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The Mayor of Dewitt
Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Telephone Tuesday!

Telephone calls to businesses generally peak on the day following Labor Day. There are several reasons for this. It follows a long weekend, summer is ending and people want to take care of things they've been putting off the whole season, school is starting, and people want to get things in order before the holiday season begins. The day has been dubbed Telephone Tuesday by Marchex, a Canadian advertising analytics firm. They were inspired by the likes of Cyber Monday and Black Friday when naming the day.

By one statistic, phone calls to businesses go up by about 16% on Mondays, but they go up by about 34% on Telephone Tuesday. This varies by industry—in some, it goes up by 50%, and in some, it barely goes up at all. Most of the influx of calls go to insurance companies, cable and satellite providers, home security companies, storage facility companies, and car repair and home repair businesses. Many of the calls that come in are from people who are researching on their mobile phones and use click-to-call instead of typing numbers in. About one in five calls to businesses go unanswered today, so it is up to businesses to prepare for the day so that this doesn't happen.

SU News

Syracuse football: 10 years later, another fake quote sparks victory over Louisville (TNIAAM; Ostrowski)

We’re starting your week off by reminding you that the Syracuse Orange are 1-0 to start the new football season! Not only that, but they won against an ACC foe in Louisville that has dominated SU the past few seasons.

Now there are a lot of things that you could credit for the win: an improved offensive gameplan, great containment on Cardinals’ QB Malik Cunningham, and three key turnovers all come to mind. Instead, I’m going to go with something that may sound familiar to the longtime ‘Cuse football fans: a fake quote used by Louisville.

During ACC Kickoff, LB Mikel Jones was asked about the opening matchup against Louisville. Here’s what was actually said...

Q: You look ahead to week 1, you have Louisville. How tough of a challenge is that for the defense with an explosive offense and an explosive quarterback like Malik Cunningham?
A: We see it as a good opportunity. We don’t think it’s going to be a tough challenge. We’re excited to play those guys the first week.”

...with the recorded press conference to prove it:

However, a reporter from Louisville TV station WDRB tweeted out the quote incorrectly, changing the wording and cutting out part of Mikel’s response. Not long after, Cunningham posted this image on his Instagram story:
— Louisville Sports Live (@LvilleSprtsLive) July 22, 2022

If that was actually what Jones said, it’d be worthy bulletin board material. But considering that a) it wasn’t, and b) that same reporter has doubled and tripled down on his stance, it’s fitting that it completely backfired and Malik had one of the worst games of his career.

What I get from Mikel’s answer is that the defense were taking an optimistic view (“good opportunity”) instead of a pessimistic one (“tough challenge”). I’ll admit that he could’ve worded the second sentence better but since there are various clips of him and others on the defense praising Cunningham, I highly doubt they were taking his abilities lightly.

In the postgame presser on Saturday, Jones spoke about the quote and Cunningham’s reaction:

Fresh off impressive opener, Syracuse visits UConn - National Football Post (NFBP; FLM)

Syracuse finally punched its bully in the mouth, and next the Orange will encounter a former rival Saturday when it visits Connecticut in nonleague action at East Hartford, Conn.

The Orange (1-0) had lost three straight matchups with Louisville by a combined 127-39 heading into their 2022 season opener. However, last Saturday’s affair featured a very different storyline as Syracuse trounced Louisville 31-7 in a crisp wire-to-wire victory.

“This is a bully that has beaten you up three times in the courtyard and you haven’t eaten for a while,” said Syracuse coach Dino Babers. “He’s taking your money and your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You’re getting skinny and you need something to eat.

“It was great to finally get an opportunity to get a win against them and we’re going to take it.”

The Huskies also are coming off a resounding victory — a 28-3 triumph over Central Connecticut State on Saturday in which they evened their record at 1-1 following a 31-20 setback at Utah State in their season opener.

Freshman quarterback Zion Turner, making his first career start, threw a pair of touchdown passes against Central Connecticut State, an FCS foe. Turner came on in relief of Ta’Quan Roberson in Week 1 after the starting signal-caller suffered a torn ACL.

“In the second half (against Central Connecticut State), I started to play more freely, just let loose and just play a game of football instead of thinking too much,” Turner said. “This was a hard-fought win, but we know there’s a lot of mistakes made that we can correct and become a better team.”

Turner will continue to lean on Nathan Carter, who has rushed for 313 yards, averaging 7.3 yards a carry in the first two games.

Syracuse Football Depth Chart vs UConn (SI; McAllister)

Syracuse football has released its depth chart for Saturday's game against Connecticut.


Starter: Garrett Shrader

Backup: Carlos Del Rio-Wilson


Starter: Sean Tucker

Backup: LeQuint Allen


Starter; Oronde Gadsden OR Maximilian Mang


Starter: Damien Alford OR Isaiah Jones


Starter: Courtney Jackson OR Devaughn Cooper

Bleav in Syracuse Episode 42: Breaking Down Louisville Win (SI; podcast; the Bleav)

Bleav in Syracuse podcast episode 42, presented by Bet Online and Hofmann Sausage Company, is out! Syracuse football is back and has kicked off the season on a positive note with a 31-7 victory over Louisville. Mike McAllister, Mike Gross and Josh Crawford go in-depth on the win and break it all down. You can download, like and subscribe using the links below to your favorite podcasting location.


Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville Upset in Season Opener by Syracuse, 31-7 (; Shea)

I never know exactly how to write these.

I could write a “here’s what happened” post, but y’all either saw/listened to what happened, or you can read that in the papers or somewhere else.

Normally I like to write these posts while the emotions are still raw and just sound off, so that’s what I’m going to do if that’s cool.

So to begin: what. the. f***.

31-7. Syracuse. SYRACUSE. SYRACUSE???

Through the many lows we’ve gone through since the start of the 2018 season, I feel like I’ve been one of the last few fans that have held onto some glimmer of hope. I mean, as soon as things went off the rails tonight there were far too many fans, in my opinion, that were all too eager to pile onto this staff and call for heads to roll.

I dismissed it… at least at first.

This is the first time since the dying days of the Petrino 2.0 era that I have felt truly apathetic.

Hopefully, I’m actually just in the “denial” phase, but the way I feel right now after this embarrassing loss is the way many fans have come to process games recently, and the way I fear many more will feel moving forward.

Louisville football: Offense, not defense, real culprit in Syracuse loss (; Meyer)

Louisville football has taken some deserved heat for its defensive performance in recent years. However, in the season opener against Syracuse, it was the offense that was a major letdown.

Looking back at a nightmare season opener for Louisville football will never be more painful than it is right now.

With that in mind, I feel that there had been much fodder on social media and otherwise that doesn’t quite paint the right picture concerning the issues the Cards had against Syracuse.

My main concern with the narrative around the team is the blame placed on the Louisville football defense.

While there were plenty of issues on the defensive side of the ball that need to be shored up going forward, I think it’s time to take a look at an offense that scored 7 points against a team it averaged 44 points per game against in the three seasons prior.

Zero offensive rhythm

Consider this: The Louisville football defense allowed three straight scoring drives to start the game; A field goal and two TDs.

After those drives, the defense held Syracuse to 3.6 yards per play.

Meanwhile, the Louisville offense was a hindrance to the defense from the jump.

In the first half, Louisville drove to the two yard line and turned the ball over on downs. Later, they threw an interception in the endzone to halt another promising drive.

On consecutive possessions, Louisville punted, threw an interception, threw another interception deep in its own territory, and then fumbled in the opposing redzone.

Meanwhile, Syracuse’s final 6 drives went for -9, 30, 29, 13, 25, and 28 yards.

Early in the game, I posted a Tweet noting that we shouldn’t judge the Louisville football defense based on the first few drives of the season.

These drives are largely scripted and have been in place since fall camp. Syracuse came ready and it was up to Louisville to respond.

I’d say allowing 116 yards for the final 6 drives and 153 yards on 7 out of 10 total drives is about as good as we should expect from this Louisville defense- Especially against a team with an All-American running back.

Seedy K’s GameCap: Syracuse (; Seedy Z)

My normal modus operandi when covering a U of L game, any sport, whether noon or night, victory or defeat, is to sleep on it, then offer up my observations the morning after with full game stats in front of me for reasoned breakdown.

For a couple of reasons, given the Cardinals seriously disappointing performance in their season/ ACC opener, I’m knocking this out While The Game Is Still Underway, starting just after the Orange increased their advantage to 31-7 with 8:40 left.

I don’t want to have to deal with it after I wake up.

Plus, for some reason, I’ve had trouble meeting the sandman, and have been chasing slumber for several days now. Hopefully putting this disheartening, dispirited effort behind me, I’ll be able to sleep in.

Fingers crossed.

Plus, there isn’t a single reason I can think of to spend a nanosecond mulling over the numbers. I really could care less.

Most schools use the same site for running game stats. Metaphorically, it was frozen for the first five minutes of the game. Then locked up till the end with 10:42 left in the 3d.

* * * * *

First, kudos, credit where it’s due.

New ‘Cuse OC Robert Anae’s game plan was astute, creative, and had the Cards on their heels from the get go. Former Cowbell State QB Garrett Shrader ran it to perfection.

A week or so ago, by chance, I happened upon the ACC Network’s look see at Syracuse.These deals are by their very preseason nature ever upbeat.

But I mentioned to a couple of pals how there was an eery sort of confidence that seemed based on something legit. I certainly couldn’t put my finger on it.

It proved well founded. At least against a Louisville team that simply failed to post.

Syracuse shredded the Cardinals, even while just committing its 18th penalty with 1:24 left.

2026 QB Marco Green describes 'amazing' atmosphere at Syracuse - The Juice Online (the juice; Cheng)

2026 quarterback Marco Green was among a large group of recruits on hand for Syracuse’s 31-7 win over Louisville on Saturday, and left with a great impression of the Orange.

“The atmosphere was amazing, you could tell all the fans love the team and players,” Green said in an interview with The Juice Online. “The Dome was loud, it was the kind of environment every kid dreams of playing in. I’m glad I got to experience that.”

Had a great time up in the Dome in Syracuse, definitely an experience to remember. Thanks for getting me up there! #OrangeNation
— Marco Green (@MarcoGreen1776) September 4, 2022

Green, a freshman at Paramus Catholic in New Jersey, took in an outstanding performance from Syracuse’s offense, which gained 449 yards and scored on its first three possessions of the game. The man he could one day replace, Garrett Shrader, threw for 236 yards and two touchdowns, and rushed for 94 yards and another score.

He also visited with his parents and brother, and got a chance to interact with the SU coaching staff after assistant coach Khalil Ahmad invited him to the game.

“The visit was lots of fun,” Green said. “The staff and coaches were very welcoming and provided a great experience for me and my family.”

Syracuse is Green’s first Power 5 visit, but he knows it’s only a matter of time before other high-majors start showing interest.
... (; Wheeler)

As Inside the Gators reported in last Friday’s Weekend Visitor Preview – instead of visiting Florida for their game against Utah, instead four-star defensive line commit Will Norman would be going to Syracuse instead in order to see the South Jersey talent that was there. When asked at that time if it was an official visit, he responded ‘hell no.’

It was made public last week that the one time Bradenton (Fla.) IMG Academy lineman was heading back to New Jersey to play his final high school season. That was after he was at first planning to attend Baltimore (M.D.) St. Francis. Obviously, it’s just common sense that the further away from Gainesville he gets, the worse it is for Florida because instead of being a two-hour drive away, he is now a four-hour (at best) plane ride away – and has already used his Florida official visit.

It will be interesting to see if he takes any visits elsewhere this fall. Also, keep an eye on what Florida does on this end after hosting Kissimmee (Fla.) Osceola four-star John Walker (also first reported in our Weekend Visitor Preview on Friday).

Beyond Blessed To Receive an offer from Syracuse University! #GodStillWorking @CoachBabersCuse
— WILL NORMAN (@WThrill3) September 5, 2022 (DO; Alandt)

The last few game plans against Louisville quarterback Malik Cunningham didn’t work. Last year, Cunningham torched Syracuse with four passing and one rushing touchdown en route to a 41-3 bludgeoning. While Cunningham threw two interceptions in 2020’s matchup, he also scored one touchdown from the air and one on the ground. Built up by the return of Tiyon Evans and with the help of a dominant offensive line, Cunningham had copious amounts of room to work in as a dual-threat quarterback.

Head coach Dino Babers wouldn’t publicly say what the new approach was, but whatever it was worked on Saturday night for Syracuse. Cunningham only threw one pass for over 10 yards in the first quarter and didn’t break off a scramble run for more than two yards until a no-huddle 2nd and 15. Even then, Cunningham only managed eight yards on the ground before getting squashed between Marlowe Wax and Steve Linton.

“We’re just really proud of being the mob and being who we are,” Garrett Williams said.

The mob showed out against Louisville, from interceptions to swatted passes, ensuring Cunningham never gained enough freedom to make an impact. By the second half, it was clear that Syracuse had ruined Cunningham’s and Cardinals’ head coach Scott Satterfield’s plan. Forcing Cunningham, who’s still a raw passer, to throw ended with two Orange interceptions, including one by Williams in a key moment.

With six minutes left in the first half, Syracuse’s defense executed a goal line stand that showed Cunningham was completely off his usual game. He did keep the ball on a run-pass option from the 10 yard line that brought the Cardinals to the two. But then Renato Brown jumped offsides, a result either of the creeping SU secondary or the deafening noise from the fans. Pushed back and forced to throw, Cunningham sat in the pocket for too long.
... (SI; McAllister)

Syracuse football was extremely impressive in its 31-7 win over Louisville Saturday night. Here are my five takeaways from the victory.

1. The New Offense

The new offense was as advertised. Versatile, balanced and taking advantage of the skill sets of the players. I still think there was plenty in the playbook that we did not see, which is also encouraging. Of note were the inclusion of Sean Tucker in the receiving game, for which Louisville did not seem to have an answer, utilizing the tight end and the middle of the field in general, and stretch runs that get Tucker out in space. All things people were clamoring for under Sterlin Gilbert. Robert Anae was a fantastic hire.

2. Garrett Shrader

Shrader answered a lot of questions in his performance Saturday night. He was accurate, in command, made plays and led the offense to over 440 total yards. Despite multiple drops, Shrader still completed 72% of his passes. If he can throw like that all season, the Orange will have one of the most dynamic offenses in the ACC. Shrader may never be an elite thrower, but he does not have to be with what he can do with his legs.

3. Sean Tucker

Sean Tucker is Sean Tucker. He showed NFL caliber acceleration and speed on the 55 yard screen pass touchdown. Tucker showed power on several runs between the tackles. He was also elusive when he got to the second level. All things we expect to see from Sean Tucker. That said, his ability to be a consistent receiving threat is going to be a problem for opposing defenses. Tucker led the Orange in rushing yards and receiving yards while scoring two touchdowns. A nice start to his Heisman campaign.
... (; video; Finneral)

247Sports' James Finneral gives his takeaways from Syracuse's victory over Louisville. (itlh; Adler)

Syracuse football players, coaches and fans alike were simply jazzed up after the Orange opened its 2022 season with a 31-7 thumping of Louisville on the Hill this past Saturday night.

I’ve gone on record in saying that I think the ‘Cuse will go 7-5 this fall, despite a challenging schedule on paper. My Inside The Loud House colleague, Chuck Fiello Jr., is also high on Syracuse football in 2022.

But … and there is always a but … we both prefaced our positive prognostications for the Orange this season by noting that for Syracuse football to succeed, its roster has to stay healthy.

One week into the 2022 term, and the ‘Cuse already has suffered some pretty big-time injuries, which makes me so unbelievably sad for the players involved, but also the entire roster.

On Monday, according to media reports, Syracuse football head coach Dino Babers announced that redshirt senior fullback Chris Elmore (aka, the Rhino) and sophomore linebacker Stefon Thompson are out for the 2022 campaign due to the injuries that they suffered when the team smoked the Cardinals.

Syracuse football has lost two key players in Chris Elmore and Stefon Thompson.

Most importantly, sports are sports, but all of us Orange fans out there are sending positive vibes and love to Chris and Stefon. We wish them speedy recoveries.
... (; Crawford)

That could not have gone worse.

The momentum that Scott Satterfield and the University of Louisville football program had built during an offseason of recruiting and promised improvement evaporated in whatever the dome in Syracuse, N.Y., is called, in a 31-7 loss to the Orange.

Louisville can call it the disappointment dome, after dominating the Orange in three meetings under Satterfield, it did not meet the home team's emotion or physicality at any point during Saturday night's game.

The Cardinals were scoreless after the first quarter. Failed to punch in a touchdown with a chance to answer back on first down from the Syracuse 4-yard line in the second quarter, and in general did not meet the moment in what was a crucial moment for a program and staff that badly needed to put its best foot forward for a fan base that will now increasingly find reasons for faith to be few and far between.

Louisville quarterback Malik Cunningham struggled for much of the game against a defense determined to stop him, first and foremost. He completed 16 of 22 passes for 152 yards and 2 interceptions. He ran for 27 yards on 8 carries. And for the first time in 30 games, did not account for a running or passing touchdown.

Defensively, Louisville couldn't tackle Syracuse All-American running back Sean Tucker, or much of anyone else. Transfer quarterback Garrett Shrader threw for 237 yards and ran for 95. Tucker carried 21 times for 98 yards.

Things don't get much easier for Louisville in the coming week. They will travel to Orlando to face Central Florida on Friday night.
... (; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Matt Bonaparte and Owen Valentine discuss the 24-point throttling Syracuse put on Louisville inside the Dome Saturday night. What did the guys like? What did they not? Find out on your Monday episode.

SYRACRUZ and FINE MESS tailgate! (DO; Alandt)

Syracuse thought of a more balanced approach when it brought in Robert Anae and Jason Beck at the end of last season. It wanted a taste of the air raid buffet of plays the pair had installed while at Virginia. Garrett Shrader enjoyed being challenged to throw the ball downfield. Louisville marked the first test—the first threat to poking holes in the new scheme.

“I don’t know if it changes the matchup, but it should be a better situation for us,” Babers said on Monday. “We’ve gone down there late and we just don’t have the depth that a lot of other teams have.”

The Orange (1-0, 1-0 Atlantic Coast) passed with flying colors to the tune of a 31-7 dismantling of the Cardinals (0-1, 0-1 ACC) in their season opener. Shrader threw for 237 yards and connected with seven different receivers. The defense stopped the run and relegated quarterback Malik Cunningham to a scrambling and interception-throwing machine.

Here are some observations from Syracuse’s first home-opening win in five years:

Anae’s offense can work

Syracuse hadn’t recorded a touchdown in its past two meetings against Louisville. But on the back of a balanced first quarter from Sean Tucker, the Orange quickly jumped out to a 10-0 lead over Louisville. Shrader backpedaled and quickly saw Tucker on his short two-yard cut back on the right side. When he pivoted after grabbing the pass, the change from left to right allowed him to shed an initial tackler. With three blockers in the area, Tucker weaved through the remaining Louisville players before hugging the left sideline and taking off for a 55-yard touchdown.
... (DO; Cirino)

On Saturday, Syracuse won its eighth season opener in the past decade. But the 31-7 demolition of Louisville marked the Orange’s first Week 1 conference win since joining the Atlantic Coast Conference, giving them a jump start on a difficult conference schedule.

Syracuse’s victory over the Cardinals also marked the team’s first-ever win against sixth-year quarterback Malik Cunningham. In the Orange’s fourth attempt to shut down the Cardinals’ dual-threat starter, they held him to below 200 passing yards for the first time while forcing three consecutive second-half turnovers.

Here are Syracuse’s three big defensive plays that held Louisville to just seven points over the weekend.

Williams’ timely pick

This looked to be one of Cunningham’s best deep connections of the game, and if completed, the score would’ve pulled Louisville within three points of the Orange, pending an extra point.

With Cunningham lined up deep in the pocket, he initially faked a handoff before circling to his left, giving himself plenty of time to seek out a receiver with no Syracuse player within five yards of him. Cunningham then sent it long for Dee Wiggins. At 6-foot-3, Wiggins holds a three-inch height advantage over Garrett Williams, the only defensive back in the area.

But even with Wiggins well ahead of Williams in the end zone, Williams had actually overestimated his speed while running into the end zone, and he began to slow down after starting to backpedal. It gave Williams the perfect window to finish off his sprint toward Wiggins, slide in front of him and clutch the ball first, intercepting a potential touchdown with under five minutes left in the third quarter.

With both of Syracuse’s safeties 15 yards away from the end zone, Williams was able to make a split-second transition to guard the open man, showcasing his individual speed along with the defensive flexibility the Orange showed on Saturday night.
... (DO; Alandt)

Syracuse had not thrown a touchdown to a tight end in two years. The last tight end to catch one — Aaron Hackett — is no longer on the team. That all changed on Saturday night when the Orange entered the red zone during their first possession of the fourth quarter against Louisville. Garrett Shrader dropped back on a 1st-and-goal play from the two-yard line, hoping to extend Syracuse’s lead to 23-7.

Offensive coordinator Robert Anae dialed up a double motion route that included receiver-turned-tight-end Oronde Gadsden II. Shrader said Louisville got their play call in late, prompting both covering corners to run with the other receiver in motion. Gadsden realized he was open, so he abandoned his route and backpedaled a few yards, situating himself in the front left corner of the endzone. As a defensive lineman broke through, Shrader saw the tight end and lofted the ball up to the wide open tight end for Gadsden’s first collegiate touchdown.

“After the catch, I just threw the ball up in the air,” Gadsden said. “I didn’t know the rules or nothing, I was just so happy it was my first touchdown.”

Anae and quarterbacks coach Jason Beck were brought in to rejuvenate a floundering, at times stagnant offensive system, one that led to Syracuse finishing near the bottom of the Atlantic Coast Conference in most passing statistics last season. Syracuse’s (1-0, 1-0 Atlantic Coast) opening game against Louisville (0-1, 0-1 ACC) marked the first time the new offense would be on display. After 449 total yards — split almost evenly between rushes and passes — and a 31-7 win against the Cardinals, the updated approach passed.
... (DO; Cirino)

Garrett Williams knew what he was facing.

When asked about how he and the rest of Syracuse’s secondary was preparing to battle Louisville’s Malik Cunningham, Williams acknowledged him as the “best dual threat quarterback now in the conference, but probably in the country.”

And on a Louisville 1st-and-10 at Syracuse’s 35-yard line, Cunningham collected the ball off the snap, shuffled backwards and looked deep. Wide receiver Dee Wiggins made a play for the end zone, and Williams a few yards back.

But as the ball was set to fall into the hands of a backpedaling Wiggins, Williams snatched it in the end zone, canceling what would’ve become a four-point game and maintaining the Orange’s 10-point lead over the Cardinals midway through the third quarter.

Syracuse (1-0, 1-0 Atlantic Coast), who had only beaten Louisville (0-1, 0-1 ACC) twice in the past decade, won its season-opener 31-7. The Orange’s defense, highlighted by two interceptions and a fumble recovery, held Cunningham to 34 rushing yards and a 73% completion percentage. The Cardinals had scored at least 23 points against the Orange in 11 straight meetings.
... (; Howe)

The Florida State Seminoles spoiled LSU coach Brian Kelly’s debut with the Tigers, defeating them Sunday night in New Orleans, 24-23. The game was won when the Seminoles blocked an extra point that would have tied the game as time expired in the fourth quarter.

In the win, Florida State was led by redshirt junior quarterback Jordan Travis, who completed 20 of 32 passes for 260 yards with two touchdowns and zero interceptions. During a recent edition of SiriusXM’s ACC Radio, Chris Spatola raved about the improvement that Travis has shown.

Jordan Travis keeps so many plays alive; he was so accurate,” Spatola said. “He has had two incredibly productive offseasons. Two consecutive productive offseasons. You go back two years ago, the dude couldn’t hit anybody, couldn’t throw; they could not throw the ball at all. When they finally got done with McKenzie Milton last year and realized who the more talented quarterback was, you started to see, ‘Wow this guy is really more accurate than the year prior.’ Last night, he was putting it on dudes.”
... (RX; HM)

Sunday Night Results 2022 Sep 4th

Wow. I think I just watched one of the most dramatic college football games that I have ever seen! Final score:

FSU 24, LSU 23
How did it end up that way, and what made it so dramatic is the theme of this post...
First was the setting. The game was billed as a neutral site contest in New Orleans, LA. You may remember from Clemson's last trip there to face the Bayou Bengals in the National Championship Game that LSU rarely loses in the Big Easy.
... (RX; HM)

Monday Night Results 2022 Sep 5th


Clemson 41
Ga Tech 10

The heavily-favored Clemson Tigers made the short trip to Atlanta to face the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. I've already shown you the final score; here are a couple of observations:
... (RX; HM)

How did ranked ACC teams do in Week 1?

Five ACC teams were ranked in the preseason AP Top 25 poll. How'd they do?
#4 Clemson - beat Georgia Tech (ACC) 41-10 in Atlanta
#5 Notre Dame - lost at Ohio St (B1G) 10-21
#13 NC State - won at ECU (AAC) 21-20
#16 Miami - beat Bethune-Cookman (FCS) 70-13
#17 Pittsburgh - beat WVU (XII) 38-31
#22 Wake Forest - beat VMI (FCS) 44-10

Others receiving votes:
North Carolina - is 2-0 with wins over FAMU (FCS) and at Appalachian State (SBC)

One other team has been overlooked but may be worthy of consideration:
... (RX; HM)

Most Overrated teams, per Twitter

Who, in the opinion of twitter "experts", is the most-overrated team this year?

From "Study reveals most overrated NCAAF team" by Josh Barton, via prnewswire...

Which college football team comes to mind when you think about ones that perennially don’t live up to expectations? The Texas Longhorns? ...[perhaps] the Miami Hurricanes?
The website recently completed a social media study that tracked "overrated" tweets for every team in the preseason AP Top 25. For example, "Alabama is overrated" or tweets about Alabama that contain a hashtag such #overrated were included. The dataset started when the AP Poll was released on August 15, and in total more than 10,000 tweets were analyzed.
The most overrated team in the Top 25, at least according to college football fans on Twitter, is Notre Dame. The Irish had nearly double the second-place finisher, Clemson...
Number of “Overrated” Tweets by Team

Notre Dame4456
Michigan St2129
Texas A&M1403
Ohio State588
Oklahoma St294
NC State168
... (RX; HM)

What's Wrong with NC State?

NC State was favored to beat East Carolina by 10.5, but only won by a single point. Why was it such a struggle? Keep in mind that, while ECU may be a member of the American Athletic Conference, this was a home game for the Pirates, and a huge in-state rivalry game, too. So emotion was on their side.
... (RX; HM)

Saturday Late Results 2022 Sep 3rd

Late game results:

Louisville 7 @ Syracuse 31
note: the Orange are playing football again; there's no place like dome.
#5 Notre Dame 10 @ #2 Ohio St. 21
note: the Irish looked great for 2 quarters, then forgot to score in the 2nd half.
Top 25 teams that lost in week 1:

  • #11 Oregon lost to #3 Georgia in Atlanta, 3-49
  • #7 Utah lost at Florida, 26-29
  • #23 Cincinnati lost at #19 Arkansas, 24-31
...; Coleman)

Clemson football has yet to play and in some ways they’re already fighting the ACCs reputation after a weekend of not great results.

Who knows what would have happened if Florida State didn’t block that extra point, but I am sure if the Seminoles lost that game last night the ACCs reputation was done for the year.

Sure, Pittsburgh and Wake Forest took care of business on Thursday and Duke looked much improved on Friday, but there was Virginia Tech losing in the last minute to freshly minted Sun Belt Conference member Old Dominion, followed by North Carolina State and North Carolina barely escaping against G5 in-state rivals.

Then Boston College lost to Rutgers and Louisville, who many expected to be much improved, getting demolished by Syracuse. Go Orange!?

But hey, Miami crushed Bethune-Cookman and Virginia handled Richmond.

The lesson here is play a big named team or a patsy, not somewhere in between, because you get absolutely nothing from playing a Group of 5 team that can beat you and even if you win you were “supposed to”.

If you flipped on a TV in the last 72 hours you’ve no doubt heard the talking heads wonder why the ACC teams are playing these games on the road. Me, I’m not surprised that teams that belong to a conference on a budget would do these type of things.

This is a conference that’s been known to put it’s only current program of national prominence on an obscure channel on a Friday night, because that’s the only reason ESPN would agree to build out a “network”.
... (; AP)

North Carolina State tight end Trent Pennix is expected to miss 4-6 weeks with an apparent injury to his left arm, which he suffered in the 13th-ranked Wolfpack’s win at East Carolina.

Coach Dave Doeren said Monday that Pennix will return this season and won’t need surgery for the injury. Doeren didn’t specify the nature of the injury.

Pennix was hurt on a 10-yard catch with 13:46 left in the third quarter. He took a hard hit to the left arm from Pirates safety Gerard Stringer and stayed down on the ECU sideline before eventually walking off the field holding his left arm.

The Wolfpack also saw linebacker Payton Wilson exit before halftime with an upper-body injury, though Doeren said he was day-to-day. Wilson missed nearly all of last season with an injury after ranking among the Bowl Subdivision’s top tacklers in 2020.

N.C. State hosts Charleston Southern on Saturday in its home opener. (RX; HM)

Early Indicators - Scoring Off/Def

What have we learned so far from early 2022 results? In this post, we look at scoring offense and defense. According to NCAA official statistics...

Scoring offense (week 1):
Learned so far: We think that UNC has a pretty good offense, having scored 63 points against Appalachian State, although they haven't played a P5 defense yet. Likewise Miami, FSU, and UVA could all be fooling us (even more so, since they all faced FCS teams). I feel like Pitt's 38 points against West Virginia are legit, though.
On the low end of the spectrum, BC, VT, and Louisville may have issues with scoring. All three teams had turnover problems which may be fixable. NC State and Notre Dame each had a different issue; neither was able to score a single point in the second half. That raises concerns over the ability of the coaching staff to make in-game adjustments to respond to the other team's halftime adjustments.
What about the defensive side of the ball - can we learn anything there?

Scoring defense (week 1):
... (; Fahvaag)

First of all, a Memorial is in Order for a Great Fighting Gobbler and First Gen Hokie from my era. May our friend and fellow alumnus Cyrus Lawrence rest in peace.

In loving memory of Cyrus Lawrence.
— Virginia Tech Football (@HokiesFB) September 4, 2022

He was explosive, exciting to watch and a key reason for the 1980 winning season, 30-0 trouncing of the Wahoos, and trip to the Peach Bowl. Thank you, Cyrus.

No Excuses are Begged

It was a tough opener and a very disappointing loss. The stats and the outcome were totally divergent. Coach Pry is offering no excuses, and only promising to clean things up and get back to work for next weekend.

Clean up our mistakes & on to the next.#ThisIsHome | #GroundUp
— Virginia Tech Football (@HokiesFB) September 4, 2022

So, Let’s Wrap Up and Talk some Turkey

The next podcast will be the preview for the BC Game. We’ll be there live in the stadium for the big kickoff. Hopefully it doesn’t rain, we have photo credentials to go along with the Press Box.



Riders scream in terror on Superman during opening day of the New York State Fair, Geddes, N.Y., Wednesday Aug. 24, 2022. Scott Schild | Scott Schild | (PS; Knauss)

Fewer than 900,000 people this year went to the New York State Fair, which ended its 13-day run on a soggy Labor Day.

Fair officials tonight reported total attendance of 878,110, which exceeded last year’s total by 10% but fell well short of pre-pandemic attendance levels. The fair, like many businesses, appears not to have fully recovered from the impact of Covid-19.

In the five years preceding 2020 (the year the fair was cancelled because of Covid), more than 1 million people attended annually. From 2015-2019, average annual attendance was 1,159,105.

Indeed, for the 30 years before 2020 the average attendance was 958,617, according to fair records. This year’s number fell 8% below that average.

But attendance is clearly on the upswing since the fair’s year off in 2020. In 2021, only 798,095 visitors showed up even though the fair schedule increased by five days to a total of 18.

Monday’s weather didn’t help the numbers. The rain-dampened attendance for the day was 48,262.

Covid continues to exact a toll on the state fair. Eleven days into this’ year’s run, Interim Director Sean Hennessey announced that he had tested positive.

New York State Fair attendance 2022

The record daily attendance was set on Sept. 4, 2019: 147,749.
Table with 5 columns and 19 rows. Currently displaying rows 1 to 19.

Day2022 dates20222021Daily records
------37,36437,364 (2021)
------38,80838,808 (2021)
------41,11541,115 (2021)
------33,54133,541 (2021)
------40,15840,158 (2021)
Day 1Wednesday (Aug. 24)49,11237,59174,027 (2019)
Day 2Thursday (Aug. 25)48,59131,91086,353 (2018)
Day 3Friday (Aug. 26)58,45043,90798,238 (2019)
Day 4Saturday (Aug. 27)89,79756,820127,394 (2018)
Day 5Sunday (Aug. 28)79,32445,304123,206 (2017)
Day 6Monday (Aug.29)47,91232,892103,842 (2019)
Day 7Tuesday (Aug. 30)34,48140,817102,098 (1972)
Day 8Wednesday (Aug. 31)78,01044,899112,774 (1972)
Day 9Thursday (Sept. 1)74,12035,984112,409 (2018)
Day 10Friday (Sept. 2)82,61555,584124,172 (2019)
Day 11Saturday (Sept. 3)93,51264,867147,749 (2019)
Day 12Sunday (Sept. 4)103,92457,875119,726 (1985)
Day 13Monday (Sept. 5)48,26258,659125,748 (2018)
Totals878,110798,0951,329,275 (2019)
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May 13, 2020
Meanwhile, Syracuse’s final 6 drives went for -9, 30, 29, 13, 25, and 28 yards.

This statement from one of the Louisville articles is comically misleading.
Two of those drives ended in touchdowns and another two were at the end of the first half and at the end of the game where the clock ran out on each. Only two ended in punts.


Co 2020-21 Iggy Award Winner MPG (special again)
Aug 15, 2011
This statement from one of the Louisville articles is comically misleading.
Two of those drives ended in touchdowns and another two were at the end of the first half and at the end of the game where the clock ran out on each. Only two ended in punts.
If I have learned anything from being the same conference as the University of Louisville, it is that the journalistic acumen of the Louisville media is special.

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