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Aug 15, 2011
Welcome to Rainforest Day!

Rainforest Day celebrates the positive impact of rainforests, brings awareness to their plight, and aims to reduce humankind's negative impact on them. Found in South and Central America, West and Central Africa, Southeast Asia, and Australia, rainforests make up just 2% of the Earth's surface area. They usually are lush, humid, and hot, with an average temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 68 degrees Fahrenheit at night. They tend to receive rain year-round, usually more than 70 inches. Not all rainforests are the same, however, with tropical, temperate, mangrove, and monsoon rainforests differing from each other.

Rainforests are essential because they absorb carbon dioxide from human activity, produce oxygen, provide fresh water, provide a home for half of the world's animal and plant species, are the source of medicines, and stabilize climate patterns. Their loss—of which approximately 40 football fields worth disappear each minute—threatens biodiversity and the overall health of the Earth.

SU News

Axe: 5 amazing parallels between SU's last unbeaten football team and this one (PS; $; video; Axe)

”For the first time since 1987.”

It’s a sentence that’s been uttered often in the past few weeks about the Syracuse University football team, first when the Orange got to 5-0 for the first time since 1987 when it defeated Wagner and then again with a win over N.C. State for its first 6-0 record since, well, you know.

Even though that magical season led by Coach Dick MacPherson and company was 35 years ago, it’s hard to ignore five parallels between that squad that finished 11-0-1 and the current one that has yet to lose in 2022 as No.14 Syracuse gets set for a major showdown with No. 5 Clemson on Saturday.

1. The Bounce Back

The 1986 Syracuse football team finished 5-6, but it was the start of that season where the spark of the undefeated season in 1987 was lit.

The Orange were given “0-4″ lapel pins by MacPherson to remind of an 0-4 start that season.

“In the spring of 1987, we made a decision,” said Jeff Mangram, SU’s starting safety in 1987. “We all had experience being 0-4 before finishing 5-6. You could see the glimmers of maturity. That spring practice was the toughest spring practice I ever endured. We grew up. and did not want to experience being 0-4 again.”

8 recruits react to Syracuse football’s 24-9 win over NC State - The Juice Online (the juice; Cheng)

About two dozen recruits were on hand to watch Syracuse’s 24-9 win over NC State on Saturday in a clash of top 20 teams. We caught up with some of them to get their reactions to the win.

Cameron Chmura: 2024 lineman from North (PA) Allegheny

(The Dome was) fun and loud. I think the crowd caused a couple offensive penalties. Great to be a part of it. The fans are really passionate.

Thomas Sousa: 2025 tight end/linebacker from Shepard (MA) Hill:

The atmosphere was unlike no other. The fans were amazing and the energy was through the roof. The game was awesome. Two ACC teams in the top 25 rankings. What more can you ask for? Overall an amazing matchup.

Nasere Johnson-Blakney: 2024 linebacker from Camden (NJ) High

I loved this visit a lot. The atmosphere was different felt welcomed from everyone. My favorite part about the game was the ending, yk getting to see the players and coaches happy and celebrating the win.

Ronnell ‘Mook’ Davis: 2024 wide receiver/defensive back from Middletown (DE) High

The atmosphere was great. Probably the most coolest place I’ve been at this year! Love how all the players show love to the fans after the game and the way the coaches let them take time after the game to do so.

Mareon Tisdale: 2024 offensive lineman from Snyder (NJ) High

The atmosphere was amazing. And the game was good love the energy of the crowd and the team. I was also impressed with how the offensive line didn’t give up a single sack. And after watching the game had me excited to see the next game.

Sah’nye Degraffenreidt: 2025 wide receiver/outside linebacker from Atlantic City (NJ) High

Going to Syracuse was fun. I loved the game. That was the first time of me standing on the sideline. Y’all (have) a great football team. I like that y’all never lost.

DJ McClary: 2025 running back/linebacker from Snyder (NJ) High

The atmosphere was amazing. The fans was very supportive and loud. My impressions about Syracuse after watching that game was they never play down to the competition.

Austin Troyer: 2024 quarterback from Middletown (DE) High

The atmosphere was incredible. I was surprised on how loud it could get in the Dome and it felt like every single fan in the stadium was engaged in the game. I could see how important Syracuse football to the area. Syracuse has an elite team this year and is one of the top teams in the ACC.


Megan Thompson | Digital Design Director

Rashard Perry uses offensive line reps to improve defensive abilities (DO; Jaiswal)

Rashard Perry stepped onto Bennett High School’s football field as a part of the varsity team when he was in eighth grade. In a game against Lancaster at Highmark Stadium, Perry started to experience double-teams from his opponents for the first time. Perry said after he made back-to-back sacks, he instantly started to get guarded by two offensive linemen.

Perry instantly got frustrated and rushed to tell his coaches. They responded by laughing at him. Perry immediately wanted to counter by getting faster, stronger and better.

“(My coach) was like, ‘If you’re getting double-teamed, that means you must be doing something right,’” Perry said.

This focus on improvement, whether it came from playing on the offensive line or building on his well-established skills, propelled Perry to become a member of Syracuse’s 2023 recruiting class. Perry also received offers from UConn, Temple and Buffalo. He’s now a three-star defensive lineman and is the third-best player in New York. In his junior year, Perry recorded 24 sacks and averaged 10.3 tackles per game.

Perry realized that if he faced a double-team, he would have to change up his approach at the line.

“You learn that bull rushing is not going to be your best option every single play. It’s gonna easily exhaust you,” Perry said. “So you gotta find a better and faster move that’s not gonna take too much out of you but still be able to have an impact.”

Perry found that faster move with the help of his coaching staff. Bennett head coach Steve McDuffie said Perry has the most explosive first step he’s seen, helping him get straight into his lateral movement. The move has helped against double or even triple coverages, something Perry has seen since his sophomore year. McDuffie also said that Perry was able to hold his own against five-star recruits at camps.

According to his coaches, Perry is a versatile player. His defensive line coach, Anthony Scott, said that his block recognition is “outstanding” and his ability to transfer from defending a running play to a passing play is “phenomenal.”

“He has mastered all the pass rush and run techniques that I have taught him as well as anyone I have seen in my 20 years of coaching,” Scott said.

Scott said that Perry’s natural athleticism came from being a three-sport athlete with experience in football, basketball and track. Perry said basketball helped the most with his football game.

“(Basketball) mainly really improved my conditioning, footwork and sharpening my eyes,” Perry said. “It allows me to stay flexible and mobile while still feeling strong at the same time.”

McDuiffie also said that Perry has “grown man” strength, as the lineman can bench press 340 lbs. and squat 505 lbs. Scott called Perry a “stud in the weight room,” who can have an instant impact through his versatility, football knowledge and “relentlessness.”

Syracuse Football: My thank-you letter to the fantastic 6-0 Orange (itlh; Fiello)

Dear Syracuse football players and coaches,

This is an open letter to say thank you for this season. I’m happy and excited for you but I want you to also see what this season means to others as well.

Thank you to that kid who has worn Syracuse merch to school win or lose because you’re his favorite team. He wore it and wore his Orange fandom with pride like he was part of the team. He wore it despite those naysayers telling him how awful his team is even if he didn’t ask for their input or know them. Today he wears it with a little extra smile on his face knowing those voices are now a lot more silent.

Thank you for what this means to the community of Syracuse. It seems like much like those fans, the community gets a little extra pep in its step when Syracuse football or basketball especially are thriving. People seem happier, Syracuse flags are flying higher, more fans are going to games and more are positive in general. Jim from Jamesville is getting his Byrne Dairy coffee refill for the day telling the cashier he is excited about this team. Michelle in Mattydale no longer has to have some guy questioning her sports fandom because God forbid she might follow it as closely as he does. Syracuse is happy.

I’m really proud of this Syracuse football team.

Thank you to the alumni and former players who are proud of their school and their program respectively a little more than usual. Those who are on social media or talking to potential recruits or students and can point out how much fun you can have if you attend Syracuse whether it’s Otto’s Army or the team itself. Who are reliving that team when they attended that had SUccess and made their student experience even better. Who maybe partied a little harder at Harry’s than they should and woke up regretting it at first until it kicked in that Syracuse football is 6-0.

Dabo Swinney previews Syracuse matchup in Tuesday press conference (247sports;com; Adams)

On Tuesday, Dabo Swinney held his weekly in-season press conference to preview No. 5 Clemson (7-0, 5-0) vs. No. 14 Syracuse (6-0, 3-0) on Saturday (12 p.m., ABC).

"Never had a matchup like this in the Valley, two teams (at least) 6-0," Swinney said. "So that's pretty special to be part of a game like that, a moment like that.

"This is a great matchup. Two good football teams. Dino (Babers) has got them going, man.

"Their team has just gotten better and better as the season has gone. You see their confidence growing, their togetherness growing. They have a lot of belief, like our team. I think that makes it a great matchup."


"Syracuse has got an offense that can score and a scheme that creates challenges. They do a great job in the run game. Schematically they give you a lot of different looks, whether it be a fullback in there and then next you know they're dividing you in half off the stretch. Or they're four-wide and playing with tempo. Do a little bit of everything.

"It starts with this quarterback (Garrett Schrader). He's from down here (Charlotte, NC). Really tough competitor. Have a lot of respect for him. He's as tough as they come. He loves to run the football. And I mean, he punishes people. He doesn't look to get down. He's looking to run over you. He's incredibly fast, 6-4, 230-something pounds and he can flat-out run.

Syracuse football: first down offense vs NC State (TNIAAM; Wall)

We knew the Syracuse Orange would be in for a tough challenge against the NC State Wolfpack defense. We didn’t know that the Wolfpack would slow the pace on offense and limit the possessions in the second half.

Syracuse started fast as they took the opening kickoff and quickly marched down the field to get a touchdown in just over two minutes. Sean Tucker’s 38-yard run was a key play in the drive and also showed some of the vision and burst that catapulted Tucker to the top of the record books in 2021.

Just another day in the office for @seantucker2020
— ACC Digital Network (@theACCDN) October 16, 2022

The game slowed down and the Orange struggled on first-down throws but they did enough to hold the halftime lead.

First down offense vs NC State

Pass (Cooper)5Run (Tucker)3
Run (Tucker)38Pass (Incomplete)0
Run (Shrader)0Pass (Tucker)9
Pass (Tucker)-6Pass (Incomplete)0
Run (Tucker)2Pass (Gadsden)17 TD
Pass (Incomplete)0Run (Shrader)5
Run (Tucker)11Run (Shrader)2
Pass (Gadsden)12Run (Shrader)-1
Run (Shrader)5
Run (Shrader)9
Run (Shrader)5
Run (Tucker)0
Run (Shrader)0
Pass (Incomplete)0
Pass (Incomplete)0
Run (Tucker)0
1st HalfPlaysYardsAvg yards per play
2nd HalfPlaysYardsAvg yards per play

Syracuse vs Clemson | College Football Week 8 Game Analysis & Picks (; video; College Football Picks)

Syracuse vs Clemson NCAAF game preview for October 21st, 2022.

#14 Syracuse takes on #5 Clemson in a battle of 2 ranked teams. Syracuse is undefeated after a 24-9 win over NC State. Clemson comes into the game after a strong win over Florida State. In a high profile game, which way should you look to make the winning NCAAF pick?

KJ Duff Recaps 'Amazing' Syracuse Visit (SI; McAllister)

Syracuse football hosted a large contingent of recruits on Saturday for the Orange's game against NC State. One of those in attendance was 2024 Melville (NY) St. Anthony's wide receiver/tight end KJ Duff. Duff picked up an offer from Syracuse during the visit.

"It was amazing," Duff said. "I really enjoyed my time there. I got a nice photoshoot when I arrived on campus. Shortly after I met with the offensive coordinator and that's where he told me he likes what I've been doing. That I would be a great fit for the offense and he offered me a scholarship. I'd say the best part was the game and storming the field after the win."

When Robert Anae extended the offer, it was a memorable part of the trip.

"It was a great feeling when he offered me," Duff said. "Definitely excited about the opportunity. They see me playing #19's (Oronde Gadsden) position at the Y-Flex."

Duff and the other recruits were impressed by Syracuse's game day atmosphere in the Dome.

"Cuse played great," Duff said. "Their defense played great and really stepped up. Offensive wise they dominated as well. Atmosphere was something I've never experienced before. It was very loud in there. The fans were crazy and you can tell they're very supportive of the team."

Syracuse's Shrader, Clemson's Uiagalelei lead ACC showdown (; Iacobelli)

Clemson quarterback DJ Uiagalelei has yet to meet Syracuse passer Garrett Shrader.

Uiagalelei, though, sure does love Shrader’s hard-nosed style, his accurate passes, and how much he takes on tacklers for the extra yard.

“I’m a fan of him,” Uiagalelei said. “I like that.”

Probably because it’s what Uiagalelei has done this season for the No. 5 Tigers (7-0, 5-0 Atlantic Coast Conference), who face the 14th-ranked Orange (6-0, 3-0) on Saturday.

It’s a showdown of the ACC’s final two unbeatens, who’ve gotten there behind offensive leaders of similar, winning styles.

“Their offense has changed dramatically based off of his improvement,” Syracuse coach Dino Babers said of Uiagalelei. “And it’s a testament to him. He’s a good spirit, a good person, and I’m glad for his success.”

Uiagalelei and Shrader are each averaging a tick over 237 yards passing per game this season, fourth and fifth among ACC passers. Shrader sits second in the league, completing 69% of his throws with 12 TDs and three interceptions.

Uiagalelei has completed 64% of his throws with 17 touchdowns (ranked only behind the 24 of North Carolina passer Drake Maye) and two picks.

Both are unafraid to run, relish it really, and don’t mind the collision if it means they make a first down and keep the drive going. The two rank among the ACC’s top 10 in rushing attempts, Shrader going for 78 rushes through six games with Uiagalelei, on average, right behind at 81 attempts through seven games.



On Saturday, we were there to bear witness.

We were there after Syracuse football saw College Gameday and its short-lived relevance slip through its grasp in one four-hour span in September 2019. A 63-20 immolation at the hands of Maryland in Week 2 of that year was the end of 2018’s beginning and a catapult back into the basement.

We were there to watch SU flatline in the face of the pandemic. We sat through crowdless games, 10 losses, and a season of embarrassments from Taj Harris’ childish flip-off all the way to Rex Culpepper’s baffling 4th-down spike.

We were there to watch Syracuse twist the screws on its hollowed fanbase with debilitating field goal losses and three lost chances to clinch a bowl last season. At the end of another losing year and three seasons spent in the pitch-black dark, ‘Cuse’s group of rising seniors sat with a record of 11-24. For all intents and purposes, head coach Dino Babers was hanging onto his seat by his fingernails.

Now, we collectively bask in the glow of a 6-0 start that marks the catharsis of a new generation.

“I’ve been in it [football] for 34 years…it happens basically once a decade [starting 6-0]…sometimes you need to just stop and smell the roses. This is special.” (Dino Babers, 10/15/22)

How does SU football match up with Clemson? On paper, they could be fraternal twins (PS; Leiker)

On paper, Syracuse football and Clemson could be fraternal twins this season.

Besides the obvious commonalities — both undefeated, both bowl eligible, both in the AP Top 25 — there are more anecdotal and statistical ones that point toward Saturday’s matchup being one fans of both programs will grind their teeth over.

Through six wins, Syracuse has averaged 36 points per game. It’s outscored opponents 216-79.

Clemson averages 38.6 points through seven games. The Tigers have outscored opponents 270-138, having played a slightly more difficult — though really not by much — crop of opponents so far this season.

Both SU’s Garrett Shrader and Clemson’s DJ Uiagalelei finished the 2021 season near the bottom of the ACC.

Shrader didn’t start until Week 4 of the season, and while Uiagalelei was the No. 1 QB for Clemson the whole season, he was following in the footsteps of 2021′s No. 1 NFL Draft pick, Trevor Lawrence. The quarterbacks were still winning over their teammates’ trust, learning the ins-and-outs of their programs and coming into their own as leaders.

Syracuse football: Week 7 grades vs NC State (TNIAAM; De Guzman)

Been a while since we’ve done this, huh? Incredible what a bye week does.

Luckily for the Syracuse Orange, Dino Babers kicked the trend of failing to perform after a bye to gain a ranked win over NC State and grant the Orange bowl eligibility. Sure, Syracuse had help with Devin Leary’s injury, but that doesn’t take away the impressive performance the Orange put up on Saturday.

Let’s go through the grades.

NC State v Syracuse
Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Quarterbacks: B

For those who haven’t seen it yet, I refer you to Spencer Hall’s tweet from this weekend:

Garrett Shrader is the most "something will happen this play dammit" QB
— BUM CHILLUPS AKA SPENCER HALL (@edsbs) October 15, 2022

That one sentence perfectly encapsulates Garrett Shrader’s playstyle. I challenge you to find a play where Shrader threw a ball out of bounds. He always wants to pick up positive yards when he has the ball. That can sometimes be a detriment, as evident by the two interceptions and a near third later in the game. Granted, he wasn’t entirely at fault for those picks, but he still made the throws.

The positive is clearly in Shrader’s connection with Oronde Gadsden. We’ll get to the wideouts in a bit more detail later but Shrader seems to know where to place the ball for him to catch it. The bigger positive which boosts his grade up is his running. It’s a known factor, but he knows what a weapon Syracuse has with his legs. The Orange coaching staff are starting to strike a very nice balance between his volume and Tucker’s volume of runs, which is keeping defenses on their toes.

Syracuse football: Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe Bowl O’Meter (TNIAAM; Wall)

We know Syracuse Orange fans. You’ve been waiting since the Orange clinched bowl eligibility for us to unveil The Official Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe Bowl O’Meter update. Here you go


With six wins the Orange have reached The Notorious B.I.G level on our meter. In 2002, the Orange didn’t need to beg for One More Chance because they have sent a Warning to the rest of the ACC that they are ready Did you think we’d say die, that’s not what we want to have happen.

What did Dabo Swinney say about Syracuse? (PS; Leiker)

Just as Syracuse football coach Dino Babers did Monday, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney gave high praise to the quarterback his team will face Saturday.

Garrett Shrader was the first SU player Swinney mentioned in his Tuesday press conference.

“He’s a great kid, a great young man, a really tough competitor,” Swinney said. “I got a lot of respect for him. A lot of respect for him. He his as tough as they come. I mean, this kid loves to run the football, and he punishes people when he runs the ball. He doesn’t look to get down. He’s looking to run over you.”

Swinney noted Shrader’s improved completion percentage — up to 69.7% this year from 52.6% in 2021 — but also reiterated multiple times how dangerous he is on his feet, too.

“I thought he was outstanding running the ball last year. He’s even better now,” Swinney said. “He’s a bruiser that throws it. He can flat out beat you multiple ways. A true dual-threat quarterback.”

Swinney’s Tuesday press conference can be viewed in its entirety here. Here’s more of what he said about Syracuse.

On SU being undefeated

“A very balanced football team. When you’ve played this many games, that’s what you would expect with an undefeated team. There’s only nine undefeateds left in the Power 5. You don’t get lucky and be undefeated at this point.”

Behind Enemy Lines: Clemson Tigers (SI; McAllister)

We spoke with All Clemson Deputy Editor Brad Senkiw to get the inside scoop on the Tigers ahead of an ACC Atlantic showdown with Syracuse on Saturday.

Q: What's the biggest difference in DJ Uiagalelei this year compared to last?

Senkiw: Confidence is the easy answer, but how he built that up is what's impressive. Uiagalelei didn't sulk after his sub-par 2021season or give in to a QB battle with freshman Cade Klubnik. Instead, he went to work, losing 30 pounds and fixing some mechanical issues in the offseason. His footwork is improved this year and he's able to keep defenses honest with his legs on option plays and QB-designed runs. He's also benefiting from an offensive line that's started the same five every game, and his receivers are making more plays. The tight ends have become a part of the weekly game plan as well. So a combination of everyone around him being better, Uiagalelei being in a better frame of mind and his ability to build confidence early in the season have led to a pretty stark turnaround.

No Pulp – October 18, 2022 | CitrusTV (; video; No Pulp)

We have one of the biggest top-10 upsets of recent memory. Out west, some big games are brewing as we advance through conference play. Plus, we can never ignore the non-power five conferences that are showing up big.

‎Locked On Syracuse - Daily Podcast On Syracuse Orange Football & Basketball on Apple Podcasts (; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

More analysis of the coming Syracuse-Clemson matchup...

‎Locked On Syracuse - Daily Podcast On Syracuse Orange Football & Basketball: Can Syracuse Keep Winning Football Games With Sloppy Play? on Apple Podcasts (; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Matt Bonaparte and Owen Valentine discuss a flurry of topics on your Tuesday episode. What is the history of this matchup? Can SU keep winning if they play this sloppily? What happens if Clemson shuts Oronde Gadsden down? All that and more on today's episode.

On The Block On Demand 10-18 (ESPN; radio; Axe)

Brent Axe is On The Block to share the major difference between Syracuse and Clemson. Later, he dives into how Syracuse has dealt with trying to attract local recruits.

Newhouse At Night 10-18 (ESPN; radio; Newhouse at Night)

Josh Golden and Harry Kelly open the show looking into Clemson’s offensive struggles last season and how those have been resolved in 2022. Later, Danny Tow and Liam Griffin share differing views on the game and its 13.5 point spread.

Mike McAllister "On The Block" 10-18 (ESPN; radio; Axe)

Mike McAllister of All Syracuse on SI joins On The Block to chat Syracuse recruits and talk a little NFL.

Can No. 14 Syracuse Take Down No. 5 Clemson? - Stadium (; video)

Can No. 14 Syracuse Take Down No. 5 Clemson?

“The Rally” host Joshua Perry weighs in on if the Orange can take down the Tigers on Saturday.

The 5 Best things Clemson football Coach Dabo Swinney said before the Syracuse game (; video)

Video: The 5 Best things Clemson football Coach Dabo Swinney said before the Syracuse game

ACC News

‎Locked On ACC- Daily College Football & Basketball Podcast: Syracuse Head Coach Dino Babers Clear Favorite for ACC Coach of the Year on Apple Podcasts (; podcast; Locked on Syracuse)

Syracuse is bowl eligible in early October. Dino Babers and the health of his program have done wonders and now it's time to give him his flowers. ACC Teams are playing Clemson close which is GOOD for the league considering how much they used to dominate other programs. Kenton Gibbs of Locked On Wolfpack is here to talk GBU Monday.

‎Locked On ACC- Daily College Football & Basketball Podcast: UNC Drake Maye Should Be in Heisman Conversation; Will Duke Blue Devils Win 6 Games? on Apple Podcasts (; podcast; Locked on ACC)

North Carolina's Drake Maye is having a breakout season for the Heels and the nation is taking notice. The Heels are in control of winning the Coastal Division after the big win vs. Duke but are there any hiccups that could potentially get in their way? Ray Vohasek is OUT for the season. Kenton Gibbs of Locked On Wolfpack does GBU Tuesday with the Coastal teams.

North Carolina Football: Tar Heels Midseason Review and Second Half Preview (; Kinne)

Because North Carolina opened the season in Week 0, the Tar Heels have played seven games despite having an open date. Even though they have played an extra game, it's midseason time for everyone else and time for a review.

The Tar Heels are 6-1, already bowl eligible and, more importantly, 3-0 in the ACC, with all three being division victories. The offense has carried the team so far, and if the Heels get any help from the defense, they will win the Coastal and find themselves in Charlotte on the first weekend in December.

Here's a look back and a look forward with some awards thrown in for good measure.

Offensive MVP: Drake Maye, QB

With apologies to a certain credit card banking company, this may be the easiest decision in the history of decisions. The redshirt freshman has filled in for the departed Sam Howell and then some, leading the ACC in all of the major passing categories (tied for the national lead with 24 TD passes) while also proving to be a threat running the ball.

Defensive MVP: Cedric Gray, LB

He can run himself out of position at times, but Gray has been the best defender for the Tar Heels in 2022. He leads the team in tackles and interceptions while placing second on the squad in tackles for a loss. As a redshirt sophomore, Gray has plenty of room to grow and will as his game experience increases.

Louisville vs. Pitt football: Betting line, 3 things to know ahead of ACC clash (C-J; Cubit)

Louisville football is through half of its season and comes out of the bye with a home night game against Pitt on Saturday.

The Cardinals (3-3, 1-3) went into the bye on a high note after beating Virginia 34-17 while missing three crucial starters. The contest was the back half of back-to-back road games for Louisville, which went 1-1 at that time. The Panthers (4-2, 1-1 ACC), too, had last weekend off after a 45-29 win over Virginia Tech.

Here are three things to know about the Week 8 clash:

Cardinals enter the eye of the storm

Having discussed it since the schedules were released, Louisville is now at the most rigorous point of its schedule. Every remaining team is or has been ranked in the AP Top 25 poll at one time. Pitt opened the season ranked but fell out after a Week 5 upset loss to Georgia Tech and rebounded with a dominant win over Virginia Tech.

The Cardinals round out the month of October with a home game against No. 13 Wake Forest before hosting James Madison — ranked 25th last week before dropping out of the top 25 — then traveling to fifth-ranked Clemson to start the month of November. U of L’s schedule concludes with No. 23 NC State and a road game against rival Kentucky, ranked 19th.

Despite never having played James Madison before, Louisville’s series history against the other five teams is a combined 36-42. Of those five, the Cardinals have winning records against the Demon Deacons (6-3) and the Wolfpack (7-4).

Knowing how both important and tough the last half of the season is, Cardinals head coach Scott Satterfield is encouraged by the momentum his team built in the 34-17 win over Virginia with several starters out.

Ranked ACC, Pac-12 Showdowns Headline College Football Week 8 Slate - Sports Illustrated TCU Killer Frogs News, Analysis and More (SO; Gibbons)

It's almost a weekly occurrence where we sit back and marvel at the quality of college football on our TV screens each and every week. But last weekend was different.

So – how do we follow up the high-level drama that was Week 7? With another packed slate of games that promises to further shape the landscape of college football. Read on to see what games you should be queuing up on your TV(s) this Saturday.

Iowa at #2 Ohio State

Saturday, 11:00 a.m., FOX

Look– I understand watching Iowa's offense might not be your idea of a fun Saturday activity, but hear me out.

The quality of defenses on display here is going to be of the upmost quality. Iowa walks into the Horseshoe for the first meeting between these two teams since the Hawkeyes upset the Buckeyes in 2017.

There will be fireworks here, even if it's only when Ohio State has the ball. If you want to flip to the other stations while Iowa has the ball, well, I wouldn't blame you.

#14 Syracuse at #5 Clemson

Saturday, 11:00 a.m., ABC

If you had a 6-0 Syracuse football team on your bingo card, go ahead and cash your tickets. For the rest of us, what a pleasant surprise this team has been. Dino Babers & Co. now take on their toughest test on the road at unbeaten Clemson. The Tigers are a great run defense, which is a strong counter for what Syracuse wants to do on offense.

But Cuse is playing with house money. A team playing with nothing to lose is a dangerous team, and Syracuse brings plenty of nonsense with their games. Buckle up for plenty of weird.

UNC Football: ACC Bowl Refresher (; Hood)

In two of the previous three seasons, Carolina didn’t hit the magic six win plateau to qualify for a bowl game until the end of the season. It created a ton of pressure on the squad as time ticked down, and ultimately limited their opportunities as their record locked them out of options. In the odd year of 2020, they didn’t qualify until November 14th.

The last time the Tar Heels qualified this early for a bowl, at least by date? 1997.

You read that right, even in their last great year of 2015, they didn’t get the magic sixth win until an October 24th win against Virginia. Now, this was helped by the fact that their off week was scheduled for the week prior, but this is still shows just how remarkable an accomplishment this is for the Tar Heels. It has been 25 years since, by date, the Tar Heels have qualified for a bowl this early.

All of this is to say, you’d be excused if you didn’t exactly have the ACC bowl picture at the top of your mind right now. But hey, now that I’ve put the thought in your head, you might be wondering where exactly can the Tar Heels go in late December?

Drake Maye makes ACC history with passing and rushing yards (; Pearson)

UNC football quarterback Drake Maye is off to a hot start in his first year as a starter for the Tar Heels. The redshirt freshman has the Tar Heels off to a 6-1 overall start and a 3-0 start in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

And with his latest performance against Duke on Saturday, he joined some very elite company.

Maye became just the second quarterback in the ACC in the past 25 years to have three-straight games of 300 passing yards and 50 rushing yards. That streak has only been matched by one other quarterback and it’s a pretty elite name — former Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Thanks to Tate Frazier for the stat:

Lamar Jackson Drake Maye
— Tate Frazier (@tatefrazier) October 16, 2022

That’s pretty impressive.

Jackson had one of the best college careers ever in the ACC, and for Maye to be named in a stat with him is pretty cool.

The thing for Maye is consistency. So far he’s shown that he can be the guy to lead this offense and as UNC goes into the bye week, they have a tough stretch coming up beginning with Pitt at home. If the Tar Heels can run the table, they will find themselves in the ACC title game and Maye will be a big reason why.

The Wolfpacker's ACC Power Rankings: Week 8 (; McDowell)

Almost half of the ACC spent last week on bye, but that did not stop a few teams from rapidly rising and falling down our power rankings. Miami showed defensive promise with a shutout for three quarters, North Carolina continued to pull off close wins and NC State struggled to find the end zone against Syracuse.

Every Tuesday, The Wolfpacker will rank each of the 14 ACC football programs using the past week’s results, the momentum around the respective programs and what we are hearing from around the conference to inform our decisions.

Here are our ACC Power rankings for week six of the college football season:

1) Clemson (7-0)

Last week’s result: A 34-28 win over Florida State

Clemson is one win away from likely sealing the Atlantic Division title. In the middle of a tough stretch of their schedule, the Tigers controlled the game against Florida State, which was not close in the second half until the Seminoles pulled within one score with 2:17 remaining.

DJ Uiagalelei played an efficient and mistake-free game, throwing for 3 touchdowns and running for another. Clemson looks like the best team in the ACC and will another ranked opponent this weekend when it hosts Syracuse.

2) Wake Forest (5-1)

Last week’s result: Bye week

Wake Forest maintains the No. 2 spot in these power rankings on its bye week after playing Clemson closer than anyone else this fall and defeating Florida State convincingly. Sam Hartman is a Heisman contender, and the Demon Deacons have another great shot at a prestigious bowl game.

3) Syracuse (6-0)

Last week’s result: A 24-9 win over NC State

With NC State star quarterback Devin Leary out for the season, Syracuse was able to completely stifle the Wolfpack offense and defend its home turf. The Orange could have put up even more points on a great defense, but a couple of interceptions in the first have cost the offense a pair of possessions.

Despite those miscues, the offense looked good, and it looks like Sean Tucker is back into the form that made him a superstar in 2021. Oronde Gadsden is a really good wide receiver and, if that duo can put up numbers against Clemson this weekend, Syracuse could take the lead in the ACC’s Atlantic Division.

4) North Carolina (6-1)

Last week’s result: A 38-35 win over Duke

Some of North Carolina’s wins this season have not been pretty, but the conference’s leading passing offense, led by Drake Maye, is getting the job done with an undefeated ACC record. The Tar Heels gave up points to the Blue Devils, but 450 total yards from Maye was enough to leave Durham with a win.

Virginia vs. Georgia Tech Prediction: ACC Coastal Matchup Features Teams Trending in Different Directions (; Ferguson)

Don't look now, but Georgia Tech seems to be figuring things out. Since a 1-3 start that led to the dismissal of head coach Geoff Collins, the Yellow Jackets have put together consecutive wins over ACC Coastal foes in Pittsburgh and Duke. This week, Georgia Tech will welcome in the only team in the conference without an ACC win.

While Georgia Tech has found a way to win consecutive games, Tony Elliott and Virginia will arrive in Atlanta on Thursday night on a three-game losing streak. The Cavaliers are just 2-4 and 0-3 in ACC play.

Virginia has won the last two meetings in the series, including a 48-40 shootout last season in Charlottesville. The last four games have been decided by a single score. Overall, the series between the Yellow Jackets and Cavaliers is an even 21-21-1.

Virginia at Georgia Tech

Kickoff: Thursday, Oct. 20 at 7:30 p.m. ET
Live Stream: fuboTV (Start your free trial)
Spread: Georgia Tech -3

Will the ACC be P3? (RX; HM)

Will the ACC be P3?

Officially, there are still 5 power conferences - a P5, if you will. However, we know that the SEC and the Big Ten are the two most powerful and wealthiest conferences (which is #1? We'll let those fans argue that!). Since it's hard to imagine those two absorbing all 69 "power" teams, it's logical that there will be at least 3 if not 4 "power" conferences when the dust settles. The question is: where will the ACC fall in the conference hierarchy? Here are some thoughts taken from a CSNBBS thread...

...the ACC will have some choices to make if it wishes to survive as the third P conference.
Does ESPN shelter it's top ACC brands... in the SEC and build more football gravitas around the remaining ACC members?

Option #1: ESPN moves Duke, Virginia, North Carolina, and Kansas to the SEC to build premier hoops and balance the football power, keeping FSU and Clemson in the ACC so they can pull Iowa State, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Baylor, T.C.U. Texas Tech, Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, West Virginia, UCF, and B.Y.U.

2022 Best Games, Weeks 8-13 (RX; HM)

2022 Best Games, Weeks 8-13

If I had to pick the best ACC games for the rest of this regular season, which games would I pick?


Saturday, Oct. 22

Syracuse at Clemson (ABC) - Battle for the Atlantic Division.


Saturday, Oct. 29

Pitt at North Carolina (ACCN) - Battle for the Coastal Division.
Notre Dame at Syracuse (ABC or ESPN) - Big OOC game versus the Irish.


Saturday, Nov. 5

Clemson at Notre Dame (NBC) - Another big game with the Irish.
Florida State at Miami - annual Sunshine State showdown.
Syracuse at Pitt - biggest game in this series in a long time.

JHowell's 2022 Week 8 Picks (RX; HM)

JHowell's 2022 Week 8 Picks

Below are the projections through the games of 10-22-22. Games against non-rated teams are excluded. The favorite is listed first with the projected margin of victory (i.e., the line) in parenthesis. 'TP' represents the total number of points expected to be scored in the game and 'Odds' represents the odds of the favorite winning straight-up (not against-the-spread).

Thursday, October 20, 2022

#82-Georgia Tech (-5) vs. #100-Virginia (TP=46 Odds=.575)

Saturday, October 22, 2022

#2-Clemson (-19) vs. #17-Syracuse (TP=54 Odds=.736)
#14-Wake Forest (-27.5) vs. #111-Boston College (TP=58 Odds=.808)
#33-Notre Dame (-16) vs. #97-Nevada-Las Vegas (TP=51 Odds=.716)


Micron’s jobs: Tech giant would need engineers -- and an army of HVAC, assembly and machine workers (PS; $; Moriarty)

The giant computer chip fabrication plant that Micron Technology Inc. plans to build in Clay could create thousands of jobs, many which would require high-level scientific and engineering training.

But those aren’t the only requirements for many of the 9,000 jobs the semiconductor maker says it’s bringing to Central New York over the next two decades.

Micron says the megafab, which would be the largest of its type in the U.S., will also provide good-paying, career-type jobs for plenty of people without engineering degrees.

The company told | The Post-Standard it expects to begin “substantial hiring” for the plant in the second half of 2025 and will scale up the workforce “in line with industry demand.”

Micron is promising to pay for workforce training and education programs, which are expected to include apprenticeship programs that give people on-the-job training to learn how to operate and maintain sophisticated machinery.

Industry experts say some of the jobs will require just a two-year degree. Some, they say, will be filled with high-school graduates, especially people with interests in science and math.

Micron would also need a small army of people who can run and service HVAC systems, a key part of ensuring semiconductor manufacturing sites like the one coming to Clay function at extreme cleanliness levels. That means lots of trade-level jobs such as cleaners, electricians, HVAC, ultrapure-water technicians, tool installers and others.

And many of these blue-collar jobs pay $60,000 to $80,000 a year, experts say.
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Tailgate Guru
Aug 15, 2011
Haven't read Axe's article yet...but the 1987 team had very few injuries. Ted Gregory was the only major player that had a serious injury IIRC.

I'm afraid we might be at a tipping point injury wise on the defense...we'll see.


Living Legend
Aug 30, 2011
If memory serves me correctly, was Don Mac hurt in 86? Or played injured? You could see that team turn it around that year but I'm pretty sure he was hurt or played hurt.


Living Legend
Aug 26, 2011
he might have been dinged, but if so he played almost every min of the QB spot that yr.. Kmetz only saw some limited action


Living Legend
Aug 30, 2011
he might have been dinged, but if so he played almost every min of the QB spot that yr.. Kmetz only saw some limited action

Thanks upperdeck. It might have been the year before but I'd swear he hurt his shoulder.


The Mayor of Dewitt
Aug 15, 2011
If memory serves me correctly, was Don Mac hurt in 86? Or played injured? You could see that team turn it around that year but I'm pretty sure he was hurt or played hurt.

Half the team was hurt and missed part of the first four games.

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