what's to come at SU (DO; Hunt)

Over the summer, while some of you pretended to be more successful than you are on LinkedIn, I was busy becoming a psychic. That’s right. While most of you wrote your little emails and hopped on your boring Zoom calls, I was hard at work Googling how to become a psychic.

After several deep dives into the internet, I was suddenly able to see the future. With great power, however, comes great responsibility, and it is my obligation to the entire Syracuse student body to share the visions I have seen so far in my psychic career. Here are my predictions as an amateur psychic for what might happen this year at Syracuse:

1. An entire floor of Bird Library will be converted into another Popeyes. Acropolis wasn’t enough for the hungry corporate elites at Popeyes— the whole third floor of Bird Library will be converted into the popular fast food restaurant chain. In my visions, the ancient book pages will be used as napkins for customers to wipe their greasy fingers on.

2. The Marshall Street Preacher will take over for Chancellor Kent. This disturbing vision came to me in a dream. According to my vision, the Marshall Street Preacher will ban all forms of sexual contact on campus. However, do not fret, dear reader—it’s not like you were getting any to begin with.

3. My visions have confirmed that walking will be banned on campus. Instead, students will have to use VEO scooters to get to and from classes. Out with legs, in with overpriced death scooters!

4. We will lose a football game. Actually, I just got another vision. We will lose multiple football games. But you didn’t need a psychic to tell you that.

5. The Crouse Chimemasters will butcher their rendition of Jack Harlow’s “First Class.” Why would someone think that Jack Harlow’s masterpiece could be properly chimed? Only time will tell.

What’s college football saying about Syracuse? (TNIAAM; Wall)

Each week, we’ll take a look at what other college football media sites are saying about the Syracuse Orange.


In this week’s SP+ rankings Syracuse starts the year in the 64th spot with the offense 77th while the defense ranks 53rd. The Orange are ranked between Memphis and Virginia. This week’s opponent the Louisville Cardinals are 39th with their offense 32nd and defense 50th.

The Football Power Index has Syracuse in 60th between Boston College and Army. Louisville is 36th in the FPI.

ESPN’s ACC columnists Andrea Adelson and David Hale released pre-season power rankings which have Syracuse 10th in between Virginia and Boston College writer Mark Schlabach has the Orange finishing with a 4-8 record, 2-6 in the ACC.

The local writers all think the Orange will win enough to make a bowl game this year.

ACC Power Rankings: Week One - Sports Illustrated Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets News, Analysis and More (SI; Caudell)

Here at, I will be doing ACC Power Rankings every Monday after the games. These are my own personal power rankings of who I think the best teams in the ACC are and will update them based on the results of the games.

The top of the ACC is tough to peg down, as Clemson was picked at ACC Media days to win the conference, but schools like Miami and NC State could be poised to threaten the Tigers this season.

Here is the first edition of the ACC Power Rankings, with their upcoming game in parentheses:

1. Miami (vs Bethune Cookman)
2. Clemson (vs Georgia Tech)
3. NC State (At East Carolina)
4. Pittsburgh (vs West Virginia, Thursday)
5. Louisville (At Syracuse)
6. Wake Forest (vs VMI)
7. North Carolina (1-0, At App State)
8. Florida State ( 1-0, vs LSU in New Orleans on Sunday)
9. Boston College (vs Rutgers)
10. Virginia Tech (At Old Dominion, Friday)
11. Virginia (vs Richmond)
12. Syracuse (vs Louisville)
13. Georgia Tech (vs Clemson, Monday)
14. Duke (vs Temple, Friday)


Potential Breakout Players | 2022 ACC Football (youtube; video; ACCDN)

The start of the 2022 ACC Football season is right around the corner, and fans can't wait to see their favorite players making plays on afields round the conference this fall. Pretty soon we'll see fixtures like NC State QB Devin Leary dropping dimes and UNC WR Josh Downs making jaw-dropping plays. As we head into this much-anticipated season, we can't forget to take a look at some of the lesser-known players who have the potential to make a big impact on the field this year. From Clemson DE K.J. Henry to Pittsburgh WR Jared Wayne, new faces are going to be making a name for themselves across the conference on Saturdays this fall. Get to know a few of the potential breakout players brought to you by the ACC Digital Network.

Locked On Louisville: Can Louisville's Malik Cunningham make First-Team All-ACC? Reacting to ESPN's ACC Football Preview (; podcast; Locked on Louisville)

Locked On Louisville: Can Louisville's Malik Cunningham make First-Team All-ACC? Reacting to ESPN's ACC Football Preview

Where does FSU fit in? Seminoles football, academics on the rise as realignment rumors swirl (; Henry)

Conference realignment continues to dominate the collegiate landscape. The view is muddled on the clearest day. Schools across the country are positioning themselves for whatever scenarios might unfold from this moment and beyond.

That brings us to Florida State.

FSU, quite frankly, remains one of the biggest and best brands available, regardless of recent football turmoil. Personally, I believe coach Mike Norvell, who has navigated and corrected the mess left by the two past coaching regimes, is on the right path.

Still, he must win on the field to erase any doubt.


Listen to Jared:
Florida State DE Jared Verse talks transfer portal, 2022 season and more | NoleSports Podcast

Academically, FSU is a university on the rise, too.

The Seminoles have vaulted in the U.S. News & World Report “Best Colleges” rankings over the past six years (No. 43 to No. 19), fueled by some of the best graduation and freshman retention rates nationally.

It's also important to hear the Seminoles are focusing on their big-picture plan, whether that's remaining in the ACC or testing SEC or Big Ten interest. Good because this is a tumultuous time for college athletics with billions in revenue and financial security at stake.

ACC football power rankings: Clemson opens as the favorite, NC State not far behind (; Thompson)

The Atlantic Coast Conference has a lot to prove this year.

With looming questions about conference realignment and the future of the league looming throughout the offseason, the ACC enters the 2022 football season hoping to have at least one team return to the College Football Playoff and have others littered across the Top 25.

Clemson (10-3 in 2021) will be vying for a seventh ACC title in the last eight years while NC State looks to have its best shot at a championship in 42 years. Reigning champions Pitt and Miami are frontrunners to win the Coastal Division, but the USA TODAY Coaches Poll has five ACC teams in its preseason rankings.

Here are the USA TODAY Network's ACC preseason power rankings:

1. Clemson (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

The No. 4 nationally ranked Tigers will open the season with a primetime conference game against Georgia Tech. Clemson may be the pick to win the ACC, but it enters 2022 with a herd of unanswered questions, including the debut of new offensive coordinator Brandon Streeter and co-defensive coordinators Wes Goodwin and Micky Conn. Clemson quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei’s sophomore slump was not all his fault, but he’s got to be dramatically better to keep his job.

Up next: at Georgia Tech, Monday, Sept. 5 at 8 p.m., ESPN

2. NC State (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

The Wolfpack has a legitimate shot at winning its first league title since 1979, returning 17 starters, including 10 on defense as well as preseason ACC player of the year, quarterback Devin Leary from a nine-win team in 2021. No. 13 NC State has not beaten ECU on the road since 2007 but is an 11-point early favorite.

Up next: at East Carolina, Saturday, Sept 3 at noon, ESPN

3. Miami (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

Under first-year coach Mario Cristobal, the No. 17 Hurricanes are the favorites to win the ACC Coastal Division with the return of starting quarterback Tyler Van Dyke. The freshman threw for 2,931 yards and 25 touchdowns after taking over as the starter midway through 2021. Miami won five of its last six games to finish 7-5 last season.

Up next: vs. Bethune-Cookman, Saturday, Sept. 3 at 3:30 p.m., ACCN

4. Pitt (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

The reigning ACC champions have an intriguing Week 1 matchup against West Virginia that will debut a new quarterback for the No. 16 Panthers. Southern California transfer Kedon Slovis will replace Kenny Pickett, now with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and will quickly need to find some playmakers. Thirteen of Pitt’s 22 starters from their ACC championship victory over Wake Forest return, including seven on defense.

Up next: vs. West Virginia, Thursday, Sept. 1 at 7 p.m., ESPN

5. Wake Forest (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

Returning quarterback Sam Hartman is out indefinitely due to a non-football-related medical condition that has thrown the 2022 season into flux for the Demon Deacons. Coach Dave Clawson said he's "optimistic" about Hartman's return but until then, an offense that averaged 467.9 yards and 41 points in 2021, will be led by untested backup Mitch Griffis.

Up next: vs. VMI, Thursday, Sept. 1 at 7:30 p.m., ACCN

6. UNC (1-0, 0-0 ACC)

The Tar Heels were one of two ACC teams to take the field in college football's Week 0, and coach Mack Brown was more than pleased with the 31-point win over Florida A&M, particularly with the play of new quarterback Drake Maye. The redshirt freshman, who replaced Sam Howell, completed 29 of 37 passes for 294 yards and five touchdowns. Brown called Maye's debut "one of the best first games I've ever seen.''

Last week: 56-25 win over Florida A&M

7. Louisville (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

Consecutive losing seasons following an 8-5 campaign in 2019 puts coach Scott Satterfield and Louisville football in an interesting position. They have one of the ACC's best quarterbacks in Malik Cunningham back for one more year and an impressive recruiting class in the works for 2023. The Cardinals lost four games by a touchdown or less last fall.

Up next: at Syracuse, Saturday, Sept. 3 at 8 p.m., ACCN

CARDINALS INFO:Everything you need to know about Louisville football in 2022: Players, schedule, analysis

8. Florida State (1-0, 0-0 ACC)

The Seminoles rushed for over 400 yards and quarterback Jordan Travis completed 11 of 15 passes for 207 yards during FSU's season-opening rout of Duquesne. This week presents a much tougher challenge, traveling to Louisiana for a "neutral-site" contest against LSU at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans.

Last week: 47-7 win over Duquesne

Up next: at LSU, Sunday, Sept. 4 at 7:30 p.m., ABC

9. Virginia (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

This will be the first game under new coach Tony Elliot, who comes to Virginia after several years as Clemson's offensive coordinator. The Cavs return star quarterback Brennan Armstrong, who threw for 4,449 yards and 31 touchdowns last year.

Up next: vs. Richmond, Saturday, Sept. 3 at 12:30 p.m., RSN

10. Boston College (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

BC's offensive line will need to keep quarterback Phil Jurkovec healthy after he missed most of last season with a fracture on his throwing hand. Jurkovec is a true NFL prospect and wide receiver Zay Flowers is one of the most talented athletes in the ACC.

Up next: vs. Rutgers, Saturday, Sept. 3 at noon, ACCN

11. Virginia Tech (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

The Brent Pry era at Virginia Tech begins on the road against Old Dominion as the Hokies attempt to fight their way back into ACC relevance. Virginia Tech has some big questions to answer on the offensive and defensive line as does transfer starting quarterback Grant Wells.

Up next: at Old Dominion, Friday, Sept. 2 at 7 p.m., ESPNU

12. Syracuse (0-0, 0-0 ACC)

The Orange can make a huge statement with a season-opening win over Louisville on Saturday. Syracuse will be led by All-ACC running back Sean Tucker, who rushed for 1,496 yards and 12 touchdowns last fall. The combination of Tucker and dual-threat quarterback Garrett Shrader could challenge the Cardinals.

Up next: vs. Louisville, Saturday, Sept. 3 at 8 p.m., ACCN

BEST RB IN ACC:Which running backs will make their mark in 2022?

NC State Football Looking to Break Longest Current Conference Championship Drought in ACC in 2022 (; Bradham)

The monkey is on the back of the NC State football program, and it’s been on there for quite some time. Heading into the 2022 season, the Wolfpack currently hold the longest conference championship drought in the ACC.

It’s been 43 years.

Most Recent ACC Football Championship

Pittsburgh – 2021
Clemson – 2020
Florida State – 2014
Louisville – 2012 (Big East)
Syracuse – 2012 (Big East)
Virginia Tech – 2010
Georgia Tech – 2009
Wake Forest – 2006
Boston College – 2004 (Big East)
Miami – 2003 (Big East)
Virginia – 1995
Duke – 1989
North Carolina – 1980
NC State – 1979


3 Bold Predictions for ACC Football in 2022 - The Grueling Truth (; Goodpaster)

3 Bold Predictions

The 2021 season for the ACC is something all involved would like to forget. 2022, on the other hand, should be a season to remember in the ACC. Clemson looks to be a National Title contender and the U looks to be headed in the right direction. North Carolina State may be the biggest threat to the Tigers. Teams like Wake Forest and Louisville seemed poised to make some noise. This would be a great time to learn our top football betting strategies.

1. Florida State will go to a Bowl game

Bobby Bowden coached the Seminoles in 28 consecutive bowl games between 1982 and 2009. However, they have not played in the postseason in any of the four seasons before this one. Even though their record wasn’t as good, the Seminoles did better last year under Mike Norvell. They allowed Notre Dame to defeat them and then lost to FCS foe Jacksonville State the following week. Things went from bad to worse. FSU has seven home games and an improving offensive line, so they should be able to reach 6-6 at the very least.

2. Clemson returns to the CFP

Although the Tigers went through a lot of rebuilding last season, they still won 10 games, which is a testament to how solid Dabo Swinney has built the Tigers program. Clemson now has to make it without its long-time defensive coordinator Brent Venables. He left for Oklahoma and Tony Elliott, who went to Virginia. Clemson’s offensive problems were exposed by a 10-3 defeat to Georgia, the eventual national champion in 2021. With their intimidating defensive line, the Tigers will look like the Bulldogs last season.

3. The Return of the U

Mario Cristobal, former Oregon coach, is trying to instil substance rather than hype. His wise decision to eliminate the Turnover Chain is proof. The Hurricanes have a chance to win the Coastal Division. This is something they have done just once since joining ACC in 2004. Miami will lose to Texas A&M, and Clemson in Miami’s Coastal Division finale. However, it will beat Pittsburgh at home to win the division.

Pitting Revisited (RX; HM)

Pitting Revisited

First, let me start by saying I highly value Pitt football's history, and I think it's very important to the ACC to have a successful Panthers' football program. The ACC needsPitt football to be good.

That said, I want to talk about the phenomenon known as "Pitting". If you're a Pitt fan, try to hold your reaction until you've read the whole article.

Links, News and Rumors: 2022 AUG 29 (RX; HM)

Links, News and Rumors: 2022 AUG 29

Two from Yahoo Sports: The 10 biggest storylines entering the 2022 college football season (ACC-related stories highlighted in bold):

1. Georgia goes for the repeat
2. Alabama out for revenge
3. Ohio State and Michigan battle for Big Ten supremacy
4. Can Clemson bounce back?

2022 Pitt/WVU Factoids (RX; HM)

2022 Pitt/WVU Factoids

"The Brawl" resumes in just a couple of days, so I thought it would be a good time to educate some of you readers on the history of this rivalry between Pitt and West Virginia - as told by Panthers fans. However, let me start with one I found on

The first college football game on radio was on Oct. 8, 1921. It was one of the earliest installments of the "Backyard Brawl," the rivalry between West Virginia University and Pittsburgh University, and it made history as the first game to be broadcast across the airwaves. The game was on the first commercial radio station in the country, KDKA-AM in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh won the game 21-13.



Syracuse-based band Sophistafunk is now the 'house band' for Guy's Ultimate Game Night, the newest Food Network show hosted by Guy Fieri. From left: Tommy Weeks, Adam Gold, Jack Brown and Emanuel Washington. (Photo courtesy of WARNER BROS. | DISCOVERY)

The newest ‘house band’ on a national TV show is from Central New York (PS; $; Cazentre)

A 10-year relationship with Food Network celebrity host Guy Fieri has paid off in a big way for a local funk band.

Syracuse-based Sophistafunk is the house band for Fieri’s newest show, “Guy’s Ultimate Game Night,” which debuts at 9 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 31 on the Food Network. The series will air for five Wednesdays after that and another five later in the fall. It is also available for streaming through Discovery+.

The game show features celebrity guests competing in food-centric challenges and contests in front a live audience to win prizes for their favorite charities. The first episode features Fieri and chef Antonia Lofaso hosting actor Bobby Moynihan, comedian Ron Funches and rocker and former Poison frontman Bret Michaels.

As the house band, Sophistafunk provides musical accompaniment and occasional interactions with the hosts and guests. Other guests include Cheech Marin, Jay and Silent Bob and Alyssa Milano.

“What we do is definitely not scripted, but there are limits because it’s TV,” said Adam Gold, the band’s co-founder, bassist and keyboard player. “We’re doing Sophistafunk originals and some new background stuff.”

While Sophistafunk does it its own way, Gold admits checking out how The Roots handled their long-time house-band gig for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Sophistafunk got its start 15 years ago when Gold, the owner of Funk ‘n Waffles restaurant, met drummer Emmanuel Washington at the original location just off Marshall Street near Syracuse University. Funk ‘n Waffles is still open at its second location in Armory Square. The band includes rapper Jack Brown and has added sax player Tommy Weeks.

They have released several albums and embarked on several regional and national tours over the years.

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